North American Masters 2018- Battle Report 3 (plus extra!)

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  • As an extra treat for fans of the blog, Chihammer and I got a practice game in the night before Masters with our lists and he’s made a video bat rep out of it, check it out here:

    Now onto game 3...For those who have been following the blog for a while, Micah delivered me a disappointing loss in Infernal Zoo 2 years ago, so I was looking forward to some payback, he brought:

    Scourge of Wrath (General): Eternal Sword, Black Orb, Shackles of Reality
    Harbinger of Change: Disk, Witchcraft Apprentice, Fates Judgment Bound, Something like a Sceptre of Power

    6 Plague Beasts
    25ish Slaughterers, FC- Rending Banner
    2x10 Slaughterers, Onslaught
    3 Sky Serpents
    2x6 Furies of Wrath
    3 Crushers
    2x2 Nurglings

    Sea Dragon Host:
    High Prince on a Griffon (General)- Shield, Dragon Armor- Demon Hunters, Diadem of Protection, Lance- Nova Flare
    Order of the Fiery Heart Adept on a Young Dragon(Pyro)- Shield, Heavy Armor- Basalt Infusion, Talisman of Shielding
    Master of the Canreig Tower (BSB)- Shield, Heavy Armor, Void Talisman

    24x Spears, Champ/Std- Relentless
    24x Spears, Champ/Std- Relentless
    2x5 Elein Reavers

    20 Flame Wardens FC- Rending
    5 Ryma Knights
    2x5 Queens Guard
    2 SGRs

    Thoughts on the match:
    Damn Scourge of Wrath…even with Black Orb/Shackles I wish I had Divination. However, my fire base with flaming swords has a very good shot at downing him.
    The fliers would be really key to my strategy in this game as the pyro should be good picking up his little units as well and the Nova Lance could really be impactful.

    Deployment/Objective: Marching Columns and Hold the Center
    I didn’t love hold the center in this match up as the plague beasts and big slaughterer block were more than a match for any of my units 1-1.
    I dropped for first turn because I wanted to threaten the objective and let my shooting have an impact, there was a large hill in my opponents deployment zone so I was happy to let him hide his Scourge there all game if he wanted to

    I dropped away from the hill with my infantry units set up centrally with the green spears guarding my left flank. My fire base/fliers were centrally located to stay flexible and the Rymas were set to zone units that came out from around the hill.
    He set up his Scourge, crushers, harbinger and sky serpents around the hill with his big infantry blocks staring down the center objective

    Turns 1:
    I closed on the objective and moved my Rymas up a bit on my right to threaten all his arcs around the hill, as well as sending the Griff Prince up my left flank, I managed to pull a couple of slaughterers off of the big unit with my shooting

    With his advance on my right threatened he brought his Scourge out to play and moved up his units sheltering around the Scourge

    Turns 2:
    I swung my griff prince around on my left and adjusted the infantry units around while backing the Rymas off from the Scourge. If he wanted to waste Turns 2 and 3 catching them and tying up his advance I was comfortable with that trade off. I repositioned my fire base to shoot at the Scourge.

    I managed bubble flaming swords with the dragon mage covering half my fire base and unloaded on the Scourge. I did 3 wounds (about average) and my opponent saved 2 with his - or 6+/5++...

    In his turn Micah charged the Ryma knights with the Scourge who fled and outdistanced the beast. He brings his furies and sky serpents around on my far right flank planning an end run on my shooting base.

    Turn 3:
    I rally the Rymas and continue to jockey for position in the center with my Griff Prince and infantry units. The dragon mage repositions to threaten the center but cover my entire fire base with flaming swords.
    I take a risk and 5 dice flaming swords bubble and my opponent fails to stop it…
    My fire base unloads on the Scourge again, this time half of it was within short range and all of it was covered with flaming swords. I did 7 wounds and my opponent saved 6 of them with a - or 6+/5++…

    With an extremely healthy Scourge and clear line of sight into my back lines Micah made a couple of mistakes (IMO) in this movement phase and moved his plague toads up to take the objective and charged his Scourge into my Ryma Knights
    His Slaughterers moved up to threaten counter charges if I charged the plague beasts and his fast movers closed in on my fire base. They would be able to charge next turn. He goes up one on the objective.
    The Ryma Knights die.

    Turns 4:
    I was able to charge the plague beasts in the front with the Wardens/Dragon Mage and in the flank with the Griff Prince. I did the quick math on this and on average, with no spell support and no lethal strikes from the prince, I pop the unit. I chaff his slaughterers with my reavers on the left.

    In the magic phase, I made a minor mistake here, I should have split my dice between bubble flaming swords and boosted pyro flow. Instead I split between bubble flaming swords and the hereditary. He stopped flaming swords.
    So, I underperform, and he overperforms, I don’t pop him and he makes a snake eyes instability test and the combat drags on.

    His fast movers start making it into my fire base hitting the rightmost bolt thrower and the Scourge fails a charge on the blue spears who flee.
    In the center combat, he manages to hold on for another round with another skewed round.

    Turns 5-6:
    In my Turn 5 I finally manage to finish off the plague beasts and I reposition my infantry around the objective.
    He finishes off my firebase and charges into my blue spears with his crushers. I hold.

    In my turn 6 I countercharge his crushers with the Wardens and reposition. My spears and Wardens smash the crushers.
    Surrounded, my fliers and spear blocks were forced into some risky criss-crossing flee maneuvers on the last turn. Fortunately, the slaughterers failed a critical redirect test preserving half my griff prince’s points(and general bonus), but I lost the dragon mage.

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
    I have to apologize to Micah because I became a bit salty in this game, turns 2-4 saw some of the most lopsided dice I’ve ever seen and despite what I thought was a well-played game, that on average should have probably been a 14/18 to me (depends on whether I get the Scourge fully down or if he survives and hides) it turned into a 3-17 to Micah.

    A lot of it came down to my Turns 2 and 3 shooting at the Scourge. Clearly this was a huge delta in the game, if they manage to down the Scourge or leave him on a wound or 2 (both below average results) then the Ryma Knights successfully zone the flank holding back the crushers, sky serpents and furies
    Micah was a gent the whole time and didn’t deserve my saltiness, I seem to have a Game 3 curse as I’ve gone down big-medium losses in Game 3 of the last 3 single GTs I’ve played.

    So at the end of day one I was sitting on 23 points…not great, but not a total loss. A big day 2 could still give me a good shot at decent placing…

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