Kingdom of Equitaine vs Dwarven Holds

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  • Hello all

    Sorry I’ve been silent for a while and not done any blog posts or bat reps for a couple of months. Last month I went on my Stag Do (Bachelor Party for our American friends) to Amsterdam and whilst there I slipped on some mud and managed to break my ankle! To make matters worse I waited two days before going to hospital because never in a million years did I think I had broken my ankle, I mean I slipped on some mud, how could that break a bone? So I’ve been in out an out of hospital and had to keep off the foot for a while. Sadly this meant missing TEC 18 this month and pretty much missing out on any hobby, except painting, I am getting lots of painting done at least.

    Anyway, I’ve decided to write up a Bat Rep of practice game I did back in March. My Kingdom of Equitaine vs Dwarven Holds.

    My List:

    Duke Mounted on a Pegasus: Faith of Percival, Virtue of Might, Divine Judgement, Shield

    Duke Mounted on a Barded Warhorse: General, Questing Oath, Basalt Infusion, Virtue of Renown, Shield
    Paladin Mounted on a Barded Warhorse: Battle Standard Bearer, Crusaders Salvation, Virtue of Daring, Lance, Shield

    Damsel Mounted on a Barded Warhorse: Wizard Master, Divination (Breath of the Lady, Know Thy Enemy, Scrying and Unerring Strike), Lightning Vambraces

    13 Knights of the Realm, Full Command, Banner of Roland

    6 Knights of the Realm, Musician

    6 Knights of the Realm

    11 Knights of the Quest, Full Command

    2 x 5 Yeoman Outriders, Light Armour, Shield

    5 Pegasus Knights, Skirmish, Full Command, Flaming Standard

    Basically running a triple threat with three big blocks hoping that they will carry the day , do lots of killing and stay alive long enough to deny my opponent any points. Playing against Dwarves though this may be difficult, they don’t die easily and they can easily hold a charge against one unit of Knights so I’m going to need some multiple charges. The little units of Knights of the Realm are there to be a pain to my enemy and redirectors if necessary, the Yeoman are there to die.

    My Opponents List:

    King, Shield, Crossbow, Shield Bearers, Rune of Destruction, 2x Rune of Might

    Thane, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Crossbow, 2x Rune of Iron

    Runic Smith, Shield, 3 Battle Runes (Rune of Gleaming, Rune of Oaths, Rune of Resilience)

    14 Clan Marksmen, Crossbow, Shields

    14 Clan Marksmen, Crossbow, Shields

    24 Greybeards, Banner

    20 Deep Watch, Banner, Runic Standard of Wisdom

    6 Hold Guardians

    Grudge Buster

    Grudge Buster

    2 Attack Copter

    2 Attack Copter

    So my Opponent has two blocks of Dwarven infantry that I probably won’t be able to take down without a triple charge and at least 15 rounds of combat. So I’m probably best off leaving them well alone and trying to pick off everything else, especially the Grudge Busters.

    The Deployment type was Frontline Clash and the Secondary Objective was Capture the Flags, a difficult objective for me as the small units of Knights of the Realm will easily be killed and I’m going to struggle to kill more than 2 of my opponents scoring units, my best hope is to wipe out the Crossbows and possibly the Greybeards if I can catch them with a multiple charge.

    Display Spoiler

    We deploy as shown, my BSB and Damsel are in the big KotR block. My opponents characters are all in the Deep Watch. As I’m quite mobile I decide to separate my units out knowing that they can get to where I need them to be easily enough. My opponent takes the centre and left of the battle field. I’m aiming to swing round to the right and hit them in the flank but best laid plans and all that….

    I move my vanguards to more useful positions and I pray for the blessing, the Dwarves get the first turn.

    Dwarven Holds 1
    Display Spoiler

    The Deep Watch come straight at me as fast as they can, that 9” march is quiet intimidating at times. The Grudge Buster on the left faces the KotR on the left and the other Grudge Buster moves back a little. The Steam Copters are so mobile, it’s going to be tough for me to get to grips with them.

    With Magic my opponent casts Rune of Gleaming on the Deep Watch (I have no intention of charging them with the Questing Knights, they’ll die horribly) . He then casts Rune of Resilience on the Crossbows on the hill.

    In the shooting phase the Grudge Buster and the Crossbows on the left shoot at the little KotR unit, killing one. The Crossbows on the hill and the Steam Copters nearby shoot at the Yeoman next to the Knights of the Quest and kill them all. No other shooting does anything.

    Kingdom of Equitaine 1

    Display Spoiler

    I move the Peg Knight sand the Knight of the Realm block up to put pressure on the right flank, the little unit of KotR on the right move forward and I thought I had positioned them so that the Steam Copters couldn’t get round them.

    The Questing Knights reform and turn to the right to get away from the enemy next turn. I move the small KotR on the left behind the impassable terrain to cover the Questing Knights tactical retreat.

    In the Magic Phase I’m only able to cast the Lightning Vambraces in the Grudge Buster but it does no wounds.

    Dwarven Holds 2

    Display Spoiler

    The Dwarves continue to sweep round the left hand side of the board and any attempt I had at flanking my opponent is disappearing fast.

    The Steam Copters on the right are just able to squeeze past the KotR by reforming deep which I hadn’t accounted for. The Grudge Buster moves to the rear of the board and the charge is a little bit far for me to make now.

    The Runic Smith casts both the Rune of Gleaming and the Rune of Resilience on the Deep Watch, again, I have no intention of touching them so I let it go off.

    The Steam Copters on the right shoot at the KotR and kill 3 of them, ouch! Luckily the pass their panic test. The Steam Copter, Grudge Buster and the Crossbows on the hill all shoot at the Knight of the Quest and kill 4 of them, greatly reducing their effectiveness.

    Kingdom of Equitaine 2

    Display Spoiler

    I decide against charging the Grudge Buster with the big unit of KotR as it’s a double 6 needed and if I fail it (which I most likely will) I’ll be in a vulnerable position and no chance of getting out of it. Although the knights are quick having them in the lance formation makes them very unwieldy and it’s hard to get out of harms way sometimes. The Peg Knights and KotR move forward to trap the Grudge Buster at least. The Questing knights move as far away from the Dwarves as they can.

    The only spell I get off is the bubbled version of Scrying giving the Pegasus Knights and the KotR block distracting.

    Dwarven Holds 3

    Display Spoiler

    A pretty quiet last turn from me there so we go onto the Dwarves turn and the Dwarves continue to put pressure on me by moving towards my lines. The Grudge Buster and Steam Copters on the left move up to shoot at the KotR and hopefully wipe them out or at least dent them enough to make them ineffective. The Steam Copters on the right turn to face the Pegasus Knights.

    Only one spell goes off this turn, Rune of Resilience on the Grudge Buster on the left, that may prove a problem as if the KotR on the left can weather the shooting they could potentially kill or at least break the Grudge Buster.

    The whirly birds on the left shoot at the KotR and only manage to kill one of them this time so things are looking a bit brighter. The Steam Copter and Grudge Buster on the right shoot at the Pegasus Knight shut do no wounds. The Crossbows on the hill shoot at the Questing knight sand kill 2 more of them. I have greatly under estimated the Dwarven shooting this game, they are absolutely wrecking my army.

    Kingdom of Equitaine 3

    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Pegasus Knights into the Grudge Buster as I figure they should be able to take care of it on their own, especially with the Duke’s Lance doing D3+1 wounds on the charge. The Grudge Buster does no wounds from it’s Shooting at the charge.

    The Knight of the Realm on the left charge the Grudge Buster and one of them dies to shooting, now it’s going to be difficult to take this engine down.

    The Knights of the Realm block turns to face the Dwarven lines and the Knights of the Quest turn to face what is now the Dwarven flank. I have completely forgotten about my Yeoman for the last two turns which is why they haven’t moved.

    In the magic phase I cast Unerring Strike on the Crossbows on the hill and kill 4 of them. I then follow it up with the Lightning Vambraces, killing one more.

    In combat the Pegasus Duke easily kills the Grudge Buster in one go, the Pegs reform to face the Dwarves.

    The Knight of the Realm inflict 2 wounds on the Grudge Buster but unfortunately the remaining 3 members of unit are all killed by the Grudge Buster. The Grudge Buster reforms to face the Questing Knights.

    Dwarven Holds 4

    Display Spoiler

    The Dwarves now move round to basically occupy the centre of the board and we are now playing the game length ways. The Crossbows march in front of the Deepwatch to get out of the charge arc of the Knights of the Realm. The Deepwatch could have tried to charge the Knights but it was a big charge and wasn’t worth the risk.

    The Steam Copters and Grudge Buster surround the Questing Knights and they are in a bad place!

    The only spell that goes off is the Rune of Resilience on the Crossbows. In the shooting phase the Steam Copter and Grudge Buster shoot at the Questing Knights and kill 3 more of them, leaving just 2 rank and file guys and my General. I can’t believe how quickly that unit has melted!

    Kingdom of Equitaine 4

    Display Spoiler

    I hope to march the Questing Knights out of danger but fail the March block test. I have to split up the Questing Knights to try and stop the flying machines from killing everything. I move the Duke in front if the Grudge Buster and the Questing Knights in front of the Steam Copters. As they’re fliers though they could just fly over but I’m hoping they try and fight the General as I’m fairly confident he can win that fight if he can take the impact hits.

    The Peg Knights fly into the forest and take a wound to Dangerous Terrain. I move the Yeoman in front of them to screen the peg knights and to get the Yeoman away from the Steam Copters. The big unit of KotR move to board edge to try and entice the Hold Guardians into a fight, knowing I can get the Peg knights involved next round if they do.

    I cast the Lightning Vambraces on the Crossbows, killing one more.

    Dwarven Holds 5

    Display Spoiler

    The Grudge Buster and the Steam Copters charge the Questing Duke and it’s crunch time. The Hold Guardians don’t charge the Knight of the Realm but move round their flank. The Deepwatch move a bit closer to me and the Crossbows turn to face the Yeomen.

    In Magic the Rune of Oaths is cast on the Deepwatch, giving them re rolls to wound.

    The unengaged Steam Copters shoot at the Questing Knight sand kill one of them, leaving one left alive.

    We go to combat, the Grudge Buster opts to do it’s grinding attacks instead of impact hits as 3D3 is better than D6+1. First though the Steam Copters attack and inflict 2 wounds on the General and now the colour has drained from my face. That was just the copters, the big engine still has to attack and I’m hanging on by a thread. The Grudge Buster does 6 wounds with the Grinding attacks and I have to make 6 4+ Armour Saves and 6 5+ Ward saves. The Lady must be with me as I somehow pass all those saves and the Duke gets to swing back! The Duke attacks the Grudge Buster and finishes it off. The General then passes his break test and reforms to face the Steam Copters. However if they attack like they did last turn he’s not going to last long.

    Kingdom of Equitaine 5

    Display Spoiler

    I declare a charge with the Peg Knights into the Crossbows and they flee from the charge, I then try to re direct into the Hold Guardians but I fail the re direct test! The Peg knights are now left out in the open against the Deep Watch. If they declare a charge on them I can flee but the Hold Guardians can then charge them again probably chasing them off the board. I have to move the Yeomen in front of the Hold guardians to tie them up next at least and leave the Peg knights free to flee. I move the KotR block around the rear of the Dwarves so they can now see the fleeing Crossbows and the other Crossbows. The Questing Knights runs as fast as he can but he’ll never get away from the Steam Copters.

    In the magic phase I cast a boosted Breath of the Lady on the Questing Duke giving him re rolls of 1s, that should help keep him alive. So onto that combat and the Steam Copters fail to wound the Duke but the Duke does 4 wounds to the Steam Copters, killing one of them. The remaining Steam Copter then flees from combat and my Duke pursues and goes off the board, keeping him safe from the last Steam Copters and alive.

    Dwarven Holds 6

    Display Spoiler

    The Hold Guardians charge the Yeomen. In a complete shocking manoeuvre that I just didn’t see the Deep Watch reform to be 1 deep and completely cover any potential charge into the Crossbows or the Greybeards. The fleeing Crossbows rally and the other Crossbows move out of my charge arc . The Steam Copters move up to the remaining Questing knight.

    The Steam Copters shoot at the remaining Questing knight and kill him, giving away all those points. The Hold Guardians easily crush the Yeomen.

    Kingdom of Equitaine 6

    Display Spoiler

    In my turn I don’t take the bait and end the game there.

    The game ends with a draw, 10 – 10 but my opponent gets the Secondary Objective as he killed the Knights of the Quest and one unit of Knights of the Realm. I failed to kill any scoring units. So it’s 13 – 7 loss in the end.

    It was a very tactical game without a lot of combat really, I felt completely outgunned and was relying on my armour and blessing to keep me protected but it didn’t really turn out that way. The shooting was devastating! I would have been better taking Druidism as my magic lore rather than Divination as regrowing models back could have saved my Questing Knights.

    I was lucky to keep my losses as low as they were. I came incredibly close to losing my General thanks to some miraculous Armour Saves, if it wasn’t for that it probably would have been a 15- 5 to my opponent.

    After the game we decided to see what would have happened if I did charge the Deepwatch with the Pegasus Knights and the Knights of the Realm. I got the Breath of the Lady off on the Pegasus Knights in the Magic Phase. The King and the Peg Duke fought a challenge and did 2 wounds a piece and the rest of my attacks where completely useless, I killed 2 Deepwatch with all those attacks, that was it. My opponent ended up killing more than me and that was me charging! It’s a good job I didn’t do the charge, I didn’t think I could win that fight and I was proven correct.

    Now that my Ninth Age career is on hold as I can’t get to play any games at the moment and have no tournies planned until the summer (getting married in June so nothing until after that) I’m probably not going to have any more bat reps for a while. I’m going to try and set up a big game but it depends how my ankle holds out. Keep your eyes peeled anyway, I’ll have something up next month.

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