My attempt to use KoE in 2.0

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  • Hi All

    Just thought I’d write a quick hobby musing about the Kingdom of Equitaine list I’ve been running in 2.0 so far, how it’s been doing and how the hot fix has affected it.

    I have a large KoE force all painted up but some are definitely painted than others and I’m a stickler for bringing along the nice looking soldiers to the battle. So after looking at the KoE Army book for ages trying to come up with a list that I could use given the models that I have I settled upon the following list.

    • Duke, Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Daring, Fortress of Faith, Crusader’s Salvation, Lance = 475
    • Paladin, Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Piety, Battle Standard Bearer, Wyrmwood Core, Basalt Infusion, Shield = 370
    • Damsel, Wizard Master, Divination, Barded Warhorse, Crystal of the Valiant Charge = 450
    • 15 Knight Aspirants, Full Command, Banner of the Last Charge = 679
    • 12 Knight of the Realm, Full Command = 608
    • 16 Bowmen, Musician = 221
    • 12 Knights of the Quest, Full Command = 650
    • 3 x 5 Yeoman Outriders = 360
    • 26 Peasant Crusaders = 272
    • Sacred Reliquary = 175
    • 2 x Scorpions = 250

    The basis of my army revolved around 3 large blocks which woulf hopefully do all the hard work. The Damsel was there to help the Knight buses hit more reliably, especially with the Hereditary Spell and the buffs from Divination. The Duke’s role was to help protect the Knight of the Realm block by soaking up attacks on the unit and ensuring that more knight survive to attack back. The Peasant Crusaders acted as a mini anvil until the Knights could get in and smash whatever was attacking them. The Yeoman were just chaff and the Bowmen and scorpions were there just for a bit of ranged threat.

    Going into my games the plan was to push all 3 knight blocks around together and charge whatever was in their way but it’s amazing how rarely I ever stuck to the game plan. I found myself struggling against enemy chaff as the Bowmen just weren’t doing the job and the Magic Missiles of Divination were just not going off. The problem with running a predominant buff lore is that your opponents know that they can just let the buffs go off if the units being buffed aren’t in combat, they then just dispel the missiles and you’ve wasted a magic phase. That is not to say that Divination has been completely useless, when the knight blocks are in combat it helps tremendously but the shining star really is the Breath of the Lady, what a fantastic Hereditary Spell, it helps offensively and defensively so it’s really useful.

    With the redesgned Magic Phase she is much less prone to blowing up whole units of knights now due to some unlucky rolling, so Damsels are definitely back in if you ask me!

    The Knight blocks each faired differently in their own way. The Knights of the Quest are very good at the grind but as with all knights they feel each and every loss, having a unit of 12 is great but as soon you begin to lose some knights their effectiveness is immediately reduced. So even though they are good at the grind there is little that they can go toe to toe with and win a war of attrition. Obviously they are not there to be fighting hordes of infantry so they shouldn’t be winning those long fights, I had them fight a hydra and some Chaos Knights. Against the Hydra they took 3 rounds of combat to kill it at the end of which there was about 3 knights left. Against the Chaos Knights they won but again, there wasn’t a whole lot left of them by the end. The Knights of the Quest should be used as a very expensive hammer, used for precision strikes of the perfect enemy and they better break them or they are toast (in fact, apply that to every KoE knight).

    (TBH, i bring the Knights of the Quest along because i like looking at them mostly)

    The Aspirants were great on the charge and then instantly lost any threat they once posed after that. I love having a big unit of 15 as they look amazing but 15 knights leaves a big flank that any smart opponent will wait to be shown and then pounce. That has always been the problem with the Lance formation, maybe it’s time to abandon it on large units. They might work better in a 12, 6x2.

    The Knights of the Realm were the bedrock for me and combined with the Duke they just didn’t die at all. The games I won or drew were down to this unit not being destroyed and maintaining a huge amount of points.

    (Knight of the Realm, still remain the Core of KoE after 20 years!)

    I think this unit always faired best because I found myself having to sacrifice my other 2 knight blocks to protect them from flank charges. That’s because I used my Yeoman poorly and sacrificed them far too early. I always try and send them out to go Warmachine hunting or to harass the flanks with their 5 bow shots, as if that will make any difference. They should sit behind my knights waiting to heroically dive in front of a threatening unit. Also I should have paid the 2 points per model to give them a 4+ armour save, definitely worth the points to keep them alive long enough to redirect a unit.

    (One day they'll survive a game)

    The Duke made the Knights of the Realm all the better thanks to the Virtue of Daring giving them a much more reliable charge distance and the combination of the Fortress of Faith and Crusaders Salvation making him the ultimate tank, little could stand in his way. He didn’t have an amazing damage output but he did very well fighting against rank and file that couldn’t hurt him.

    (He is literally going to have to hang up that lance if he wants to keep that Fortress of Faith)

    The BSB was nothing special, didn’t die often but didn’t achieve a great deal either, definitely leaving the Virtue of Piety at home though, having the Ward save capped at 5++ wasn’t working for me. I’d rather take the Banner of Roland and the Blessing to give me a 4++ some of the time at least.

    The Crusaders were massively underwhelming, dying far too quickly before I could even get a unit of knights to help them out. The Sacred Reliquary definitely needed a nerf from 1.3 but I feel that it has just become a bit pointless now. Again though, I did use it badly and by the time it was in combat my knights had already left them far behind which didn’t really help them.

    (So pretty, so bad)

    Lastly the Scorpions were very hit and miss. In one game they absolutely ruined my opponent and were consistently scoring hits, in the rest they did nothing. I shan’t be using them going forward. Bring on the Trebuchets I say! Now that’s a warmachine!

    After the hotfix some changes definitely have to be made. The first thing that struck me was the exorbitant cost increase of the Knights Aspirant! I’m genuinely at a loss as to why they have received such a dramatic price rise. I can understand the increase in the cost to the minimum sized units of them due to people just spamming them out as cheap objective holders but to increase the cost per model as well is mad. Are people running massive units of 15 Knight Aspirants? Nope, pretty sure I’m the only one mad enough to do that. After this hot fix 15 Knights of the Realm are 14 points more expensive than 15 Aspirants, ok, they don’t get the reroll to charge range which is a great rule or the +1 attack on the charge but they do have Strength 4 and Offensive and Defensive WS of 4 and a Discipline of 8. I know what I’d rather take. So despite having over 30 Knights aspirant I can’t see myself taking them at this point as the Knight of the Realm do the job better. If I’m missing something with this then please let me know.

    (Bye bye Knights Aspirants, you'll be sorely missed)

    Knights of the Quest got a points reduction which is nice so I will probably be keeping them on for a bit.

    The Peasant Crusaders got a drop as well, the unit of 26 would now be 26 points cheaper and the Reliquary also got a points drop down to 160 but still not sure it’s enough to convince me to try and use them again. I just think the points could be better spent elsewhere.

    In the Magic Items area my Duke is no longer valid as the Crusaders Salvation is a dominant enchantment (and rightly so I’d have to say) and the Fortress of Faith can only be taken with a Hand Weapon. Not sure about whether it’s worth taking now, having a super defensive lord is nice but I like to have a Lance so they can at least do some damage.

    The Banner of the Last Charge doubled in price to 100 points too. It is a fantastic banner but that’s a little bit too pricey for me, especially given it still has the caveat about R&F only. Although at least now it’s a set Strength of 4 so it could be useful on large unit of Knight Aspirants.

    After much deliberation I think the list I will be trying next is going to be:

    • Duke, Pegasus, Faith of Percival, Virtue of Might, Divine Judgement, Shield = 535
    • Duke, (General) Questing Oath, Barded Warhorse, Basalt Infusion, Virtue of Renown, Shield = 385
    • Paladin, Battle Standard Bearer, Barded Warhorse, Crusaders Salvation, Virtue of Daring, Lance, Shield = 375
    • Damsel, Wizard Master, Divination, Barded Warhorse, Lightning Vambraces = 445
    • 13 Knights of the Realm, Full Command, Banner of Roland = 706
    • 6 Knights of the Realm, Musician = 280
    • 6 Knights of the Realm = 260
    • 11 Knights of the Quest, Full Command = 585
    • 2 x 5 Yeoman Outriders, Light Armour, Shield = 260
    • 5 Pegasus Knights, Skirmish, Full Command, Flaming Standard = 660


    Being an all mounted list it may not very optimal and it will definitely have some counters to it that I can’t overcome but I’m hoping that with such a fast force I can avoid any combats that I don’t want to happen. I like the big powerful unit of Pegasus Knights as well, not something I’ve ever ran before so I look forward to seeing what it can do.

    I’m hoping to attend a tournament in April and use this list so keep your eyes peeled for the Battle reports.

    Thanks for reading, Axel Vicious

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