The BENELUX cup: Game 2

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  • With the spirits high after the first round win against the Netherlands, we prepared to face the home team, Luxembourg! They were all excellent guys, and we had eight very fun games: I got paired against Sebastien, an ETC veteran who brought the following Infernal Dwarf list:

    Sebastien wrote:

    Prophet,Alchemy Master, Shield, Besheluk’s Mechanism
    Vizier BSB,Shield

    3 x 10Citadel Guard w/Flintlock Axe, Shield, Musician
    10 InfernalWarriors w/Blunderbuss, Shield, Musician
    5 WolfRiders, Shield

    5 KadimIncarnates
    6 KadimIncarnates
    22Immortals, Infernal Weapons, Shields, Full Command, Flaming Standard

    2 x GunneryTeam, Volley Gun
    VolcanoCannon Bound Daemon

    We got to play Breakthrough with Encircle deployment. My opponent got the pick for sides and opted for the big center. Given that the secondary was breakthrough, I couldn’t just go for a flank since that would mean I’d be probably giving up the objective: we ended up with a good old central stand-off instead. We exchanged drops for a while, then I noticed a small opening: my opponent had deployed one of his Kadim units 2-wide, just outside of the BSB/General bubble and right across my seekers. I went for the first turn to try and capitalize on that.

    For spells, I picked double Resolve, Gleaming and Resilience. The Prophet opted for corruption of tin, molten copper,quicksilver lash and the ID hereditary spell.

    I used the vanguard to push my forge wardens and the seekers forward, and my opponent vanguarded the wolf riders to the safety of his backline.

    TURN 1 –Dwarven Holds

    I figured that a Ld5 frenzy check on the kadims was too good an opportunity to pass up, especially since the Seekers were in a very bad spot out in the open (flamecannon/volley guns/magic and the such). So I moved up the seekers some more, trying to bait the kadims. The downside to that was that I had to keep all of my other units more than 18” away from my targets, to avoid giving my opponent any alternative charge targets. On the left flank, the forge wardens moved upinto the forest.
    In magic I got the flux card no1, giving me a 2-dice advantage. Despite my efforts to boost the sacrificial seekers, my opponent gambled and 1-dice dispelled two of my runes,blocking the entire magic phase.
    Shooting saw me get first blood, killing 5 citadel guard in the middle between crossbow bolts and forge guns.

    TURN 1 –Infernal Dwarves

    I waited with baited breath as my opponent rolled his Frenzy check: he succeeded in rolling a 5! He then checked for the second unit, within range of BSB and general…he failed! Not an optimal result, but at least the seekers were in combat with one of their intended targets and they’d not die in vain to ID shooting. The volley guns and citadel guard advanced into shooting positions,and the second kadim unit repositioned in the flank.
    Magic was relatively uneventful: I let Quicksilver Lash go on the warriors, then watched as the prophet failed to cast molten metal. The seekers became flammable,though, due to the metal attribute. Shooting was aimed at the king’s warriors,but a combination of penalties on to hit and the high toughness and armour ofthe dwarves meant that only 5 died.
    Close combat was a complete bloodbath: 14 dwarves died, and in return they dealt 11 wounds to the kadim, leaving them on 4 wounds!

    TURN 2 –Dwarven Holds

    With the flank secured for a turn thanks to the seekers, it was time to advance: I used the Banner of Relentless company and sent the warriors forward towards the Immortal block. The hold Guardians moved up to threaten the kadim should theycharge the seekers, and the forge wardens repositioned slightly inside their forest.
    In the magic phase I tried to buff the seekers first, but two of the runes got dispelled. I then cast the rune of resolve on the warriors, shoving them forward 6” more, right in front of the immortals and without a possibility for redirection. The runic smith then succeeded in casting rune of Resilience onthem, too.
    Shooting was totally uneventful, the plate armour and aegis of the infernal dwarves proving too much for my flaming shots.
    In combat,the kadims killed five more seekers, only sustaining a couple of wounds back: one kadim on two wounds was left fighting five seekers.

    TURN 2 –Infernal Dwarves

    The big Kadim unit failed its ld5 frenzy check, and opted for a long charge on my hold guardians instead of the seekers. They made it in. The immortals charged my warriors, and the flame cannon and flanking citadel guard failed their charges since the volley gun team failed to clear the path (my opponent declared acouple of conditional charges that would have made my life difficult had they succeeded).
    Magic predictably succeeded in making my warriors flammable. Shooting was yet again of little use, with all good targets engaged in combat.

    The lone kadim fighting the seekers went ballistic, and managed to kill all 5 of the seekers between its attacks, the flaming aura and the stomp. Despite getting 7attacks and 5 deathblows back, I failed to deal the two wounds required to kill the kadim in return! The Hold Guardian combat also didn’t go as planned: my adversary got 18 hits with 18 attacks thanks to Battle Focus, then proceeded to deal 11 wounds on them. My save rolls were bad, and I only succeeded in saving one wound. The three remaining hold guardians struck back and killed two kadims thanks to hatred. They then proceeded to fail their Ld10 steadfast test, ran for the hills and got cut down in pursuit.
    Finally, in the main attraction the Immortals struck the warriors and dealt a massive 8 unsaved wounds in spite of parry, shield wall saves and an effective T5 thanks to the rune of resilience! The king struck at the prophet with hatred and s6,and failed to wound even once! The rank and file, BSB and thane fared a bit better, killing 5 immortals in return. The King and co lost combat, but held their ground.

    TURN 3 –Dwarven Holds

    The previous turn was a total disaster, what with the seekers failing to finish offthe kadims,the hold guardians folding like paper and the king fluffing and failing to even scratch a t5 model with practically no save. I replied by reforming the Marksmen to face the incoming kadims, and advancing a bit the forge wardens so as to be able to clear the remaining citadel guard and potentially flank charge the immortals on the following turn.
    Magic was now aimed at the warriors, succeeding in putting Resilience and Gleaming on them. Shooting dealt 4 wounds on the citadel guard in front of the forgewardens, sending the last guy fleeing. The wolf riders right behind passed their panic check.
    In combat,the king swung once more against the prophet; this time he managed to wound once, but only dealt 2 wounds! The immortals struck at the warriors and dealt 4 more wounds, getting a couple of casualties back. The ID lost combat but passed their Stubborn Ld test.

    TURN 3-Infernal Dwarves

    The kadims charged into the marksmen, losing one of their number to stand and shoot. With the majority of dwarven hold units now either dead or in combat, the small scoring darts started moving up the flanks towards my deployment zone. The Bound Daemon reformed to threaten the flank of the warriors on the following turn, as did the lone wounded kadim. Finally, the wolf riders stepped up to redirect the forge wardens.
    Magic succeeded in lowering the armour of my king’s retinue by one, making them also flammable in the process. Shooting killed 5 forge wardens this time, since I committed the error of taking them out of the forest’s protection last turn!

    In combat the King finally managed to deal the last wound on the Prophet, and his retinue dealt three more wounds on the immortals. The ID replied by killing five more warriors, leaving 17 alive. I won combat once more, but the immortals passed their Ld test.
    The Kadim/Marksmen fight saw the kadims kill 6 marksmen, taking 6 wounds back. The combat was a tie, leaving a single kadim in the fight.

    TURN 4 –Dwarven Holds

    The Forge wardens charged the wolves blocking their path. Magic put yet again -1 to hitand -1 to wound on the warriors. Shooting failed to do much, due to the armour of the Citadel Guard. In combat, the king now targeted the ID BSB: he fluffed for the fourth time In a row, only dealing a single unsaved wound, which multiplied into two. The rest of the unit killed a couple of Immortals, leaving 10 alive. They replied by killing 5 more warriors, in an impressive show of how Battle Focus can help out the Immortals even when fighting against dwarves with Distracting, Parry, Shieldwall and T5. With the BSB still alive, the immortals passed their Stubborn check, dooming my unit.

    TURN 4 –Infernal Dwarves

    The Volcano Cannon crashed into the flank of my warriors, and the single Kadim into their rear. The Citadel Guard and Infernal Warriors moved up some more towards my deployment zone, threatening both flame cannons.
    In combat,the Marksmen fighting the Kadim managed to finish the last daemon off, taking a couple of casualties back. In the main fight, the king finished off the BSB,but it was one turn too late: both the Volcano Cannon and the Kadim performed great, killing 11 warriors despite parry and shieldwall. I lost combat and -no longer being steadfast- had to flee. The lone kadim in the rear of the unit forced my king to flee towards the table edge, and I promptly rolled high enough to go out of the table. All of the ID units pursued.

    TURNS 5 - 6

    By now we were running out of time, but we decided to press on and play all 6 turns. The forge wardens spotted the rear of the last kadim and charged in. They killed it and overran into the immortals. On the following turn, they won the fight against the immortals thanks to Hatred, and forced them to flee off the table.They then reformed and killed the last (recently rallied) Citadel Guard.

    On my side of the board, the leftmost flame cannon tried to whittle down with S5 shots the nearby unit of 10 citadel guards, but I rolled a “1” and misfired…The Marksmen along with the second cannon took aim and killed all but one of the Infernal Warriors, forcing him to flee. He’d rally on a 5 inside my deployment zone on the last turn, sealing the objective.

    On the last turn, disaster struck once more: the citadel guard charged the cannon that had misfired, killed it in one go and overran long enough to hit the marksmens’ flank. They proceeded to win that combat too, making the crossbowmen flee out of the table and also entering the deployment zone for Breakthrough purposes.Finally, the last unit of citadel guard also charged the second flame cannon and killed it.

    However,one of the most hilarious late-game moments happened right inside my opponent’s deployment zone. The forge wardens had reformed to shoot at the remaining citadel guard, safely out of sight of the volcano bound daemon.

    My adversary nicely summarized the game by failing his Ld test for the bound daemon: the warmachine gained random movement and charged the rear of the FW, killing them to a dwarf and leaving only the Anvil of Power alive on the table!
    The gameended in a 4-16 loss for the Dwarven Holds, in one of the swingiest games of T9A I’ve ever played!


    I can honestly say that this was not how I’d anticipated the game would go: By turn 2 I had pinned down both Kadims, I was about to kill the enemy general and then the bsb, leaving me in a very advantageous position. So many things didn’t go according to plan, though: the kadim surviving one wound and later sealing the fate of my king’s unit, the king requiring 5 rounds of combat to deal with two T5 characters with no save, the last turn 500 point swing due to the volcano cannon failing its Ld test…

    In hindsight, the only thing I should have done differently was the positioning ofthe Marksmen after they killed the last Kadim; confident that the flame cannon would kill enough citadel guard to at least stall the unit for a turn, I left their flank open to the overrun. That cost me not only 500 points, but also could have cost me the objective if the FW had not had that unfortunate run-in with a volcano cannon.

    Thankfully,my team mates fared a lot better than I did, winning the round convincingly. With two wins in two rounds, we’d get to face Team Portugal for the first place!

    I hope you enjoyed this tale of woe and misfortune. Stay tuned for a game against Daemonic Legions!

    Take care,


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  • Martins9thAge -

    jajajjj crazy match, i love it!!! I did not understood very well the movement from volley gun bloquing it´s flancking units... Come on Belgium to the victory jajajja!!!

    • SmithF -

      Thanks man!
      The diagram I made is not accurate, the volley gun did not allow the citadel guard to wheel past it, meaning that the cannon could not get in either. It was a complicated situation, we even had to call a judge to verify!