Challenge 13: A Dread Elf tale - Game 1

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  • Challenge 13: A Dread Elf tale

    Greetings, fellow gamers! I’m just back from one of Belgium’s biggest singles tournaments,run by no other than Pink Horde and @IHDarklord, and thought I’d share my experience with you:

    Pink Horde is a gaming club near the French border of Belgium, who has been very active in promoting T9A amongst other games. Their yearly fantasy gaming event has been going on for more than 10 years, and last year's echoes from friends were so positive that I just had to attend: I wasn't disappointed, since the tournament was a blast! The venue was big and very bright with huge windows on every side allowing us to witness the rare sight of Belgian late-September sun rays, the tables all equipped with battle mats and a combination of 2D and 3D terrain for maximum gaming comfort and immersion, and most of the armies were beautifully painted!

    The tournament managed to gather a crowd of 32 people, including fellow ETC team mates but also an array of players of all levels from all over Belgium. For my first game, I got to play a Pink Horde member, Tino, @badman341980 who is a fantasy wargaming veteran, dusting off his WoDG:

    badman341980 wrote:

    Sorcerer Master (Evocation), General, Veil Walker, Destiny's Call, Magical Heirloom
    Chosen Lord BSB, Sloth, Halberd, Master of Destruction, Blessed Inscriptions, Talisman of Shielding
    Barbarian Chief on Wasteland Behemoth, Paired Weapons (Touch of Greatness), Wyrd Stone

    2 x 5 Fallen
    16 Warriors of Sloth, Full Command, Flaming Standard, Great Weapons

    2 x 6 Wrath Chosen w/Great Weapon

    Marauding Giant, Giant Club
    Marauding Giant, Monstrous Familiar
    So a monster mash list that can be deceptively hard-hitting, especially when one underestimates the hitting power of Agility 6+ chosen with Great Weapons.
    My opponent chose Whispers of the Veil, Hasten the Hour, Ancestral Aid and Touch of the Reaper for his spells, and the magic giant got Breath of Corruption.
    In return, I picked Breath of Corruption/Grave Calls and Ice and Fire/Crippling Fatigue for my acolytes.

    We played Counterthrust and Capture the Flags.
    We exchanged a few drops and then my opponent placed his entire army for the first turn. My opponent split his army into two squads: each had a unit of fallen, a giant and a unit of chosen. On the left flank they were supported by the Behemoth whereas on the right/center they were accompanied by the Sloth Warriors. I replied by weighing my right flank and the center, leaving only a unit of acolytes, a dark raider unit, a Medusa and a Kraken to keep things honest and prevent my opponent from performing a pincer maneuver early on.

    TURN 1 - WoDG

    Wary of my Kraken on the left, Tino approached cautiously, careful not to give me an easy charge. The middle also inched forward, using the impassable terrain as a flank anchor. In the magic phase the Sorcerer target the Dancers of Yema with a boosted Hasten the Hour, killing 3 of them. The Hellfire was dispelled and I let through the Breath of Corruption on the giant.

    TURN 1 - DE

    The Dancers of Yema, on top of the hill, declared a long charge into the left unit of Fallen: if they made it in, that unit would probably be dealt with and they'd be deep within enemy lines to case all kinds of trouble. They failed, despite the reroll. On my left flank I used the dark Raiders to block the advance of both monsters and the chosen of wrath, which allowed me to move the spears and the kraken at the 12" mark from the redirectors. The Acolytes of Yema outflanked the monster contingent, while in the center the Kraken and Dragon moved closer to the big block.

    In magic I only managed to cast the Breath of Corruption, dealing one wound on the left giant. The Medusa cast Deceptive Glamour on the right Fallen, giving the Dragon movement 9.

    TURN 2 - WoDG

    The chosen of wrath charged myredirectors, and killed them to an elf easily. Not willing to get flanked by poisoned Acolytes, the Behemoth moved backwards towards the hill, while the giant moved past their arc of sight and threatened the flank of my Kraken. In the center the Sloth Warriors moved up a bit, keeping both the Giant and the Wrath chosen in close support.
    Magic was once again focused on the Dancers of Yema: a boosted Hellfire managed to drop 9 more, leaving only 5 of them remaining! Then the Hasten the Hour killed three Dread Knights, relegating them to redirector duty!

    TURN 2 - DE

    I spotted an opening and took it: the Sloth Warriors were in such a position that if I charged with my monsters, only the Giant could countercharge them on the following turn: I combo charged with the Dancers of Yema and both the Kraken and the Dragon, but only the monsters made it in. The right Legionnaires declared a charge on the fallen but failed, while the left kraken and Legionnaires combo charged the left fallen. Only the legionnaires made it in, though. The left Medusa moved up to block the Wrath chosen from charging my kraken.

    In magic a boosted Grave Calls was stopped, leaving me with enough dice to cast Crippling Fatigue on the Sloth Warriors.
    In the ensuing combat my Dragon challenged, and the Chosen Lord accepted the duel: aided by the Crippling Fatigue, the Prince and his Dragon managed to kill the enemy BSB, although they suffered two wounds in the process. The Kraken directed all its attacks into the Sorcerer and wounded him twice, receiving three wounds back. The stomp killed some more Warriors, making them break from combat! Both monsters pursued and caught the big block!

    The Legionnaires killed all of the Fallen on the charge and reformed to threaten the chosen of wraths' flank.

    TURN 3 - WoDG

    With such a big point swing this early in the game, my opponent went on the offensive. The left giant charged the flank of the kraken but failed to get in. The chosen on the left charged and killed the medusa while on the right they went into the Dread Legionnaires. The middle giant charged the rear of my left Legionnaires who had just reformed. The Behemoth now moved up aggressively to support the Giant.

    In combat things went well for the DE: the Legionnaires fought against the giant and took small losses, managing to hold on steadfast and reform. The Medusa predictably died and the Wrath Chosen reformed. Finally, the rightmost Legionnaires used their Rending banner and managed to kill 3 of the charging Chosen, taking 6 wounds back. They won by 1, and forced the WoDG elite to flee. This brought them into the flank of the Fallen, though the Wrath chosen escaped pursuit.

    TURN 3 - DE

    The acolytes in the middle charged into the giant's flank, while the Raptor Riders went into the Fallen fighting the Legionnaires. In remaining moves, the Dragon and Kraken repositioned to threaten the giant and the behemoth while the left kraken maneuvered to be out of sight of the behemoth.

    Magic was pretty uneventful this turn, with only a Breath of Corruption getting cast, which resulted in a single wound against the Behemoth. Combat saw me kill the fallen and overrun into the fleeing chosen, killing them too. The Combined efforts of the Legionnaires and the Acolytes killed the giant, leaving my units free to reform.

    TURNS 4 - 6

    With the right flank collapsed, my opponent was left with a giant, a Behemoth and the Wrath Chosen: on the following turns I'd kill the giant with a kraken charge, pin down the Behemoth with a flank charge from the Acolytes and flee every charge that the Wrath Chosen would declare. On turn 5 a kraken charged into the Behemoth, finishing the job and ending the game 20-0 in my favor.


    This was always going to be hard for the WoDG, since the philosophy of the lists is similar but mine wins the movement game. With no real redirectors, the best bet of the WoDG would have been to deploy in a refused flank manner, and use the magic to target the monsters instead of my scorers: The wrath Chosen and the Behemoth could have zoned the Krakens pretty effectively, especially if these had suffered some damage while getting in.

    The fact that WoDG dropped the entire army here allowed me to weigh one flank more than the other while keeping the hard hitters occupied. The big sloth block is literally one of the better targets for my Kraken/Dragon combo charges, since the S6 and S7 stomps are very good at dropping their numbers fast.

    All in all, a good game that propelled me to the top tables! Tino was an excellent opponent, never getting disheartened by the mismatch in the armies. He got a better hang of 2.0 WoDG as the day progressed, ending the tournament with a big win against one the better players of the field!

    On round 2 I was about to face one of the few lists that I truly wanted to avoid: an EoS list with 120 shots per turn and 2 cannons!

    I hope you enjoyed this, stay tuned for the next one!

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  • ExecutionerofNabh -

    Nice report. Well played

  • Genjuro_77 -

    Congrats Mr. SmithF! Great batrep.

  • KellyW -

    Great report, thanks for posting. The photos really make the report. Very easy to follow the description of events with the photos, and you get to see the cool looking armies, too.

  • Vagabur -

    Great win and great report!looking forward for the next one!

  • Fleshbeast -

    Congrats on the win! Any chance of a closer pic of your dragon? It looks awesome from the shots above.

    • SmithF -

      I cannot claim the glory for that, the army belonged to a very talented individual who quit the hobby. I'll try to snap some shots of him when I get the time and good sunlight!

  • badman341980 -

    It was a fun game, allthough i lost miserably! You're one of the nicest opponents i've played against, thx!

    • SmithF -

      Thanks, the feeling is mutual! It was great getting to know you and playing the game! I hope we get a rematch!

    • PrinceCharming -

      Playing agaibst pascal is always a blast, i can confirm!

  • PrinceCharming -

    Those dread elves look nicely painted man!:D