Team Tournament in Lille: A Dwarven Tale. GAME 5

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  • Our final opponents for the tournament were the players from Normandy (team Hot n’ Bash).They had brought a super-fast super-hitty WoDG list, a Change-Wrath DL gunline,Von Karnstein VC with double shrieking horror and my final adversary with Orcs and Goblins.

    Gaspard @gaspacho is a veteran of many a tournament, and was the team’s captain. He had brought the following combat list, which I had rated as a good matchup for my dwarves:

    gaspacho wrote:

    So a list with very few ranged threats, but instead relatively cheap monsters that synergize quite well with the solid infantry core, and backed up by good combat buffs.

    We got Secure Target as secondary objective, and the Marching Columns deployment type.We alternated deployments for a while, and once I was sure of where his main combat block could go I deployed the rest of my army and forced my opponent to play first.
    The Hold Guardians got +1S/+1AP, and I picked double Rune of Gleaming, Resilience and Revocation for my spells. The orc shaman opted for the OnG Hereditary spell,Beast Awakens, Insect Swarm, Totemic Summon and Chilling Howl.
    This is how the game looked before vanguards:

    And a shot after my Forge Wardens and Seekers moved up. My plan was to secure the objective on the left flank (Where I had my shooting units and a flame cannon)and tempt the feral orcs to charge in the middle against my Warriors and Hold Guardians. The seekers had the task of keeping my flank protected and keeping the monsters relatively honest.

    TURN 1 –Orcs and Goblins

    The trolls failed their stupidity test and stumbled 6” forward. The orcs in the middle held their ground, wary of the 24”threat range of the flame cannons. The goblin raider cavalry backed up, and the giant on the left decided to move towards the center. The Great Green Idol moved more to the east, so as to cover the trolls for next turn’s stupidity check.
    The magic phase started with the Insect Swarm going off, dealing 4 unsaved wounds to my rightmost flame cannon. The totemic summon was then dispelled.

    TURN 1 –Dwarven Holds

    The King’s retinue used the Banner of Relentless company to move up, with the Hold Guardians close by protecting their flank. The seekers angled themselves to prevent the trolls, cave gnashers and giant from outflanking my army. The Forgewardens moved up on top of the leftmost objective. The runic smith managed tocast -1 to hit and -1 to wound on my king’s unit. In the shooting phase the Forge Wardens and crossbows opened up against the orc archers, killing 4 of them.

    TURN 2 –Orcs and Goblins

    The feral orcs passed a shaky Ld7 to avoid charging due to frenzy, and moved back a bit instead. The archers moved up a bit to be able to take pot shots at my flame cannon. On the right flank,the trolls wheeled past the building , dangerously close to my lines. One giant and two cave gnashers were also in close support.In the magic phase I dispelled the Insect Swarm this time, letting the chilling howl go on the leftmost Flame Cannon. Shooting put a wound on the same warmachine.

    TURN 2 –Dwarven Holds

    This turn the dwarves declared some charges: the King’s unit charged into the Orc Bowmen, who were 8” away. They chose to hold, and I promptly got snake eyes formy charge distance, failing. The seeekers charged into the giant right next to them, who fled through the trolls. The seekers then redirected into the Cave Trolls and made it in.
    In the magic phase I managed to cast the Rune of Gleaming on the charging seekers, to help stack the combat in their favor. The rune of revocation was also cast on the savages, to prevent any augment spells getting cast on the following turn. Shooting was yet again aimed at the orc bowmen, dropping 7 of them. They did not panic,though.
    In combat,things didn’t go as planned: The seekers attacked first with paired weapons,and despite Hatred rerolls and having s5 on the charge they only managed to sneak two wounds past the armour and regeneration of the trolls. The trolls retaliated and killed a whopping 9 seekers back! Their deathblows were also regenerated without breaking a sweat. The dwarves held their ground and reformed to a wider formation, preparing for the grind.

    TURN 3 –Orcs and Goblins

    The feral orcs passed yet another Frenzy check to not charge my king’s retinue. They moved further back from the king’s unit. The fleeing giant rallied, the Gnashers repositioned slightly and the rest of the army held back for now. In the magic phase the Insect Swarm was cast on a very high roll against the rightFlame Cannon and killed it outright. The Bowmen then put yet another wound on the leftmost flame cannon.
    In combatthe seekers performed a bit better this time, managing to kill a troll before it got to strike. The trolls retaliated by killing 5 more seekers, and lost another one of their number to the deathblows. They had lost combat by one this time, but managed to hold on a rerollable Ld8 break test.

    TURN 3 –Dwarven Holds

    With the right flank collapsing, one seeker at a time, I figured I had to punch through the center and start getting some points. The king’s unit once more charged the orc bowmen, still 8”away. They once again failed, this time rollinga 3. The hold Guardians angled themselves to protect the flank of the Warriors,now exposed to the Feral Eadbashers.
    In the magic phase I tried to boost the seekers but failed, getting instead the Rune of Resilience on my king’s block and the Rune of Revocation on the Eadbashers once more. The flame cannon tried to shootat the Bowmen but misfired and wouldn’t be able to fire on the following turn. The marksmen opened fire on the bowmen, killing 3. They passed another Ld7 panic test. Finally, the Forge Wardens managed to kill 4 of the iron orcs to the left with their shots
    Combat went on and this time the seekers only dealt a single wound on the trolls for four casualties back.

    TURN 4 –Orcs and Goblins

    My adversary used the War Cry and charged the Forge Wardens with the Iron Orcs.They got the 10+ needed to get in, and I only killed 3 with the Stand and Shoot, despite getting 9 hits originally. The rest of the greenskin army held its ground, still. The giants moved up on both flanks, one Gnasher advanced to threaten my anvil and the other repositioned to the center for redirection purposes on the following turn.
    The magic phase saw another Swarm of Insects getting cast, this time only dealing two wounds on the left flame cannon, leaving it alive on one wound.
    The troll/seeker fight carried on: The seekers dealt four wounds for five back, only sparing the champion. The deathblows dealt a further two wounds, leaving only 3 trolls alive. They passed their Ld test again. On the western flank the charging iron orcs dealt a massive 7 casualties, and the Forge Wardens only wounded once despite having Hatred against the unit. They held their ground on a Ld5 Leadership roll, denying me the opportunity to kill the orcs with my marksmen on the following turn.

    TURN 4 –Dwarven Holds
    The King charged the bowmen again, this time they fled and ran off the board. He then redirected on the Eadbashers but failed that long charge. Lacking any good shooting targets, the Marksmen moved up towards the objective, ready to take onthe Iron orcs when/if the forge wardens died.
    Magic put the Rune of Gleaming on the Forge Wardens, all the rest getting dispelled. The trolls predictably made short work of the last remaining seeker, and the iron orcs exchanged blows with the Forge wardens: despite the -1 to hit, they dealt 4 wounds for a couple of casualties back. The Forge Wardens held their ground once more.

    TURN 5 –Orcs and Goblins.

    The goblin raiders moved up to threaten my marksmens’ flank, and the trolls decided thatthey’d had enough and moved backwards out of the hold guardians’ charge range.The bottom gnasher rider charged my anvil and the topmost one stepped in front of the king’s unit for redirection purposes.
    In magic I let the shaman cast the Swarm of Insects on the Flame Cannon, killing it. He then proceeded to cast a boosted Totemic Summon on a17 (3 dice), and I failed to dispel it with 6 of mine. The Totemic Beast appeared near my Marksmen.
    The Forge Warden/Iron Orc combat went on, both sides failing to wound one another.The charging Gnasher rider dealt 3 wounds on the anvil and suffered two back.

    TURN 5 –Dwarven Holds

    The King’s unit charged the gnasher, killed it and reformed. The Hold Guardians repositioned a bit so as to protect the objective and deter any 6-th turn objective-grabbing. The Marksmen couldn’t charge the iron orcs due to the forgewardens’ position, so they reformed to face the Totemic Beast.
    In magic I cast rune of Resilience on the Forge Wardens and the rune of Gleaming on my general’s unit. Shooting tried to panic the wolf riders but failed. In close combat the pillow fight continued, this time leaving 4 Iron Orcs fighting 5 Forge wardens.
    The Gnasher and Anvil fight saw the anvil take another wound, failing to deal the last wound to the goblin hero.

    TURN 6 –Orcs and Goblins.

    The left giant charged into the Forge Wardens while the totemic beast charged into the marksmen. The Feral Orcs passed their Frenzy check once more and elected to play it safe, staying inside their deployment zone.
    In the magic phase the orc Shaman managed to cast both Beast Awakens (+1 Resilience)on the Eadbashers and the Orc hereditary spell on the King’s unit.
    The Gnasher finished off the Anvil, while the giant and iron orcs only killed 4 Forge Wardens, leaving one to flee. Thankfully, the Iron Orcs didn’t roll far enough for their pursuit move to get into the marksmens’ flank. The Forge Wardens were caught in pursuit. The totemic beast fight went a bit better: the beast killed two marksmen but suffered two wounds back, losing the combat by 1. It fled,freeing up the marksmen for a turn 6 charge. As a plus, the nearby goblin raiders panicked and ran off the board.

    TURN 6 –Dwarven Holds

    The marksmen fell upon the four remaining iron orcs. The King’s retinue decided against charging the Eadbashers: with the anvil gone I couldn’t rely on my buffs going through, and fighting S5 T5 feral orcs with Battle Focus and Rerollfailed to hit rolls wasn’t’ an ideal scenario.
    In the final combat of the game, the iron orcs struck before the charging Marksmen,managing to deal 4 wounds. I retaliated, and despite Hatred and S6 didn’t manage to finish the 4 orcs off. The last remaining survivor took a Ld7 breaktest and held his ground, ending the game.


    Our game was the last ongoing game of the final round of the tournament, so a big crowd had gathered around. My teammates had outdone themselves, getting points in matches that were not favorable for them, and we stood at a 31-29 score aheadof our opponents. So we started tallying up points…

    My adversary had gotten a lot more points from me, getting a total of 1641 points.I’d been unable to get points, the trolls standing at more than 25% and the Iron Orcs clinging to half of their points. My VP total was 705, and with the secondary objective in my hands it ended a 10-10 draw!

    In the end,the Belgian team got a 41-39 win, getting first place in the tournament by a single point!

    Hot N Bash got second place and the Paris team we faced on round 3 got third place. We walked away with cool prizes ranging from local products to miniatures, and we were even given the overall best painted award! So I got myself some MOM Miniaturas Hold Guardians that are currently sitting in a soapy bath so that I can get them painted!


    There were many points in this game where I felt that lady luck was having a laugh at me;the failed charges, the failed dispel rolls, the subpar combat performance of my units all cost me dearly. My opponent played well and had a clear plan in his mind, and that was to conserve points and not lose by much (the other games of the round seemed more favorable for our opponents). He did that well, meaning that I had to push hard and try to create opportunities to get points and threaten his big blocks. With the Seekers pinning the right flank down, the Gnasher redirectors two turns away from any meaningful position and the Ferals obliged to take Ld7frenzy checks every turn, I was expecting to open up the match by around turn4.

    It was not to be, and by the time the Dwarf King managed to roll something else than 1’sand 2’s it was too late and I couldn’t risk commiting my units without losing the objective.
    The seeker combat also surprised me: I was expecting to grind down the Trolls, especially after getting off the Rune of Gleaming. My opponent’s dice with Regeneration saves and to wound rolls were hot though, leading to the demise of the ginger stunties.

    That said,the dwarven list performed admirably during the entire weekend, remaining undefeated and scoring 71/100 points in 5 games. They can reliably play all of the secondary objectives and have the speed and resilience to take the fight to the enemy. I’m very happy with them.


    As I said in the introduction, Myreille Strategic Team have done a stellar job this year,running a great event! The attention to detail is remarkable: every team got a booklet with the opponent lists, there was a table with game accessories that were needed throught the weekend (objective markers, 6”radius mats for objective measuring, angle templates and the such). Water, tea and coffee were available free of charge for the entire event and further drinks were available and at a good price. They even went the extra mile by preparing a home-cooked meal for every participant on Saturday evening, accompanied by good local beer!

    The tables looked nice and had sufficient, three-dimensional pieces of terrain on them,plus gaming mats that really helped with the immersion. There were ZERO rules disputes and the schedule was kept tight with a really simple rule: if for any reason any team hasn’t delivered their results at the end of the round, both teams get the minimum amount of points for the round.

    We will be definitely going back for a third year in a row, and we thank @Tartignolle for all the energy and time spent running such a great event. If you’re near the Lille area (or even if you’re not, it’s worth the drive) I highly suggest trying out the MST events!
    So that concludes the Lille Dwarven Tale, but the dwarven adventures will continue shortly with the 2018 Benelux Cup! Stay tuned for updates.

    Until the next time,


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  • Jocker -

    Nice report! Congratulations

  • Danrakh -

    Not sure judging by the pics, but were trolls actually deployed outside of general's Ld and bsb rerolls bubble?

    • gaspacho -

      They were deployed outside BSB bubble, but in range of their general.

  • gaspacho -

    Nice battle report! Congratulations for this hard work!
    I would like to thank you for the very nice game we had. You are a very good player and a true gentleman and I would be pleased to face you again in the future.

    • SmithF -

      Same here, our game was a hard-fought and enjoyable one! Now get all of those beautiful Oldhammer miniatures painted, and you'll definitely walk away with the best painted award in the next tournament! ;)

    • gaspacho -

      I am working on it! :)