ESC Zagreb Round #2 Latvia's Saurian Ancients vs Mexico's Orcs

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  • After Krom Da Conqueror dusts off the dwarf beards under his feet and the. Warboss Dredd and the green horde come up against some cold blooded, scaley, lisp speaking enemies. The savage orc footclan get blasted by blow pipes and a divine light. Can Dredd rally the troops to defeat this foe? Will the lizards over confidence be their own down fall? Or are the greenskins out of their own league?

    ChiHammer Fantasy Battles

    ETC 2016 - Team USA Orcs and Goblins
    2017-2019 Team MEXICO Orcs and Goblins (c)
    2017 - Buckeye Battles Best Overall Champion
    2017 - Hogfest GT Best Overall Champion

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