Kingdom of Equitaine at Breakthrough 2018: Game 3 v Daemonic Legions

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  • Hello Ninth Agers and I hope you enjoy the battle report for my third game of the Breakthrough Tournament. You can see my list for this tournament in my first game of tourney. For this game I was drawn against Daemonic Legions, not an army I’ve fought very often, even in the world what was I rarely fought them so I didn’t really know what to expect in this game. My opponents list:

    Weaver of Change - General, Wizard master, Thaumaturgy, Power Vortex, Aether Wand, Shackles of Reality = 1185

    Harbinger of Lust - Siren Chariot, Barbed Claws, Clawed Caress, Trident of Torment = 365

    2x 10 Horrors = 375

    20 Sirens = 315

    20 Tallymen - Banner = 440

    Blazing Chariot = 260

    2x Siren Chariot = 370

    2x Carnal Chariot = 380

    4 Crusher Cavalry = 470

    Blood Chariot = 345

    Total = 4500pts

    The first thing that struck me about the list was the insane number of Chariots, 7 Chariots! Chariots can be hard work to fight against with my KoE list as to charge them can leave my units out of position and being in the Lance Formation always means I have very long flanks on my Knight blocks so it can be difficult to get my knights safely out of counter charge positions with overruns. The fact that there are 7 chariots knocking about means I’m inevitably going to get charged by most of them at some point. The Lust chariots have movement 10 as well giving them a crazy long 22” Charge range, that’s better than my Knights so they’ll easily be charging me anyway. Also those Carnal Chariots have AP 10 so they are going to make a mess of my Knights once they get in, hopefully I can take them down with shooting before they can get near me. I know all about the Blood Chariot, I’m sure everyone has had run ins with those flaming cannon balls before. Never seen a Balzing Chariot on the table before though so I’m not overly familiar with what they do (except fly)

    The core units of infantry don’t worry me too much, my knight blocks can take care of them. If I let the Crusher Cavalry charge me then that could be problematic. The main threat that worries me is the Weaver of Change, my Duke has the potential to take it down but it can never be guaranteed and if he doesn’t then he’s dead, especially as the Aether Wand will give the Weaver a ridiculous number of attacks by the end of the game.

    The Deployment Type and secondary Scenario was determined by a roll of the dice by the TO and we were playing Encircle and the secondary objective was Breakthrough AGAIN! (Which again was the best choice for me). My opponent won the roll off to see who picks sides and so he decided to be the defender in this deployment type so I was left with the big flanks and small middle.

    For Spell selection I picked Awaken the Beast, Totemic Summon, Break the Spirit and Breath of the Lady, in hindsight Swarm of Insects would have been a good choice as that would have taken some wounds off the Weaver if I had cast enough. I was thinking that I would need combat buffs to try and do as much damage to the Daemons as fast as possible and try and pop them quickly. My opponent took Thaumaturgy on the Weaver and selected Hand of Heaven (D6 hits at Strength D6), Cleansing Fire (Breath Weapon with Strength D3+2), Trial of Faith (both roll a D3, caster adds 1, lose the difference in wounds) and no one takes Thaumaturgy without taking Wrath of God (No description necessary)!

    Display Spoiler

    I let my opponent drop first and he drops his entire army in one go. The Crusher Cavalry are on the left flank and will pin that down the two Siren Chariots are on the right flank with a Carnal Chariot, one unit of Horrors and the Sirens. Hiding behind a rock is the Weaver of Change and the Blazing Chariot. The Harbinger of Lust and the Blood Chariot are at the back with Horrors in front and the Tallymen and the other Carnel Chariot to their right. That is a lot of drops right there, it makes my army look tiny in comparison. It should be said though that the conversions in my opponents army are fantastic, the Slaughter Brute as a Blood Chariot is brilliant!

    I deploy my army next, I decide rather than trying to fight in the centre or on the strong right flank I was going to take the left flank, smash my opponent down that end, take off 3 scoring units (Crusher cavalry, Tallymen and one unit of Horrors) and hope my 3 cavalry blocks make it into my opponents deployment zone. I put the Knights Aspirant and Pegasus knights on the left flank, then Questing Knights and Knights of the Realm next to them. The Crossbowmen go in a forest, hopefully they can shoot down a Chariot or two before they die. I decide to take my Duke out on his own this time as the Blood Chariot has a flaming shooting attack and my Duke has a 2+ Aegis Save against flaming attacks so I’m not too worried about him being shot off on turn 1. Also I’m hoping he will keep my opponents army at bay as he can easily kill any of the Chariots if they get too close to him.

    I vanguard up my Yeoman on the right to be behind the tower, I have no real plan for these guys except chaff up chariots. My opponent gets the first turn and we go to Turn 1.

    Daemon Legions 1

    Straight off the bat the Daemons slowly move forward, everything moves forward, the Weaver and Blazing Chariot fly over the rock and the rest of the army just walk.

    We go onto Magic next and my opponent gets the 6 card making it 7 dice v 6. The Weaver starts things off by casting Hand of Heaven on the Duke, I let the spell through as there’s only one spell I want to stop. Luckily for me the Hand of Heaven is quite low strength and only gets a couple of wounds through which I manage to save but I did have to use my Lucky Charm. The Weaver then casts the inevitable spell, Wrath of God on 4 dice. I use all 6 of my dispel dice to dispel and I fail! The spell is cast and the comet is put in front of my 2 main knight blocks. Can’t believe I failed to dispel that with 6 dice, my opponent didn’t roll crazy high either, I just rolled really badly.

    Onto shooting now and the Blood Chariot decides to shoot at the Questing Knights rather than my Duke but it misfires anyway and is now unable to shoot for the rest of the game, it’s still a Chariot though so it’s not to be taken lightly. My opponent then declares that the Blazing Chariot is going to shoot my Duke with its shooting attack, Searing Firestorm, I didn’t even know it had one until this point, its essentially a bolt thrower shot. I’m a bit shocked but it’s my own fault for not reading the book properly, anyway I assume that weapon called Searing Firestorm on a Blazing Chariot must have flaming attacks! So, it turns out that Daemons of Change can choose what type of attack to have, Divine or Daemonic Blaze, my opponent goes for Divine Attacks and now I’m worried. The Chariot gets a Strength of 7 (4+D3) but needs a 4+ to hit first, which it does, it then wounds, I have no Armour Save as it’s got an AP value of 10 so it’s straight to my 4+ Aegis Save, I make the first one but then I have to reroll it thanks to Divine Attacks and I fail it. The Searing Firestorm bolt thrower weapon at least only does D3 wounds and not D3 +1 with clipped wings or anything like that, it doesn’t matter though as my opponent rolls a 6, killing my Duke in one shot!

    (I have only now realised after the Tournament that my Duke has the Faith of Percival Armour Enchantment which means that he can ignore the Divine Attack attribute, so he never would have had to re roll his successful armour save and he should still be alive. However, that is completely my fault as if anyone should know what the magic items of my army does it’s me!

    With the death of my Duke the Yeoman and the Crossbows have to take panic tests. The Crossbowmen pass theirs but the Yeomen fail and run 8” towards the board edge.

    Kingdom of Equitaine 1

    Display Spoiler

    Well that was a pretty brutal first turn, I knew I should have kept my Duke in with the Pegasus Knights. In my turn I have a choice to make, ignore the Wrath of God and hope it can stay up in the air long enough for me to get away or run away from the Wrath of God. I choose the former, running is Elves, not Men!

    I move the Knights Aspirants around the left hand edge of the impassable and put the Pegasus Knights behind them. The Crusher Cavalry need a 12 to reach the Knights Aspirant but I’ve positioned the Peg Knights such that they can counter charge the Crushers if they charge and beat the Aspirants. The Questing Knights and Knights of the Realm move forward to give away some long charges if my opponent wants to risk it. The Yeoman don’t rally and flee off the board. I move the Brigands up to shoot at the Blazing Chariot (I must get my revenge!)

    With the Lust Chariots having such a high movement value it’s very difficult to get to a close enough distance where you feel like you can make a charge. If I’m 20” away they still only need a 10 to get me, it’s very nerve wracking fighting against these Chariots. The

    We go to the Magic phase once I’m done and I get a low card, a 2, giving me 6 dice to my opponents 5 dispel dice. I start off with a small 3 dice Totemic Summon and my opponent lets it off, I thought he’d try and stop it but nevermind, a free Monster is too good to complain about. I put the Totemic Beast behind the Blood Chariot, maybe I can charge that next turn or the Horrors, either way he’s going to be annoying for my opponent to deal with. I then cast Break the Spirit with 3 dice on the Weaver of Change and my opponent tries to Dispel it with 5 dice but fails, no one wants to do any dispelling it seems. So the Break the Spirit is cast on the Weaver. We then roll to see if the Wrath of God is coming down and it’s not this turn.

    In the shooting phase both the Brigands and the Crossbows take aim at the Blazing Chariot and the Crossbows manage to put three wounds on that damn Chariot! May it burn in hell!

    DL 2
    Display Spoiler

    There is only one charge this turn as a Siren Chariot declares a charge against the Brigands, I decide to flee with the Brigands to stop the Chariots from shooting across the board. The Brigands get far enough away for the Siren Chariot to fail.

    The Daemon Legions on the left flank and centre all walk back a bit rather than try and charge me, probably to let the Wrath of God do its job first.

    The right flank has free reign now that my Duke has gone and they move as fast as they can down the flank.

    The Blood Chariot turns around to face the Totemic Beast and the Blazing Chariot runs back behind the impassable terrain so the Crossbowmen can’t shoot it anymore.

    In the Magic Phase my opponent get s the 4 card and it’s a good phase for him with 8 v 5. The Weaver starts off by casting Cleansing Fire on the Blood Chariot so it can Breath Fire on the Totemic Beast. I let the spell go through. Next the Weaver tries to cast Hand of Heaven but it fails to cast the spell. Finally it casts another Wrath of God but this time I finally dispel it! My opponent then rolls to see if the first Wrath of God is coming down and it is! S**t!

    The Wrath of God gets a good range and is able to hit The Crossbowmen, Knights of the Realm, Questing Knights and the Yeomen. All those units are taking 2D6 Strength 5 hits now. The Crossbowmen lose 5 men to the Wrath of God, the Knights of the Realm lose 5 Knights which is a huge chunk of the unit gone! 2 Questing Knights die which is ok but the Yeomen are wiped out by the Wrath of God! That was one pretty effective Wrath of God!

    In the shooting phase the Blazing Chariot shoots at the Totemic Beast and misses. The Blood Chariot shoots at the Totemic Beast and manages to score a wound on the beast so it’s still going!

    KoE 2
    Display Spoiler

    Another brutal turn for me so far, if things keep up like this I won’t have an army left shortly. I start the turn by declaring a charge with the Aspirants against the Crusher Cavalry, I need an 11 on the dice and as I get rerolls to failed charges I figure it’s worth a go, the highest I’m able to roll though is 10 so the Aspirants fail the charge. In the random movement phase the Brigands fail to rally and run off the board and I am able to move the Totemic Beast into base contact with the Blazing Chariot.

    I now move the Pegasus Knights behind the Aspirants, hoping that next turn I get leap frog over the Aspirants and be behind the lines. I inch the Questing Knights and Knights of the Realm forward, I’m now dangerously close to the enemy so they don’t need a great roll to be able to charge me, I’m about 18” away.

    In the Magic Phase I get the 4 card and it’s 7 dice v 5. I cast Break the Spirirt on the Crusher Cavalry in front of my army, hoping my opponent tries to dispel it but he lets it go, at least now they’ll have to take some Dangerous terrain checks if they want to charge me. I then cast Totemic Summon on 4 dice, my opponent tries to dispel it with his 5 dice and he fails again, the Weaver is having a dispelling nightmare which means I’m casting spells and he’s not getting extra attacks! I bring the Totemic beast on the right hand side of the board, hoping to charge the Horrors and take them off.

    I should have used my Breath Weapon on the Horrors this turn but didn’t even think about it. I shoot the Crossbows at the Harbinger Chariot but fail to score any wounds.

    In combat the Blazing Chariot and the Totemic Beast both strike at the same time. The Totemic Beast does 2 wounds to the Chariot, killing it but the Blazing Chariot is able to do 2 wounds to the beast, killing it too.

    DL 3
    Display Spoiler

    Onto what will no doubt be another horrific turn of maimed knights and dead peasants, turn 3. The Crusher Cavalry and the Carnal Chariot both declare charges against the Aspirants, I have to hold as if I flee I’m off the board. The Harbinger declares a charge against the Knights of the Realm, I decide to hold and hope it fails. The Crusher Cavalry fall far short of what they needed and fail the charge, they have to take Dangerous Terrain checks from Break the Spirit and fail 3 of them, killing one of the Crushers. The Carnal Chariot makes it though and with AP 10 on the impact hits there’s going to be a lot of blended knights, the Carnal Chariot also has to take some Dangerous Terrain checks for charging through a wood and fails one of them. The Harbinger fails it charge into the Realm Knights as well. I’ve gotten off lightly there I think.

    The Horrors on the right turn to face the Totemic Beast and one of the Siren Chariots moves away and turns around to face the Totemic Beast.

    The rest of the right flank swing round to the centre to face my army. The Horrors and Tallymen move into the woods a bit.

    We go straight to the Magic Phase and it’s a big one with 9 dice to the Weaver and only 5 to me, there’s still only one spell I want to stop so I should be ok to stop that. The Weaver starts off by casting Cleansing Fire on himself, I let that go. Next he casts Hand of Heaven on the Knights of the Realm, I genuinely had to contemplate what to do with this, let it go or dispel. It’s such a random spell doing D6 hits that it could do nothing or it could murder my already depleted Knights. I let it go through as I’m more worried about Wrath of God. The Hand of Heaven does 6 Hits but at Strength 3 at least. Ends up causing 5 wounds and I can only save 1 of them so 4 Knights die! Ouch! After that my opponent casts Wrath of God on 3 dice, I throw my 5 Dispel dice at it and fail to dispel it (we are both having stinkers when it comes to dispelling it seems. The Wrath of God is put in front of my Knight blocks.

    In the shooting phase the Horrors on the right shoot at the Totemic Beast and score a wound on him. The Weaver uses his Cleansing Fire on the Crossbowmen and kills 5 of them. They fail their panic test and run away 8”.

    In combat I have some good luck this time around as the Carnal Chariot rolls a 1 for its impact hits, killing one Aspirant. The charioteer attacks kill another Knight and I fail to do any wounds in return. I lose combat but the Knights Aspirant stick around at least.

    KoE 3
    Display Spoiler

    With the complete devastation of my Knights of the Realm I have no choice but to get them the hell out of there now. So I declare charges first and charge the Questing Knights at the Crusher Cavalry, it’s not that far now that they have a failed charge move and the Questing Knights can add 2” to their charge range as the Crusher Cavalry cause fear so the Questing Knights make it. The only other charge is the Totemic Beast into the Horrors who stand and shoot but it does nothing.

    The Crossbows fail to rally and run off the board. I pivot the Knights of the Realm and run them away from the Daemons. I fly the Pegasus Knights over the Aspirants and they’re now facing the side of the Daemon army.

    In the Magic Phase I get 7 dice to my opponents 5 and I start off by casting Awaken the Beast on the Questing Knights to increase their Resilience by 1, I think they’ll be ok against the Crushers but it’s the counter charges that worry me. My opponent lets it go. Next I cast Breath of the Lady on the Questing Knights and my opponent tries to dispel it but fails once again, now the Questing Knights should be a bit more survivable this round at least.

    There’s no shooting so we go to combat we start at the Totemic Beast who decides to use his breath weapon this turn as he’s going first and with that, its attacks and stomp it only kills 2 Horrors! The Horrors attack back but do no wounds. I win combat by 2 but my opponent fails his break test and 2 more Horrors die. I was hoping for a lot more this turn to be honest!

    Onto the Knights Aspirants and the crew on the Chariot go first but fail to cause any wounds on the Aspirants. The Aspirants strike back and cause a wound to the Carnal Chariot. I win combat and the Carnal Chariot suffers another wound!

    The Questing Knight fight is last and I decide to use the Bastard Swords as Light Lances so I can strike first. The Knights and BSB do 5 wounds to the Crusher Cavalry, killing one, would have been nice to kill 2. The riders cause no wounds but the Crushers kill 2 Questing Knights. Despite that I win combat by 7 and the Crusher Cavalry all pop after rolling a high Break test. I reform the Questing Knights to face the Tallymen who I’m sure will be charging in next turn.

    DL 4
    Display Spoiler

    As expected the Tallymen declare a charge against the Questing Knights and I’m not sure how we’re going to fare in this fight.

    The Harbinger declares a charge against the Knight of the Realm but it’s quite far so I hold and hope for a failed charge. The Siren Chariot on the right flank declares a charge against the Totemic Beast and completes it so that’s probably the end of it. The Tallymen make their charge as they were very close anyway and the Harbinger fails it’s charge on the Knight of the Realm.

    The Weaver marches up towards the Knights of the Realm hoping to blast them off with magic. The Blood Chariot and Horrors turn to face the left flank. The Sirens march towards the middle but face my deployment zone and will be in it next turn. The remaining chariots move to the centre as well.

    In the Magic Phase the Weaver gets 8 dice to my 6 dispel dice. The weaver begins with Hand of Heaven on the Knight of the Realm, I let this one through and hope for some bad rolls as I’m still worried about Wrath of God. The Hand of Heaven goes off and kills the last 3 remaining Knights of the Realm. In hindsight, I probably should have stopped that one as they were in a great position to start running away and get to scoring. Next the Weaver casts Wrath of God which I dispel, that could have done some horrible to my Questing Knights if I let that one get through. Finally the Weaver casts Cleansing Fire on the Charnel Chariot in combat with the Aspirants.

    There’s no shooting so we go to combat and start with the Totemic Beast, it’s a short fight as the Siren Chariot kills it with 2 impact hits. Next we go to the Aspirants and the Charnel Chariot goes first and kills 1 Knight in combat, it can then use Cleansing Fire which kills 2 more Knights Aspirant. The Knights gets to exact there revenge and successfully get a wound on the Chariot, killing it, phew! I do a post combat pivot to face the Daemonic hordes.

    Lastly we do the Questing Knight combat and I have to use my Bastard Swords as Great Weapons now so the Tallymen strike first, fortunately I have Resilience 4 thanks to Awaken the Beast and I get to reroll 1s for my Armour Save from Breath of the Lady so the Tallymen will struggle to get a wound through but they do kill 1 Questing Knight. The Questing Knights strike back and kill 6 Tallymen (thanks to rerolling 1s!). The Tallymen lose combat and 5 more die to a failed break test. That fight went better than I expected, if I can do that once more they’ll all be gone.

    KoE 4
    Display Spoiler

    I’m rapidly running out of units now so movement phases are getting quicker at least. I charge the Knights Aspirant into the Tallymen, just clipping the corner really, I just want to help out with combat res and hopefully pop the unit. I fly the Pegasus Knights around the back, they’re about 18” away from the Blood Chariot so I’m hoping it won’t make the charge.

    In the magic phase it’s 8 v 6 dice. I try to cast Breath of the Lady but my opponent dispels it. I then try for a big Totemic Summon but fail to get it off, I was hoping to chaff up the Blood Chariot when he came on. I am able to cast Awaken the Beast on the Questing Knights again to increase their resilience by 1.

    In the combat phase there’s only one fight so we go to that. The Knights Aspirant get to strike first but fail to kill a Tallyman, it’s fine though, they’re only there for combat res. The Tallymen strike back against the Questing Knights and this time they manage to kill 2 of them. The Questing Knights and the BSB strike back but can only kill a single Tallyman, pathetic! The Tallymen lost combat and 1 Tallyman is sucked back into the aether.

    DL 5
    Display Spoiler

    2 Charges from the Daemons this turn, The Harbinger declares a charge into the Knights Aspirant, it’s not a big charge this time so it’ll probably make it on the third attempt. The Blood Chariot declares a charges against the Pegasus Knights which I have to take. The Harbinger makes the charge and that’s probably the death of the Aspirants and the Blood Chariot makes it into the Pegasus Knights, I like to think with their Resilience of 4 and 2+ Armour that they can take this charge and with Strength 4 attacks back I should be able to get a wound or two through.

    In other movement the Weaver flies to the flank of my units ready to blast them with magic or charge them next turn. The Sirens march into my deployment zone. The Horrors and the Siren on the right make for my deployment zone too. Everything else turns towards my remaining units.

    In the Magic Phase it’s a big one get for the Daemons as they get the 8 card and its 9 dice to my 7. As its turn 5 and my opponent doesn’t want to risk Wrath of God with the net closing on my troops. Hand of Heaven can’t be cast as all my units are engaged in combat. So that leaves the Weaver with Trial of Faith which he attempts to cast on my BSB but I dispel it. The Weaver then casts Cleansing Fire on the Blood Chariot and I fail to dispel it, now I’m slightly more concerned for the Peg Knights.

    We go to combat and it’s the Questing Knight one first, The Harbinger on the Chariot is only able to kill 1 Aspirant with impact hits and 1 with its attacks which is unlucky as the Harbinger has AP4 and should be peeling open my knights like a tin of tomatoes. The Knights Aspirant attack back and do no wounds to the Harbinger or the Tallymen. The Tallymen attack the Questing Knights and do no wounds there this time. The Questing Knights attack back and kill 2 Tallymen. I win combat but both units of daemons pass their break test and take no wounds.

    The Blood Chariot goes into the Pegasus Knights and gets 4 impact hits but only inflicts a single wound. The Slaughterers are able to do a wound, they then use the Cleansing Fire Breath Weapon and do 2 more wounds. The Pegasus Knights and the Pegasi attack back but can’t score a single wound (I don’t think I even managed to hit the thing, it was some truly spectacularly bad rolling here). The Crusher then attacks last and does 2 more wounds, for 6 in total, which is 3 dead Pegasus Knights. I was never thinking that the Blood Chariot could do so much damage to the Pegasus Knights, if I’d known I never would have gone anywhere near it and annoyingly I didn’t even need to. The Pegasus Knights have lost by 6 now and need a 2 on their discipline test to stick, they get a BSB reroll too, but it’s not enough, they break and flee. The Blood Chariot pursues and catches the Pegasus Knights, killing the unit.

    KoE 5
    Display Spoiler

    No movement from me so it’s straight into magic, it’s a good draw of the card as I get the 5 card and have 9 magic dice to 5 dispel dice. Even with all those dice I have an absolute stinker of a phase as I fail to cast Breath of the Lady on 3 dice, Awaken the Beast on the Questing Knights is dispelled however I am able to cast Break the Spirit on the Harbinger, just for the -1 to hit.

    We go to combat and my Knight Aspirant issues a challenge to try and save his unit from death this turn. The Harbinger strikes first and does 3 wounds, I have a 6+ Armour Save and a 6+ Aegis, by some miracle I roll 2 6s for the Armour and a 6 for the Aegis save! The crew gets a wound through but I save that as well, this Champion is showing the whole of Equitaine how it should be done! He gets to attack back but fails to score a wound, not a big shock but a round of applause for him not being dead! The Knight Aspirant and the horses manage to kill 1 Tallyman between them. The Tallymen attack the Questing Knights but fail to do any wounds. The Questing Knights attack back and do 3 more wounds. I win combat by 7 and the Tallymen end up popping as does the Seeker Chariot! That was an unexpected turn of events! It will still be a miracle if both units can survive this last turn.

    DL 6
    Display Spoiler

    There’s 3 charges from the Daemons this turn, the Weaver of Change charges the flank of the Questing Knights. The Siren Chariot and the Carnal Chariot both declare charges against the Knights Aspirant but only the Seeker Chariot completes the charge. The Seeker Chariot has to take some Dangerous Terrain tests but it passes them all as well.

    The Sirens and the Horrors both make it into my deployment zone securing the objective for my opponent and it’s pretty safe to say I’m not getting my two units into his at this point.

    It’s 6 dice v 4 in the magic phase and as the Weaver is in combat and it’s turn 6 there’s only one spell he can cast, Cleansing Fire. My opponent throws 4 dice at it as he doesn’t want to chance a miscast and I try to dispel it on 4 but fail.

    We go to combat and the Seeker Chariot combat is first up. The Seeker Chariot is only able to kill 1 Knight Aspirant with impact hits and fails to do any wounds in close combat. The 2 remaining Knights Aspirant fail to wound the chariot but lose combat by 1 and they pass their break test. These Aspirants have been charged by 3 chariots now and are still standing, legends!

    We go to the Weaver combat and I issue a challenge with my Damsel, not because my BSB is a coward but because my Damsel cast a Shamanism spell in the last round so gets the signature attribute meaning she can’t be wounded on anything less than a 5+.

    The Weaver has 11 attacks at this point thanks to the Aether Wand and thanks to Scarification she only suffers 1 wound. Then comes the Cleansing Fire breath weapon, the Weaver gets 11 hits with it at Strength 3 but the Strength is irrelevant with that number of hits! She suffers 2 wounds and dies, so close to keeping her alive! Even with the loss of the Damsel the Questing Knights stick in combat and I guess the BSB is going to have to step up in the next round.

    KoE 6
    Display Spoiler

    No movement, magic or shooting so straight to combat. The Knights Aspirant combat ends with no wounds on either side and they both just sit there. Still can’t believe the Aspirants survived this game despite taking the most punishment and everything was getting murdered.

    In the last combat of the game I issue a challenge with my BSB to at least try and keep the Questing Knights alive (I’ve lost 75% of the Questing Knights sadly so they are giving away half points). The Weaver uses his 11 attacks to attack my BSB and thanks to his 1+ rerollable Armour Save he only takes one wound. The BSB gets to strike back and is able to inflict a wound back on the Weaver, I’ve actually won combat this round! It doesn’t matter though as the Weaver easily passes its break test and sticks.

    The game ends there with the Daemons getting the objective and after we tote up the victory points it’s an 18 – 2 win to the Daemons. The only surprising thing about that result is that it wasn’t a 20 – 0. I did at least kill some of the Daemon units so I did get some points.

    That was a horrific beating for the brave knights of Equitaine, the Daemon magic was far worse than I was expecting, I was so focused on stopping Wrath of God that Cleansing Fire and Hand of Heaven were free to just absolutely wreck my army. Magic alone wiped out the Knights of the Realm in like 2 rounds! I definitely could have handled the magic phases better but we both had some stinking rolls in the magic phase.

    The main big mistake I made was not putting the Duke in with the Pegasus Knights to at least give him some protection from the Daemonic shooting. Even if he wasn’t shot off I’m not sure how useful he would have been in this game anyway, he will kill whatever he charges but then he would just get hit by like 2 chariots and a Weaver of Change and die. I should have deployed the Pegasus Knights in the centre of the board to cover the advance of the rest of my army up the left flank as they tried to get some scoring done.

    I foolishly gave away my Pegasus Knights when I didn’t need to. By turn 5 I should have just kept their points safe or put them in a good position for a last turn charge. Still amazed at how easily the Pegasus Knights fell to the Blood Chariot when the Knights Aspirant just refused to die to chariots at all.

    As a side note I thought that the Questing Knights +2” to their Charge move against units that cause fear would be great against Daemons but it turns out it’s not because the vast majority of Daemon units do not cause fear anymore so that was disappointing, I thought they’d be charging all over the shop but it was only the Weaver and Crusher Cavalry that did cause fear.

    I was interested to hear from my opponent that he had Kingdom of Equitaine in Game 2 and lost which given how easily he beat me I couldn’t get my head around. Apparently 2 units of Grail Knights are very difficult for Daemons to beat in combat thanks to the increased Aegis Save and Resilience and hitting back with Divine attacks helps kill Daemons slightly faster too. I’ve always dismissed Grail Knights as far too expensive for what they are (Fancy Knights) but maybe they do have a role to play.

    Anyway, that was it for Game 3 and the end of Day 1, a win and 2 losses, about what I expected. Onto Day 2 and Game 4 next week.

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  • greentide -

    Great batrep, thanks for sharing.
    Don´t like that DL matchup either. Had the weaver and a DP against me, both high strength and divine attacks.
    My knights fell like flies, crushing the chrushers( xp) and hunting down the slautherers didn´t help...

  • ravenheart777 -

    Hi Kev, that was a great game.
    Luck seemed to have a massive impact and I'm pretty sure that your duke would have caused me no end of issues if he lived past first turn.
    Thanks for the comments about my conversions, really happy with them and seeing as it's coming from someone with such a lovely painted army himself.

    • AxelVicious -

      That Blood Chariot conversion is fantastic and the Carnal Chariots are pretty phenomenal too. Great use of kits to create them. Conversions is definitely something i struggle to do well, especially for KoE but there's no stopping a Daemon Army from coming up with all kinds of crazy conversions.

    • ravenheart777 -

      Well the original models are so bad I had to make something else.
      I've been challenged to make a decent warrior's monster mash army so that's what I'm working on now. Hopefully that will have even more conversions in it!