PTG Wooden Spoon Cup #10

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  • And we have another case of the David vs Goliath / Underdog vs Favourite / Big Man vs Little Man syndrome, in our next Semi-Final.

    In the 'Golaith' corner, we have the Infernal Dwarves. They took out the tournament favourites (Orges) in round 1, courtesy of the BSB and Giant combo, back up with some surprising support from and Orc slave unit. Next up they dealt with the Highborns (and that wonderful eagle deathtrap of a unit) quite efficiently to take their place in the semis.

    In the "I've got some major anger issues" Little-man syndrome corner, we have the Kingdom of Equitaine and their peasant heavy list. The crown of the Wizard King BSB on pegasus has made quite a name for himself thus far, making a serious case for Mage of the Tournament! In their first game, they disposed of the Warriors of the Dark gods, dealing with everything apart from the devastating lord on behemoth to take home the victory. Then, in another shock victory against the Sylvan Elves, they showed their prowess in the shooting department with the crossbows and light cavalry running riot on the low body count of the SE - despite a late surge from the Wild Huntsman and characters.

    We already know that it will be the Undying Dynasties in the FInal with @Squirrelloid at the helm (metophorically speeaking), but who will be there to face them? The Peasants or the flaming stunties? Let's watch...

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