Axel Vicious using Warriors of the Dark Gods at TEC 2019

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  • Hello again!

    I can only apologise profusely for leaving it so long between writing my last Bat Rep and writing this one I’ve not really attended many tournaments between October last year and now. I’ve fallen out of love with the Kingdom of Equitaine, too much rubber lancing going on for my liking and the UK meta doesn’t seem to favour great big units of knights (which is the only way I want to play them), so it was back to the Warriors after they received an update in November.
    I did attended one in Stockport, UK, in December using Warriors of the Dark Gods and then they updated the army book so I decided not to write up. Then attended the excellent Scottish Championships last month and had a blast with my Warriors but then they updated the army again so I decided not to write that up. The constant updates is great but does make bat reps feel old very fast as I’m not sure if anyone is interested in reading how an army does once it’s already outdated. If anyone is interested then leave a comment and I’ll try and write up the good ones.

    Anyway, onto the main topic at hand, I attended the English Championships last week. It had 90 attendees so the there was a lot of competition. I was using the latest update of the Warriors (2.1.1) and can I just say I think this is the best iteration of the book for a long time, the improvement to the discipline of most of the troops is a huge plus and no longer having to take a very expensive BSB is a big bonus (although my BSB model now feels very unwanted). The Favours are definitely worth taking now I think with a nice price reduction as well as making the champion a little bit more survivable and giving him a nice buff to his discipline. The Dark Prelate gift was calling to me so I definitely wanted to take that, which in turn led to getting a Chosen Lord on a War Dais to sit in a big block of Warriors with the Favour of Envy.

    My list for the weekend:

    Chosen Lord, Favour of Envy, War Dais, Dark Prelate, Warband Standard, Banner of Speed, Spiked Shield, Dusk Forged, Symbol of Slaughter, 615
    Exhalted Herald, 850
    20x Warriors, Favour of Envy, Full Command, Zealots Banner, 650
    5 Fallen, 150
    8x Warhounds, 120
    6x Feldraks, Halberd, Musician, 783
    3 Chosen Knights, Favour of Envy, Champion, Standard, 498
    Forsaken One, 400
    Feldrak Elder, Halberd, 470

    So I had what I would consider a fairly fast army, hoping I could get to grips with the enemy as soon as possible and start chopping them to bits. I only had 3 scoring units which could be a problem in certain scenarios but those scoring units are fast and tough so hopefully they can survive whatever is thrown at them and run onto objectives and stay there.

    So onto Game 1 and i was drawn against Daemon Legions, not an army I have had a lot of experience fighting against and I haven’t played them since their latest update so I was in for an interesting match.

    My opponents list:
    Omen of Savar: General, Wizard Master, Divination, Hammer Hand, Living Shield, Iron Husk
    Omen of Savar: Wizard Master, Thaumaturgy, Hammerhand, Living Shield (Dominant)
    24 Sucubbi: Musician, Chilling Yawn
    16 Lemures: Standard Bearer, Chilling Yawn
    10 Imps
    6 Bloat Flies: Broodmother
    3 Brazen Beast: Musician, Red Haze
    2 Mageblight Gremlins: Unnatural Roots
    5 Hellhounds
    5 Furies

    After furiously reading the army book and speaking other players I had a vague idea for a battle plan; avoid the Omens until it’s time to strike, blow the Bloat Flies up with magic and fight them with high toughness guys (Feldraks and Forsaken One), don’t get charged by the Brazen Beasts. Easy! The deployment type was Refused Flank and the secondary was Secure Target.

    We took turns deploying until I decided to drop everything and give my opponent first turn. I’m finding going second is beneficial for objectives where you have to be the one securing it at the end of the game, you can either secure it or stop your opponent from securing it. That was the idea anyway.

    I didn’t take pics of deployment but here’s the map.

    I was pretty much on the line on the left flank but sat back a bit on the right flank after my opponent put his Brazen Beasts down, it’s going to be a bit of a standoff on that side. I have given my Exhalted Herald the Abiding Spirit and Brand of the Dragon Manifestations and spell wise I have gone for Smite the Unbeliever (to lower the toughness on those Flies), Breath of Corruption (not great against Daemons but hoping that a Breath Weapon in combat can help boost some combat res my way) and Hellfire (excellent damage spell against Daemons that have no armour).

    The Divination Omen, who is the General, is in with the Lemurs and has 4 spells; The Stars Align, Know Thine Enemy, Unerring Strike and the Daemonic signature Spear of Inifinity. The Thaumaturgy Omen is in with the Succubi and its 4 spells are Hand of Heaven, Smite the Unbeliever, Cleansing Fire and Spear of Infinity again.
    My opponent put his objective in the woods in my deployment and put mine behind his hill hoping that he would have to keep ones of his big blocks back to secure that one.

    Daemon Legions 1
    Display Spoiler

    Off we go and my opponent starts off quiet aggressively, running the Bloat Flies in front of the wood in my deployment and ready to face the Feldraks. The Furies fly up next to them blocking off the Feldraks from charging the Bloat Flies. The Hellhounds run in front of the Brazen Beasts who shuffle to their left and hug the back line, my Chosen Knights can still charge them but it’s far. The Lemurs and Succubi nudge forward and the Imps step back.

    Onto Magic and my Opponent gets the 6 card, after al the Daemons extra channelling it is 9 power dice v 6 Dispel. The Thamaturgy Omen begins with Hand of Heaven on my Feldrak Elder and I decide to let it off hoping that the Gods of Randomness are on my side. The spell does 6 hits (Boo!) at Strength 1 (Yay!), despite the terrible strength it still does a wound to my Feldrak Elder. Next the same Omen casts Smite the Unbeliever on the Feldarks to lower their Resilience, as they won’t see combat next turn anyway, I let that off. The Divination Omen steps up next and casts the inevitable Divination spell, Unerring Strike on my Feldrak Elder, I dispel this one with 4 dice, leaving us with 2 each now. The Thaumaturgy Omen goes ballsy and casts Spear of Infinity on the Feldrak Elder with one dice and rolls a 6 , I throw both Dispel dice at it and fail to Dispel. As the Daemons have cast 2 spells this turn the strength of the Spear is 7 so it’s wounding on 3s, it wounds the Feldrak Elder and does 2 wounds. The Divination Omen casts Spear of Infinity on the Feldrak Elder as well with one dice and rolls a 3, which is enough sadly, that also wounds it and causes 2 wounds. This leaves my Feldrak Elder on 1 wound and looking rather sorry, he’s now just become a very expensive redirector. That was a pretty brutal example of how deadly the Daemon magic can be but it could have been so much worse, at least the Elder Feldrak is alive.

    There’s a little shooting from the Imps who shoot at the Warriors but cause no wounds.

    Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    I kick things off with a couple of charges. The Warriors can see the flank of the Hellhounds and it is too good of an opportunity to miss, they need a 9 on the dice but thanks to Swiftstride they make it. I charge the Chosen Cavalry at the Brazen Beasts because even if I fail it I can still chaff the unit up with my Warhounds. The Chosen Knights fail their charge, they did need an 11 but they are at least a bit closer now.

    Random Movers next and the Forsaken One is in the side arc of the Furies which it takes and goes barrelling into their flank. My opponent has left me with a very easy overrun into the flank of the Bloat Flies as well, my opponent just didn’t see that which is easily done, I’ve done it enough times.

    I turn the Feldraks to face the Bloat Flies. The Fallen run in front of the Lemurs to stop them from charging the Warriors this turn. I Unleash the Hounds for the Warhounds who go and run right in front of the Brazen Beasts.

    I move the Feldrak Elder back away from the front to safety ready to use him to stop a nnuit next turn if I need to. I could have charged him into the Flies but it seemed a waste as he would have just been killed by the toxic attacks most likely, at least now I can cast some spells on them. The Exalted Herald flies around the side of my opponent, ready to get blasting some Daemon filth off with Magic.

    True to form I pull out the 1 card, but at least thanks to the Daemons I channel to extra and get 6 Power dice to my opponents 4 Dispel. I start off by casting a boosted Hellfire on the Bloat Flies but I fail to cast it on 4 dice but get 2 dice back again as they rolled 1s. I try to cast Smite the Unbeliever on the Flies to lower their strength but my opponent dispels it, I use my last 2 dice on the Dark Prelate to cast Hand of Glory giving the unit a 5+ Aegis save.

    Onto combat and the Chosen Lord makes swift work of destroying the Hellhounds before they can strike back, I then do a post combat pivot to face the Lemurs and I’ve turned them in such a way so that the Brazen Beasts can’t overrun into the Warriors from charging the Warhounds (or so I thought).

    The Forsaken One despite looking like a formidable monster only manages to kill 1 Fury but he doesn’t take any wounds in return. I thought I had blown my golden opportunity to stop the Flies with a measly 1 wound but thanks to a the Forsaken One counting as having a rank of one it is a big flank for +2 combat res, plus the charge and the wound giving me +4 in total. The Furies fail their Break test luckily and pop! I overrun with the Forsaken and easily hit the flank of the Bloat Flies.

    Daemon Legions 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Daemons start the turn by Charging the Brazen Beasts into the Warhounds and the Lemurs charge the Fallen.

    The Mageblight Gremlins come on the board thanks to their unique ambush and appear just behind the Exalted Herald. The Imps move forward to chaff up the Warriors and the Succubi just turn so that next turn they can charge the Forsaken One if they need to.

    I the Magic Phase my Opponent gets the 5 card so it’s 10 v 6 and if last phase was anything to go by this is going to hurt. The Divination Omen begins by casting the bubbled version of Know Thine Enemy and gets an extremely good roll which I have to let through, so the Bloat Flies, Succubi and the Lemurs now all have +2, Agility, Offensive and Defensive Skill. Next the Divination Omen casts the Stars align on the Bloat Flies and again it’s another high roll, like 16 with 3 dice. I have to let it through for fear of failing to dispel it and being left open to more Magic abuse. I’m also counting on the high resilience of the Forsaken One and the Feldraks to be what stops the Bloat Flies. With his remaining 3 dice my opponent casts Smite the Unbeliever on the Feldraks to lower their Resilience, I do dispel this one which I think was the right spell to stop.
    The Imps shoot at the Warriors again but to no effect.

    The Brazen Beasts wipe out all the Warhounds with their Impact hits and the attacks from the riders. What I hadn’t accounted for when I was working out my pivot with the warriors is that 3 Brazen Beasts can have 1 of the Brazen beasts overhanging on the left of the Warhounds and that one has the Warriors back corner right in front of him. The Brazen Beasts need an 8 on their overrun to reach the Warriors and charge them in the flank and they get it!

    The Bloat Flies get to strike the Forsaken One first and despite hitting it on 3s with a reroll they are still unable to get a wound through. The Forsaken One does its grind attacks back and causes 2 wounds on the Bloat Flies, luckily for me the toxic attacks back on the Forsaken One fail to wound the beast. I win combat but the Bloat Flies pass their break test and are also able to reform to face the Forsaken One. A mistake if you ask me as he has now given to Feldraks a flank charge.

    The Omen single handily kills all the Fallen before they get a chance to strike back. The Lemurs then turn to face the Warriors.

    Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Feldraks go roaring into the flank of the Bloat Flies and I’m hoping for something big there, would be nice if I could pop them in a single round but it seems unlikely. The Chosen Knights charge the flank of the Brazen Beasts and as they get to strike before the Brazen Beasts I’m thinking they should kill at least kill one of the Brazen beasts before it can strike the Warriors down.

    I’m running out of units already and it’s only turn 2. I move the Feldrak Elder in front of the Lemurs so they can’t charge the Warriors thanks to the Imps blocking the gap towards the Warriors. The Exalted Herald flies around the rear of the Daemon blocks, hoping for a good magic phase to do something useful.

    I also get the 5 card in this Magic Phase so it’s 9 v 6 for me. I start off with Smite the Unbeliever to lower the strength of the Brazen Beasts and so limit their damage they’re going to do in combat, my opponent tries to dispel it and fails but gets 2 of his dice back, leaving him with 5. I try to cast Hellfire on 3 dice and fail yet again. With 3 dice remaining and no one I range to give Breath of Corruption to I decide to let the Prelate try and cast Hand of Glory on an 8. My opponent throws his 5 dispel dice at it and fails! He rolled two 2s and three 1s, never seen anything like it! So the Warriors have an Aegis save again.

    I start combat with the Feldraks who get to strike first and inflict an impressive 7 wounds on the Flies (I forgot about the Hatred against fliers for the Feldraks so it could have been even better!), the toxic attacks from the damage causes 3 wounds on the Feldraks. The Flies do one more wound to the Feldraks, killing one and do one wound to the Forsaken One. The Forsaken One grinds back against the Bloat Flies and does 3 wounds, it takes one more wound back from the toxic attacks (I really hate them!). Unbeliveably the Bloat Flies make their break test on a 3, shame as otherwise they would have taken 7 wounds and have been done for. Just to rub it in, thanks to Broodmother, they grow 3 wounds back as well.

    Next we go over to the Brazen beasts who do their Impact hits before I can attack and they kill a Warrior. The Chosen Knights get to attack next and succeed in causing 3 wounds, killing one of the Brazen Beasts. The Daredevil riders of the Brazen Beasts strike back and despite having 6 strength 5 attacks are only able to kill one more warrior. The Warriors fail to do any wounds on the Brazen beasts but the Karkadans attacks do 3 more wounds, killing another Brazen Beast. The Brazen Beasts do 1 wound to the Warriors despite Smite the Unbeliever. I have won combat and the Brazen Beasts pop and all I lost was 3 Warriors, not too shabby at all! The Warriors pivot to face the Lemurs but the Chosen Knights are left in a horrible position which leaves them out of the action for a turn so I pivot them to face up field where they can then turn ready to face the Lemurs in Turn 4.

    Daemon Legions 3
    Display Spoiler

    There are two charges from the Daemons this turn. The Succubi charge the flank of the Forsaken One and with the Omen in the unit I’m not sure the Forsaken one can survive without a bit of luck. The Lemurs charge the Feldrak Elder so it’s pretty safe to assume he’s dead.

    The only other movement is the Mageblight Gremlins moving towards the Feldraks and the Imps getting closer to the Warriors so I can’t charge my Lord out (not that I ever would against the Omen).

    An important Magic Phase is about to happen I feel and my opponent draws the 7 card, so the Daemons get 9 Power dice to my 6 Dispel dice. The Thaumaturgy Omen casts Smite the Unbeliever on the Forsaken One to lower its resilience by 1 and gets an incredibly high roll on 3 dice (16), I would have to throw all my dice at that to stand a good chance of stopping it, instead I let it through as I’ve already consigned him to death. Next the Divination Omen tries to cast The Stars Align on the Bloat Flies but fails the roll. With his final 4 dice my Opponent tries to cast Know Thine Enemy with his Divination Omen, I can now safely use all 6 dice to dispel, which I succeed in doing so.
    The Imps open fire on the Warriors again but the armour of the Warriors is proving too much.

    The Omen with the Lemurs makes short work of the Feldrak Elder and cuts it to ribbons before it can attack back. The Lemurs, reform to face the Warriors.

    We then move on to the big combat and the Omen gets to strike first against the Forsaken One and despite getting 8 attacks it is only able to cause 2 wounds on the monster thanks to some poor rolling on the to wound roll. The Succubi then get to do all their many, many attacks but they just can’t get those 6s to wound. The Feldraks attack next and do 3 wounds on the Bloat Flies, killing one more, and they also take no wounds from the toxic attacks from the Bloat Flies. The Bloat Flies put all their attacks on the Forsaken One and also cause no wounds, even though its Resilience 5 now it is still proving too tough. The Forsaken One gets to attack last and I put all its grind attacks into the Bloat Flies. I roll low for the number of grinds and get 2 wounds through, the resulting toxic attacks that splash back on the Forsaken One cause one more wound, leaving it on one remaining! I lose combat by three due to the static combat res of the Succubi but at least the Forsaken One is left alive so the Daemons can’t leave combat. The Feldraks fail their break test and flee 8”, this just keeps them on the board by 1”.

    Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    Just the one charge for me this turn as I charge the Warriors into the Imps who’s incessant shooting has achieved nothing but I’ll happily kill them.

    The Feldraks rally which is a huge relief, there’s still 5 of them there so I really need them to stick around.

    The Chosen Knights swing round to the right of the Warriors so they can hopefully flank charge the Lemurs if they come into the Warriors. The Exalted Herald flies around to the side of the Lemurs.

    I get the exact same card as my opponent for the second turn running, getting a 7. So it’s my 9 Power Dice to my opponents 6 Dispel dice. I start things off with Smit the Unbeliever on the Lemurs which my opponent lets through, this will certainly help in the inevitable combat to come. I try to cast Hellfire on the Lemurs but my opponent dispels it. I then try to end on Breath of Corruption on my Chosen Lord but I fail to cast it and so ends my magic phase.

    Two combats this round and I start with the inevitable demise of my Forsaken One. The Omen gets to go first and gets a 1 for his number of attacks, with only 3 attacks it fails to cause any wounds on the Forsaken One. The Succubi fair no better and cause no wounds as do the Bloat Flies. I do my grinds back on the Bloat Flies and roll a 1 for my grinds, with my 4 attacks I wound twice and they are both saved with the Fortitude Save, so after all that no one does a single wound, unbelievable! We all just sit there ruing our inability to hurt each other.

    Now we go to a combat where there will definitely be some casualties, I hope, the Warriors fighting the Imps. My Chosen Lord goes first and kills 3 Imps. The Warriors then strike next killing 4 more Imps. The Imps strike back and all they achieve is getting smacked back in the face with a spiked shield which kills one more. So 8 dead in total plus 5 combat res from charging, banners and ranks means the Imps pop easily. I pivot the Warriors to face the Lemurs who I know are going to come charging in next turn.

    Daemon Legions 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Lemurs charge the Warriors and this is going to be one big old clash of the titans right here.

    The Mageblight Gremlins don’t move, either my opponent forgot to move them or he was content to just leave them where they were. He probably should have used them to chaff up the Feldraks.

    In the Magic Phase my opponent gets the 2 card and it is 8 Power v 5 Dispel. The Divination Omen starts things off with The Stars Align on the Lemurs, as per usual this game, it’s a good roll so I have to let it through or use all my dice to dispel it, so off it goes. The next spell cast is Cleansing Fire by the Thaumaturgy Omen and it is cast on the Divination Omen, I am happy to let this one go through as it will most likely just be used to kill my Champion who I am going to feed to the Omen. My opponent then attempts to cast Know Thine Enemy from the Divination Omen on the Lemurs, using 4 dice my opponent rolls 3 5s resulting in a miscast. I still don’t want the spell to go off so I attempt to Dispel but fail to with 5 dice. The Spell goes off but the Omen takes 2 Hits wounding on 4+, 1 of the hits wounds but it is saved by the Omen’s Aegis Save (shouldn’t get any save for that I think, but that’s just my opinion). The Magic Phase ends and I succeeded in not dispelling a single spell!

    Onto combat and we begin with the Forsaken One combat where the Omen strikes first and gets a 6 for his random number of attacks this turn, so it is 8 attacks which easily kills off the Forsaken One now. The Forsaken one still gets to attack back and I put all of my attacks into the Bloat Flies. I roll a 6 for the number of Grind attacks, giving me 9 grind attacks. I manage to score 7 wounds on the Bloat Flies leaving one left alive on two wounds and best of all I don’t care about the toxic attacks I would have to attack because I’m already dead! Both units reform to face the Feldraks and now I have a choice to make for next turn.

    The Warrior combat is next and the Omen begins proceedings by issuing a challenge which I am more than happy for my champion to take. The Omen strikes first and in an over the top display of aggression easily murders the champion for the full overkill bonus plus his two wounds (5 in total). The Chosen Lord strikes back next and kills 3 Lemurs, the Warriors and the War Dais strike next and kill 3 more Lemurs. The Lemurs attack last and are only able to drag one Warrior down. Despite the grotesque murder of my champion I still win combat by one but the Daemons easily pass their break test and stay put.

    Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    I have positioned my Chosen Knights badly such that they can’t flank charge the Lemurs so they are unable to charge. One charge I can do though is the Feldraks, they can either charge the Bloat Fly and kill it and then take a charge from the Succubi or I can charge the Succubi and try and smash that Omen to bits right of the bat and leave the Exalted Herald to kill the Bloat Fly. I decide to opt for the latter and charge the Succubi, those Omens seem really vulnerable to non-magical attacks and I think the Feldraks are just the creatures for the job.

    Other movements next and I move the Exalted Herald near the Bloat Fly to try and blast him off with magic. I decide now that the Warriors are probably in on the losing side of that combat so I have to get as far away from that as I can. I don’t think the Lemurs can get through the Warriors quick enough to capture the objective in the forest though so the Succubi will have to do that so I decide that I’m getting the Chosen Knights to capture the objective behind the hill.

    For magic it is the 4 card and it’s 8 v 5. I know my opponent is really looking to keep his Bloat Fly alive and preserve those points so I’m hoping I can use that to my advantage so I decide to start things off with the Prelate and cast the low version of Hand of Glory on the Warriors, my opponent lets it through. I then cast the low version of Spectral Blades on the Warriors and my opponent let’s that through as well. Things are suddenly looking up for the Warriors! I then cast Hellfire but my opponent dispels it. I have 1 dice left and decide to try and cast the base version of Smite the Unbeliever on one dice, I miraculously roll a 6 and off it goes, my opponent has no dice left to dispel so it goes off. I roll a 3 for the effect and lower the Lemurs resilience by 1. Now that’s a good Magic Phase!

    I want to try and prolong the inevitable death of my Lord so I start with the Feldraks. The Omen strikes first and rolls a 2 for his number of attacks this time and only manages to get 1 wound on the Feldraks. The Succubi go next and despite having a strength of 3 they get 2 wounds through on the Feldraks leaving the fifth Feldrak on 1 wound. I strike next and as the Omen is in the middle of the unit I put all 15 of the Feldrak attacks into the Omen, I’m hitting on 5s and wounding on 3s but it leaves the Omen with a 6+ Aegis save only. In the end I do 3 wounds onto the Omen and suddenly it is scared for it’s life. I then get to stomp the Succubi and kill 2 of them. The Feldraks win combat by one and the Succubi fail their break test so one more Succubi is sucked into the void. My opponent then does his reform and moves his Omen to the edge of the unit, thus limiting my attacks on the Omen, there’s nothing I can do about this as I can’t take models out of combat, with only 1 wound left though, anything is possible.

    On to the main event and the Omen issues a challenge which my Chosen Lord has to take. I have Agility 9 on my Lord but thanks to Chilling Yawn I lose 3 agility meaning both the Omen and the Chosen Lord are at Agility 6. The Omen rolls poorly for his number of attacks and gets a 2, giving it 5 attacks. It scores 2 wounds on my Lord and I get 2 4+ rerollable armour saves to make, I only make 1 and because it’s an Omen in a challenge I take 2 wounds, at least I’m alive still, could be a lot worse. My Chosen Lord strikes back and gets 5 hits out of 7, 4 of them wound so I have the potential to just kill it outright, but the Omen makes 3 Aegis saves and only takes 1 wound. So we will have to finish this in the next round. Now what I did forget was the War Dais, I did it’s attacks against the unit and not in the challenge but to be honest that was to my detriment as the War Dais getting 4 attacks and rerolling to wound has more chance of doing wounds to the Omen than my Lord as they aren’t magical attacks. Anyway, I do all my Warrior and War Dais attacks next and kill 3 Lemurs. The Lemurs attack and kill one more Warrior. I win combat and the Lemurs fail their break test so 4 more Lemurs disappear into the void and now things are definitely looking up for the Warriors.

    Daemon Legions 5
    Display Spoiler

    The Mageblight Gremlins come to the rescue of the Succubi by charging into the flank of the Feldraks. The only other movement is the Bloat Fly flying over the Succubi out of the Arc of Sight of the Exalted Herald.

    The Magical Flux must be dissipating now we are nearing the end of the battle as the Daemons get the 1 card giving them 6 Power dice to my 4 Dispel. The Thaumaturgy Omen casts Smite the Unbeliever with 3 dice on the Feldraks to reduce their strength. I let it go as I would rather the Feldraks lost rather than my Chosen Lord dies so I have to stop any buffs from going off on the Lemurs. With his last 3 dice my opponent attempts to cast The Stars Align on the Lemurs, I try to dispel with 4 dice but fail, so the spell goes off.

    We start the combat with the Warriors and the Omen and my Lord are striking at the same time, I let the Omen go first. The Omen outdoes himself again this round and rolls a 1 for his attacks, getting 4, it misses with 2 of them but the 2 hits do wound. I then make both my armour saves first time round and take no wounds like a boss! My Lord attacks back and is able to only score a single wound on the Omen thanks to that 4+ Aegis save. I remember about the War Dais this time and attack the Omen with 4 attacks, 3 of them hit and as I still have rerolls to wound I score 2 wounds. The Omen only has a 6+ Aegis save this time and fails them both! The Omen is dead and neither me nor my opponent ever thought that challenge would end that way! The remaining Lemurs attack the Warriors and score a wound, the Warriors then attack back and kill the rest of the unit. I reform to face the wood in my deployment to try and get that objective marker before the end, thanks to the Banner of Speed I can make it in 2 turns as long as there are no hold ups.

    Onto the Feldraks and the Omen in the Succubi attacks first and this Omen is furious, rolling a 6 for its number of attacks. With its 8 attacks it is able to cause 6 wounds, killing 2 Feldraks. The Succubi attack next and even they are able to get 2 wounds through. The Mageblight Gremlins do nothing, but they are just there for the added combat res. As I’ve taken 8 wounds I have to forego trying to kill the Omen as I only have 1 Feldrak who can attack him and I’m hitting him on 5s, so I put all my attacks into the Succubi and manage to kill 5. I still lose combat by 7 and I can’t roll snake eyes so the Feldraks ended up running away. My opponent wants them to runaway from the Mageblight Gremlins and only pursues with the Mageblight Gremlins. The Feldraks flee 10” and the Gremlins pursue 9”, so for the second time the Feldraks have ran away and survived. The Succubi pivot to face the hill and to try and stop me from scoring (it is probably too late by this point though).

    Warriors 5
    Display Spoiler

    No charges from me this round as we’re getting to the end. The Feldraks rally which is a relief, means my opponent is not getting any points for them this time. I march the Warriors towards the woods as fast as they can go, I run the Chosen Knights along the back towards the other secondary objective behind the hill so I can march on it turn 6. Lastly I fly the Exalted Herald along the flank of the Bloat Fly, ready to blast it off.

    It’s a good Magic card this round, a 6, giving me 9 Power dice and 6 Dispel dice to my opponent. I start things off with Smite the Unbeliever on the Bloat Fly to lower its resilience but I fail to cast it on 3 dice. I then try to cast Hellfire on 4 dice but my opponent uses all his dice to stop it. With my last 2 dice I cast Breath of corruption on the Exalted Herald himself and I sacrifice a Warrior so I can increase the range of the breath attack.

    In the shooting phase I use Breath of Corruption on the Bloat Fly and get 7 hits, causing 2 wounds on the Bloat Fly, leaving it with 2 remaining.

    Daemon Legions 6
    Display Spoiler

    My opponent now realises he has no chance of stopping me getting the objective so he now just tries to conserve points by running the Bloat Fly into the corner. He puts the Mageblight Gremlins behind the Succubi who turn to face the Feldraks.

    It’s the 4 Flux card so an 8 v 5 Magic Phase for the last turn. The Omen starts off with Smite the Unbeliever on the Feldraks to lower their strength, I let it through as there is no way I’m charging that Succubi block even if he boosted my strength instead. The Omen tries to cast Cleansing Breath but I dispel it. Next it tries to cast Hand of Heaven but I dispel that too. The Omen does it’s old trick from turn 1 of 1 dicing Spear of Infinity on the Feldraks, I have no dice left so off it goes, luckily for me it fails to wound the Feldraks.

    Warriors 6
    Display Spoiler

    There are two charges I could make, the Feldraks and the Exalted Herald into the Succubi but I’m not risking losing my Exalted Herald to throw him at the Omen (I would have to accept the challenge and the Omen would chop me up I think). I could throw the Feldraks at the Succubi but the Omen is going first and could make short work of the Feldraks, so I’m not doing that. I move the Chosen Knights onto the objective behind the hill. The Warriors march into the wood, the Exalted Herald flies behind the Succubi to blast off the Bloat Fly.

    I get the 2 Flux card and its 7 v 5. I try to cast Hellfire and it is dispelled (not cast it once this game despite trying every round), I cast Breath of Corruption and boost it by killing a Warrior. In the shooting phase I use the Breath of Corruption on the Fly but roll a double 1 for the number of hits and don’t cause any wounds. If I was a better player I would have remembered that I had a flaming Breath Attack because of the Brand of the Dragon manifestation, that would have been much more useful this turn instead of Breath of Corruption, but nevermind.

    The game ends there and I scored, 2797 victory points and the Daemons scored 1647. As I won the objective that makes it a 16 – 4. When we totted up the scores we forgot that I should have had half points for the second Omen so it should have been a 17 – 3 but it doesn’t matter, a win’s a win!

    I’m pretty happy with how I played that game, I had a lot of luck like the Feldraks fleeing twice but not getting ran down, the Forsaken One refusing to die and the Brazen Beasts doing absoloutely nothing. With my Lord killing the Omen at the time I thought I was lucky but I think when you take into account the 4+ rerollable Armour Save my Lord was bringing plus the War Dais attacks I don’t think it is as unlikely as I first thought. Getting off reroll to wound against the Omen certainly helped but the Omen are definitely vulnerable to rank and file as my Feldraks almost showed. Even if the Omen did kill my Lord I think the Warriors kill it eventually before it can murder them all. Maybe I should have pushed my Warrior block at the Lemurs from the get go and gone for the 20.

    My one annoyance with myself is that I forgot about the Feldraks hatred against fliers, that could have been monumental in their first round of combat against the Bloat Flies as the more wounds I did in that turn the more Bloat Flies that are popping. Oh well, I remember for next time about that.

    I was happy with the Exalted Herald as well, even though he never saw combat he was still a huge threat with his magic and his magical threat helped the Chosen Lord get his bound spells off a few times. I am a bit disappointed that he couldn’t finish off a single Bloat Fly but opponent was determined to not let it happen and when you’ve only got one good damage spell your opponent will never let it go off. I’ve only taken the Herald because I had grown bored of taking an alchemy master on a horse and all the annoyance that comes with having to keep him alive, the Herald can take care of itself at least.

    Hope you enjoyed the write up, on to Game 2 nextand it’s against….. Daemon Legions again!

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Comments 17

  • Armazeroth -

    Great report!

  • WastelandWarrior -

    great rep man, looking forward to your game 4 report ;)

  • BondageGoatZombie -

    Glad to see you back in action!

  • Vespacian -

    Welcome back, love your reports!

  • jimmygrill -

    Ace report, my man!

  • Daemondred -

    While your forsaken one was grinding the bloat flies, did you just fail to wound stomping the succubi? Or did you forget to stomp?

    • AxelVicious -

      The Forsaken One is Irredeemable which means he doesn't get to make any stomp attacks and just does the D6 +3 grind attacks instead. I personally think they should get their thunder stomps as well, it's hardly a massive boost to them but would be handy to do a bit more damage.

    • Daemondred -

      well that's dumb. I can see not wanting to get post-death stomps, but they could have easily bypassed that by removing at agi 1. With a stomp it would be roughly comparable to a UD colossus, who gets, grinds, stomps, and normal attacks for about the same cost.

    • AxelVicious -

      I think it's the unbreakable on the Forsaken one that ups the cost which is fair enough as it saved my butt in this game. The UD Colossus is just crazy though, there's no way it should get all 3 different types of attacks and yet i still rarely see anyone take it!

  • Happy Aspid -

    Question is - who are Crusher Knights? Never heared about such unit in WODG book)

    • AxelVicious -

      Well spotted! That's what i get for copying one of my old armies from battle chronicler.

  • Cealyne -

    Could your opponent take the omen out of contact with the reform? He’s a character so has to keep himself in base with all that are in? Or so I thought?

    • AxelVicious -

      I thought so to but turns out a character can reform in combat anywhere he wants but if it is in base to base contact it must remain in base to base contact. The most important rule is that you can't take models out of combat, so when a character moves, a model must fill it's space.
      There's a picture of it on page 79 of the rulebook where they take a character from the middle of a combat to the edge of a combat.

    • Cealyne -

      Good to know

  • Fleshbeast -

    Great batrep mate and congrats on the win! Must be good to get back on your feet and sidle up to a table again.

    I too like the new book. Do you feel like you get a similar feel to your old mono-Wrath list?

    Also, i’d be keen to read a batrep or two of any of the old games you deem worthy. :)

    • AxelVicious -

      I miss my Mono Wrath list but i think those days are over, with the 7 Dark Gods there's less of a need to go Mono god anymore i think. I think the list still brings the pure combat punch that Mono Wrath used to though so i don't feel like that has been toned down at all, Warriors are still just as scary as they've ever been. Also i don't think you can go without a Sorcerer at the moment, Magic is just too powerful to not use.

  • daliskhan -

    great read!