Kingdom of Equitaine at Breakthrough 2018: Game 2 v Dwarven Holds

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  • Hello and welcome back, now we move onto game 2 of Breakthrough and this game I was drawn against Dwarven Holds, often not a great match up for the Kingdom of Equitaine as Dwarves rarely run away and if we can’t break units on the charge then we just sit there waiting to get flank charged. My opponent list:
    King - Army General, Shield, Rune of Destruction, 2 x Rune of Might, 2 x Rune of Iron, Rune of Shielding = 480
    Runic Smith - Shield, 3 x Battle Runes = 235
    Thane - Great Weapon, Rune of Dragons Breath = 185
    Anvil of Power =185
    12 x Clan MarksmenShields = 262
    10 x Clan Marksmen - Shields = 220
    26 x Greybeards - Shields, Full Command, Banner of Speed = 657
    20 x Rangers - Shields, Crossbows, Musician = 489
    20 x Rangers - Shields, Crossbows, Musician = 489
    20 x Seekers - Champion, Vanguard = 505
    Vengeance Seeker = 130
    Cannon = 255
    Cannon = 255
    Flame Cannon = 150
    Total = 4497

    So not your typical Dwarven Holds list, a lot of shooting which would normally worry me but at least they’re crossbows and not handguns. I’m going to have to close the Dwarves down quickly and hopefully smash through the small units as fast possible. The Pegasus Knights should be very useful in this game with their -1 to hit thanks to skirmish and the Banner of Roland meaning the opponent can’t stand and shoot against them when they charge as well as the extra Aegis Save. The lack of a rank may be problematic for them but I’m hoping they hit hard enough for it to not matter.
    The Seekers could cause me all kinds of problems with them being unbreakable, I am going to have to wipe them out to a stunty because they’re not going anywhere and with vanguard they are going to be breathing down my neck in no time. Hopefully my shooting and magic can whittle them down enough for me to finish them off with a Knight Block.

    Display Spoiler

    The deployment type for this round was Battle Line and the scenario was Breakthrough again! (It was a random roll of the dice each round and we just happened to get the same scenario again). With playing Breakthrough again that gave me a huge advantage in this scenario, as I am unlikely to kill the Greybeards and the Seekers I just had to get 3 of my scoring units into my opponents deployment zone, easier said then done with all the shooting my opponent has but I’ll give it a go.

    For spell selection I pick Swarm of Insects to try and kill those pesky warmachines; Chilling Howl, with so many shooting units in the opposing army it should be pretty effective; Totemic Summon because those ambushing beasties are amazing; Breath of the Lady, those rerolling 1s for armour saves could prove invaluable against those crossbows.

    My opponent picked Rune of Resolve (-1 to wound target), Rune of Gleaming (Hard Target/Distracting) and Rune of Reckoning (Reroll to Hit) for the Anvil of Power. For the Runic Smith he picked Rune of Oaths (Reroll to Wound), Rune of Gleaming and Rune of Resolve. That’s a lot of bound spells to choose from in a magic phase and they’ll be able to cast at least one of them every round.

    My opponent decides to drop his whole army in one go (All the characters are in with the Greybeards) but the Rangers have scout so deploy after I’m finished. I spread out my line so that the Rangers can’t do any stealthy shenanigans and deploy on my flank or anything. I put the Pegasus Knights on the right to face the Crossbows and a cannon and the Aspirants on the left to face the other Crossbows. I put my Crossbows to the right of the centre so they can get a couple of rounds of shooting on the Seekers and I put the Brigands in the wood on the left. The Questing Knights and the Knights of the Realm go in the middle but behind the hill so that they can’t get shot by the cannons in turn 1. My Duke is in with the Pegasus Knights and the BSB and Damsel are in the Questing Knights.
    My Opponent then puts his Rangers on the left hand flank, far away from the Pegasus Knights, a move I should have seen coming and now the Pegasus Knights are probably only going to be killing the Crossbows and a Cannon.

    We do vanguards and I just rush my Yeoman forwards, hoping to be able to get a jump on a warmachine if I’m lucky. I completely forgot about the Seekers vanguard when I deployed and they are already halfway across the board.

    Dwarven Holds 1
    Display Spoiler

    The Seekers march towards my Crossbowmen and are within an easy charge of them for next round already. The Greybeards use the Banner of Speed to march 11” and are right in front of me as well. I’m always taken aback by the speed of Dwarves now, I’m so used to them just sitting back and trying to shoot me so I always forget just how quick they can be. The Rangers walk back a bit and the Vengeance Seeker advances too.

    In the Magic Phase the Anvil is able to cast the Rune of Resolve on the Seekers as I stop all other spells then we move on to shooting.
    The Crossbows on the right shoot at the Yeomen and kill one of them. Both Cannons shoot at the Pegasus Knights and despite needing 5s to hit, both do hit! One fails to wound and I pass my Aegis Save with the second. The Flame Cannon shoots at the Yeomen and kills 2 of them, the Yeomen fail their panic check and flee away from the fiery death machine. The rangers next to Flame Cannon shoot at the fleeing Yeoman and wipe out the remnants of the unit. The rangers and the Crossbows on the left both shoot at the Knight Aspirant and kill 2 of their numbers. All in all a pretty good shooting phase for the Dwarves but it could have been so much worse for me.

    Kingdom of Equitaine 1
    Display Spoiler

    From the position of the Seekers are in now I can’t charge the Knights of the Realm at them as the Crossbows would be in the way, I’d have to charge the Crossbows in as well but that would be suicide! S, instead I move the Questing Knights up towards the left flank and they are more than 15” away from the Greybeards so safe from a charge where they are. I move the Brigands through the woods and march the Aspirants down the left flank.

    I pivot the knights of the Realm to face the Seekers and walk back 4”. I don’t move the Crossbows, hoping to get some shots off on the Seekers and take them down a bit.

    The Yeomen move towards the Cannon so I can charge that next turn if they survive and I fly the Pegasus knights down the right flank to charge the Crossbows next turn.

    In the Magic Phase i draw the 3 card and I’m only able to get one spell off which is Swarm of Insects on the Flame Cannon, it only causes one wound though sadly.
    The Crossbowmen then shoot at the Seekers and despite wounding them on 5s because of the Rune of Resolve I manage to kill 4 of them.

    DH 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Dwarves kick off turn 2 by charging the Seekers at the Crossbowmen, they stand and shoot rather than flee but fail to cause any wounds! I should have fled. The Greybeards march around to the side of the Seekers to truly block in the Knights of the Realm, leaving them with only one choice in the next round, charge! The Vengeance Seeker moves back to charge the Yeomen if they charge the Cannon.
    There’s no more movement so it’s onto magic and the only spell the Dwarves get off is the Rune of Oaths from the Runic Smith onto the Seekers, giving them rerolls to hit, I don’t think they need any help so I let that one through and dispel the rest.
    The Dwarves ready their variety of cowardly shooting weapons and take aim at my brave knights. The Crossbows on the right shoot at the pegs but fail to hit. The Cannon then does a grape shot on the Yeomen outriders and kills 3 of them, a rare feat for a grape shot, they usually do nothing! The other Cannon then shoots the last Yeoman and kills him, wiping the unit out.
    The Flame Cannon shoots at the Questing Knights and only kills one of them. The Rangers then open fire and kill 3 more Questing Knights! The other unit of Rangers and the Crossbows on the left flank shoot at the Knight Aspirant and kill 5 of them!
    That was one brutal round of shooting, I was failing 3+ Armour Saves like you wouldn’t believe. The Knight Aspirants are so weakened now they’re just waiting to die and the Questing Knights can’t take another round of shooting like that!
    In combat the Crossbowmen kill 3 Seekers which is much better than I was expecting them to do. The Seekers have their deathblows and the rest of the unit attacking and they kill 12 Crossbowmen, with such heavy losses the Crossbows break from combat but the Seekers don’t pursue, instead the pivot to face the Knights of the Realm. The Crossbows don’t flee off the board and are just on the edge, but they are down to half Discipline now.

    KoE 2
    Display Spoiler

    I have little option left of what I can do now so it’s time to get charging! The Knights of the Realm charge the Seekers and as long as I don’t lose a rank the Greybeards will be able to flank charge me next turn.

    The Pegasus Knights charge the Crossbows on the right.

    I have to charge the Knights Aspirant into the Crossbowmen as there is nothing left for them to do, the Crossbows stand and shoot and kill one more Knight Aspirant leaving me with a champion and a Standard Bearer.
    The Crossbowmen fail to rally and run off the board. I move the Questing Knights to the side of the Impassable terrain so they help the Aspirants out if they’re still around next turn and to avoid being shot at by the Flame Cannon and Rangers. I swing the Brigands round to try and shoot at the Flame Cannon.

    It’s a big magic phase as I get the 8 card. I cast Chilling Howl on the Rangers in the centre and my opponent fails to dispel it, that given -1 to wound for the Rangers, Cannon and Flame Cannon. I then try and cast Swarm of Insects but my opponent dispels it, finally I try casting Totemic Summon with 3 dice and get it off. I bring the Totemic Beast on between the Cannon and Anvil, he’s spoilt for choice now.

    The Brigands fail to wound the Flame Cannon so it’s onto combat and we start with the Pegasus Knights. I inflict 7 wounds in total on the unit with the help of the Pegasus stomp attacks and I suffer no wounds in return. The Crossbows are steadfast but fail their break test and flee. I decide not to pursue the Crossbows and pivot to face the Cannon instead, if I pursued I would have wasted a turn not being able to charge anything, the Crossbows flee 3” and I so easily would have caught them too.
    The Knight Aspirants go hurtling into the Crossbows but only inflict a single wound on them. The Crossbows are only strength 3 and that is nowhere near good enough to get through my armour. I win combat but the Crossbows are steadfast, if I hadn’t lost the one guy to the stand and shoot I would have broken Steadfast and hopefully I would have been past the Rangers now, instead they’re facing a flank charge from those rangers.
    We now go onto the big fight and the Knights of the Realm do their impact hits and despite having 12 Strength 4 impact hits I still only cause a single wound against some naked Dwarves! Luckily the Knights come good and kill 6 more Seekers. The Seekers strike back with paired weapons as my opponent didn’t want more than 3 Knights to die so that the Graybeards could come in and save the day, unluckily for him the Seekers go to town and do 10 wounds or so. I manage to fail a few Armour saves and 4 Knights die. The Knights of the Realm are now safe from the Greybeards for one more turn at least.

    Display Spoiler

    Just one charge this turn as the Rangers charge the flank of the Aspirants and they will have to be a miracle to see the Aspirants survive this next round of combat.

    The only other movement is the Greybeards reforming to face the Knights of the Realm so they will absolutely be able to charge next time if the Knights of the Realm are still there.

    The Vengeance Seeker moves behind the hill away from the Pegasus Knights and hopes to counter charge the Pegasus Knights if they overrun after fighting the Cannon, however my opponent has placed him all wrong and the Pegasus Knights will be able to overrun into the Vengeance Seeker if they charge the Cannon.
    In the magic phase my opponent gets the 3 card and only gets one spell through, the Rune of Resolve on the Seekers giving them -1 to wound.
    In the shooting phase all the big guns turn their attention to the Totemic Beast amongst their ranks. The Cannon closest to it fires a grape shot at the beast but fails to hit, the other Cannon shoots at the beast but also misses . The Flame Cannon turns to face the Totemic Beast and spout some flaming death at it but it misfires instead, taking a wound. That is one lucky Totemic Beast to face all that firepower and not even take a hit! The Rangers shoot at the Brigands and kill 4 of them but the Brigands pass their Panic test.
    We do the Seeker combat first and the knight of the Realm strike first and despite the Rune of Resolve the Knights slay 3 of the Seekers, leaving 3 left in the unit. The Seekers use the big weapons this turn and despite their only being 3 of them they are able to kill 3 Knight of the Realm (Deathblow helped a little too).

    The Rangers in combat with the Aspirants fail to get past the armour of the Aspirants and the Crossbows don’t fare any better also failing to cause any wounds. The Knights Aspirants can’t get past the Dwarven resilience so it’s a bit of a pillow fight with no wounds on either side. I lose combat by 4 though so I need a 3 or less to stick around, I roll the break test and I get…..a double 1! The Aspirants are going nowhere and the Cavalry is coming to the rescue! My opponent decides he has to reform the Rangers so he goes 45 wide and 4 deep and turns the unit facing about so that the Rangers rear is in combat with the flank of the Knights Aspirant.

    KoE 3
    Display Spoiler

    The Questing Knights have to go charging in to the rescue of the Knights Aspirant and do so with gusto!

    The Pegasus Knights charge the cannon and do it such that their overrun will flank the Vengeance Seeker. The luckiest Totemic Beast in the world charges the Cannon closest to it. With my only other movement I move the Brigands up to try and goad the Flame Cannon into shooting them and not Knights, maybe I can charge it next turn with them if I’m lucky.

    In the magic phase I draw the 5 card giving a couple more dice than my opponent. I’m able to cast Chilling Howl on the Rangers which also affects the Flame Cannon. My opponent dispels Breath of the Lady on the Questing Knights and I’m able to get off another Totemic Summon, I place the second Totemic Beast just behind the Anvil, I need to stop that thing from casting all these buffs!
    The Brigands shoot at the Flame Cannon but fail to do any wounds so we go to combat. The Pegasus Knights go first and the Duke easily kills the cannon in one go before anyone else gets a chance to swing. The Pegasus Knights overrun into the Vengeance Seeker.
    The Knights of the Realm is next and it’s now 5 Knights vs 3 Seekers, I went into this one thinking the knights have easily got this now, should be able to finish these guys off. The Knights get to strike first and they fail to wound a single Seeker. The Seekers use their Great Weapons again and strike back and despite only having 6 attacks they still manage to cleave down 3 Knights. This proves too much for the Knights of the Realm who fail their break test and flee off the board. The Seekers pursue but stay on the board, they just have to stay alive in my deployment zone now. Now that there are two scoring units in my deployment zone is even more important that I keep my Aspirants alive.
    The Totemic Beast strikes first against the Cannon and I decide to use my Breath Weapon straight away. With all of it’s attacks and the Breath Weapon it kills the Cannon in one round of combat. I pivot the Totemic Beast to face the Anvil.

    Onto the big battle, the Questing Knights could strike first using their Bastard Swords as light lances but I decide to use them as Great Weapons so I’ll be wounding on 2s at least. So the Horses and the Aspirants attack first but they fail to cause any wounds. The Dwarves strike back but they again fail to get past my Armour, being strength 3 means I’m still getting my full 2+ save and for once I’m not rolling 1s! The Questing Knights and the BSB then strike and are only able to kill 3 rangers, the shield wall really helped keep those Rangers from dying. Despite the Dwarves getting absolutely hammered in combat res that round (lose by 9) and with Fear from the Oriflamme (the first time I’ve remembered about it) they are still Steadfast and stick, boo! I just need to kill 3 more rangers and they won’t be steadfast any longer.

    DH 4
    Display Spoiler

    A bit of movement from the Dwarves this turn, the Greybeards march into my deployment zone. The Rangers march forward to stop the Brigands from charging the Flame Cannon next turn. The crossbows on the right march down the flank.

    It’s a good magic phase for the Dwarves with a draw of the 4 card giving a 4 dice bonus to the Dwarves. The Anvil is able to cast Rune of Gleaming on the Crossbows engaged in combat with the Aspirants and Rune of Resolve on the Rangers fighting the Questing Knights.
    The only shooting is from the Flame Cannon which shoots at the first Totemic Beast but fails to wound thanks to Chilling Howl. So we go onto combat. The Duke kills the Vengeance Seeker in one go because of the multiple wounds from Divine Judgement. The Pegasus Knights pivot to face the Crossbows that got away.

    In the big combat the Knights Aspirant fail to cause any wounds. The Crossbows also fail to get past the armour of the Aspirants. The Rangers fare better this round and succeed in killing 2 Questing Knights, not bad for Strength 3 guys. The Questing Knights hit back and only kill 1 Ranger, the BSB is a big disappointment and can’t even score a hit on the Rangers. I win combat but the Dwarves are still steadfast and stick.

    KoE 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Pegasus Knights kick things off this turn by charging the rear of the Crossbows who flee the charge and run off the board, leaving the Pegasus Knights to fail the charge. Both Totemic Beasts charge the Anvil and should hopefully be able to kill it one go. The Brigands run back 8” away from the rangers.

    It’s a big magic phase for me as I draw the 7 card but thanks to some pretty awful casting attempts I’m only able to get Breath of the Lady on the Questing Knights, it’s time to finish the job now! I try to cast Totemic Summon to bring on a beast next to the Seekers but my opponent dispels that one.
    The Brigands try shooting at the Rangers but miss ( I should have tried shooting at the Seekers at this point to try and finish them off but didn’t realise that until too late). So we go to combat and the Totemic Beasts do 3 wounds on the Anvil between them, was hoping for more. The Anvil does nothing back but its unbreakable and stays put.
    In the big fight the Aspirants go first and they actually manage to kill 2 Crossbows at last! The Dwarves strike back but I’m still being lucky with my armour saves and not rolling any 1s. The Questing Knights then strike last and manage to kill 3 Rangers this time and they finally break steadfast on the Rangers. The Rangers have lost combat by too much and automatically flee from combat and run off the board. The Crossbows are still steadfast sadly and they stick. I pivot the Questing Knights to face the flank of the Crossbows.

    DH 5
    Display Spoiler

    The Rangers charge the Brigands and I flee the charge and go 12” away, the Rangers can’t possibly make that and stumble forward 6”. The greybeards reform to face the Pegasus knights in case I’m feeling suicidal and want to charge them. The Seekers hug the board edge.
    It’s a small magic phase with a 2 card drawn, the Dwarves are only able to cast Rune of Gleaming on the Crossbows to try and prolong the inevitable. The Flame Cannon tries to shoot at the Pegasus Knights but misses.
    So we go to combat and the Totemic Beasts kill the Anvil this turn and then do a post combat pivot to face the Flame Cannon. In one of the longest fights my Aspirants have ever been involved in they manage to kill one more Clan Marksmen and finally the armour of men fails as one of my Knights Aspirant dies leaving me with one brave soul remaining. I win combat but the Clan Marksmen are still steadfast and pass their break test.

    KoE 5
    Display Spoiler

    I Charge the Questing Knights at the Crossbows and hit them in the flank. The Totemic Beasts both stumble towards the Flame Cannon and only one of them makes it into combat, good enough.

    The Brigands rally and turn to face the Rangers, again, I really should have been shooting Seekers! I move the Pegasus Knights their maximum move towards the Rangers, might be able to charge them next turn if I’m lucky.

    In the Magic Phase my opponent has a stinker and fails to dispel either spell that I cast. I get Breath of the Lady off on the Questing Knights and I also cast another Totemic Summon and bring the beast on next to the Seekers. In the shooting phase I should have used my breath weapon on the Seekers but I didn’t, I thought I’d save it for combat, a big mistake! The Brigands shoot fruitlessly at the Rangers and do no wounds.
    In combat the Questing Knights kill3 of the Marksmen who in return fail to cause any wounds on either knights. The remaining Aspirnat fails to kill any Dwarves either. The Clan marksmen finally break from combat now as the Questing Knights have removed their steadfast. I make them flee away from the Aspirant and pursue with both units who easily catch the fleeing Dwarves and now both are units are safely tucked away in the Dwarven deployment zone. So it’s a draw for the objective at the moment.

    The Totemic Beast is only able to cause a single wound on the Flame Cannon so it is still alive but it only has one wound left.

    DH 6
    Display Spoiler

    My opponent only has one goal for this last turn and that’s to protect the Seekers at all costs. So he gets all his characters to leave the Greybeards and form a line of characters between the Seekers and the Totemic Beast, I’m now unable to get past them and into the Seekers but I may be able to kill a character if I roll well.

    (I only had 2 Totemic Beasts with me so i use some peasant archers to make a 3rd)

    The Rangers march away from the Pegasus Knights, they’re now 18” away from the Pegasus Knights so I need a 10.
    The only spell my opponent casts is Rune of Gleaming on the Thane which I let through because that Runic Smith is my target with the Totemic Beast, he’s the easiest to kill. In the shooting phase the Thane uses his breath weapon on the Totemic Beast and inflicts 2 wounds on it, ouch
    In combat the first Totemic Beast kills the Flame Cannon, mission accomplished from the Totemic Beasts, love those guys!

    KoE 6
    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Pegasus Knights at the Rangers and my opponent is left with a tough choice; take the charge and risk getting murdered and breaking, giving away all the points for the unit or flee and only give away half points for fleeing at the end of the battle. I advise him to take the charge as I’m unlikely to break steadfast on the Rangers, I’d have to kill 16 of them and that isn’t going to happen.

    So the Rangers hold and the Pegasus Knights make the 18” charge and going flying into the rear of the unit. I decide to move the first totemic Beast at the flank of the unit, it’s a big move, about 14” needed to get the unit but I make it, still unlikely to break the unit but the odds have improved for me now at least.

    The newest Totemic Beast charges the Runic Smith. The Brigands turn to face the Seekers, needing 7s to hit but worth a shot.
    No magic this round as I can only cast Breath of the Lady and my opponent dispels it. The Brigands don’t hit the Seekers unsurprisingly.
    In combat the Totemic Beast does 2 wound to the Runic Smith (so close!) but the Runic Smith takes the last wound off of the beast, killing it.
    With all the attacks from the Duke, 5 Pegasus Knights and a Totemic Beast I only manage to kill 4 Rangers, how disappointing. The rangers do no wounds to me though and they pass their break test.

    The game ends there and the objective is drawn so it’s just down to points scored. I manage to kill 2199 points of the Dwarven holds and lost 1436 points giving me a 12 – 8 victory, yay!
    I thoroughly enjoyed that battle and not just because I got a win. It was a very swingy battle and after the shooting of the Dwarves in turn 2 I thought I was out of it, that was a lot of knights they murdered in one round of shooting! The stars of the show were the Knights Aspirant, well those last 2 Knights Aspirant in particular, how they managed to survive that long is beyond me, I guess there survival made up for my shocking armour rolls beforehand.
    One thing I kept forgetting about for the whole game was The Oriflamme, I only ever remembered when it came to taking break tests, I always forgot to make my opponent take fear tests at the start of each round of combat. It could have made a big difference but it probably wouldn’t have as those Dwarves never failed a single discipline check all game, sturdy gits!
    I was extremely disappointed in the Pegasus Knights at the very end, how on earth could they not kill more than 4 Rangers! They had the 4 Duke attacks, 6 Knight attacks, 6 Peg attacks, 4 stomps and the Totemic Beast as well. After their poor showing in Game 1 I’m going right off the Pegasus Knights, I find people are more scared of them than they should be so I’ll just let them keep that feeling whilst I fly about and try not to die.
    One thing i could have done better was deploying the Crossbows on the flank rather than the centre so that the Dwarves had to work for those points if they wanted them, by putting them right in the centre it just made them an easy target for them. Also i should have been shooting those Seekers with my Brigands for the whole game, probably could have finished off those last 3 guys.
    Still can’t get over how quickly those Dwarves crossed the battlefield, if for a second I thought about how quick they can move I would have deployed very differently and spread my big units out a bit more so there’s no way they could have cornered me like they did with the Knights of the Realm. Anyway, a win is a win so I can’t complain too much.
    Game 3 coming next week.

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  • ZardukZarakhil -

    Nice report, btw just a note for future, that seekers arent scoring, so technically you should have won the objective. ;)

    • AxelVicious -

      Gah, you're totally right! I just assumed they always had scoring but lost it when they were skirmished (they only other time i've played them). Did think it was a little ridiculous having an unbreakable scoring unit but didn't worry too much about it. I think it was a genuine mistake from opponent and wasn't done intentionally. This will remind to always double check opponents army books.