Kingdom of Equitaine at Breakthrough 2018: Game 4 v Dwarven Holds

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  • Hello again ninth agers, thanks for joining me in what I’m sure will be a fun and informative battle report and in what will no way be an absolutely embarrassing performance from myself. So I start Day 2 way down on the bottom tables after a big loss in Game 3. SO for Game 2 I was drawn against another Dwarven Holds army, I have already beaten one of them, can I beat another? My opponents list:

    King (General) 2x Rune of Iron, Great Weapon, Ancestral Memory, Rune of the Forge = 365

    Anvil of power = 185

    Thane, BSB, shield, 2x Rune of Iron, 3x Rune of Lightning = 330

    29 Clan Warriors, Full Command with spear and Shield = 514

    40 Clan Warriors, Full Command , Shields = 650

    26 King’s guard, Full Command, Runic Standard of Wisdom = 723

    6 Hold Guardians, Full Command = 646

    Grudge Buster = 350

    2 Attack copter = 305

    1 Attack copter = 175

    Flame Cannon = 150

    Dwarf Ballista = 105 (Wish the Scorpion was this price!)

    Total = 4498

    My List can be found in my Game 1 Battle Report, here.

    So this army is very different from the one I though in Game 2, very light on shooting and several big blocks of Dwarves. The addition of the Clan Warriors was a nice surprise, I think this is the first time I’ve fought Clan Warrior blocks rather than Greybeards or little scoring units of 10 Clan Warriors. The unit with Spears scare me a bit as I’ve not actually come across spears in v 2.0 of the game, I know they aren’t as bad as they used to be but they were horrific to cavalry in v 1.3. The King’s Guard could do some very nasty things to me indeed and although the King isn’t a tough to kill as some Dwarven Kings out there I just don’t think I have anything that could kill him. My Duke possibly could but if he messes up his one chance to kill him then he’s dead. The Copters are an annoyance for me , they’re almost too good to be called chaff as with Resilience 5 they can take a lot of punishment to bring down, I know that they will inevitably cause me some pain, hopefully I can shoot them off with Crossbows but it’s a big ask for them. Going in my basic plan is to avoid all the blocks and try and mop up the copters and war machines.

    The TO rolls for Deployment and secondary objective and we get refused flank (diagonal) for the deployment type and the worst possible secondary objective for me, Capture the Flags. With 3 big blocks of Dwarves I have little to no chance of capturing any standards, unless I can get some nice flank charges and break steadfast but I’m sure the Dwarves won’t make that easy for me. I plan on just getting the Hold Guardians, leaving the rest and hope my units are still alive at the end.

    Display Spoiler

    We take turns deploying units for a while but my opponent drops his whole army eventually and deploys it with most of it on the centre line and the left flank,. I deploy my forces heavy on the right flank with the eventual idea of rushing my whole army over that side and try and swing behind his lines.

    For spells I pick Swarm of Insects, Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit from Shamanism and Breath of the Lady. My opponent picks Rune of Gleaming (-1 to hit), Rune of Resilience (-1 to Wound) and Rune of Resolve (6” Magical Move). The Standard of Wisdom also has the Rune of Gleaming.

    My opponent has two grudges to declare and picks the Knight of the Realm and the Questing Knights. Also the Hold Guardians are +1 Strength and +1 AP. The King is in with the King’s Guard and the BSB is in with the Clan Warriors with hand weapons. The Dwarves get first turn and off we go.

    Dwarven Holds 1
    Display Spoiler

    The Steam Copters on the left with the help of their vanguard movement move down the left flank and get ready to shoot the Yeomen Outriders. The lone Steam Copter flies next to the Clan Warriors ready to start chaffing up that flank. The only other move is the Grudge Buster which moves down the back line and takes aim at the Knights of the Realm.

    The only spell to go off this magic phase is the Rune of Gleaming being cast on the King’s Guard but it won’t affect anything I was going to do next turn anyway. In the shooting phase the Flame Cannon opens fire at the Knight of the Realm and kills 3 of them, they do pass their panic test at least. The Bolt Thrower then shoots at the Knights of the Realm but misses. The Grudge Buster opens fire at them too but fails to wound. The Steam Copters on the left shoot at the Yeomen Outriders and kills 2 of them, the Yeomen then fail their panic test and flee away from the Steam Copters.

    Kingdom of Equitaine 1
    Display Spoiler

    No charges from me this turn instead I move the bulk of my army over to the right hand flank. I run the Brigands into the woods to try and goad the Hold Guardians into them, I’ve set the Pegasus Knights behind them for a counter charge with the hope that my multi wound duke will do decent number of wounds on them. I move the Knights of the Realm over to the centre of the board and away from the left flank. I’m a safe distance away from the King’s Guard so they should be ok. I rally the Yeomen who fled last turn and turn to face the Steam Copters.

    In the Magic Phase I get the 4 card and it’s 7 dice v 5, I try to cast Swarm of Insects on the Flame Cannon but my opponent dispels it. I then cast Totemic Summon and my opponent can’t stop it. I bring the Totemic Beast on right next to the Anvil of Power, if I can shut that thing down then I don’t have to worry about the Dwarven magic.

    In the shooting phase the Crossbows shoot at the Grudge Buster but fail to cause any wounds. The Brigands shoot at the lone Steam Copter and cause a single wound to it.

    Display Spoiler

    Due to me rushing and not thinking things through properly (it was also an early Sunday morning so that doesn’t help) the Grudge Buster is easily able to see the rear of the Knights of the Realm.

    See, it's bloody obvious now!

    This only occurred to me when my opponent declared the charge, it was at least 18” away but it was still a scary proposition, I could have fled but I decided to stick and hope he failed the charge. The Grudge Buster makes the charge and the Knights of the Realm are not looking good.

    The Hold Guardians charge the Brigands, I stand and shoot but cause no wounds and the Hold Guardians make the charge. The Steam Copter declares a charge into the flank of the Crossbows and I flee that one.

    In other movement it seems the whole Dwarf army is running at me as the Clan Warriors march straight towards the Knights Aspirant and have no blocked them in, the Aspirants cannot get out of the way. The Steam Copter flies in front of the Questing Knights to chaff them up but not before dropping a bomb on them, luckily it does no wounds to me. The Clan Warriors with spears and the King’s Guard move towards my lines as well but not as fast as the others.

    In a mimic of the last round this magic phase is 7 power dice to my opponent and 5 to me. The Anvil is able to cast the Rune of Resilience on the Grudge Buster and the Rune of Gleaming on the Grudge Buster too which I failed to dispel.

    In the shooting phase the Flame Cannon belches fire all over the Knights Aspirant and cause 7 wounds! I manage to save all 7 of them though so no Aspirants died at this point. The Bolt Thrower shoots at the Knights Aspirants and misses them as well. The Steam Copter shoots at the Questing Knights but fails to wound any of them.

    In combat the Hold Guardians easily massacre the Brigands and kill them to a man but not before the Brigands are able to get a wound through on the Hold Guardians. The Hold Guardians overrun 10” and are right in my lines now.

    The Grudge Buster comes flying in but does no wounds with its Impact Hits and the crew are unable to cause any wounds either. With -1 to hit and -1 to wound on the Grudge Buster the Knights of the Realm are unable to cause any wounds. The Knights are steadfast and pass their break test and are able to reform to face the Grudge Buster.

    KoE 2
    Display Spoiler

    Why do I keep getting caught out by how speedy Dwarves can be?! I really shouldn’t have deployed right up to the line. Well, I’m left with little choice but to charge everything this turn. The Questing Knights charge the Steam Copter. The Knights Aspirant charge the Clan Warriors and they just have to stick around long enough for the Questing Knights to save them with a flank charge. The Pegasus Knights charge the Hold guardians and I should be winning there. I move the Yeoman from the right to be behind the Hold Guardians so that they stop the Kings guard from charging the Knights Aspirant or Pegasus Knights. The Totemic Beast summoned last turn charges the Anvil of Power, really hope it can take it down in one turn, big ask I know! I move the other Yeoman behind the Grudge Buster ready for them to chaff next turn. The Crossbows rally and turn to face all the fighting, I should have turned them to face the hill in case the Steam Copters appear.

    In the Magic Phase I draw the best card, a 5. So it’s 9 v 5 this time. I try to cast Break the Spirit on the Clan Warriors but is stopped. I then follow it up with Breath of the Lady on the Aspirants as I really need to make sure they can last 2 rounds of combat, my opponent fails to dispel it. I then cast another Totemic Summon and bring on another Totemic Beast behind the Flame Cannon.

    There’s no shooting so we go straight to combat. I decide to kick things off with the Knights Aspirants to make sure they win so I can then position the Questing Knights appropriately. The Knights Aspirant do an impressive 6 wounds to the Clan Warriors, I was hoping for a little more as they do have Breath of the Lady on them after all but nevermind. The Horses do nothing and then the Clan Warriors strike back and do no wounds but the BSB is able to kill 2 Knight Aspirants thanks to his Lightning Attacks. I win combat but the Dwarves are steadfast and stick around.

    I do the Questing Knights next and decide to use the Bastard Swords as Great Weapons to ensure I kill this blasted thing, I don’t want it to just run off. The horses strike first but do nothing to the Steam Copter, the Steam Copter strikes back and it is able to kill a Questing Knight. The Questing Knights retaliate and they easily kill the Steam Copter. I do a post combat pivot to face the flank of the Clan Warriors, now I just need the Aspirants to put up a good show in the next round of combat.

    The Pegasus Knights go next and my Duke strikes first with his Divine Judgement lance. He has rerolls to hit as the Hold Guardians are large so I’m hitting on 3s and wounding on 3s but I’m only able to score a single wound which at least multiplies to 4 wounds, disappointing, I was expecting a lot more than that! The Pegasus Knights then get to attack and do 4 wounds to the Hold Guardians, which means I have killed 3 of them now. The Pegasi do no wounds to the Hold Guardians. The Hold Guardians strike back and are able to cause 2 wound to the Pegasus Knights, killing 1 of them. The Pegasus Knights have won combat by 8 leaving the Hold Guardians needing a double 1 to pass their break test and not run away. The Hold guardians do have a reroll though as the BSB is next to them and the Hold Guardians make it on a double 1! I did not expect that to happen at all.

    Only whilst typing this out do I now realise that the Hold Guardians were actually steadfast as flying units can never have a rank so they totally deserved to hold and I’m glad that they did because what’s coming is all purely my own dumb fault! I also realise how bad Pegasus Knights are but I’ll save that moan for later.

    The Grudge Buster combat is last and the Knights of Realm are now facing the Grudge Buster at least and despite all the buffs on the Grudge Buster they do sneak through a wound. The Grudge Buster attacks back and kills a Knight of the Realm. The Knights of the Realm win combat by 2 but the Grudge Buster makes its break test as the King is within 12”.

    The Totemic Beast causes 2 wounds to the Anvil of Power, even with the Breath Weapon. The Anvil Of Power hits back but causes no wounds. I was really hoping to kill that thing to shut down my opponents next magic phase.

    DH 3
    Display Spoiler

    That turn could have gone better but as long as the Questing Knights can get in the flank of Clan Warriors then things will start looking up. The Clan Warriors with spears and the King’s Guard both declare a charge into the flank of the Knights of the Realm, I have no choice but to hold. The King’s Guard roll too low and don’t make the charge but the Clan Warriors do. Pretty safe to say that’s the end of them. The only other movement is the Steam Copters who fly atop the hill to shoot at the Crossbowmen.

    In the Magic Phase my opponent get’s the 7 card and it’s 9 v 6 on the dice. Thanks to some good dispelling rolls from myself the Anvil is only able to get off one spell, Rune of Resilience on the Clan Warriors, not what I wanted but any of the buffs on them was going to hurt me.

    In shooting the Steam Copters shoot at the Crossbows but do no wounds. The Bolt Thrower shoots at the Questing Knights the high strength Bolt shot hits and wounds a Knight but I manage to ward save it. The Flame Cannon misfires when trying to shoot at the Questing Knights.

    We go straight to combat next and my opponent start with the Grudge Buster combat and the Knights of the Realm at least get to strike first but they are only able to kill a single Dwarf Clan Warrior. The Grudge Buster then attacks and kills 3 Knights this time, the Clan Warriors do not kill any Knights of the Realm even with their spears. I lose combat by 8 this time and there’s no saving the Knight of the Realm who break from combat. My opponent decides that they should flee and decides they should run away from the Grudge Buster, only now does it dawn on me how much trouble I’m in. The Pegasus Knights flee 11” and the Grudge Buster and the Clan Warriors pursue, the Grudge Buster pursues 12”, catching and killing the Knights of the Realm and taking them into the flank of the Pegasus Knights. The Clan Warriors only go a few inches with their pursuit roll.

    Next we do the Pegasus Knight Combat, and now the Grudge Buster is involved this is going to be bad. The Grudge Buster does 2 wounds to the Pegasus Knights, killing one of them. The Duke attacks the Grudge Buster and only scores a single wound on it, he is utterly useless when he hasn’t charged. The Pegasus Knights and their mounts attack the Hold Guardians but cause no wounds. The Hold Guardians succeed in killing another Pegasus Knight. I have now lost combat by 6 so I need a 3 to stick around, the BSB is out of range so it’s unlikely. The Pegasus Knights don’t pass their break test and flee, my opponent again says they can flee from the Grudge Buster and then to rub it in they only flee 6”, but that is still too far away for the Hold Guardians who pursue 4”. (The Grudge Buster couldn’t pursue in this combat thankfully).

    The Knights Aspirants are next and with the Rune of Resilience up I’m only able to cause a single wound to the Dwarves. The Dwarven thane again kills 2 Knight Aspirants with his Lightning attacks. The Knights Aspirants lose combat by 5 and need a 3 to stick but they do at least get a BSB reroll. It doesn’t help them as they also fail their break test and flee 10”, they bounce through the Pegasus Knights. The Clan Warriors Pursue and go 8”, not enough to catch the Knight Aspirants but enough to run straight into the Pegasus Knights and wipe them out!

    The Totemic Beast fighting the Anvil of Power only does a single wound to it but suffers none in return.

    KoE 3
    Display Spoiler

    Well, I don’t know what to say…. I don’t think I’ve ever had a turn as bad as that one. In one horrific round of combat I’ve lost 2 big units and my Duke and I have barely made a dent in the Dwarven army. My only aim from now on is to make sure the Questing Knights survive.

    The Questing Knights run down the right flank and turn to face the Flame Cannon. I also run both units of Yeoman up towards the Flame Cannon if needs be. I try to get the newly arrived Totemic Beast in to charge the Flame Cannon but it falls short. The Knights Aspirant rally but their numbers up. The Crossbowmen walk back a step to face the Steam Copters.

    The only spell I’m able to get off in a bleak magic phase is Swarm of Insects on the Flame Cannon which causes a wound. Break the Spirit was dispelled and I failed to cast Totemic Summon.

    The Crossbows shoot at the Steam Copters but fail to wound it.

    In combat the Totemic Beast finally kills the Anvil of Power but it’s too little too late, that thing had to die last round!

    DH 4

    Display Spoiler

    The Clan Warriors and the Hold Guardians both charge the Knights Aspirant and I have to hold or else I’m running off the board.

    The Clan Warriors with spears march towards the Crossbowmen and the Grudge Buster and Steam Copter move to either flank of the Crossbowmen.

    The King’s Guard pivot to face the Questing Knights and then we go to shooting as Magic is now pointless for the Dwarves.

    The Flame Cannon shoots at the Questing Knights and kills 3 of them this time. The Bolt Thrower scores a hit and a wound killing but only kills one Knight as the penetrating attacks fail to wound. The Grudge Buster and Steam Copter open fire on the Crossbows killing 5 of them, but they pass their panic check for what it’s worth.

    In combat the Knights Aspirant are able to cause a wound to the Hold Guardians and also kill a Clan Warrior. The Dwarves hit back and kill 2 Knights Aspirants. I lose combat by 5 and fail their break test, they flee and go straight off the board. The Dwarves don’t bother to pursue.

    KoE 4
    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Yeoman Outriders into the Flame Cannon and in the random movement phase I move the Totemic Beast into the Flame Cannon and the second Totemic Beast into the Bolt Thrower. I run the Questing Knights behind the Totemic Beasts and move the smaller unit of Yeomen next to the King’s Guard to chaff them up.

    In the Magic Phase I fail to cast a single spell thanks to some pretty poor casting attempts. The Crossbows shoot at the Clan Warriors and kill 4 of them, it will have no bearing on the outcome of the game at all but I won’t let them die without a fight!

    In combat the Yeomen and the Totemic Beast kill the Flame Cannon and then they do a post combat pivot to further block the King’s Guard. The other Totemic Beast does 3 wounds to the Bolt Thrower, not quite killing it sadly.

    DH 5
    Display Spoiler

    The Clan Warriors charge the Crossbows and the King’s Guard charge the Yeomen. The rest of the army rushes back to try and get to grips with the Questing Knights but they’ll never get anywhere near them.

    The Steam Copters shoot at the unengaged Yeomen and kill 2 of them but they do pass their panic test at least.

    In combat the Yeomen get to attack the King’s Guard first but do no wounds, Dwarven King easily destroys the Yeomen on his own and the King’s Guard pivots to face the Questing Knights again.

    The Clan Warriors kill 6 Crossbows who fail to do any wounds to the Clan Warriors. The Crossbows break from combat and flee, the Clan Warriors decide not to pursue as the Crossbows are very close to the edge of the board and should run off. The Crossbows only flee 4” and so stay on the board, just. The Clan Warriors don’t change their facing and still just face the Crossbows in case they rally.

    KoE 5

    Display Spoiler

    No charges from me, I pivot the Questing Knights to face down the edge of the board as they have no where to run too. I try to move the Totemic Beast in front of the King’s Guard but roll too high and end up charging them. I then have to move the Yeomen behind the Totemic Beast and put them at an angle so that the King’s Guard can’t charge the Yeomen and overrun into the Questing Knights. The Crossbows fail to rally and run off the board this time.

    In the magic phase I cast Swarm of Insects on the Steam Copters and do a wound, killing one of the Steam Copters, it doesn’t give me any points but it was worth it.

    In combat the Totemic Beast attacks the King as it’s my only hope of getting some points but it fails to cause any wounds, the King then easily slays the beast.

    We end the game there as the only thing my opponent can do next turn is charge the Yeomen and kill them so I give him the points for that but he has no way of getting the Questing Knights and I have no plans to charge him at all.

    We tote up the points and with the secondary objective going to my opponent it’s a comfortable 19 – 1 win to him as I scored very few points.

    That could have gone better for me but I have nothing to blame except myself for that unmitigated disaster. I deployed badly and turning the Knights of the Realm around to give my opponent a rear charge with the Grudge Buster was a huge mistake compounded by further mistakes of letting myself get cornered with the Knights Aspirant meaning they had to charge. I should have deployed my Knights of the Realm where the Knights Aspirant were and put the Aspirants on the left flank and back far enough so that the Steam Copters couldn’t get behind me like they did. I really seems to struggle fighting against flyers and I just don’t know how to handle them, the Steam Copters are a particular tough nut to crack as well as they can take a lot of punishment with Resilience 5 and a 4+ Armour Save. I may have to consider taking the Storm Clarion to help combat those flying menaces.

    I thought going into turn 2 I was still in a good position though, the Questing Knights were going to flank the Clan Warriors next turn and net me some big points. The Pegasus Knights were going to murder the Hold Guardians and then we avoid the rest of the army, didn’t quite work out that way though. I still think the Pegasus Knights and my Duke should have done more damage to the Hold Guardians, at least enough to stop them being steadfast, that was the only bit I felt I was unlucky at. I completely didn’t even think about the Grudge Buster overrunning into the Pegasus Knights but I don’t think that mattered all that much. The Pegasus Knights were never going to win combat against the Hold Guardians after the charge, they just aren’t strong enough. Having everything be steadfast against the Pegasus Knights is a real problem for them, they great in a support roll but they cannot go toe to toe with units that they can’t break on the charge, I mean any unit too, even a big block of lowly infantry will eventually grind them out. As for my Duke, the less said the better. I think for Game 5 my basic plan for him is just to keep him out of harm’s way and hope he survives.

    So that concludes Game 4, hope you enjoyed. One final game to write up for this tournament and then I’m done for this one. See you next week.

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  • SmithF -

    Ouch! Dwarves are never an easy matchup for KoE..

    A small rules comment: there is no longer any limitation as to how many times a unit may pursue/overrun in a single combat phase. So the Grudge Buster could have pursued the Pegasus Knights anyway.

    I hope you got a better pairing for the last game of the tourney!

    • AxelVicious -

      Thanks for that, i wasn't too sure at the time if the limits to the overruns was still a thing or not. It's Orcs & Goblins, not a great match up for the Kingdom i feel but we'll see.