Axel Vicious' Warriors at the UK GT Final - Game 5 (v1.3)

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  • Happy New Year everyone. I’m back at last to finish off this tournament write up after a nice Christmas break. I know 2.0 is out now and we are all excited to see how that works out but I have to finish this tournament write up first. As enthusiasm for 1.3 is waning I’ll do more of a speed write up of my last 2 games at the UK GT Final.

    For Game 5 I was drawn against my third Warriors of the Dark Gods player, we were all hovering around the bottom, except for one Warrior player who was on table 1. The rest of us were scratching our heads trying to figure out how he had managed it and to this day we still don’t know how. I had previously played my opponent in the GT Heat 1 and he beat me then, thanks to some epically long charges and my Daemon Prince running into a tree.

    My opponents list:

    Lord of Chaos: General, Steed of Lust, Mark of Lust, Shield, Sword of Strength, dragonscale helm, Sprout of Rebirth, Divine Icon

    Harbinger of Chaos: Battle Standard, Mark of Lust, Steed of Lust, Waste Hardened Skin, Lucky Shield, Dusk Stone, dragonscale gem, Lance

    Sorcerer: Wizard Master, 4 spells, Mark of Pestilence, Hardened Shield, Sceptre of Power, Ring of Fire

    10 warriors, Mark of Pestilence, Champion, Standard, Musician

    8 Barbarian Horsemen, Mark of Lust, Shields, Light Lance, Throwing Weapons

    8 Barbarian Horsemen, Mark of Lust, Shields, Light Lance, Throwing Weapons

    10 Chosen, Mark of Wrath, Paired Weapons

    10 Chosen, Mark of Wrath, Paired Weapons

    Wasteland Chariot

    Mauler Chariot

    War Shrine


    He made mistakes writing his list and had taken the Dragon Scale Helm on his Lord which he can’t have combined with the Sprout of Rebirth so he had to remove it. He also had the Dragon Scale Gem on his BSB which was his second talisman so that was also not allowed.

    Never fought against the Chimera before and it had me a little bit worried so iwanted to make sure I took that out as soon as possible. That blasted Battle Shrine had proven to be a difficult thing to kill before and I was determined to finally kill me one of them. I was hoping to blast my opponents characters to death with Magic as they have a high Armour Save and no Flaming Ward any more.


    Display Spoiler

    We rolled for deployment type and it was Refused Flank. The Secondary Objective was Capture the Flags, as my opponent only has 3 scoring units I just had to take them out and hope one of mine survived. My opponent picked out the Dragon Centaurs, Crushers and Warriors as my scoring units to kill knowing that if he picked the Barbarians I would just hide them.

    For Magic I Get Quicksilver Lash, Molten Copper, Transmutation of Lead and Glory of Gold. My Opponent gets Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Break the Spirit and Totemic Summon. (I’m happy to see that Break the Spirit is the number 6 spell for Shamanism in 2.0)

    We both deployed on the line as shown, I didn’t really have much of a game plan for deployment going into this game so just set things down. My opponent won the roll for first turn and neither of us moved our vanguards.

    Opposing Warriors 1

    Display Spoiler

    My Opponent starts off with a couple of charges which I foolishly didn’t even take into account when I deployed. The Lord and the BSB both declare a charge into the Crusher Knights, and with re rolls to their charge distance they are both likely to make it in. I get lucky however and only the Lord makes it in, The BSB falls well short with both rolls.

    The Chimera flies around to the flank of my army, daring the Mauler Chariot to try it’s luck. The Horsemen on the right run down the line and in front of the Chosen. The Other unit of Horsemen move to the left flank of my army, out of LoS of the Warhounds but the Barbarians can see them if the Warhounds get out of the way.

    In the Magic Phase the only significant spell to go off is Swarm of Insects on my Sorcerer and despite getting an impressive 24 hits, only does 1 wound (which is still 1 more than I would have liked)

    The Horsemen shoot at my Barbarians and kill 4 of them.

    In combat the Lord of Chaos is only able to do 1 wound on the Crushers and the Crushers do one wound in return. Keep this up and he’ll be dead in no time!

    Warriors 1

    Display Spoiler

    We kick off things early and charge a lot of units in. The Warhounds charge the Horsemen in front of the Chosen, one of them dies to Stand and Shoot from the Horsemen. This leaves the path clear for the Barbarians to charge the Horsemen on their left who also lose one guy to stand and shoot. The Bloodbeast and the Fallen both charge the Battle Shrine, the Fallen fall short of the Mark unfortunately and only the Bloodbeast makes it in. The Mauler Chariot charges the Chimera.

    With the other movement I move the Horsemen in front of the opponents Mauler Chariot to chaff that up for a turn. The Dragon Centaurs move behind the Warhounds. The Warriors move up to protect the centre of the field in case anything wants to move in there. The Daemon Prince flies over to the right flank to hopefully try and bait the BSB into charging him and stopping the BSB from charging into the Crushers. The Sorcerer moves up towards the Mauler Chariot so that I can hopefully cast Glory of Gold on it and kill the Chimera.

    In Magic I get off Glory of Gold on the Mauler Chariot and try Quicksilver Lash on the BSB but it’s dispelled.

    In Combat the Mauler Chariot does 2 wounds to the Chimera with Impact Hits and does one further wound with the crew attacks. The Chimera fails to cause any wounds on the chariot and breaks from combat. I don’t pursue with the Mauler Chariot as the Chimera is very close to the table edge, tt flees off the table. I pivot the Mauler Chariot to face the BSB but I really should have turned it more to face the Lord of Chaos and help out the Crushers.

    In the Barbarian combat the Barbarians kill 2 of the Barbarian Horsemen. The Horsemen kill 2 Barbarians in return but the Barbarians still win combat by 2 (charge and a rank) and the Horsemen break, I pursue with the Barbarians but fail to catch them.

    The Warhounds fail to do any wounds to the Horsemen they are fighting and a Warhound is killed by the Horsemen. The combat is a draw and both units stay where they are.

    The Bloodbeast does 2 wounds to the Battle Shrine (I was hoping for more but the Ward Save saved it) The Bloodbeast takes a wound in return, unfortunately the Battle Shrine passes it’s break test despite losing combat by 3.

    The Crushers go last and are able to inflict another wound on the Lord of Chaos who is now down to his last wound. The Lord of Chaos does 3 wounds to the Crushers though, killing one of them. I lose combat but the Crushers pass there break test. I then realised what a mistake I made putting Glory of Gold on the Mauler Chariot. If I had cast it on the Crushers not only would they stop the regen save of the Lord of Chaos but they would have also had an extra -1 Armour Save, that would have definitely killed the Lord of Chaos this round!

    Opposing Warriors 2

    Display Spoiler

    A lot more charges this turn. The Wasteland Chariot on the left declares a charge against the Dragon Centaurs flank but luckily it fails it.

    The Chosen on the right declare a charge against the Bloodbeast, which would take them into it’s flank. To complete this charge the Pestilence Warriors have to get out of the way first so they declare a charge against the Fallen but they fail their charge roll making the Chosen fail their charge too.

    The BSB is able to see the Sorcerer and that is the one charge I completely didn’t see at all, It’s a big charge of 21” but as he’s lust and on a Steed of Lust he only needs an 11 on the dice and he gets it. Completely missed that one, I forgot about the huge Charge distance that the BSB had.

    The Mauler Chariot charges the Horsemen and it can’t fail that.

    The Horsemen fail to rally and run off the board and the Chosen just reform a bit to face the centre of the board.

    In the Magic Phase the Pestilence Sorcerer gets off Awaken the Beast on the Battle Shrine increasing the Toughness by 1. The Battle Shrine casts Break the Spirit on the Bloodbeast and it’s with Over Whelming Power so I can’t stop it.

    In combat The Horsemen fighting the Warhounds kill them all and suffer no wounds in return , they then brace themselves for the Dragon Centaurs to come charging in.

    The Mauler Chariot wipes out the Horsemen with Impact Hits alone. And reforms to face my Mauler Chariot.

    The BSB does one wound to the Sorcerer who does no wounds in return and then breaks from combat. Fortunately the BSB fails to catch the fleeing Sorcerer.

    The Bloodbeast fails to cause any wounds on the Battle Shrine due to the -1 to hit and the Battle Shrine being Toughness 6. The Battle Shrine does do a wound against the Bloodbeast meaning the Bloodbeasts loses combat by one. The Bloodbeast fails its Leadership 8 break test and flees. The Battle Shrine gives chase but I’m lucky again and the Battle Shrine fails to catch the Bloodbeast and doesn’t run into the Fallen either. The Bloodbeast runs behind the Fallen.

    The Lord of Chaos does 2 wounds to the Crushers, killing one more model and The Crusher fails to get that last wound through on the Lord of Chaos but the Crusher does at least pass its break test.

    Warriors 2

    Display Spoiler

    More charges this round as the Daemon Prince declares a charge into the flank of the Wrath Chosen and makes the charge.

    The Mauler Chariot tries to charge my opponents Mauler Chariot but fails it despite only needing a 5 on the dice.

    The Dragon Centaurs charge the Horsemen who wisely flee from the charge but one of them does die to a Dangerous Terrain test from the forest but they make it behind the Chosen, I then do a redirect test and pass it and go into the Chosen. This is a fight I have done before and the Dragon Centaurs lost this one, but on average I swear they should be winning this fight, or at least wipe each other out at the same time.

    The Fallen charge into the Battle Shrine, I’m unlikely to kill it at athis point as it’s T6 still but I have to try.

    My Sorcerer rallies and turns to face the BSB, hopefully I can balst him apart with magic. The Bloodbeast rallies and I turn him to face my Sorcerer so that if the BSB charges him I can hopefully then charge the BSB and kill him.

    I turn the Warriors around to face the opponents warriors and I turn the Barbarians around to face the middle of the board.

    In the magic phase I’m only able to get off Molten Copper on the BSB which only inflicts one wound on him, leaving him free to kill my sorcerer next round.

    In combat the Daemon Prince kills 5 Chosen and takes no wounds in return, the Chosen fail their break test and flee from combat but are easily run down by the pursuing Daemon Prince.

    The Fallen inflict a wound on the Battle Shrine and take a wound in return. The Fallen therefore win the combat but the Battle Shrine passes it’s break test.

    The Chosen fighting the Dragon Centaurs get to strike first and do a massive 10 wounds on the Dragon Centaurs, killing 2 of them before they can attack back! There was some lucky rolling in there because it should only be 6-7 wounds on average letting me at least get 2 Dragon Cnetaurs to attack back. Anyway the remaining Dragon Centaur kills 4 Chosen but loses combat by 5. By some small miracle the Dragon Centaur passes his break test and sticks around.

    Opposing Warriors 3

    Display Spoiler

    The BSB charges the Sorcerer again and I’m fairly sure the Sorcerer will not live to see the end of this turn. The Mauler Chariot charges my Mauler Chariot and with the impact hits it’s most likely that my Opponents Mauler Chariot is going to win this one. The only other charge is the Pestilence Warriors charging into the Fallen, I have left just enough of a gap between the Fallen and my Warriors for them to squeeze in. If I had just moved my Warriors forward and left an inch it wouldn’t have been possible.

    The Horsemen fail to rally from their fleeing the Dragon Centaur charge and keep on running, another one dies to dangerous terrain as they started off in the woods. The Chariot turns to face the Barbarians.

    The magic phase sees the Sorcerer casting Awaken the Beast on the Pestilence Warriors, making them Strength 5. The Sorcerer also casts Break the Spirit on the Daemon Prince and gets Irresistible Force again, I have to let it through as it’s a high roll anyway. The Miscast kills 3 Warriors this time.

    The BSB easily kills off the Sorcerer before he can attack back and the BSB overruns to get away from the Bloodbeast.

    The Chosen finish off the Dragon Centaurs and turn to face the Barbarians.

    The Fallen attack the Battle Shrine and do 1 wound to it, leaving it on one final wound. The Pestilence Warriors then finish off the Fallen and leave none alive. The Warriors overrun but fail to make it into the Bloodbeast.

    The opponents Mauler Chariot does 2 wounds on Impact Hits but fails to cause any wounds through combat. My Mauler Chariot inflicts 2 wounds on the opponents Mauler Chariot. My Opponent wins combat by 1 but I pass my break test. Now we are sitting on equal wounds and stuck in a slog I should win this combat now thanks to the fact that my Chariot is marked and my opponents is not.

    The Lord of Chaos does one wound to the Crusher I can’t wound the Lord but I pass my break test again.

    Warriors 3

    Display Spoiler

    Not much going on this round for me. I declare a charge from the Bloodbeast into the BSB but fail it despite being ridiculously close to him!

    The Barbarians walk back against the board edge to get away from the Chariot. The Warriors turn to face the Battle Shrine and the Daemon Prince walks next to the Warriors, he’s not marching due to Break the Spirit, I can’t risk him dying to dangerous Terrain.

    In Combat my Mauler Chariot does one wound to the Opponents Mauler Chariot and then my Opponents one attacks and with the Charioteers and Mauler Beast it inflicts 4 wounds on me and I fail all 4 4+ Armour Saves and my Chariot dies. I didn’t see that happening at all but that’s how the dice work sometimes. The Chariot reforms to face the rear of my Warriors, a position that I didn’t think was going to happen when I turned the Warriors that way.

    The Lord of Chaos then finishes of the Crushers at last and I’m really annoyed with myself for not trying to finish him off in Turn 1 with Glory of Gold!

    Opposing Warriors 4

    Display Spoiler

    The Wasteland Chariot Charges the Barbarians and easily makes it.

    The Mauler Chariot charges the rear of the Warriors.

    The Pestilence Warriors are able to charge the rear of the Bloodbeast but I’m secretly happy about that as I think he will stomp all over them, if he can survive long enough that is.

    The Chosen march away from the Daemon Prince. The BSB and Lord get together by the woods on the right ready to make a nuisance of themselves if necessary. The Battle Shrine is able to march behind my Daemon Prince and get out of anyone’s charge arc. The Horsemen rally this time.

    In magic my opponent is able to cast Break the Spirit on my Daemon Prince again and I’m unable to stop it.

    The Wasteland Chariot kills 11 Barbarians (!) with impact hits and crew attacks and the Barbarians do no wounds in return and automatically break from that combat and I don’t blame them!

    The Mauler Chariot doesn’t fair as well but does succeed in killing 5 Warriors. The Warriors strike back and only inflict one wound on the Mauler Chariot. But they are steadfast and pass their break test. They also successfully reform to face the Mauler Chariot and now my BSB can strike next turn.

    The Pestilence Warriors do 2 wounds to the Bloodbeast but are unable to kill him (he has 2 remaining now) The Bloodbeast strikes back and with his attacks and thunder stomps kills 6 Warriors! The Bloodbeast wins combat but the Warriors pass their break test as they only lost by 1. The Bloodbeast reforms to finish off the Warriors next turn.

    Warriors 4

    Display Spoiler

    There isn’t a whole lot of my Army left on the battlefield any more so all I can do is move the Daemon prince closer to the Chosen. If I can just kill them then I will get the objective by this point as the opponents Warriors are done for. I still can’t march though so I have to walk the Daemon Prince up.

    In combat the Bloodbeast takes no wounds and finishes off the remaining Warriors, leaving just the Sorcerer.

    The Warriors finish off the Mauler Chariot and reform to face the Bloodbeast, hoping to charge anything that tries to intervene in that fight. I wanted to turn them to face the Battle Shrine but it would just get out of the way so there was no point.

    Opposing Warriors 5

    Display Spoiler

    Only one Charge, the BSB charges into the Bloodbeast. Everything else moves as shown below. Basically no one wants to get in combat now. The Chosen get as far away as they can but I don’t think there’s any hope of them avoiding the Daemon Prince.

    The only spell my opponent gets off is Awaken the Beast on the Sorcerer to increase his Toughness.

    The BSB kills the Bloodbeast before it can strike anyway and then overruns off the hill, out of sight of the Warriors.

    Warriors 5

    Display Spoiler

    The Warriors charge the Sorcerer who flees like a coward, a wise move but still cowardly if you ask me. They have no one to redirect towards so have to complete the charge but fall well short of their target. The Daemon prince flies up to the Chosen, there’s no escape now!

    Opposing Warriors 6

    Display Spoiler

    My opponent pulls some unforeseen shenanigans that I completely didn’t see. The Chosen reform 3 wide and move, face the Daemon Prince and shuffle right a bit. The Chariot then moves straight in front of them meaning that it is not possible for my Daemon Prince to make contact with the Chosen now! Noooooooo!

    My opponent tries to cast Break the Spirit on the Daemon Prince but I stop it both times.

    Warriors 6

    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Daemon Prince into the Chariot anyway and take 2 wounds from Dangerous Terrain because of the wall. The Daemon Prince does 2 wounds to the chariot and it flees off the board. The game ends there.

    After totalling up the scores I lose 12 – 8 which is a smaller loss than I thought it was going to be as I had lost everything except the Warriors and Daemon Prince but there’s a lot of points in them two. I was so close to winning that one as well, I should have charged the Chosen in one of the earlier turns when my Daemon Prince had Break the Spirit on him, at least it would have given me a chance of the win.

    The biggest mistake I made was not thinking about casting Glory of Gold on the Crushers, that would have killed the Lord and also meant that I didn’t need to get my Sorcerer so close to his BSB, keeping the Sorcerer alive a bit longer at least.

    I really hate that Battle Shrine too. A Bloodbeast should be able to smash that thing apart but that damn Ward Save kept it alive for ages!

    Really miffed about my Mauler Chariot dying so easily too, I thought it was at least going to tie up my opponents Mauler Chariot, even if it couldn’t kill it. Poor positioning of my Mauler Chariot after seeing off the Chimera was another big mistake on my part, I never plan a turn ahead with that sort of stuff and I really should.

    I used my Warrior block badly as well, didn’t know what to do with them for the first half of the game, I was too scared of my opponent charging them when I shouldn’t have been.

    Despite yet another loss it was still a good game but losing 5 in a row is a new low for me so I’m hoping I can scrape a win in the last game to avoid getting the wooden spoon.

    See you in Game 6 which turned out to be my last game of 1.3 ;(

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  • Tony_h -

    Fantastic report and a great game. We might have been on the bottom tables but it was really fun.