Luxembourg Bash Masters - Game 2

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  • After the success in round 1, we moved up the tables to find our next opponents: the Old WiseMen (Vieux Sages), comprised of french tournament veterans. As luck would have it, I’d get to fight another very experienced player, @humblr , who was part of the very successful 2016 ETC team France.

    He had brought a Daemon Legion list that frankly nobody wanted to face:

    humblr wrote:

    Scourge of Wrath, Eternal Fury, Eternal Sword, Shackles of Reality, Elixir of Souls
    Harbinger of Pestilence on Blight Fly, BSB, Apprentice (Evocation), Bloated Putrefaction,Halberd, Nauseating Aura

    11 Slaughterers, Onslaught
    10 Slaughterers, Onslaught
    2 x 10Horrors, Champion

    5 BlightFlies, Standard, Champion, Flaming Standard
    3 CrusherCavalry
    5 Furies ofWrath
    2 Plaguelings


    So basically a list revolving around a Blight Fly unit and the Scourge of Wrath.The latter is really bad news if you haven’t got cannons, and I was worried that he could take on the Warrior block and come out on top. Our scenario would be King of the Hill, which was a small consolation; I would have hated to play breakthrough against this.
    Going into the game, my objective was to try and deal with the scourge by throwing my Seekers at it, and I knew that the Rune of Storms would be very important for that. The Blight flies also worried me, and I made a note of trying to achieve two things: prevent the flies from outflanking and try to isolate them from the Scourge.

    The deployment type was Encircle, and my adversary picked the defender role,getting a big central deployment zone. I elected to protect the forest that was right in the middle ofthe board, while the Daemons had to protect the hill to my right. The way this was playing out,I thought I could try and win the objective with my vanguarding units and scouts: I started by placing warmachines, placing both cannons in range of the forest that the daemons were supposed to desecrate. One of the flame cannons was placed at the 15” mark of the left flank, which prompted my opponent to drop his entire force to get that charge off.

    We ended with the Scourge of Wrath and furies ready to charge the flame cannon, with Seekers waiting right across them, the Flies and BSB in the center squaring off against the King and Hold Guardians, and two small scoring contingents on each daemonic flank. I responded by weighing my right flank with the Marksmen and Rangers, confident that the two fighter/shooting hybrid units could easily take on anything the daemons had to throw at them on that side of the board, and score the objective.

    For spells,the Evocation Harbinger took Spectral Blades, and I picked twice the runes of Resilience, Gleaming and Oaths. The Hold Guardians took yet again +1S/+1AP, andI nominated the Scourge, Flies and Crushers as the targets for my Ancestral Grudges.

    TURN 1 – DaemonicLegion

    The Scourge drank his potion of souls, and combo-charged the Flame Cannon with the Furies. Both units made it in, unfortunately: had only the scourge succeeded, theSeekers would have had a very nice countercharge into the greater daemon. Withthe scourge threatening the left flank, the Flies relocated towards the right flank to prevent my rangers and marksmen from overrunning it. The scorers advanced slowly towards the central forest.
    In the magic phase, a Hand of Heaven killed four marksmen, but I managed to stop the same spell cast on the seekers. Shooting was ineffective.
    The Scourge predictably made short work of the Flame Cannon, and elected to pivot to threaten both the Seekers and the Hold Guardians. Since the furies also made it in, they were able to overrun right into the seekers, preventing them from countercharging.

    TURN 1 –Dwarven Holds

    The first Daemon turn had put me in a defensive position: I couldn’t advance aggressively with the King’s block as long as the Flies were threatening to outflank me and the Scourge could easily countercharge. So I advanced cautiously with them,making sure that the Flies hiding behind the impassable terrain had no space to land out of sight. The Hold Guardians angled themselves to threaten the Scourge if he charged the Seekers, and the marksmen/rangers stay put for fear of getting charged by the flies.
    Magic saw me put -1 to wound on the Seekers, to help in a potential fight against the scourge. In the shooting phase, the Flame Cannon, Marksmen and Rangers opened fire at the Blight Flies and managed to kill one of the daemonic elite.
    The seekers swiftly dealt with the charging furies and angled themselves to try and trap the Scourge while also supporting the Hold Guardians.

    TURN 2 –Daemonic legions

    At the start of the DL turn, the king used his Rune of Storms to ground the Scourge:my opponent debated whether to charge, and in the end passed his march test and settled for a small fly move to the left of the seekers and out of LoS (it wasa very close call, another half an inch pivot on my side and this would have been impossible). On the right flank, the Blight Flies declared a charge into the marksmen, and failed: the stand and shoot took another wound off the flies.
    The rest of the daemons moved up cautiously: as long as the two big threats were keeping my units at bay, they had the time to position themselves correctly.
    Magic was largely ineffective: a successful Hand of Heaven on the Marksmen this time didn’t kill any dwarves. The Blood chariot cannon aimed at the Hold Guardians but failed to hit.

    TURN 2-Dwarven Holds

    With the Scourge still threatening my flank, I was a bit stuck. The good news was that daemons were dying faster than dwarves, and that having the last turn meant that I could reliably contest or score the secondary objective if my opponentwasn’t careful. On the left flank, the Plaguelings were really annoying since my opponent kept them at a distance where they’d be able to redirect the hold guardians if I made a push for the center. So I decided to keep it tight and keep the dwarf blocks supporting one another. The King’s unit moved up very little, and the seekers swift reformed and moved out of the scourge’s arc of sight. The Hold Guardians angled themselves to prevent the daemons from running past them, and at the same time give the seekers the perfect countercharge angle if the Scourge charged them. The Marksmen backpedaled a bit, making sure that the Flies would have an even longer charge if they wanted to get to them.
    In magic, I put both the Rune of Gleaming and the Rune of Resilience on the Hold Guardians,making them a much harder target, even for the Scourge of Wrath. Shooting was again focused on the Blight Flies, and again it performed admirably: four unsaved wounds were caused to the flies, who were now a little above half strength!

    TURN 3 –Daemonic Legions

    The zoning worked, since the Scourge didn’t take the bait and instead flew in the rear ofmy army, looking towards the center. The Flies emerged from behind the impassable feature, closing the distance to the shooting units. Finally, the Crushers and Slaughterers moved up on the left.
    Magic was more effective this time: a Hand of Heaven went through on the Seekers, and 7s6 hits later, 5 seekers lay dead! The Cannon also shone, managing to inflict four wounds on the Hold Guardians despite the -1 to hit and -1 to wound from magic.

    TURN 3 –Dwarven Holds

    Free from the attention of the Scourge, the Seekers declared a 9+ charge on the crushers opposite, but failed to make it. The Hold Guardians moved up past the Scourge’s arc of sight to support the dwarven berserkers. In the middle, the King’s unit used their Banner of the Relentless Company to move as fast as possible towardsthe right flank and away from the Greater Daemon. With the Flies out of their hiding place, they could now target the small scorers to the right, then turn their attention to the flies.
    Magic was aimed at boosting the seekers, and I managed to get rune of Oaths off. I was, also, able to cast rune of Gleaming on the Handgunners. The flies lost three more wounds to the dwarven shooting: only the BSB and 4 wounds’ worth of Blight Flies remained!

    TURN 4 –Daemonic Legion

    With the daemonic losses increasing and the king’s unit in a position to get big points AND score the objective, my opponent went on the offensive: the Flies charged the Marksmen, losing another wound to stand and shoot. The left slaughterers charged into the seekers and the Scourge succeeded a 19” charge into the rearof my King’s retinue! The Plaguelings redirected my Hold Guardians, while the Crushers moved in position to charge them on the following turn. To the right, the Slaughterers manned the wall, right opposite from the Rangers.
    In the magic phase I had to let through Enchanted Blades on the Flies, dispelling everything else. The cannon hit the Hold Guardians once more, killing another model.

    In close combat, the Slaughterers struck first against the Seekers and killed 10 of them with their attacks. In return, the dwarves managed to annihilate the daemonic troops with their Deathblows and their regular attacks! The remaining 8 dwarves turned to face the crushers. The Flies killed 7 marksmen, taking a couple of wounds back. Only the unit champion and the BSB remained now, and the dwarven troops passed their Break test and fought on. Unfortunately, the loss of a fly meant that my opponent could now move his unit just outside my charge arc withthe Rangers. The marksmen would have to fend for themselves.
    In the Scourge/Warrior combat, I used my Holdstone: the Scourge killed 7 dwarves between his attacks and the stomps, but the king’s presence kept them in combat. I elected not to reform, since doing so would expose my characters to the scourge’s attacks.

    TURN 4 –Dwarven Holds

    With the big threats in combat, the game became much more open: The Hold Guardians charged the Plaguelings, the seekers charged the Crushers and the Rangers charged the Slaughterers behind the wall: unfortunately, the latter rolled double 1’s and stumbled an inch forward, but the rest made it in.
    In magic the focus was boosting the King’s unit, and I managed to cast rune of Gleamingon them. With my two remaining dice I also cast rune of Oaths on the seekers.In the shooting phase the Flame Cannon spotted the flank of the rightmost slaughterers, and proceeded to kill 7 of them with a single blast!

    In combat,the charging seekers took a couple of wounds from the slaughterer riders, and then demonstrated why charging dwarves are to be feared: with hatred,reroll to wound and +1S from the charge, they dealt 8 wounds on the crushers, leaving one alive on a single wound. The crusher struck back and killed two more seekers, who finished it off with their Deathblows! The Marksmen/Fly combat continued, this time the daemons killing all but 4 marksmen, who held on thanks to steadfast.
    The Scourge carried on stomping Warriors, killing five more. The combat was tied, and both sides stood still. Finally, the Hold Guardians predictably made short work of the Plaguelings and turned to face the Horrors nearby.

    TURN 5 –Daemonic Legions

    In an effort to help the Scourge grind down the dwarves faster, the Blood Chariot and the rightmost horrors charged the flank and front of the Warriors respectively.The leftmost horrors charged into the four remaining seekers, moving past my Hold Guardiansarc of sight. The four remaining slaughterers were too depleted to be a real threat for the Rangers, so tried to move into safety instead.
    In magic I stopped the Spectral Blades on the Chariot, but had to let through the Cleansing fire off on both horror champions.
    The flies/BSB killed off the last of the marksmen, and reformed to face the Rangers. The charging horrors dispatched the last seekers thanks to the S5 Breath weapon from Cleansing fire, and reformed to face the Hold Guardians and the forest that they had to invade.
    Finally, in the big combat the Blood Chariot, horror Breath Weapon and Scourge attacks killed 9 dwarves, but in return the Horror champion and 3 more horrors died,and a wound was dealt on the blood chariot. In result,the daemons lost the combat by 1 and the Scourge took a wound!

    TURN 5 –Dwarven Holds

    The Hold Guardians did a swift reform and placed themselves in such a way, that the Horrors would only be able to get inside the forest if they charged them. The Rangers reformed to face the Blight Flies.
    Magic saw me give -1 to wound and -1 to hit on the warrior block, and shooting dropped the Slaughterers to 2 models.
    In combat,the unit champion challenged the Scourge, and died giving maximum overkill. Thanks to -1 to hit and -1 to wound, the only wounds dealt by the daemons this turn were from the challenge. In return, the king and co. dealt four wounds on the horrors, and won combat by 5. All of the Daemon units failed their unstable checks and died instantly, giving me a huge amount of points!

    TURN 6

    With the bulk of their force gone, the daemons tried to get some points back: the BSB and Blight Fly charged into the rangers, and brought them down to 7 models by the end of the game, losing the last wound on the Blight Fly unit in return.The Horrors to the left couldn’t get the objective, and evaded the Hold Guardians instead.
    In the end, neither of us managed to score the secondary objective, but the Dwarves had killed the majority of the daemonic units. The battle ended in a 16-4 win for the Dwarven Holds!


    This was another very exciting game, against an opponent that knew exactly what he was doing. The first three turns were very tactical, neither of us wanting to give an opening to the adversary! I think that what had a great impact in the battle was the good rolls I got for shooting (killing three blight flies from afar with three turns of shooting is a big success) and the fact that the Rune of Storms was able to stall the Scourge for a turn.
    If the scourge hadn’t made that very long charge, the dwarves would have gotten the scenario and the small units instead of the big Scourge points. I feel that my opponent did not expect the Warriors to soak up as much damage as they did, but that’s what they do best!

    The Horror charge on turn 5 may have been a mistake: the idea was to try and bring a champion in the mix (preventing me from challenging the Scourge) and -mainly- to bring a full rank and the Breath Weapon to try and break steadfast. It backfired, since it gave me enough combat resolution to pop the Greater Daemon.That said, I was confident that once the initial Scourge charge impact was absorbed, I’d be able to start winning combat thanks to 5 points of static combat resolution, Parry and penalties on to hit and to wound rolls from magic.

    All in all, I was very glad to walk away from this game with a big win, especially since at every step of the game Humblr proved why he’s considered such a good player in the French scene: whenever I gave him an opening, he took it. His rolls for saves definitely helped me, since on a good save day taking on daemons is simply impossible.
    The rest of the team did pretty good, too, with two wins and two draw-ish games. We ended up with a 62-38 win, which we were pretty happy about! On round 3 we would get to play against Switzerland!

    Stay tuned for the third game, against Vampire Counts!


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