Episode 35: Inevitable Inebriated Ideas

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  • Disclaimer - this one is long so by the end we are pretty drunk (for the record about 2 hours of this recording was edited out). Anyone offended by this episode should not take themselves so seriously.

    Also this was recorded about a month ago (pre ETC).

    Henry catches up with the Italian Stallion (who has been at the wine all day) and Kristoffer. We go through the UK and Danish ETC lists. We also discuss magic paths and how they should be assigned to each army and if you make it that far you will hear us make some suggestions about warmachines.

    Also some bonus material at the end. I dont remember what it is but it was probably funny.

    1 more podcast to come very soon.

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  • 20phoenix -

    Bocelli singing Time to Say Goodbye gives me shivers everytime. Great song choice!

    • Henrypmiller -

      We are always open to song suggestions :) This is one of Patrick/Ulriks favourites as Well!

  • thedoctor -

    Hey guys love the podcast normally but some constructive criticism.... You guys need to stop eating while podcasting or move it away from the mic, or at hr very least put the crisps away and get something soft. The constant chewing noises made this episode extremely hard to listen to and ultimately I had to turn it off at the 40 min mark, they were so bad. Normally love your content but this wrecked the episode

    • Henrypmiller -

      Sorry about that! Will think about it in future. I think we get through them in about 20 mins so maybe continue from the hour mark! Thanks for the feedback :)

    • thedoctor -

      Will try that thanks

    • tommytucker -

      of all the things to complain about, crunching crisps must surely be the last. In this episode you had a wide range of incoherent yelling, personal insults, repeated segments and dull whinging. i felt the background sounds of eating and clinking glasses was the highlight of this barrel scraper of an episode.

    • Henrypmiller -

      Were there repeated segments? I had some problems when editing with my software and I had a feeling that I had repeated something somewhere.

    • tommytucker -

      i think its about the last 1.5 hours, but i might be wrong. i actually really enjoyed it. there are plenty of serious podcasts out there, this is more of a relaxed 'chat' amongst friends.