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Comments 2

  • Phaeoron -

    Heh, it's just a personal tastes thing with the jokes, yours aren't unclever =P

    Really liked this snippet of gripping action.
    -The pacing was really enjoyable, you gave pause to examine detail but not too much lose momentum in the action (i feel i tend towards jarring pauses because of too much detail). Succinct.
    -Descriptions of physical metamorphoses i really enjoyed, nice imagery.
    -The point of view of the cowering sister was a clever vessel for the reader to invest themselves in the story.

    Loved it, even though neither WDG or empire are very high up my list of favourite factions. Great job!

    • Satyr Tales -

      Cheers Phaeoron, really appreciate crit feedback. Means a lot. It was a leap of imagination because I know very little about WDG/ Daemons, but struck me as quite a dramatic encounter and the words just flopped on the page. Peace budski.