Pacific Rim- Battle Report 3

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  • So it’s been a couple of months since this tournament and I already have bat reps stacked up for the US Masters event so I’m going to push out bat reps 3 and 4 pretty quickly here from Pacific Rim tournament.

    Well start out with game 3 and we were up against the team who flew out from Colorado. There was really only one red match up for me (Karen’s Dwarves) so we dropped me first and I got the dwarves and Mike’s VC.

    We clearly chose for me to play against Mike. I’d met Mike a number of times at tournaments over the years and am a huge fan of his channel, so I was really looking forward to this game.

    Thoughts on the match up:
    His list was primarily built around points preservation and trying to goad opponents into his big ghoulstar, so I knew big points would be difficult in this game. From his side of the table, my divination and quicksilver lash would prevent him getting too aggressive with the punchy quick moving elements of his list.

    Mike Lies Mountain Vampires:
    BotD Vampire Count on Court of the Damned, Plate- Legend of the Black King, Occultism Adept, GW, Necromantic Staff

    BotD Vampire Count on Skeletal Steed, Monster Hunter, Occultism Adept, Shield, Plate, GW, Lance, Eternity Gem, Night’s Crown

    39 Ghouls Champ
    40 Zombies, Std/Muso
    3 Bat Swarms
    8 Direwolves, Champ

    2x2 Great Bats
    7 Wraiths

    6 Vamp Knights, Bloodties, FC- Flaming Std

    Sea Dragon Host (for convenience)
    Display Spoiler

    Divination Master, Light Armor- Death Cheater, Griffon General
    MoCT BSB, Heavy Armor- Alchemist, Shield- Willows Ward

    2x23 Spears Champ/Std- Rending
    2x5 Reavers, bows

    19 Flame Wardens FC- Rending
    2x5 Ryma Knights

    Sky Sloop
    5 Grey Watchers

    Objective: Breakthrough

    Deployment and Terrain:

    We both deployed fairly evenly spread across, with me concentrating my shooting around a central hill
    After a few cagey drops, I dropped everything for first turn wanting to zone his advance to prevent him from pushing into the mid table uncontested.

    …Evana knew to be cautious around the living dead. The teeming masses of uncoordinated zombies and ghouls before her may look like easy prey for her disciplined troops but the necromantic magics of the two vampires leading them could greatly enhance their combat prowess.

    Fortunately, today would not be won solely by strength of arms. The undead were merely in her way, she needed to slip her forces past them. With the bulk of the undead strength dedicated centrally she needed to distract the undead and slip her forces steadily around their flanks…

    …her plan was working perfectly, the bulk of her forces were holding the undead center and monsters at bay. In the meanwhile her right flank were using the cover of the tower to surround a unit of vampire cavalry and effect the breakthrough she needed.

    She and Breag had been keeping the vampire count on skeletal steed occupied while picking off the fast moving bats and other chaff that could slow her advance…

    …the leader of her Watchers signaled once and then withdrew a dozen paces as the horde of ghouls scrambled closer. As the first rank of the slavering cannibals hit the traps they simply disappeared, deep into pits or staked ditches, the second rank were shredded by a hail of razor thin metal disks.

    Watching his horde dissolve the vampire leading them from the gilded throne slitted eyes narrowed and the hulking varkolak surged forward unnatural will urging the monstrosity to break the line. Evans gathered her magics and unleashed a hail of energy bolts, dealing several mortal wounds and staggering the beast.

    As she bent her will against the vampire magic users, focusing all her energy at vaporizing the varkolak her brother gathered his magics to spirit the spears on her right flank through the vampire lines. Evana raised her left hand and signaled, she and Breag covered the infantry line as it shifted and moved past the encumbered ghouls and vampire. Songs would not be sung of this victory, but they’d achieved their goal and outmaneuvered the hordes of undead

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
    This was a very close game, a 10-10 on points led to a 13-7 to me after objective.
    The team overall had a fairly good showing, with a big win and a couple of small wins, we weren’t quite at cap, but close.

    This game was a very tactical one, neither of us wanted to give the other the advantage and go down with a big loss. I think my opponent could have been more aggressive with his ghoul horde, while I should have been more aggressive on my right flank. Only a cheeky ravenswing in the bottom of the turn got me that objective.

    However, we only made it to turn 4, had we managed to play it out things would have been interesting as I’d pincered his cowboy/vamp knights with the frosty, sloop and blue spears and my green spears had almost chewed through the big zombie brick while his varko was nearly re-dead. I could have potentially cleaned up his entire army but the ghoul star if I’d had the remaining two turns.

    With that we were up against another team with ETC players and another familiar face from Southern California into round 4…

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