PTG Wooden Spoon Cup #9

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  • Well well well! Here we are with the first of our semi-finals in the Wooden Spoon Cup...

    We see a skink deathsar army (yes you heard right!) vs a Cavalry Heavy Undying List. Both these lists involved a mass unit of either skinks or Skeleton Cavalry which have been surprisingly useful in the previous battles. Add into the mix some Ramphodons and some Cataphracts and we've got a battle!

    Up to now Saurians have been the favourites in their previous too and have shown why with some pretty comfortable wins. They, again, go into this one as favourite, but can they deliver?

    Meanwhile, the Undying Dynasties have been one of the shock armies so far, with wins against the Dwarves and the closest thing we had to a gun-line; and scraping a win against a Dread Elf army with some pretty handy cavalry themselves. So while they will take the role of underdog once again, don't write these guys off just yet!

    Anyway, enough of my talking, lets get to it shall we!

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