Challenge 13: A Dread Elf tale - Game 2

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  • So, after a very big win on round 1 and a couple of hot dogs kindly offered by Pink Horde's BBQ, I moved up the tables to find Gregory @Gregus and his Empire of Sonnstahl!
    He had brought a fairly static gunline, clearly inspired by the German ETC list of this year and geared towards team play: he and some of his mates will be attending team tournaments and his role is the defensive one!

    Gregus wrote:

    Marshall, General
    Marshall ,Shield, BSB, Talisman of the Void
    Wizard Master (Divination), Binding Scroll, Magical Heirloom
    Wizard Adept (Pyromancy), Book of Arcane Mastery
    Wizard Adept (Alchemy), Binding Scroll
    Artificer, Repeater Gun

    21 Heavy Iinfantry, Standard, Musician, Household Standard
    21 Heavy Infantry w/ Spears
    17 Light Infantry w/crossbows
    18 Light Infantry w/crossbows
    18 Light Infantry w/crossbows

    10 Reiters w/Repeater Guns
    10 Reiters w/Repeater Guns

    30 Flagellants
    Steam Tank
    So a true gunline with around 120 S4 shots, two cannons and backed up by no less than three mages, with a total of 9 spells!
    The objective was Hold the Center and the deployment type was Refused Flank.
    Going into this game, I knew that I was at a disadvantage due to the deployment type, that would allow my opponent to put more space between the two battle lines. On the flip side, this allows one to predict more or less where the bunk of the enemy forces will be sitting, due to space limitations.

    So when I won the roll for sides, I opted for the configuration that a) placed a forest right in the middle of the table, great cover against cannons and small arms fire, b) had an impassable terrain limiting enemy deployment even further. My opponent didn't elect to deploy his entire army in one go, which gave me the opportunity to drop all for the first turn!

    I went for a central deployment with the 3 monsters tightly packed and heading for that forest, the right flank held by the dancers of yema and some legionnaires while the left flank had all the fast troops and my remaining scorers. The reasoning behind this was to put pressure early on, keeping the enemy away from the center and forcing him to split his shooting while I advanced. My adversary deployed his shooting troops literally hugging the table edge, using the Steam Tank to protect his left flank and the flagellants to anchor the right.

    [/image<br /> ][image=20956,'large']

    For spells, I got Pentagram of Pain/Grave Calls and Ice and Fire/Crippling Fatigue, while my opponent got Altered Sight, Unerring Strike, Stars Align and Scrying for the Divination wizard, Fireball and Molten Copper for the Alchemy wizard and Quicksilver Lash and Flaming Swords for the Pyromancy wizard.

    TURN 1 - DE

    All three monsters rushed to the forest's cover, both krakens combining their footprints to keep the Dragon Safe from either cannon. The dark raiders spotted a blind spot next to the leftmost reiters and moved there threatening to charge on the following turn. The legionnaires both advanced cautiously: these didn't need to move too aggressively, as I was going to need them for scoring early objective points. To the right, the Dancers of Yema were assigned to Steam Tank duty: these would have to keep the tank busy from turns 2 to 4, while the rest of the army pounced on the relatively soft shooting battery.

    In magic I attempted to cast magic on both the cannon and the Reiters to the right who were too far away from the general and bsb, but no wounds were caused.

    TURN 1 - EoS

    My opponent responded to my baits by simply ignoring them: the flagellants moved up to intercept my monsters, the tank just pivoted to get good firing lanes to the krakens and the leftmost reiters retreated behind the Flagellants to a spot where all of their possible assailants would have to suffer a stand and shoot reaction if they wanted to get into combat.

    In the magic phase I had to let through Altered Sight on the cannon, as well as a Fireball on the kraken that dealt a single wound, so as to dispel the Unerring strike that inevitably targeted a kraken. In the shooting phase the cannon hit my left kraken and did maximum damage, killing it outright! The steam tank thankfully failed to hit the second kraken, and the rest of the shooting amounted to 4 dead legionnaires from the right unit, as well as a couple of dead dark raiders.

    TURN 2 - DE

    The casualties were mounting fast, but I was still too far to declare any significant charges against the gunline. So I sent the dancers of yema charging into the Steam Tank, to hold it in place for a couple of turns. Now free from the threat of the Steam Cannon, I was able to push the Kraken and Dragon forward, still staying within the safety of the forest but inching closer to the enemy. Both Medusas and a unit of Dark Riders moved into positions from where they'd be able to charge on turn 3, and the same did the Yema Acolytes. To ensure that the flagellants didn't ruin my party, I had to shove the depleted unit of dark raiders right in front of them.

    In the magic phase yet again nothing of interest happened, my rolls being quite abysmal. I only managed to cast the Deceptive Glamour on an enemy unit, giving my Dragon +1 Movement. The Prince's crossbow did succeed in killing a Flagellant, though!
    In combat the Dancers failed to wound the steam tank and lost four of their number to the grinding attacks and the breath weapon. They held their ground, pinning the tank down.

    TURN 2 - EoS

    The only charge this turn was the Flagellants into the Dark Raiders: the elves took one for the team and died, allowing the Flagellants to reform. In remaining moves both Reiter units had to move to get any chance of shooting. In the magic phase I once more had to weather a storm: the cannon's Aim got boosted once more using the Altered Sight, while a good casting roll of the Aura version of Flaming Swords was too high to dispel with my dice. Once more, I contented myself with dispelling unerring strike.

    The shooting this turn was thankfully less effective: the cannon hit the kraken but only did two wounds, and a unit of crossbows had to shoot at the dark raiders in front of the cannon, killing them to an elf. A second unit targeted the Dark Acolytes, and managed to kill 3 of them, leaving only one unit to try and wound the Kraken. Thanks to the cover from the forest and the Hard target, no further wounds were suffered.

    In combat the Steam Tank continued the grind, killing another 4 Dancers, who once more held their ground thanks to the general's Inspiring Presence.

    TURN 3 - DE

    This turn I finally declared several charges:
    The kraken went into the middle Crossbow unit which housed the Alchemy Mage and the Engineer. The Dark Acolytes also charged the same unit. The Legionnaires to the right and the Dragon both charged the rightmost Crossbow unit, but the Dragon failed its 9+ roll and stumbled forward. The rightmost medusa took a 10+ charge into the cannon but failed, and finally the second medusa spied the flank of the leftmost reiters and charged past the Flagellants and into the cavalry's flank (this was possible using just 1 wheel, by moving in a straight line until clearing the Flagellants, then wheeling 90 degrees to hit the corner of the unit).

    The second unit of Legionnaires couldn't commit, as their role was to get yet another secondary objective token: thus, they were relegated to redirector duty, obstructing the passage of the Flagellants: odds were that they'd lose that combat, but hopefully hold for a turn until reinforcements came in the form of the medusas, acolytes and Dread Knights.

    This turn, the only spell that I managed to cast was the Crippling Fatigue into the rightmost crossbows, giving my Legionnaires a considerable boost against them.
    In combat, the medusa killed 3 reiters going in, without taking any wounds back. Aided by fear, she broke the fast cavalry and pursued them off the table. The Kraken and Acolyte Champion attacked the crossbows, killing a bunch: the kraken directed its attacks on the two characters, wounding each once but not getting the needed number on the D3 wound roll to kill them outright.

    Right next to this combat, the Legionnaires did quite some wounds, but their Crossbowmen enemies managed to remain steadfast due to the proximity of the 3-rank parent unit. Finally, the Dancers of Yema failed their saves quite miserably once more but remained steadfast: queue a failed Ld9 test, and they went fleeing leaving the tank free to take shots at my dragon!

    TURN 3 - EoS

    While it might be hard to believe, by now we were already running out of time, and we only had 10 minutes to go: my opponent played slowly (due to inexperience with the list, I'm not insinuating anything of course!) so we decided that he'd get his final turn and then we'd count. With that in mind, my opponent did a couple of bold moves to ensure that his units kept fighting in combat: the left Crossbows flanked my Kraken, while the Heavy Infantry, Wizard Master on the front rank, charged corner-to-corner into the rightmost Legionnaires. The Flagellants charged the second Legionnaire unit.

    In magic all of the mages were in combat, which left me with "just" the close combat spells to dispel: once more I let the Altered Sight go off on the cannon, keeping my dice for the bubble Flaming Swords. I then failed to dispel that, leading to all the Light Infantry units getting a +1 to wound bonus!

    Shooting was essentially the two cannons taking potshots at my dragon: the big cannon thankfully failed to hit, leaving the Steam Tank cannon: it hit, wounded and proceeded to deal 3 unsaved wounds to my general.

    In combat things didn't go as planned for the Dread Elves:
    The Flagellants went ballistic on my Legionnaires, killing 10 with 12 attacks! In retaliation I only killed 5, broke and was ran down. The Flagellants fell into the Dark Acolytes right behind.
    Furthermore, the Kraken/Acolyte/Light infantry combat suffered a major upset: The kraken managed to kill both characters it had wounded on the previous turn, but in return the Crossbowmen managed to deal 3 unsaved wounds and kill it before it got to stomp.. The Legionnaires fighting the crossbowmen and heavy infantry fluffed their rolls quite badly, but still managed to win combat and send the crossbowmen fleeing out of the table. The Heavy Infantry managed to succeed its Steadfast Ld test, staying in combat.

    When the smoke had cleared, the Dread Elves were bloodied but had also gotten the secondary objective and some victory points of their own, leading to a 12-8 win for the Dread Elves!


    This one was a tough game, and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't feel a bit frustrated about only getting to play 3 turns against such a list. As luck would have it, some crazy rolls for my opponent meant that I'd be left in a precarious position on my turn 4 (both krakens dead, and the Acolytes engaged in a losing fight), but in return I'd have finally gotten some juicy charges off. Turn 4 would have perhaps seen me kill both remaining enemy mages, in a good position for turn 5 and 6 mop-up, but we'll never know!

    In any case, the game was a blast and my opponent a really nice guy, so overall a good second round for the tournament!

    Hope you enjoyed this, and stay tuned for round 3 against the Undying Dynasties!


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  • MeuhMeuh -

    Damn, your reports are always so enjoyable with the morning coffee ! :D
    Well played on that last one, managing to limit the damage despite playing only 3 turns against a gunline, well done ! Also, that medusa charge was wonderfull, big kudos for spotting it ! ;)

  • There Is No Spoon -

    I'd go for T2 charges instead of T3 (someone told me) :P

  • PrinceCharming -

    Smith , u are a slowplayer! I know your tactics! Doing a small win on round 2, so u have an easier round 3 opponent u can bully!