Art Competition I: Warriors of the Dark Gods

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  • Exploring the world of the Ninth Age

    The Ninth Age Presents: Art Contest I!

    Against Warriors of the Dark Gods

    The theme for this competition is: Warriors of the Dark Gods versus others. See this beta army book if you are looking for inspirational material.

    Warriors of the Dark Gods are a constant presence all around the 9th Age world. Dark God cults arise in harsh nomadic societies pushed to the margins by settled peoples. Whether among Hakim Nomads in the Great Deserts, Silexian tribes, Åskland raiders or among barbarians roving along the outskirts of the blasted Wasteland, the Dark Gods take root. Even among depraved or dissatisfied “civilized” people trading away their souls for a shot at immortality.

    Do not be shy of inventing your own takes on anything concerning Warriors of the Dark Gods, including wild high fantasy concepts and glancing at real-life tribes for inspiration. You can do the most outlandish stuff, and be welcome to root your Warriors in local cultures never before seen illustrated in pact with such dark forces.

    Warriors of the Dark Gods wallow in sin, while their Sorcerers follow no God at all. These are the sigils of their baleful deities:

    Entries could range from duels between individuals to full-blown land battles; monstrous air combat; sorcerous struggle or naval clashes on the high seas; or something else entirely.

    This can be done by drawing, sketching or painting it (i.e. no miniature entries). Digital tools are allowed, and some scribblings as seen on many concept sketches are likewise allowed, but please keep any text amount low. The amount of work invested in the art entry can vary from a simple sketch up to a full-blown illustration. Flat embroidered textile art (e.g. in Bayeux tapestry style) close-up shots and flat relief carvings are allowed, but for these materials you're encouraged to ask the contest organizer first with some details explaining your plans. Note that several different art pieces are allowed to be included in one and the same image file entry, e.g. two different painted illustrations, or a bunch of sketches leading up to an inked drawing. Sheer mass is no guarantee for advantage in voting, however.

    If you are unsure if your entry will fit the subject matter, then please contact Karak Norn Clansman and he'll sort it out with you and the staff.


    The gold winner will recieve one Warriors of the Dark Gods Wasteland Dragon from Creature Caster and a kit of 12 unpainted Slave Orc Heads:

    Furthermore, the silver winner will receive one kit of 2 unpainted Hobgoblin Slavedrivers:

    And the bronze winner will receive 1 unpainted Elf Heavy Archer:

    While one random entrant will win a kit of 4 unpainted Tjubling Fireguard Hammers:

    Should you wish to donate a prize to this or future contests, please PM Henrypmiller.


    The deadline for the submission of entries is the 26th of August 2018 at 11:59pm EST.

    Rules of the Competition

    Each member may only enter once.

    Sketch, draw, paint and use digital tools to come up with artwork or concept image(s) for Warriors of the Dark Gods versus others.

    Submissions should include one picture file only. Your one picture file with art may contain any number of objects, figures and scenes.

    You may not submit a picture of a drawing or painting that have been entered into other online competitions or posted in a finished state before.

    Don't post your entries in the forum before the contest is over.

    By entering this contest you give everyone in general, and T9A in particular, rights to use your entered artwork.

    See also the General Rules & Guidelines:

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    Everything you need to know about the Ninth Age Art Contests

    What are these contests?

    The Art Contests are competitions where anyone registered at T9A can enter with everything from sketches, through blueprints, maps, cosmological mandala artworks or cryptic diagrams, to inked or painted illustrations.

    The competitions are always announced on the front page, blog and hosted in General Discussion. Contests may be covered by the Ninth Scroll as well. We officially announce the contest, with a deadline. After this has closed forum software will generate an automated voting session post in the forum thread (to which we'll add text as soon as possible), and likewise said software will generate a results post, which will likewise be edited quickly.

    What can I enter?

    Each contest will have a specific theme. An entry that bears absolutely no relation to the theme (unless it is called an ‘open contest’) will not be allowed. Artworks have to be fully created by the person entering them.

    T9A Art Contests are always fantasy related. You cannot enter science fiction artworks or pieces depicting the modern world.

    Your art does not have to be drawn/ painted by hand, it can be drawn on a computer. HOWEVER, every part of the image has to be produced by you, you cannot merge/ edit existing artwork done by someone else.

    If you put a decorative border on, or some text etc, you have to produce this all by hand, design it all yourself (you cannot just type it in on a computer).

    Artworks must be still images. Even if you create a 3D-file, .gif file or moving picture sequence, only a still image from this can be entered.

    You are allowed to include several different art elements in a single picture file (e.g. two illustrations; a map and a sketch; or a drawing and some sketches leading up to a fully fleshed-out painting). Very productive artists could potentially enter a long file filled with various concept artwork, and this is fine, but most will limit themselves to one or a mere few pieces of art. Note that sheer mass may not always work to one's advantage for winning votes.

    You may include textual notes and explanations if you so desire. Please keep it short. This is not a writing competition.

    You cannot enter 3D sculpts of e.g. clay or green stuff, or diorama shots of miniatures against a painted background.

    You may enter flat stone and wood (relief) carvings. You may enter flat textile art akin to the embroidered Bayeux tapestry. Please, no pictures of entire dress creations or a whole cottage decorated as if by artists in the Ninth Age, but rather closeups of 2D art depicting scenes, figures and ornamental patterns: Ask the contest organizer if you are uncertain.

    When can I enter?

    The deadline will always be clear in the announcement thread. It is always based on Eastern Standard Time. So regardless of where in the world you are you need to look up how far ahead or behind this time you are to make sure you get your entry in on time.

    No entry regardless of how cool will be allowed to enter after the deadline. There are no exceptions. If someone has made a valid attempt to enter before the deadline but have had technical issues (such as links being invalid), they will normally be allowed.

    How do I enter?

    To enter the contest all you need to do is simply click the link provided (it will always be to the contest gallery) and upload the picture file. You may contact the contest organizer to instead have your file sent via PM or E-mail, should some transfer trouble occur with your upload.

    What happens after I have entered?

    The entries all sit in the contest gallery until the deadline for entering is over. After this time the site software will generate an automated voting session in this contest gallery, and will likewise compile the voting results and launch a results post as soon as voting deadline is up. All these posts, announcements, voting and results, all happen in the same forum thread. contest organizer will look through them all and start to save all the entries to his computer. If you need to do something specific, such as providing a replacement file for a very wide picture distorted by upload limits, the contest organizer will send you a PM. It is expected that people will answer any and all questions about their entry (and do what is required) within 48 hours of the competition closing. If they don’t, perhaps because they have not logged in since, the contest organizer will either make a decision themself or potentially disallow the entry.

    Once we have all the entries, the contest organizer may decide to do some editing to make them look better for the site (e.g. by restructuring a very wide entry of multiple little art pieces into a vertically long one) or for fairness' sake. Once voting is over, we send out all prizes, if we have any.

    How do I vote?

    The voting will be done in the contest gallery.

    > Anonymity Rules

    You cannot put your username the image. If this can be cropped out the entry will be allowed, if it cannot it won’t be.

    The competition is supposed to be anonymous (within the limits of the contest software), so please do not post pictures of your entry online until after the voting has ended. Do not start a WIP blog of your entry as you make it, we may not allow it to be entered.

    If you have just finished an artwork that is ideal for the competition, but have already posted it in the forum just ask one of the staff if it is ok to enter it still. Preferably people will not say which entry is theirs until voting is over, but this is not 'rule breaking'.

    > Artistic interpretation

    We encourage creativity, so when we say (for example) 'the theme is Taphria', this means people are free to interpret this however they want, as long as it still looks Taphrian themed: This could include artwork featuring native denizens of Taphria, such as the Human realms of Koghi or Vanhu; or the fabled Dwarves of Kegiz Gavem; or the sentient Mukumbusu Apes; or wildlife and nature. It could also include artwork featuring outsiders in Taphria, such as Infernal Dwarves or Dread Elves landing on Taphrian shores; Sonnenstahlers trekking through jungles; or Highborn Elves battling with native Anteater Vermin Hordes. Or even clearly Taphrian objects on display in far-off lands.

    Bear in mind that people will be considering how well your entry fits the theme when they are voting.

    If you are in doubt please ask the contest organizer, otherwise you risk having your entry disqualified if it is too far from the theme.

    > Rights to Use Artwork

    Note that by the very act of entering a T9A Art Contest, you give the Ninth Age in particular, and anyone who feels like it in general, the right to use any of your artwork submitted in an entry, including for illustrating army books and compendia. Preferably such persons will take effort to give you due credit and even notify you when such art of yours feature in some work or another. However, better leave your signature (not your T9A username) somewhere in the artwork, to ensure you are always credited indirectly.

    One reason for the existence of T9A Art Contests is to generate lots of new creative material that can help flesh out parts of the setting which have rarely, if ever, been seen before in illustrations or concept art. View this as a chance for your art to make it into army books and like publications!


    Why doesn’t T9A have a judging panel?
    This is something that has been asked a few times. T9A is a community for the many, not for the few. Because of this, we think it is vital that the community decide what entries are best by a majority vote and it’s not done subjectively by a small panel of people (who cannot obviously have entered themselves).

    Why doesn’t T9A have multiple categories depending on skill?
    This is more work than it’s worth and the current system of voting doesn’t always favour the same people over and over. Having a category that only one person wanted to enter would be stupid and people would resent being moved into that category if they knew they would lose. At the end of the day even a master artist can only submit one entry, leaving all the other places up for grabs.

    I never seem to win.
    Not a question as such… We may not all be great painters and draftsmen, but the taking part is what counts and not only do you get to improve your skills but you also get your own artwork at the end of it. You may eventually get a random draw prize for your troubles. So all the effort is not wasted and it can be all you need to motivate you to actually craft some art!

    How to Enter?

    Submit your entry by uploading one image file to the contest gallery. Please do not send an e-mail to any of the admin or staff accounts as this is a surefire way to have your entry missed.

    How will this be judged?

    By the due date the forum software will automatically post an update in this thread, opening the gallery for voting. All T9A users can then rank the entries.

    Good luck everyone!
    T9A Team

    Background Team

    9th Scroll Editor

    Advisory Board

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