The BENELUX cup: Game 3

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  • So there we are, game 3 and we get to play against Team Portugal. Team Portugal is far from being a new-comer to the scene: most of the players are actually active French players (some with a double nationality), with previous ETC and other international experience. They had beaten both of their previous adversaries soundly, meaning that the result of the round would determine the winner of the Benelux Cup!

    I got to play against Jose Paulo and his Daemonic Legions:

    Paulo wrote:

    Harbingerof Pestilence on Blight Fly, General, Apprentice (Divination), Halberd, BloatedPutrefaction, Nauseating Aura
    Harbingerof Pestilence on Blight Fly, BSB, Apprentice (Evocation), Halberd,Contamination, Veil of Shadows

    10 Horrors,Musician, Champion
    10 Horrors,Musician, Champion
    18Slaughterers, Musician, Champion

    2 x 5Crusher Cavalry, Musician, Champion
    5 BlightFlies, Full Command, Rending Banner
    2 x5 Furies of Pestilence

    Having played against daemons a lot, I knew that the Blight Fly star would be impossible to pin down and very hard to deal with. We got Secure Target as secondary objective and Dawn Attack for deployment. My plan here was to stall the flies, using the King to prevent them from landing anywhere near my other, more vulnerable units.
    For those who haven’t come across the Blight Star, it has Toughness 5, 4+ Regeneration, -1 tobe hit from afar, and has Poison (5+). With the banner of Rending, the amount of AP3 hits makes even my Dwarf king a bit wary of them.

    We exchanged some drops, and in the end I opted for the first turn so as to limit the fly movement. I placed my Secure Target token far to the left, where the Marksmen would be able to easily get it. My opponent went for the far right side, where my scoring was weaker.

    The Hold Guardians took +1S/+1AP, and I chose rune of Resolve/Resilience/Gleaming twice for my battle runes. The Seekers and Forge Wardens in the middle vanguarded forward to put some pressure on the daemonic troops.

    TURN 1 -Dwarven Holds

    The seekers and forge wardens pushed up the middle, while on the right flank the warriors and hold guardians angled themselves to prevent the flies from moving around my flank. Magic succeeded in putting rune of Resilience on the Seekers. Shooting didn’t amount to much, only dropping a single horror from the leftmost unit.

    TURN 1 –Daemonic Legion
    The Crusher Cavalry behind the hill could see the Forge Wardens, so they declared a (long) charge on them. A unit of furies had to flank the seekers to make this happen, but in the end the crushers failed their charge. The Blight flies repositioneda bit further to the right, and the Crusher cavalry on the right moved up aggressively towards the right objective.
    In magic a Hand of Heaven went off on the Forge Wardens, killing three of them.
    The seekers made short work of the charging furies, and prepared to charge the Crusher cavalry that had stumbled on the hill.

    TURN 2-Dwarven Holds

    The seekers went into the crusher cavalry. They were probably going to die in the process, but in this way they were protecting my flank quite effectively. In the middle the dance between the Warriors, Hold Guardians and the Flies continued. Unfortunately, I was careless when I moved the warriors and I didn’t make sure that the Seekers were in range for the Smith’s spells. It turns out they weren’t, so my opponent was happy to dispel the two augments from the Anvil onthem, letting the rune of Gleaming go off on my warriors.
    Shooting was aimed at the Slaughterers, who had stepped into a Field in the meanwhile: when the two Flame Cannons and the Forge Wardens were done shooting, 10 daemons had died, reducing the unit from a combat block to chaff!
    In combat the Seekers gave as good as they got: they dealt 9 wounds to the Crushers, taking 10 wounds back. The Dwarves won by 1 but the daemons passed their instability check.

    TURN 2 –Daemonic Legion
    The rightmost Crusher cavalry moved up into the dwarven backline, safely behind the building. The depleted Slaughterers moved aggressively against my Forge Wardens, while the Flies held their ground, defending the wall.
    In magic I let through both Hands of Heaven, but my opponent rolled very low for them and failed to put a dent on the Forge Wardens. Shooting was also ineffective.

    In combat, the seekers and crushers continued to exchange wounds: the seekers lost 5 of their number, dealing 3 wounds back.

    TURN 3 –Dwarven Holds

    I decided not to charge the Forge Wardens into the Slaughterers, since failing to breakthrough them would allow the flies a way out of the corner. Instead, they shuffled a bit backwards and took aim at the daemons. The king and the HG both moved up a bit, still locked in a Mexican standoff against the flies. Magic saw me put Distracting on the Seekers and Resilience on the Forge wardens.
    In shooting, the combined efforts of the left Flame Cannon and the Forge Wardens dropped five more Slaughterers, leaving only 3 alive. The Crossbows shot at the left Horrors, dropping them to 3-strong too. The close combat continued between the Seekers and the Crushers: this time a single crusher died in exchange for a single seeker. The remaining daemon passed his instability check once more.

    TURN 3 –Daemonic Legion

    The daemons still refused to engage. The Crushers appeared next to the Flame Cannon in the bottom, threatening my flank. The Slaughterers barely had enough movement to move past the Forge Wardens.
    Magic saw my opponent cast the Cleansing Fire on the remaining Crusher champion, giving him a breath weapon. In that combat, the breath weapon managed to kill four seekers, who killed the crusher with their deathblows in return. The single seeker champion remained, victorious!

    TURN 4 –Dwarven Holds

    The seeker champion opted for a charge into the right horrors’ flank: with two magic missiles and two breath weapons available to my opponent, his only chance of survival was for me to deal with the shooting/magic users. After some deliberation, I decided to push against the flies with both the Hold Guardians and the King: if I had stayed in place I’d have given an opportunity to my opponent for a combo charge, which was to be avoided.
    The crossbowmen moved up in range of the Secure Target objective.
    In magic, the HG were buffed with Resilience and Gleaming, making them less of a pushover against the Blight Star. Shooting killed the remaining 3 slaughterers, and then the Flame Cannon turned its attention to the Crushers: 5 s5 D3w hits later, 2daemons had died.
    In combat, the charging seeker managed one wound on the Horror champion, dodging the return attacks. He won by 3, but my opponent promptly passed his Ld 4 test and the daemons carried on the fight!

    TURN 4- Daemonic Legion

    My opponent hesitated charging the Hold Guardians with the flies, but my placement meant that he wouldn’t be able to redirect the King with the furies. So he decided against it, and moved sideways to the right, using the furies to redirect the king’s unit. The Crushers charged the flame cannon right in front of them.
    In magic my opponent had a couple of good rolls that allowed him to get Cleansing Fire on the Horror champion in combat with my Seeker. Combat saw said champion kill the seeker with the Breath Weapon, and the Crushers made short work of the cannon.

    TURN 5 –Dwarven Holds

    The King’s unit charged the furies, and for a while I debated charging the Hold Guardians into the Flies; with a runic phase to buff them, I could potentially make them survive two combat rounds, holding the flies in place long enough for the king to charge them. In the end, I decided that with the objective secured and the points I’d taken off the Daemons I was better off waiting for my opponent to make a mistake.
    So the Hold Guardians reformed, moved towards the Crushers’ flank, showing the Flies their rear; I was certain I’d hold for a round thanks to Steadfast, so if my opponent charged in, I’d be able to countercharge with the king without having to risk them for two rounds of combat.
    The Forge Wardens reformed to look at the incoming crushers.
    In magic, I was able to move the Hold Guardians further away from the flies, and in position to charge the crushers if they failed their march test. The HG got also the Rune of Resilience, and -thanks to the magical move- showed now their flank to the flies.
    Shooting was less spectacular than last turn: 20 crossbow shots and a flame cannon shot couldn’t deal more than a wound on the left horrors (3w left), and the Forge Wardens failed to even wound the Crushers with their 13 shots! The King predictably killed the furies and reformed to threaten the Flies.

    TURN 5 –Daemonic Legion
    The daemonic avoidance continued: the flies flew over to the flank of the king’s warriors. The crushers passed their Ld test and marched past the Hold Guardians. The two remaining horrors moved behind the hill, safeguarding their points. Due to failing a spell, the magic phase didn’t have any impact.

    TURN 6 –Dwarven Holds.

    The Crossbowmen moved on top of the Secure target objective. I debated for a while whether to send the Warriors on top of the second token, but then I’d be exposing their rear to a turn 6 charge from the Flies. Not willing to risk afailed Ld9 rerollable giving my opponent the game, I settled for a march move past their arc of sight, but also outside the objective range.

    The Hold Guardians also marched away from the Furies, keeping their points safe. The Anvil of power moved up to prevent the crushers from marching near the left objective.
    In the magic phase I tried to push the Warriors into the objective, but this got dispelled.I then cast -1 to wound on my flame cannon. In shooting, the flame cannon -now in short range- targeted the Crushers, but I rolled a misfire. The Forge Wardens shot at the crushers and killed one, leaving two alive.

    TURN 6 –Daemonic Legions

    The two crushers went into the Flame Cannon: thanks to the wound it suffered previously by the misfire, they managed to kill the warmachine, and overran towards the secondary objective. My opponent rolled the 9+ needed in the overrun to come in contact with the Marksmen, and within 6”of the Secure Target token!
    The objective getting contested in the very last moment, the game ended a 12-8 win for the Dwarven Holds.


    I had expected the game to be bloodier, but the Flies kept my king’s unit honest, in the same way that I prevented them from having any impact on the game.* My adversary had elected to play for a small loss, and the last turn antics-combined with my complete inability to hurt the 3 crushers with 26 Forge Warden shots and a flame thrower in short range- meant that he saved a lot of points for his team.

    *This game is one of the reasons that I decided to invest in the Rune of the Storms, as it opens up the matchup and allows me to push without fear of repercussion for a turn.

    Our game was one of the last to finish in the round: our team lost the match 76-84,making the 3 points lost for the objective sting even more! In the end, team Belgium came second, right behind Team Portugal!

    Overall, the first Benelux Cup was a success: we got 3 good games in, against fun opponents! It doesn't come as a surprise, since @kiri is the person behind the success of Luxembourg Bash Masters. I'll use this opportunity to thank him once more for the hospitality in Luxembourg. My dwarves broke even during the three games, getting 33/60 points; I expected them to do better, and they could have certainly done so if the dice gods had helped a bit.

    Given that since the tournament the dwarven holds book changed a bit and forced me to change the list, I won’t be doing a post-game analysis of the list. However, I’ll be posting shortly my reports from the Luxembourg Bash Masters tournament!

    I hope you enjoyed this series of battle reports!

    Take care,


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  • Blonde Beer -

    I loved playing him as well :). Thanks for the write up.

    • SmithF -

      If I've learned anything in the past couple of years playing international tournaments, it's that most players in "top tables" are actually pretty nice guys.
      It might be that the shift from WHFB to T9A "filtered" some of the bad apples, but it's on a very rare occasion that I don't enjoy my games in competitive tournaments.