Axel Vicious' Warriors at the UK GT Final - Game 6, the final game! (v1.3)

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  • Well we step into the final game of the UK GT Final, Game 6 and I was drawn against Dwarves and to the shock of no one I was still on the bottom table. However, there is a chance I can avoid the wooden spoon if I can get a big win. Always a big ask against Dwarves though. My Opponents list:

    Dragon Seeker: Rune of Precision, Rune of Quickening, Rune of Smashing

    Engineer: Forge Repeater, Shield

    Thane: Army General, Shield, Shield Bearers, 2x Rune of Might, 2x Rune of Shielding

    Runic Smith: Rune of Gleaming, Rune of Reckoning, Rune of Resilience, Shield, Rune of

    Devouring, 2x Rune of Aegis

    12 Marksmen: Guild-Crafted Handguns, Musician, Shields

    27 Greybeards: Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Shield

    1 Cannon

    1 Flame Cannon: Rune Crafted

    2 Attack Copter: Skirmish

    25 King's Guard: Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Runic Standard of Shielding

    15 Seekers: Champion, Skirmish

    1 Vengeance Seeker

    So 2 big nasty fighting blocks with great weapons that will chew me up if I fight them dead on. A fair amount of shooting, the cannon is big worry for me as it will no doubt shoot off my big monsters and the flame cannons D3 wounds could do some damage to me too. I need to take out the warmachines as early as possible with the dogs or Fallen and hopefully get some combo charges on those blocks, preferably a flank charge.

    My Opponent had a lovely scenic bases for the seekers with them walking through a town with a bridge, a stream and a little troll poking it’s head out of the sewer.

    (I'n not sure if my opponent is on the forum or not otherwise i would give him credit for this awesome bit of hobby)


    Display Spoiler

    The Deployment type is Frontline Clash and the Secondary Objective is Secure target. We pick our spells and end up with Word of Iron, Molten Copper, Corruption of Tin and Glory of Gold. My opponents Rune Priest has the Rune of Resilience (-1 to wound), Rune of Gleaming (-1 to hit) and Rune of Reckoning (Reroll to Hit).

    The Objectives are the red bullseyes on the map. One on the right side of the board and the other on the left side by the house.

    We take turns deploying for a bit but my opponent drops his whole army first with the aim of going first. I hide the Bloodbeast and Daemon Prince behind the hill after that so they are at least safe from the Turn 1 Cannon shot.

    My opponents engineer is in with the Clan Marksmen. The General and Rune Smith are in the Kings Guard and the Dragon Seeker is in with the Seekers.

    With our Vanguards I just move the Warhounds up through the woods so they will at least get some cover from all the shooting.

    Dwarven Holds 1

    Display Spoiler

    The good thing about writing a battle report against Dwarves is that the movement phase is generally short. The Attack Copters move up to be in range of the Barbarian Horsemen. There’s nothing of note in the Magic Phase and we go to Shooting.

    The Flame Cannon and the Clans Marksmen shoot at the Warhounds and kill them all. The woods was no protection against the Flame Cannon. The Cannon misfires and the Copters kill 2 Barbarian Horsemen.

    Warriors 1

    Display Spoiler

    I move everything forward. The Barbarians are going over to the left to capture the objective over there and everything else is heading for the enemy. I move the Bloodbeast forward and hide the Daemon Prince behind him to cover him from the cannon.

    In the Magic Phase my Sorcerer gets off Molten Copper on the Attack Copters and I fail to cause a single wound, but I do make them flammable with the attribute and then hit them with the Ruby Ring. Despite having re rolls to wound I again fail to cause a single wound on them.

    Dwarven Holds 2

    Display Spoiler

    The Attack Copters move behind my lines and aim their guns at the Daemon Prince. The Vengeance seeker leaves the line to get closer to the action. My opponent has a great magic phase thanks to my terrible rolls to dispel and he gets all three of his spells off, but it has little effect on the game at this point.

    The Attack Copters shoot the Daemon Prince to remove his Lucky Shield, they score 4 wounds but I pass my Armour Save for all of them. The Clan Marksmen shoot at the Bloodbeast and score a wound on him. The Cannon then shoots at the Beast hoping to finish him off, it scores a hit but only does 2 wounds fortunately. The Flame Cannon shoots at the Barbarian Horsmen but does no wounds.

    Warriors 2

    Display Spoiler

    I rush my army forward hoping that next turn I will have everything in combat. I decide to gamble with my Daemon Prince and bring him out on his own. If I can get him into combat then I can stay safe away from the Cannon, but even then the Great Weapon wielding Dwarves may prove too much for him.

    I fail to get any spells off this magic phase due to a dispel and two poor rolls of the dice.

    Dwarven Holds 3

    Display Spoiler

    The Vengeance Seeker charges the Bloodbeast and the Dragon Seeker charges out of the Seekers and into the Bloodbeast as well.

    The Copters move behind the Horsemen, hoping to whittle them down some more.

    In the Magic Phase my opponent casts off, Distracting and re rolls to hit on the Greybeards and I probably won’t double charge them with the Daemon prince and Dragon Centaurs now.

    In the shooting phase the copters shoot at the Horsemen and I manage to save any wounds they do. The Clan Marksmen shoot at the Fallen, killing 3 of them. The Flame Cannon shoots at the Crusher Knights as he would be doing D3 wounds on them but it scores no wounds. The Cannon takes a shot at the Daemon Prince and gets a hit! It also wounds and I fail my ward save. So it’s down to the number of wounds it does (it’s already adding +2) luckily he rolls a 1 for that at least and the Daemon Prince is alive on 1 wound.

    In Combat the Dragon Seeker kills the Bloodbeast before he can attack and then both the Dragon Seeker and the Vengeance Seeker overrun. They both roll too high and run into the Crushers, not a good place for them at all.

    Warriors 3

    Display Spoiler

    The Fallen charge Flame Cannon, silencing that for now. If the Fallen can win this fight and kill or break the Flame Cannon then they can overrun into the Cannon as well. As the Grey beards have those buffs off on them I decide not to charge them and instead I charge the Dragon Centaurs into the Kings Guard, they fail the charge though and that’s probably a good thing (I got confused at this point and though the King’s Guard were Deep Watch, so S4 attacks weren’t much of a problem for me, S6 is though!) I flew the Daemon Prince to the flank of the Dwarf army, hoping the Cannon will be in combat next turn and unable to shoot.

    The Barbarians move onto the Objective and will spend the rest of the game sat on it now.

    In the Magic Phase I cast Corruption of Tin on the King’s Guard with Overwhelming Power but my opponent really didn’t want that going off so he dispelled it. I am then able to cast Word of Iron on the Crushers and I Use the Ring of Fire on the Seekers, killing 4 of them.

    The Dragon Seeker attacks first in his combat and does 2 wounds to the Crushers. The Crusher Knights are able to kill the Vengeance Seeker before he can attack and then the Crushers themselves kill the Dragon Seeker as well.

    The Fallen inflict 2 wounds on the Flame Cannon but take no wounds in return and win combat by 3. The Flame Cannon passes it’s break test though and the Fallen must remain in combat with it for another round. Now my Daemon Prince is open to the shooting of the Cannon!

    Dwarven Holds 4

    Display Spoiler

    There are no charges, the only movement is the Copters fly over the Horsemen and drop their bombs, which kill 2 of the Horsemen, they then turn to face the Horsemen and shoot them in the Shooting Phase. The Engineer foresees the inevitable demise of the Clan Marskemen and decides to go for a walk.

    I again have another dismal attempt at stopping my opponents Magic Phase and he gets all three spells off. Distracting and re rolls to hit on the Greybeards and -1 to wound on the King’s Guard.

    The Copters successfully shoot off the last Horseman, leaving me with the Sorcerer. The Clan Marksmen don’t bother shooting thr Crushers as they have a 1+ Armour Save, instead they opt to shoot at the Warriors, killing one of them. The Cannon shoots at my Daemon Prince and scores another hit and wounds! I again fail my Ward Save and this time the Daemon Prince dies.

    The Fallen do 2 more wounds to the Flame Cannon leaving it with one final wound remaining. The crew of the Flame Cannon succeed in killing one of the Fallen. The Fallen win combat but again the Flame Cannon passes its break test.

    Warriors 4

    Display Spoiler

    It’s all or nothing time now so I charge all in with almost everything. The Crushers charge the Clan Marksmen. The Warriors charge the Seekers and should make short work of them. The Mauler Chariot goes into the Kings Guard, I know it won’t win this combat but I’m hoping to pin them in place until my Warriors can get in the fight.

    I move the Dragon Centaurs up to the Greybeards to stop them from charging the Mauler Chariot for a turn. Also they are still quite buffed up so I don’t want to send the Dragon Centaurs to their death and give my opponent a free reform before his turn. The Sorcerer moves away from the Copters but is ready to blast them apart now, I’ve had enough of them.

    In the Magic Phase the Sorcerer fails to cast a single spell thanks to some more bad rolling to cast by him and my opponent dispelling the rest. I failed to cast Word of Iron on the Warriors.

    Onto a big combat phase and I start with the Kings Guard, The Mauler Chariot kill 3 of the King’s Guard on the charge and the Charioteers kill one more. The Thane is unable to wound the chariot but the King’s Guard get 3 wounds on the Chariot and I fail all three armour saves. The Mauler Chariot Loses combat but sticks thanks to the BSB.

    The Crushers go next and the riders and mounts kill 6 Clan Marksmen, the Marksmen do no wounds in return. The Crushers win combat and the Marksmen aren’t steadfast as I still have a rank. The Marksmen break from combat and run off the table, the Crushers give chase and run into the Cannon.

    The Warriors are next against the Seekers and the Warriors and despite having 22 attacks only kill 4 Seekers! The BSB kills 2 more Seekers and the Seekers use their Great Weapons to kill 3 Warriors. Seekers are unbreakable so they stick around, I really thought I would wipe them out in one round of combat but the wounding on 4+ really hurt me.

    The Fallen finally kills the Flame Cannon but he’s kind of surplus to requirements now.

    Dwarven Holds 5

    Display Spoiler

    The Greybeards charge the Dragon Centaurs and the Copters fly up to the Sorcerer ready to shoot him, he has a 2+ Armour Save though so he should be ok. The Engineer turns around to face the Fallen.

    It’s a low roll for the Magic Dice, 4 v 3. Starts off with -1 to wound on the Grey Beards and I fail to dispel it (I used all 3 dice as well). The Rune Priest then goes for Distracting on the Greybeards and I have to let that through as I have no Dispel Dice left.

    The Engineer uses his Forge Repeater on the Fallen and kills him. The Copters shoot at the Sorcerer and score 3 wounds, I fail all three Armour Saves and the Sorcerer dies! I really could have done without that!

    The Greybeards go first and they inflict 7 wounds on the Dragon Centaurs who can only kill 3 Grey beards in retaliation. The Dragon Centaurs lose combat by 9 and autobreak. The Greybeards pursue but only go 2” and the Dragon Centaurs get away.

    The Mauler Chariot Combat is next and the Charioteers manage to kill one guy and the unit Champion (I targeted him because I didn’t want my BSB to be stuck in a challenge with a champ if I can get in combat with this block.) The Mauler Beast attacks the Rune Priest, hoping to shut down the enemies Magic Phase. I do 2 wounds to the Rune Priest which leaves him alive on one wound. The Unit and the Thane strike back and only inflict a single wound on the Chariot but combined with their static combat res of 4 they win combat by one and the Mauler Chariot fails it’s re rollable Ld 7 break test and flees. The King’s Guard give chase (big mistake by my opponent) but the Mauler Chariot gets away.

    The Warriors kill all the Seekers this turn and the Seekers take 2 Warriors down with them as they die. I reform the Warriors to face the flank of the Kings Guard and now things are looking up!

    The Crushers kill the Cannon and overrun off of the Board.

    Warriors 5

    Display Spoiler

    The Warriors charge the flank of the King’s Guard and with 18 rank and file models left in the unit it’s going to be a tough task to kill all them and break the characters.

    The Mauler Chariot and Dragon Centaurs rally.

    No Magic or Shooting so we go straight to the only combat. I issue a challenge with the BSB but my opponent doesn’t want to risk either character so I send the Thane to the back. The Warriors kill 5 King’s Guard and the BSB kills 3 more King’s Guard. The King’s Guard kill 3 Warriors in return and pass their break test as they are stubborn as long as there are characters ion the unit but with only 10 rank and file left it’s going to be close. I reform the Warriors to be 5 wide so I can get one more supporting attack in.

    Dwarven Holds 6
    Display Spoiler

    It’s the Dwarves last turn and the Greybeards charge the Dragon Centaurs again. I flee this charge as there is no point sticking around for that fight again. Also if the Grey Beards made it and won they could have reformed and scored the objective. The Dragon Centaurs flee through the Copters and fail 2 Dangerous Terrain tests, killing one more Dragon Centaur and now giving away half points for the unit. The Copters move over towards the Mauler Chariot.

    In the Magic Phase my opponent gets off Distracting on the King’s Guard but I dispel the rest.

    In the shooting phase the Copters shoot at the Mauler Chariot and manage to pop off it’s last 2 wounds, killing it.

    In the Combat Phase the Warriors kill only 2 King’s Guard and the BSB kills 2 as well, very poor from them. The King’s Guard only kill 1 Warrior though. The King’s Guard stick again.

    Warriors 6.

    Display Spoiler

    The Dragon Centaur doesn’t Rally and gives away the whole points for that unit now!

    The only thing that matters now is the is the combat between the Warriors and the King’s Guard, I have to kill 6 King’s guard and then the characters will break (hopefully). The Warriors let me down though and only kill 1 King’s Guard, I only had 10 Attacks against them this time as they are only 2 ranks deep now. The wounding on a 4+ is severely limiting their killing ability and my opponent made most of his Armour Saves. The BSB kills 4 more King’s Guard leaving the unit with one remaining Rank and File guy. He passes his stubborn break test and the game ends there.

    I managed to score the objective thanks to the Barbarians and the game ends in a 10 – 10 draw. If I only I had just hidden my Daemon Prince behind a hill, I would have won the game, but where’s the fun in that?! Also with the way those Attack Copters were shooting they would have probably killed him anyway. Those Copters were a constant thorn in my side and killing my Sorcerer was a real kick in the teeth, I really underestimated their killing ability.

    I’m annoyed I couldn’t finish off those King’s Guard because that would have been a huge swing to me if that had happened, especially if the Characters were run down as well.

    My main mistakes were getting the Daemon Prince out into the open to soon and not pushing at my opponent fast enough. I should have known my opponent would put the War Machines on the hill and put my fast things opposite it and ran straight at them, especially the Dragon Centaurs as they were going to struggle against all my opponents units as they have no armour against them. My Sorcerer’s attempts at dispelling were atrocious as well, I think he failed to dispel 4 out of 5 magic phases. The Dwarves absolutely owned Magic in that game and that’s not how it’s supposed to be!

    In the end I ended the day bottom out of everyone and won the coveted wooden spoon! A shameful prize I have never won before and don’t plan on winning again. I’m usually much better than that so I’m very disappointed with my efforts. I had some great games this tournament though and felt unlucky in some of them and completely out played in others.

    At least 1.3 is at an end now so I can look forward to 2.0 now. For 2018 I’m dropping the Warriors of the Dark Gods and I’m picking up the old lance and mounting my steed, I’m off to fight for the Kingdom of Equitaine! I don’t have any tournaments lined up for a long time now so I’ll hopefully post up some battle reports of friendly games.

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  • kobal -

    I think your opponent was @Falgrin (I recognise his seekers :) )