Luxembourg Bash Masters - Game 1

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  • LBM was using trying to imitate this year’s rules for the ETC when it came to secondary objectives. In short, in each round every participant would get to play the same secondary objective, which was predefined in the rulespack. For round 1 the objective was to be Hold The Ground.

    I got to play Frederick’s Beasts, a list similar to what he’d brought last year to the ETC with team Australia:

    So overall a very fast list with decent shooting potential, Ld-lowering spells and abilities, several auto-hitting abilities (breath weapons/impac thits) and five Stomp (D6) monsters to cap it all off. One might say that not bringing cannons was a mistake, but on the contrary I wouldn’t know what to target first in such a list. One thing became obvious, though: the Seekers had to get stuck in ASAP, as they wouldn’t be able to withstand a couple of turns of pounding from 3 catapults.

    We rolled the Counterthrust deployment, and my opponent won the roll for picking sides: he kindly gave me the side with a considerable impassable terrain breaking up my deployment. Since the objective was to hold the center, I went for a central deployment with the warriors right opposite the central hill and in position to threaten the bulk of the Beast Herds army. The Hold Guardians supported the king’s unit, while the Handgunners went wide to the left, where a Jabberwock was already deployed. When I saw the Wildhorn herd deploy right on the 20” mark I grabbed the opportunity and dropped everything to get that first flame cannon volley off.

    In the end, the BH performed a semi-circle deployment around the King’s unit, with the two chariots zoning my Seekers and one Jabberwock on each flank. The Rangers had to deploy on the far left, to make sure that the Jabberwock wouldn’t be able to fly past them and go for the warmachines on turn 1.

    For spells, I picked double rune of Resilience, Revocation and Gleaming. The Soothsayer picked Spectral Blades, Hasten the Hour, Whispers of the Veil and Touch of the Reaper, while the Beast Chieftain got Know thy Enemy from Divination. With so many monsters in the opposing army, the Hold Guardians picked +1S/+1AP and the king nominated the three cyclops for the Grudges. The Beast Chieftain used the Seed of the Dark forest to summon a forest right next to the hill and exactly where I had planned to push my Warriors on turn 1.

    The Beast general invoked a Dark Rain, and battle was joined!

    TURN 1 – Dwarven Holds

    With the shooting weapons almost useless, I decided that my marksmen would be of more use if they actively hunted the Jabberwock instead! They vanguarded up, then moved within march-blocking range of the left Jabber. The King and Co. scaled the hill, using their Banner of Relentless company: the faster they got stuck in, the less risk I was running of losing characters to Evocation Snipes and/or failing a terror-bomb Ld test. Additionally, with the newly-conjured forest where it was, I knew that reinforcements and redirectors were coming, and had to make sure I cleared the forest on time. So I made sure that all Cyclops and both Chariots were in my front arc, and that the Jabberwocks were too far away to charge my flanks. On the right side, the Seekers moved up to threaten the advance of the Wildhorn Herd.

    In magic I managed to push through the rune of Gleaming on the Warriors, as well as the Rune of Resilience on the Seekers. The Flame cannons both opened fire at the Wildhorn herd, killing 10 Wildhorns in one go!

    TURN 1 – Beast Herds

    My king used the Rune of Storms on the rightmost Jabberwock, rendering it incapable of flanking the warrior block or affecting it with its aura. My adversary took a look around, and saw that the rest of the games were very dicey. So after a lot of thought, he took the Warrior bait: all 3 cyclops and the two chariots went into the block. With one cyclops failing, the warriors braced for impact.

    The left Jabberwock charge the marksmen, who took a wound off with their stand and shoot. The right Jabberwock spied the corner of the seekers and flanked them to pin them down. The mongrel herd lacked the necessary movement to redirect my Hold Guardians, thankfully. A couple of Briar Beasts appeared inthe edge of the forest, ready to silence my cannons. Finally, the Wildhorn herd moved up towards the seekers.

    In magic, I put all of my dispel dice into stopping the Whispers of the Veil, letting Spectral Blades go off on one of the Cyclops.With all of the shooting units already fighting, we went straight to combat:

    The Jabberwock to the left stomped five Handgunners, taking a single wound back. The dwarves held on valiantly, thanks to that 18” Inspiring presence bubble. The other Jabberwock used its breath weapon and managed in total to get through 5 wounds on the seekers; the dwarven berserkers put two wounds back, and reformed to face the beast. Finally, in the main event, the unit champion challenged one chariot, getting instantly killed by the impacts. The King struck at the second chariot but could only manage 2 wounds. The cyclops tried to hit the Warriors, but their attempts were greatly affected by Distracting. Still, between the Chariot’s Impact hits, the cyclops’attacks/stomps and the attacks of the chieftain 11 more Warriors fell. In return, the combined efforts of Warriors, BSB and Runic Smith put three wounds into the right Cyclops. The Dwarves lost combat, but held their ground thanks to steadfast.

    TURN 2 – Dwarven Holds

    With the initial Beast charge halted, it was time for the counterattack: the Hold Guardians charged into the big combat, getting in contact with both Cyclops. With the right flank secure, the Rangers reformed and moved slowly towards the center of the board.

    Magic was directed at the big combat, and I managed to cast rune of Gleaming on the charging Hold Guardians and rune of Resilience on the Warriors. Both flame cannons shot at the Wildhorn Herd again, this time killing 7 more. At 15-strong, they were less of a threat for the Seekers now.

    The Marksmen continued their fight against the Jabberwock. They kept failing to wound the beast with their S5 attacks, but at least a “1” for number of stomp hits meant that only 3 dwarves died. The subsequent Ld test was passed, shakily, pinning the beast in place for another turn. The seekers quickly dispatched their quarry this turn, with no losses back. They pivoted to face the wildhorns, blocking their path to the Warriors’ flank.
    In the big fight the King challenged, and the “fresh” chariot rider responded: two unsaved wounds were dealt, but they multiplied to only 3 wounds, keeping the King in the challenge. The charging Hold Guardians directed their attacks at the leftmost Cyclops, dealing 5 unsaved wounds. This left both Cyclops alive to attack my warriors, and they managed to get 10+ stomps off for the second time. When the dust settled, 13 warriors had died, leaving only 10alive! The combat resolution was tied this time, so the fight went on!

    TURN 2 – Beast Herds

    The mongrel herd charged my marksmen, getting out of the way of the third, unengaged, cyclops. The latter then countercharged my Hold Guardians to the front. One of the Briar Beasts charged my leftmost cannon, and another appeared right in front of the Seekers to redirect them on the following turn. Both units of ambushing Wild Horns appeared, and both came in from the Beast Herd deployment edge. This gave the Soothsayer and the BSB a safe bunker to jump to, leaving the -once- big Wildhorn Herd to fend for themselves against the seekers.

    In the magic phase I had to let Know thy Enemy through onto one of the cyclops, then my opponent failed to cast the Whispers of the Veil on my warriors thanks to “hewn from the mountains”. I then used my dice to dispel Spectral Blades.

    In combat the charging mongrels and Jabberwock killed five more Marksmen, getting them dangerously close to the steadfast threshold. They replied by getting one more wound on the Jabberwock, and held their ground again. The big fight carried on: the king dealt with the chieftain in the duel, while the Hold Guardians used their attacks to kill the almost-dead cyclops and put three wounds on the charging cyclops. In a bout of luck, the Runic Smith and BSB put two more wounds on the final cyclops, leaving him on one wound! With only one cyclops left to stomp the warriors, the Rune of Resilience still active and the Spectral Blades gone, only 5 dwarves died this turn. The Beasts lost combat by a healthy amount, and all of them turned tail and ran.
    The Hold Guardians caught the charging cyclops, and the king’s unit, now seriously depleted, reformed.

    The Briar beast did a couple of wounds on the flame cannon, but the crew stubbornly held their ground.

    TURN 3 – Dwarven Holds

    With all of the BH heavy hitters on the run, I had now the opportunity to strike back: the Hold Guardians charged the fleeing cyclops, then redirected into the flank of the Wild Horn bunker housing the Chieftain BSB and the Soothsayer. The King’s retinue held the centre of the board for scoring reasons.

    In the magic phase, the anvil managed to cast rune of Resilience on the depleted marksmen. The rune of Gleaming was also cast on the king’s unit. The unengaged Flame Cannon this time turned its attention to the Briar Beast inside the forest, dealing two wounds on it. The rangers dealt the last one, removing another threat from the board.

    In combat, the Jabberwock and mongrels fluffed their attacks, and the stomps failed to wound due to the Rune of Resilience. In return, the Marksmen killed a couple of mongrels and put a single wound on the Jabber, forcing both units to flee. The Jabber was caught in pursuit. The Hold Guardians rolledhorribly for their attacks against the Wildhorns, but still managed to break the character bunker: the beasts outran them, but the HG caught the fleeing chariot in the process. The seekers killed the Briar Beast outright, and overran right in front of the Wildhorn unit, blocking its charge path to my king’s unit. Finally, the remaining Briar beast dealt with the Flame Cannon.

    TURN 3 – Beast Herds

    With the army crumbling left and right, it was desperate measures for desperate times for the BH: the fleeing cyclops and the character bunker both rallied. The Wildhorns went into the flank of the seekers, and the second wildhorn ambusher unit declared a combo charge with the surviving Briar Beast into the king’s unit, hoping for a failed Ld8 Break test(fear and Whispers).The Briar beast rolled low, though, meaning that the wildhorns went in alone.

    The charging wildhorns were boosted with Know thy Enemy and Spectral Blades.
    In combat, the king and co managed to avoid all attacks from the wildhorns, and sent them fleeing. The flanking Wildhorns activated their banner of the Wild Herd and cut down a big chunk of the seekers, leaving only 8 alive.

    TURN 4 – Dwarven holds

    The king’s retinue first pushed the fleeing wildhorns out of the table, then charged into the wildhorn/seeker combat, while the Hold Guardians charged into the rallied Cyclops. The victorious marksmen charged the fleeing mongrels and sent them also fleeing out of the table.
    In the ensuing combats, the Seekers and king beat the Wildhorns, made them flee and caught them in pursuit. The King ended into the flank of the Cyclops and fought again, killing the cyclops in one go. The subsequent overrun put him straight into the beast herd character bunker!

    TURN 4 – Endgame

    The final combat of the game saw the king fight the enemy general,strike him down, and force the remaining wildhorns to flee out of the table. With that, not a single Beast remained alive on the board!

    The game ended in a 20 – 0 victory for the dwarves!


    Prior to the pairings, we had discussed with my teammates and I pointed out that the entire match would be determined by whether I’d be able to makeLd8 and Ld9 Break tests: the biggest menace when facing such a list is that the opponent has the tools to take down the big block, as long as dice go his way.

    The way the game played out, when Frederick decided to commit his forces on turn 1 we knew that the game would only end in one of two ways: one of us would get a crushing victory. The Cyclops managed to grind down my Warrior bunker faster than I had expected, killing 25 warriors in 2 rounds of combat! Thankfully, the timely charge of the Hold Guardians saved their hide. The rune of the Storms was pivotal in this, as the game would have been very different if I had taken the Jabberwock into my flank on turn 1 (it was a 16”charge,easily made with Swiftstride).

    The performance of the Marksmen was also admirable: their initial role was to stall the Jabberwock while the king dealt with the central forces, butthey ended up killing the beast and taking that flank. Several Ld8 steadfast tests were involved, which I was lucky enough to pass.

    @Frederick was an absolute pleasure to play against, even when things went really south for him. It says a lot about the player, since we all have an easier time being fun and relaxed when we're winning. He jokingly said that losing the first game has been part of his ritual in big tournaments lately, and that it ensured that he'd win all of his other games. Seeing as he got 16+ points in every game after ours, I guess that his soothsayer mumbo-jumbo worked!

    The rest of the team did well in tough matches: Thomas grabbed a 13-7victory against avoidance dread elves, Guy’s UD faced the KoE Forlorn Star and came out with a 14-6 win, while the Sylvan Elves battled the EoS to an 11-9 andNico’s Saurians held the fort against the team captain’s VS, only giving away the objective in a 7-13 defeat.

    Overall, we ended with a 65 – 35 win, a great way to start the tournament!

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  • TJKL -

    A great written battle report, very enjoyable to read. I somehow felt that the positioning of the Beast Herds army could have been slightly better. The Beast Herds player should have deployed better to avoid combat first turn. The 3 Cyclops he had, could and should have used their Catapult Area Attacks to devastating effect on the big blocks of Dwarves.

    The Beast Herds player also needed much more Chaff in the form of Centaurs, Gargoyles, Mongrel Raiders.

    I actually felt the Beast Herds army he choose could and perhaps should have been much stronger.

    All credit to the Dwarven Holds player, excellent result!!! :)

  • PrinceCharming -

    Operation submarine quite failed when u reached 20-0 ... hahaha awesome write up! Allways oook forward to reading them!