PTG Quickstarter #1 Livestream Test

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  • A special Bat rep here for all you UB fans! And if your are interested in the T9A Quickstarter then this might be a good one for ya! We get pitched against each other in T9A's first ever 2.0 Quickstarter Livestream, with Auxilary boys - The Askerlanders - versus a snippet from the up and coming newbs of T9A - The Daemon Legions.

    This is a project headed up by @DJWoodelf and looks to create a quick and easy version of the game we all know and love, in a manner that will attract newcomers to the hobby. If you haven't come across this by now, it's certainly worth a look as its a great way to get new friends to playing the game. Simplified rules, short playtime, pre-made armies, fun times! There is even an extended version soon to come out which will allow you to pick your own army lists and get a bit more advanced with it once you've got to grips with it all.

    If nothing else, it is a bit of ol' fashioned fun - and that is what we do best! Big shout out to @piteglio for getting in touch with us about this and, more importantly, hosting the Livestream to keep us in check! And apologies for butchering the pronunciation of your name - you do a whole show in our language and we can't even pronounce your name! Italian lessons for us have been booked...

    Anyway, here is the bat rep of the battle.

    If you want to see the whole livestream for more detail and to get absorbed in the fun, the link is here:

    And if this is right up your street make sure to visit the YouTube channel Veil of the Ages as there is a hell of a lot more where that came from (and there will be from us soon too - #SpoilerAlert)...
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