Renegades Ramble Update 1.0

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  • Hey to everyone who follows our podcast!

    Just want to take the time to provide a quick update to explain our slower release of content over the past few months.

    Obviously over the holiday period we were all fairly busy and have been waiting to get back on track since the start of the new year. We also provide a Warhmmer 40k podcast every 2 weeks (interchanging with the 9th age cast) and due to club events this has taken a front row seat in our releases.

    We appreciate the patience of you that enjoy (or tolerate) the ramblings of some lower tier players, we aim to provide a different outlook on the 9th Age to some of our bigger brother podcasts. Our club consists of active and competitive players but we do not hold the coveted top spots in the rankings so we appreciate that our insight might not be what you are looking for if you are trying to break the current UK meta.

    The main reason for this blog update is just to let you know that we are still here and will still be releasing 9th Age podcasts. We have recently gained sponsorship from our local gaming haven Firestorm Games (The South Wales Gaming Centre) and have been able to reinvest into the podcast we love doing.

    Starting Monday 19th February (Episode 16k of our 40k series) we are able to offer giveaway prizes that will hopefully end with you 9th Age lovers having a chance at some sweet fantasy models to use on your table top.

    We have also invested in some new equipment, addressing some of the quality issues we had in previous episodes (this is only for the main hosts i'm afraid! Guests are stuck dealing with their own audio for now!)

    We hope to hear from you all over the next year, please send any questions and comments to and leave us a review on iTunes, Twitter (@RenegadesRamble) or any android podcast service you use!


    Many thanks for all the support, we could not do this without this great community behind us!

    Much love

    Craig, Andy and Chud x

    Vale Renegades

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