Issue 13 - Goodbye Old, Hello New!

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

  • As we bid Auld Lang Syne to the Old and usher in the New Beta, perhaps now is the perfect time to talk about what's coming up early 2018!

    Beta Updates
    In January, we will have first 'patch' for the Beta based off public playtesting & feedback. This will target the bigger offenders, while smaller changes will wait for more data. in March, we'll refine the Beta further. The WotDG will be given a bit more attention as it's a new book, so the scope of changes available will be larger and likely extend into February.

    The DL still needs thorough playtesting & RT review before release; we will provide a more detailed update of progress in the next Blog.

    New Books
    There are two books which will continue their design work: Dread Elves & Infernal Dwarfs

    Both of these already have design guidelines and conceptual groundwork, which may or may not be revised if deemed necessary by the RT. In many ways their Design Task Teams will have an advantage in knowing the Beta meta, not to mention that PRO, in general, should be more efficient and streamlined due to experience with previous books.

    Auxiliary Armies
    In response to growing calls from the community for more immersive over balanced design, we have decided to produce Auxiliary Armies - an initiative to make the Project more accessible and attractive to non-tourney hobbiests and players. It also gives us the chance to flesh out ideas that could not always be squeezed into a single army i.e. The Makkar and Asklander Barbarian tribal cultures.

    We hope to produce one Auxiliary Army per 9th Scroll issue (perhaps a little too ambitious, but we'll see).

    These side projects are not intended for competitive tourneys, and thus will not have quality BLT balancing or the RT ASAW guidelines that the main army books do. Instead, the ambition is to create thematic armies that are simply great fun to play with friends who don’t mind a bit of power skew, or silliness. They will be short, rooted in our Background, with some key art and short text.

    That’s not to say that Auxiliary Armies are fully disconnected from their parent book - they will reference and include many of the Core units and rules, but with a twist. Their content is considered 'canon' in the t9A world.

    The Åsklanders Cometh!
    The Åsklander Army is a work of love produced by the WotDG ADT in close collaboration with the WotDG ACS, and largely self determined in both limits and pricing. The culture is heavily Viking influenced, and will incorporate all barbarian units from the WotDG book, as well as a few other additions. If you love playing masses of angry Nordic troops and ice-themed units, then this should sate your cravings!

    While the Åsklander barbarian culture shares some Magic with WotDG, it places a heavier emphasis on the Shamans to boost augment units in battle. Favours are not present at all, and Warrior units are very scarce.

    Instead, we will see some iconic Nordic-themed infantry such as shield-biting warriors, led by mighty barbarian kings in longships with their bodyguard. The Jarls will be equipped with ancestral artifacts of renown, including a famous hammer...

    That’s not to say the Åsklander men (and women) won’t have company. From the mysterious frozen North and icy seas will appear monstrous allies, some familiar, others never before encountered in the warmer South.

    For a detailed spoiler review - look to our YouTube channel later today, for Art - check out Instagram, and we will try to field specific questions over Facebook as time permits

    The Army will be available in the 9th Scroll on January 1st (tomorrow).
    Open Source INTERNAL BALANCE: HBE | DL 2.2 | WDG 2.2 | ID | SA | VC

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Comments 7

  • zulu -

    Great idea. Well done guys

  • nicene -

    Good idea

  • Myrkul -

    Really love this initiative, it's fluffy, fun, good for people with are now using their army as count as to actually have rules that fit their models. And there is nothing that says these books won't make it to a full tournament approved book in the far future <3

  • McClaud_Redaxe -

    Not intended for competitive tourneys? ..........What a pity.

    • simonbromley -

      Not everything needs to be for tournaments.

    • kisanis -

      I'd rather them release a non-tournament ready ruleset now for fun and casual games - and then maybe revisit balancing it in 1-3 years time, than focus on tournaments and balance heavy everything. More is always better ;)

  • Ironclad -

    Great initiative this is exactly what is needed