Ammertime Podcast Episode 30: Garriors of the Wark Dods

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  • Welcome to Episode 30!

    Another gin infused episode of Ammertime Podcast(This is becoming a tradition). Casimir the Swede and Henry discuss in detail the new Warriors of the Dark Gods Background(and little about the Artwork).

    We take almost a page by page view of the book. This episode does contain a small discussion about the new "Favours of the Gods" rules but is mostly just background discussion.

    A mighty 4 hours of profanity, this episode is not for the feint hearted! Let us know what you think!


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    Been listening over the last few days. Very nice way to get into the fluff. Burned firsts or white hairs... Hard decision .

    • Henrypmiller -

      Im coming to think Envy is actually really cool. There is that one picture of the dude in the green armour...So sick. But my models are all painted red, so I have no choice ;) Just need to do the fists. Thanks for the comment!