Luxembourg Bash Masters - Prelude

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  • Greetings, one and all!

    This is the tale of my Dwarven Holds’ adventures during one of the biggest team tournaments of 2018, the Luxembourg Bash Masters. For those who have never heard of it, this was the second edition of a team tournament in (surprise) Luxembourg: 18 teams of 5 players each had signed up, including international players from France, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and, of course, Belgium.

    In the context of our preparation for the ETC, our captain had suggested that Belgium participate “en force” in the LBM, and so we sent two teams. He then proceeded to abandon us due to RL commitments, meaning that we couldn’t bring the Lille lineup (see previous series of Battle Reports).

    So instead, we went for the following players/armies.

    @PrinceCharming with his Saurian Ancients ( @Blonde Beer keeps insisting that we’re forcing him to play this, but in reality he has such a beautiful army that he cannot stop himself from going Coldblooded).
    @Arthur with his Highborn Elves. Ancient Dragon + FlameWarden/MoCT block
    @IHDarklord with whatever was his latest attempt to break the UD book. See his thread right here, always worth reading! IHDarklord's 2.0 experiences
    Merlijn, our trusted driver and Sylvan Elf player with the manliest SE list in the entire tournament. (fun fact: during our pairings I’d keep forgetting that he was playing such an aggressive list, and I’d suggest that he take on X or Y by shooting at it. He repeatedly looked at me, puzzled, and pointed out that his only shooting was the Treefathers…)

    And, finally, yours truly with Dwarven Holds: after the latest hotfix, I was obliged to change the list due to the Forge Warden incident. So after a lot of thought, I decided to try and address a couple of small issues that I’d noticed in the Lille and Benelux tournaments as well.

    Here is what I came up with:

    SmithF wrote:

    Dwarf King on Warthrone, General, Holdstone, Shield, Rune of Might x2,Rune of Destruction, Rune of Storms
    Thane BSB, shield
    Runic Smith, Shield, 3 Battle Runes
    Anvil of Power

    20 Clan Marksmen, Great Weapons, Handguns, Musician, Standard, Runic Banner of Swiftness
    35 Clan Warriors, Full Command, Banner of Relentless Company

    6 Hold Guardians, Musician
    18 Rangers, Crossbows, Great Weapons, Musician
    24 Seekers, Vanguard, Musician, Champion

    2x 1 Rune Crafted Flame Cannon

    The idea behind all of my DH lists so far has been to have the ranged support units double as close combat support units. Which is why Forge Wardenswere so nice, with their 4+ save and S4 attacks. Trying to replace them, I opted for a unit of 20 Marksmen with Great Weapons, Vanguard and Handguns. I called them “poor man’s Forge Wardens”, but I figured that their extra Strength and extra range in shooting may come in handy. With my core points already covered, I upgraded the Crossbowmen unit to Rangers with Great Weapons, giving me a Scouting unit to either grab an objective or reinforce a flank after deployment was done.

    Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting either unit to have a great impact onthe game with their shooting: but having 38 long ranged shots means that you can try to play the ranged game as well, especially against avoidance lists.

    The final change was the addition of the Rune of the Storms on my King. It simply adds so many tactical options against flyers, be it to prevent a flying redirector from landing where he wants to, to keeping an Ancient Dragon honest for a turn. It turns out I was right about it, as it ended up helping a lot in several games.

    With the lists sorted out, all we had to do was reach the snowed-in Luxembourg on a Saturday morning. And when I say morning, I mean 5:00 in the morning. On a Saturday.
    American readers will probably consider this trivial, but in Brussels we consider that Liege is very far away. That’s a 60 minute drive. So imagine the energy required to wake up, grab a cab, go to the train station, get the 5:56 train to Liege, arrive just on time for the pickup car, then drive another 2 hours to Luxembourg center. When we entered the (spacious and very well organized) gaming hall at 8:45, I felt already exhausted. And the day was just beginning!

    For the first round we’d get to fight team TGH: these guys are all either current or former ETC Germany members, counting amongst their number Yannick (who has already featured in two of my reports, beating me each time) and @Frederick. You may recognize the latter for his involvement in T9A, but also as a tournament organizer ofthe best Team event that I know of: Herford WTC.

    As it turns out, Frederick and his Beast Herds would be my first opponent of the day! Already relieved that I wouldn’t get to face Yannick’s avoidance Dread Elves, I was even more glad to finally get to play Frederick after all of these discussions in the forums!

    Stay tuned for game 1!


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