Dragon's Den overview and analyzing my VC list

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  • This past weekend I had the enjoyable experience of participating in the Dragon's Den 2-day tournament, hosted by @SirMC2015 and the Green Dragon gaming group. I was really impressed with how the Green Dragon gaming group with plenty of help from @Kazandu pulled together to put on such an enjoyable event. Various people chipped in to help with everything from making terrain to painting prizes. Thanks, fellas! The venue is an outstanding one and I'd encourage anyone in the Mid-Atlantic to check it out. Gamers Haven in Pheonixville, PA has a whole bunch of tables for wargaming as well as a full service kitchen, arcade room, set up for video gaming, card games etc. I'd never seen a gaming store that had so much to do and I'm looking forward to returning in the future.

    It was also great to meet new T9A players from New York, Maryland and all over really. Also, alot of WHFB players who switched to games such as Malifaux are coming back to the reincarnated community... welcome back! I hope you had a great time at the event and enjoyed T9A. On that note, establishing "Gold" for the main ruleset is paramount at this moment in time. Let's all hope it happens in time to take advantage of the lags in other gaming systems and aid recruitment efforts for the best Fantasy Battles game; T9A.

    As for the actual tournament, the usual suspects occupied the top table spots with Chris Mince's VC dominating table 1 from round 2 onwards. However, it wasn't all blood and glory for the Vampires. There were 4 VC lists and the other 3 lists all finished in the bottom 10 of the 45 person tournament. Below is the list I took, my results (note there were max 22 points in a game) and MVP's and LVP's in each game:

    Independent Vampires

    VC general, dead arise, wizard Master (occultism), eternal duelist , spectral Steed, LA , Reapers Harvest, Destiny’s call , potion of speed - 975
    Courtier, adept (evocation), steed, mask of innocence, HA, shield, lance, Talisman of shielding, supernatural dexterity(lance), BSB – 540
    Necromancer (evocation), skeletal steed - 145

    49 skeletons FCG , relentless co.- 535
    Bat swarm 105
    Bat Swarm 105
    10 Dire wolves, ch. 155

    10 Barrow Knights, FCG, flaming banner – 505
    Great bats - 90

    Wraith x 5 - 170
    Wraith x 5 – 170

    5 Vampire Knights , FCG, Banner of Speed – 530
    6 vampire spawn, ch - 474

    Game 1: vs. HBE 4-16 LOSS
    Style of game/play: standoff and positioning battle
    MVP: Vampire Spawn Reason: Chased a unit of Ryma Knights off the objective, getting me half points for the unit and then redirecting to kill a bolt thrower. I would have scpred 0 points without them.
    LVP: Vampire Count Reason: I misplayed her a bit. Having gotten off a Marked for Doom earlier in the game doing a single wound to my opponents Mage (who did not have a save), she flew out the unit to try and finish the job. However, Marked for doom only did a single wound again which was saved with a veil token. I would have needed to roll a 3 on the d3. To make matters worse, she then died to ap 0 bows and Pyro as I could not make a single 4+, 4++ save X/

    Game 2: vs. OK 0-20 LOSS
    Style of game/play: Chaotic
    MVP: Vampire Knights Reason: They did the most work for me. Beat Bombardiers in combat and overrun in to a Frost Mammoth and did a number on it. Then turned around to flank Mercenary veterans. Unfortunately by this point, the rest of my army had collapsed. Although the knights won combat they did not break steadfast so that your choice of hard hitting Ogre units could get the charge on them!

    LVP: Vampire Count again! Honorable mention to the Barrow Knights. Reason: My Barrow Knights could not make a single save against a moderate amount of shooting, allowing hits to start being allocated to my characters. For the second game in a row the count did not make a single save and bit the dust before so much as touching an enemy unit. My BSB also did not make a single armor or aegis save (failing 3 5+, 5++ saves) X/ At least he killed a chariot.

    Game 3: vs. DH 1-19 LOSS
    Style of game/play: Aggressive
    MVP: Vampire Spawn Reason: They ripped a hole through the enemy flank, going right through a unit of vanguarding Greybeards on a turn 1 charge (aided by breath of corruption and no rallya round the flag). They then took a flank charge from a vengeance seeker and had no problem disposing of him before flying on to destroy a catapult and the dreaded Dwarven organ gun.
    LVP: The Vampire Count general (again)! Reason: So, thanks to the vampire spawn, it seemed like I had medium sized win at hand. However, at this point in the day I was playing a bit carefree and declaring a few risky charges. Once such charge was a corner to corner charge which pitted my general against a vengeance seeker with one barrow knight as a supporting attack. As the seeker was part of a multi-combat, I had to kill it in order to overrun out of the combat. The supporting barrow knight put 2 wounds on the seeker thanks to the multi-wound against standard size model so the count only needed to do a single wound. Spoiler - she did not do that wound and then I was promptly engulfed by a mob of angry Dwarves X/

    Sooo, my last 2 games were played on the bottom 2 tables...

    Game 4: vs. DH 10-11 LOSS
    Style of game/play: Positioning battle and tactical standoff
    MVP: Wraiths Reason: Used their sweeping attack to kill the Dwarven BSB
    LVP: Vampire Knights Reason: I would have had an 11-10 win had they been able to break an msu unit if rangers but they whiffed a bit and my opponent passed his break test on a low number.

    Game 5: vs. WDG 18-3 Win.
    Style of game/play: Aggressive
    MVP: Vampire Spawn. Reason: They Charged and killed a chariot on turn 2 and took it out without much issue. After running far into the backfield and needing a turn to reposition they charged the rear of Barbarians who were bunkering a sorcerer general and chieftain BSB, everntually getting the points for the unit both characters and all the bonus point including the crown of autocracy. Honorable mention for MVP in this game goes to the Count general and the Barrow Knights. Reapers Harvest/eternal duelist combination was very nice against this low Discipline army. The count/knights made another corner to corner charge in this game but this time the count murdered all 5 Fallen before they could hit (thanks goodness, the way I was rolling saves) and the unit overrun to the flank of chosen where she did 4 more wounds (killing 2 models) and the Barrow Knights multi-wound came in to play killing another 2 models. This autobroke the chosen who ran off the board and allowed the knights to claim the breakthrough objective.

    LVP: Wraiths Reason: despite this being a good matchup for the wraiths I only managed to use their reaper move once which killed a chosen knight but ultimately didn't get me any points. That same unit took a charge from hounds after making that move and the hounds hit and wounded with everything and I couldn't make the 3++. I figured that they would take the charge, beat the hounds and then use their reaper move again. The other unit was killed by a wrath of god. Oh well. The rest of my list finally did it's job.

    So overall, my independent vampire experiment didn't worked out as well as I'd hoped but I had a lot of fun. I ended the tournament well, picking up 28 points on day 2 but more importantly met new people and strengthened existing friendships. Thank you to all my opponents and everyone I interacted with throughout the 2 days.

    Happy Gaming!

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