Pacific Rim- Battle Report 4

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  • So after a long day of gaming, I got home and got a good night’s sleep and woke up feeling even worse. I actually tried to see if the TO could find a ringer, but none was forthcoming so I dragged myself to the venue and pumped myself full of a sufficient amount of drugs and caffeine to operate.

    This team was full of top caliber players and were just off a win against the team which had capped us in Round 1, so we knew we were up for a tough round. I didn’t have two reds so we put me up first and I got the Sylvan and Dread Elves. My team mate wanted the game against the SE player so I took the Dread Elves for the team.

    Josh Stuart’s Dread Elves:
    So another Dread Elf (for those counting that’s 5 DE out of my last 7 GT games). I actually liked the match ups here

    Cult Priest, BSB on Divine Altar, Shield
    Dread Prince, General, Raptor, HA- Alchemist Alloy, Paired Weapons- Heros Heart, Lucky Charm, Midnight Cloak
    Oracle, Cosmology Master, Amulet of Spite

    31 Legionnaires, Spears, FC- Academy Banner
    2x15 Legionnaires, Spears, Champ/Std- Academy Banner

    12 Dread Knights, FC- Banner of Blood
    5 Dark Acolytes, Champ
    5 Dark Acolytes
    5 Harpies
    2x Dread Reapers

    Sea Dragon Host (for convenience):
    Display Spoiler

    Divination Master, Light Armor- Death Cheater, Griffon General
    MoCT BSB, Heavy Armor- Alchemist, Shield- Willows Ward

    2x23 Spears Champ/Std- Rending
    2x5 Reavers, bows

    19 Flame Wardens FC- Rending
    2x5 Ryma Knights

    Sky Sloop
    5 Grey Watchers

    Thoughts on the match up:
    I really liked the acolytes and dread knights as targets for my magic and Ryma Knights respectively.
    The Wardens really swing the infantry match ups as they strike simo on 2s/3s, as long as they don’t have to deal with protracted combats with the altar.

    We got spoils of war and attacker defender. I believe I chose sides and big center, which allowed him to drop everything for first turn.

    I ended up deploying symmetrically with Evana on the left and Breag on the right. My infantry blocks squared off against his.

    …Evana knew that the captives had been left as bait. Each of them hung from the stakes limply, she couldn’t even tell if they were alive. She knew each of them by name which made the choice she was about to make even more difficult.

    The elf staked on their right flank, he bore the message she’d been sent to retrieve. With a fresh host of her dread cousins undoubtedly hidden within the town ahead she knew she would have to prioritize the messenger for rescue.

    To make good on her feint, she herself led the assault on the left flank, hopeful her deadly magics and household cavalry could delay the cream of the dread cavalry while Breag led the right flank’s true rescue mission. As Nellenor took to the skies and she gathered her magics she regretted the tactical constraints this group venture had placed upon her decisions…

    I organize a trap on the left with my reavers, hoping to lure the raptor knights into a multi-charge

    Ryma knight charge depletes the raptors, but loses to the raptor prince’s counter charge

    Nellenor back-winged and made for their infantry lines, a frustrated bellow erupting from her maw. Evana couldn’t help but agree with her mount’s assessment. Their glorious assault on the left had failed to break their dread cousins and her magic had been ineffective in ridding them of the cult riders.

    Fortunately, her ruse had worked and her remaining household cavalry had retrieved the messenger and made good their escape. Her brothers Wardens covered their escape as they withdrew in good order. She hated herself for leaving the remaining captives to their fate, but her force and the news it carried were needed elsewhere…

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
    By the end my opponent had a minor points advantage for a 12-8 turning into a 15-5 due to objective.

    Ultimately, my gamble on the left didn’t pay off. I’d hoped to break the raptor knights and scurry off with that objective token. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to break his rank and he broke mine meaning he held. I’d heavily debated bringing my griffon into that combat, as I almost certainly break them. However, the counter charge from the dread prince was too risky. Looking back, I think I should have taken this risk as it might have won me the objective.

    We lost this round, but did not get capped, preventing our opponents from winning overall.

    I’m looking forward to a rematch against Josh in the future.

    With that my Pacific Rim experience came to an end. The opponents for the next round happened to have had a drop out and the TO offered to let me go home. Which I gladly accepted.

    Overall Standings/Thoughts:
    I believe we came in 3rdor 4thout of 10 teams, a fairly respectable showing. Getting capped in round 1 really hurt our chances as we actually performed fairly well in Rounds 2-4.

    If I had it all to do over again, I think our list building plan was rubbish. Using HBE as a ‘shield’ list is a misuse and in some cases allowed our opponents to present obvious choices to my pairing. Additionally, our WoDG build had so many red match ups (VS, DE, DH) that we spent too much energy trying to protect his match ups rather than engineer positive ones for our scorer/s.

    However, I loved the team environment, it brings an entirely new level to competitive play and I look forward to attending Pacific Rim for years to come. I would heartily recommend it to anyone willing to make a trip out to California.

    What’s Next:
    As promised, I’ll be doing my bat reps from the US Masters back in mid-January. Fortunately, I took notes on my flight home, unfortunately, I didn’t get too many pictures as the play level was competitive.

    So I need your feedback, are you liking the narrative style battle reports from Pacific Rim, or a more detailed game description-type report?

    Please leave a reply below with your preference.

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  • SmithF -

    I like both styles of reporting, but I agree that game description (in the old White Dwarf style) is what most people reading these reports are looking for. In any case, thanks a lot for taking the time to write these, they are great!

  • SkavenInAZ -

    How did I not know you were doing reports??

    • Vespacian -

      Oh man! You’re in for a treat, there’s like 3 dozen crossing the last couple years. Enjoy!

  • Danrakh -

    Detailed game description please. It could be hidden in spoilers between narrative parts though.
    Thanks for your battlereports anyway.

  • falanor -

    Hey! I also prefer a more game-like BR... but I would enjoy them either way, thanks for taking the time and sharing your games!

  • Evoluo -

    I prefer the more detailed game description. In my view it gives a better sense of the tactical decisions that you and your opponent made. Thanks for taking the time to write these batreps, they are always a good read!

  • BondageGoatZombie -

    I would say I prefer the game description reports, but some narration doesn't hurt if you want to include some :)
    Looking forward to the next couple of reports