The Reclamation of the Abbots' Ale ()(Bat. Rep.)

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Comments 2

  • Nemeroth -

    I forgot about the new line of sight rules and that gyros are also standard size bizarrely enough. I wanted to down the gyro with the but all the troops got in the way! Definitely should have stuck the RBT on the hill, I was trying to be too clever and it didn’t work.

    1250 games are also great for limited time as we managed two games in one evening, I played The Satyr’s wood elves afterwards and we finished by about 2200! Grand fun gentlespoons!

    I’m also tempting some former WFB players out of retirement too, hopefully see some new blood into the fold soon.

    • Satyr Tales -

      to be fair, you'd think the copter would be at least chariot size right? plus you didn't actually realise until we'd already started...lesson learned anyway.

      Indeed, 1250 games definitely worth a go! makes for a fast and furious detailed game.

      woo hoo, fresh fish! Lets spread the good word of T9A!