Axel Vicious and the Warriors of the Dark Gods at TEC 2019, Game 3

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  • Hello!

    Welcome back to my next bat rep of TEC 2019. After 2 games I’m on 17 points out of 40 with a win and big loss so that left me on the lower tables going into this round. I was drawn against Ogre Khans but my opponent was great and the army looked fantastic, which is always a big plus, especially for taking pictures. The army is an Orc/Ogre theme so lots of big green Ogres with Orcs heads. I was really looking forward to this one as I’ve never played my opponent despite both of us being on the scene for a long time.
    My list can be viewed on my Game 1 bat rep or here if you haven’t already seen it.

    My opponents list
    Shaman: General, Wizard Master (Pyromancy), Trolleater, Light Armour, Iron Fist, Crown of Autocracy, Obsidian Rock, Willow’s Ward, 635
    Khan: BSB, Hoardmaster, Ogre Crossbow, Mammoth Hide Cloak, Talisman of Shielding, 400
    10 Bruisers: Full Command, Skull of Qenghet, 792
    2 x 20 Scraplings: Bows, Musician, 2 x 175
    2 x 1 Sabretooth Tigers, 2 x 80
    4 Tusker Cavalry: Great Weapons, Standard, Musician, 645
    2 x 2 Yetis, 2 x 175
    7 Bombardiers, Standard, Musician, 553
    Thunder Cannon, 320
    Slave Giant, 295

    So nothing in the list that really scares me (Rock Aurochs scare me more than anything else in the OK book), it’s nothing I haven’t faced before so I think I know what to do. My basic plan going in, unsurprisingly, is to run at my opponent and kill his army before mine dies. There’s a fair bit of chaff that will slow down my advance and will give my opponent some extra rounds of shooting and magic at me but if I can just weather that storm then I should be ok. The unit of 4 Tuskers could be a problem as I think they can beat anything in my army except, the Warrior block, in one go so I might have to do some Magic on them first to weaken them and then try and smash them up. I’m also going to have to time my charge onto the big Ogre bunker right so that I can get multiple charges into it, that’s my only hope of beating it, if I just throw one unit after another at it I think it just eats me up. If I can also weaken that block up with magic for a couple of turns and thin them out a bit then I might be doing ok. So there are some tactical considerations to take into account.

    Speaking of magic my opponents Wizard Master on Pyromancy doesn’t worry me at all, especially after the magic I have had to face in my last two games. Hoping my armour will protect me from the worst of it and hoping my opponent targets the Feldraks with it as well, that would be a big plus!

    For my Exalted Herald I go for the Manifestation Abiding Spirit, just purely for the Hard Target so that the Thunder Cannon can’t punk me off in one turn. My second Manifestation is Sorcerer Immortal as I need that extra magic punch to weaken these Ogres and Veil Walker is so good for that. For my spells I pick Grave Calls (2D6 S5 Ap2, hits, can boost to S6), Smite the Unbeliever (-1Str/Res) and Hellfire (2D3/2D6 S6, AP0 hits). Hellfire combined with Veil Walker for the reroll successful armour saves can be so useful.

    My opponent picks Cascading Fire (D6/2D6 S4 hits), Pyroclastic Flow (2D6/3D6 S4 hits), Flaming Swords (Flaming Attacks, +1 to Wound) and Children of Umi (-1 to wound unit). Nothing there I didn’t expect.

    The Deployment type is Counterthrust and the Secondary Objective is Spoils of War, so we have to use our scoring units to collect the tokens in the middle of the table. My opponent has a lot f scoring units that could gather it but they are mostly useless, I will probably have to get two of the tokens as once that gut star gets one I’m probably not getting it back.

    We take turns deploying and I basically end up with big flanks and my opponent gets a big middle. I eventually drop everything to get first turn and do.

    Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    Off we go, obviously there’s no charges this turn so I start things off with the Forsaken One who stumbles forward a pathetic 6”. I kind of had a plan revolving around him where I was going to hide my Exalted Herald from the cannon by putting him behind the Exalted Herald and then blast them with Magic as the spells I’ve taken don’t require Line of Sight, they just have to be in my front arc. The cannon would have to move to shoot the Exalted Herald but it would need a 6 thanks to Hard target. Anyway, the Forsaken Ones poor movement has ruined that plan so I decide to take the risk and just run the Exalted Herald up so he is 18” away from the Tusker Cavalry so I can use Veil Walker to boost the range of Grave Calls on them.

    I move the Warriors up as fast as they can go but keep the Warhounds back in case they’re needed for chaff. The Feldraks hug the right flank so my opponent can’t get past them down that flank. I run the Fallen up onto the hill and put the Feldrak Elder behind them and finally I put the Chosen Knights to the left of the Feldrak Elder to cover him. If the Tuskers charge the Fallen they would then either overrun into the Feldrak Elder and face a counter charge off the Chosen Knights or end up facing both in the face.

    For the third game in a row the Magical Flux starts off poorly for me (which is usually a good thing but I’ve got spells I need to cast dammit!). I get the 2 Flux Card, I need to keep a Veil Token back so I can boost the range of The Grave Calls but with the two card I only have 3 veil tokens so I have to keep all 3 making it a 5v5 phase. With my 5 dice I just cast The Grave Calls on the Tusker Cavalry unfortunately my opponent rolls higher with his 5 dice than me so it’s all for nothing. I probably should have just got my extra dice and then try to cast two spells instead, Hellfire on the Yetis and Smite the Unbeliever on the Cannon or something.

    Ogre Khans 1
    Display Spoiler

    No charges here either and very little in the way of movement as well. The Yetis on the right are just able to get past the Feldraks and out of the their front arc, poor positioning from me. The other Yetis go back a bit as do the Tuskers. The Cannon just pivots to face the Hill but can still see the Exalted Herald.

    Onto the Ogres first Magic Phase and they draw the 6 Flux Card making it 8 Power dice to the Ogres and 6 Dispel dice to myself. The Shaman starts by going with the little damage spell, Cascading Fire on the Warriors, it’s a good roll so I let it go to preserve my dice, the spell combined with the attribute does the maximum of 9 hits and I am really bad at making a 3+ Armour Save and 5 Warriors die, I’m regretting not stopping that now. Next the Shaman casts the Pyroclastic Flow on the Warriors and again, it’s a big roll, so I let it go and hope my armour prevails this time. There is 11 hits in total combined with the attribute but I make all my Armour saves this time so balance is restored, in fact I think I’m up a guy on average! Finally the Shaman casts the spell I’ve been waiting for, Flaming Swords on the Bombardiers, I consider that spell much more dangerous than the flaming magic missiles so I use all my dice to stop it, which I do.

    Shooting next and the Thunder Cannon fires at the Exalted Herald, I’m in close range but with Hard Target it’s a 5 to hit, which of course he rolls and then wounds the Exalted Herald. I still have my 4+ Aegis Save but I fail it. It does D3 wounds and my opponent rolls the maximum number of wounds for a total of 4, ouch! The Exalted Herald isn’t dead, he still has one wound left and thanks to Abiding Spirit he can get wounds back when he wins a round of combat so I need to get fighting quickly! I worked the maths out on that shot and there is only a 15% chance of the Cannon hitting, wounding and me failing my save. I’d take those odds again tomorrow! I’d rather have my Exalted Herald doing something than just hiding behind the hill on the off chance that a Cannon might kill him, but I think that’s why I lose so often!

    Next the Scraplings try to knock off that last wound on the Exalted Herald but can’t hit him thankfully. The other unit of Scraplings are too far away so they shoot at the Warriors and fail to wound. The Bombardiers open fire on the Warriors and kill 6 of them, ouch! Lastly the Khan shoots at the Warhounds with his Ogre Crossbow and kills one of my dogs.

    Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    We’re so close to the enemy now I declare a couple of charges. I charge the Fallen at the Thunder Cannon, I’m not hoping to kill it, I just want to tie it up for a round to keep the Exalted herald safe for an extra turn. The Warriors have to get into combat or they are going to get obliterated next turn so I declare a charge with the Warriors at the Scraplings, who duly flee. I really should have foreseen that, a better move probably would have been to march into the woods to give them some cover from the Bombardiers.

    The Forsaken One has finally woken up and goes an impressive 14”. I move the Exalted Herald up alongside it. The Chosen knights and the Feldrak Elder can’t see the Tusker Cavalry to declare a charge because of the hill so instead I run the Feldrak Elder onto the hill and right in front of the Tuskers, daring them to charge me. The Chosen Knights move onto the objective Marker, ready to pick that up next turn. They can also now see the Tusker Cavalry, even if they charge the Feldrakk Elder, so I think I’ve successfully managed to corner them. The Warhonds move into the field waiting for their glorious death. The Feldraks pivot to face the Yetis but I have no doubt they are going to move next turn anyway.

    I get the 4 Flux Card this Magic Phase and thanks to the 2 Veil Tokens stored from last turn it is 8 v 5. I start off by casting The Grave Calls on the Tusker Cavalry and also use a Veil Token to give it rerolls to wound. I roll 16 on 3 dice and my opponent lets it go. This is going to be epic! For my 2D6 hits I roll snake eyes (sigh) but I at least cause 2 wounds which my opponent fails to save. I then try to cast Hellfire on the Yetis but my opponent dispels it. Finally I use my last 2 dice to cast Hand of Glory on the Warriors and my opponent fails to dispel it with his one dice, that ought to protect them for a bit.

    Just the one combat and the Fallen strike first but fail to cause any wounds to the Thunder Cannon but I take 2 wounds in return, fortunately the Fallen pass their break test and stick around for some more punishment.

    Ogre Khans 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Tusker Cavalry must know they’re in dire straits now and charge the Feldrak Elder and get some points whilst they can. If only The Grave Calls had done more wounds then the Feldrak Elder could probably have taken this unit on his own.

    The Scraplings fail to rally and keep fleeing but only go 4” so are still on the board. One of the Sabretooth Tigers runs in front of the Warriors to block them for a turn. The Shaman leaves the Gut Star and jumps into the Bombardiers to get a bit closer to the Warriors but he’s still too far away to cast the boosted versions of the Pyromancy spells (they’re all 12” range for the boosted versions). The Bombardiers slide to their left so they can all see the Warriors as well. The Yetis near the Feldraks just walk back out of their arc. And the Ogre Bruisers just shuffle back a bit. The other Yetis run behind the Exalted Herald to get out of being charged and also ready to chaff when needed I imagine. The Giant and the other Sabretooth Tiger stay in their corner.

    A good Flux Card for the Ogres this turn with the 7 Card making it another 8 v 6 round. The Shaman begins with a bubbled Flaming Swords (that’s why he left the Gut Star) that would affect both the Bombardiers and the Scraplings. I dispel that one right away but a now left vulnerable as I used all my dice to stop that.

    The Shaman then tries to cast Cascading Fire but fails. Finally the Shaman casts Pyroclastic Flow on the Warriors and it goes off. The spell combined with the attribute causes 10 hits but only 2 Warriors die, so not too bad really.

    My least favourite phase next, shooting! The Bombardiers start the round by bombarding the Warriors with their Hand Cannons and rack up an impressive 34 shots between the 7 of them! This kills 5 Warriors and only leaves me with my Chosen Lord, Champion and one additional Warrior, who is promptly shot in the eye by a plucky Scrapling with a good aim. So it’s just the Champion and the Chosen Lord now. I can’t believe how quickly the Ogres whittled that unit down, I thought I might be able to take another round of shooting at least, they may look like they’re in a bad place now, but I have a cunning plan!

    Onto combat next and my opponent does the fun one first with his Tusker Cavalry. The Tuskers do their impact hits first and cause a wound on the Feldrak Elder. The Tuskers and the Feldrak Elder strike at the same agility so we do the Tuskers first who inflict another wound onto the Feldrak Elder. I think I got off lightly their given their ridiculous number of attacks. The Fedlrak Elder strikes back and despite only having 5 attacks he is able to cause 4 wounds, killing 2 Tuskers, very impressive! The Ogre riders get to attack last with their great weapons, I was hoping they would roll badly as it was only 4s to hit and 4s to wound but they’re able to cause 3 wounds on the Feldrak Elder. The Tuskers have won combat by 3 and I fail the break test on the Feldrak Elder who runs away. The Tuskers are giving chase, they can’t let those points get away. I only flee a measly 4” and the Tuskers catch me and run me down. It was a valiant sacrifice though as the Chosen Knights are facing the flank of the Tusker Cavalry!

    The only other combat is the Fallen and the Thunder Cannon. The Fallen go first and inflict a wound this time. The Thunder Cannon cause a wound in return and both units stick around.

    Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    At the start of the Movement phase the Chosen Knights pick up the Objective so they can no longer march, but they can charge! So they charge into the flank of the Tusker Cavalry. The Exalted Herald charges the Thunder Cannon, hopefully I can win that round of combat and get a wound back. The Chosen Lord charges out of the unit (leaves the Champion that is) into the Sabretooth Tiger.

    I turn the Forsaken One towards the Scraplings hoping to pin them down for a turn and get him closer to the action. In hindsight I should have just charged him into the Yetis flank to get them off the table. I keep the Feldraks where they are as my opponent doesn’t seem to want to push at me and I’m happy to keep zoning him. The Warhounds run in front of the Bombardiers to provide some cover for my Lord so he won’t get shot off I a single turn by the Bombardiers.

    The Champion is now going solo so I move him onto the Objective with the hope of picking it up next turn (if he’s alive) and running him onto the left side of the board like he’s a Blood Bowl player trying to score a touchdown!

    Onto the Magic Phase and I draw the 7 Flux Card giving me 9 Power Dice to my opponents 7 dispel dice. I start off by casting the Hand of Glory on the Chosen Lord which my opponent lets through. This spell is utter useless on him it turns out as his Dusk Forged armour doesn’t allow him to get an Aegis Saves whilst he gets his Armour Save reroll so I wasted 2 dice there. Next the Exalted Herald casts Smite the Unbeliever on the Thunder Cannon to lower its resilience on 4 dice, I end up rolling a triple 5 resulting in a miscast, this is a very bad time to miscast! My opponent lets it through as he wants to see what if I can kill myself. The triple 5 makes it a Backlash on the Miscast table so I take 2 hits wounding on 4+, 1 of them wounds me but I have an Aegis save of 4+ to roll…….. and I fail it, killing my Exalted Herald, doh! The Magic phase ends there as my opponent still has 7 dispel dice and I have a bound spell but at least the Thunder Cannon is Resilience 4 now.

    I start the combat phase with the Fallen as what happens here will determine how I position my Chosen Knights. The Fallen get a wound through on the Thunder Cannon and the Thunder Cannon does a wound back leaving me with one guy but we both stick as it is a drawn combat.

    The Chosen Knights are able to kill the Tuskers without them even being able to strike back and pivot to face the Cannon. That thing must die and I don’t think one Fallen is up to the job. If the Exalted Herald had taken care of the Job I would have turned them to face the Yetis.

    The Chosen Lord easily kills the Sabretooth Tiger and I pivot him to face the Scraplings and the Bombardiers.

    Ogre Khans 3
    Display Spoiler

    No charges from my opponent this turn. The Scraplings fail to rally and run off the board so at least the Warriors achieved something of note. The Yetis both turn and move towards the Warrior Champion (come on lad, you’ve got this!) The Shaman leaves the Bombardiers and goes back into the Gut Star. The Giant moves down the right flank, out of sight of my Feldraks and is looking menacing.

    I’m not sure why my opponent wasn’t pushing at my Feldraks by this point, he easily had the tools to corner them and make me charge him. A one on one combat with the Feldraks vs the Gut Star only ends with the Feldraks getting smashed to bits I think. My opponent seemed scared that I had 18 attacks in the unit and that could have meant 6 dead Ogre Bruisers (I did point out that that would involve them all hitting and wounding and that’s unlikely but he seemed worried nonetheless).

    The Ogres get the 3 Flux Card this turn making it 7 v 5 on the dice. The Shaman starts with a boosted Cascading Fire on the Warhounds to make sure they die. I let it through because if he’s killing dogs he’s not killing my Lord. The Warhounds all die and the attribute is cast on my Lord but causes no wounds. Next the Shaman casts Flaming Swords on the Bombardiers but I dispel it. The Shaman is able to cast the Children of Umi on the Bombardiers making giving them -1 to wound.

    The bombardiers fire their Hand Cannons at the Chosen Lord and get 33 shots! 22 are at Long range though so they’re at least at Long Range and I’m also getting soft cover from the woods. Even with all those shots they aren’t able to cause a single wound on the Chosen Lord thanks to some bad rolling from my opponent and a few good armour saves. The Scraplings shoot at the Warrior Champion but fail to hit him.

    Just the one combat left and it’s been going on a while now. The one lonesome Fallen strikes first and causes 2 wounds on the Thunder Cannon leaving it with one left, grrr. I like to think the Fallen is getting angrier each time a buddy of his dies and now he’s furious. The Thunder Cannon fails to causes a single wound on the Fallen and loses combat but passes its break test. We forget about reform which I think might have been able to save the Thunder Cannon from the Chosen Knights as I think there is such a way that I wouldn’t be able to wheel past my Fallen in combat and be able to make contact with the Cannon. I probably should have moved my Fallen to the very left of the base so that the Thunder Cannon couldn’t reform to hide from the Chosen Knights but I can charge the right side of its front facing and have been closer to the combat. As it is now I can only charge into the left side and just clip the corner only allowing one guy in. Maybe I’m just overthinking it…

    Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    CHARGE! The Chosen Knights charge into the Thunder Cannon but can only clip the side of the Thunder Cannon. The Chosen Lord charges at the Bombardiers who stand and shoot at him as he charges in but fail to cause any wounds due to the cover from the woods, the Long Range penalty and the charge reaction. The Chosen Lord makes it in thanks to the Envy favour allowing him to reroll 1s, else he would have been in a horrid position.

    The Forsaken One trundles into the Scraplings with his random movement. The Feldraks pivot to face the Giant and keep their right flank tight against the board edge. The Warrior Champion picks up the token and walks 4” towards the left of the board, hoping this gets him far enough away from the Yetis on the right so I only have to face one unit of Yetis.

    There’s almost little point doing magic now unless I get the low cards, which I do, I get the 1 Flux Card giving me 5 Power Dice to my opponents 4. I cast Spectral Blades on 3 dice and my opponent fails to dispel it but does dispel Hand of Glory (Neither of us had realised that it can’t actually be used though).

    I start at the Chosen Knights and my one Chosen Knight fails to cause any wounds on the Cannon. The Fallen also fails to cause any wounds on the Cannon allowing the Cannon to hit back. The Thunder Cannon is able to kill the last Fallen (RIP brave guy, you did a great job), luckily the Karkadan is able to knock off the last wound on the Cannon, killing it. I do a post combat pivot to face the Yetis threatening my wannabe Blood Bowl player.

    The Forsaken one is next and the Scraplings are unable to cause any wounds on the behemoth but the Forsaken One squishes 5 Scraplings to pulp. The Scraplings are steadfast but they fail their break test as the General and BSB are over 12” away. They flee and I decide to pursue with the Forsaken as even if he goes off the board he can come straight back on in my turn and get moving right away. The Scrapling flee 11” off the board and the Forsaken One goes above that and also goes off the board.

    The Chosen Lord combat is last and is only able to score 3 wounds himself (They have the Children of Umi on them so they’re -1 to wound); the War Dais does 1 more for a disappointing first effort at combat. The Bombardiers strike back giving me a 2+ Rerollable Armour Save, despite that I manage to fail one of them and take a wound but I make several 4+ Armour Saves and I get to wail on the Bombardiers some more with my Spiked Shield, causing 2 more wounds. The Bombardiers are steadfast and pass their break test. They reform to only be 3 wide now to try and keep that steadfast going for another round.

    Ogre Khans 4
    Display Spoiler

    Just the one charge this turn as the Yetis on the left charge the Warrior Champion, the other unit of Yetis doesn’t attempt it and instead moves to face the rear of my Chosen Lord.

    My Opponent still doesn’t try and push at my Feldraks, this is really his last chance at trying to grab the Objective so that we draw it. He has to be on the Objective at the end of Turn 5 so he can pick it up at the start of Turn 6. Instead he turns the Gut Star to face the Chosen Lord, moves the Giant to the other side of the Feldraks and puts the Sabretooth Tiger in front of the Feldraks, chaffing them up. I assume he wanted to keep the General and BSB near the Bombardiers so they stick around and keep the Chosen Lord engaged for another round.

    It’s a weaker Magic phase for the Ogres as the 2 card is drawn, so it’s 7 Power dice against my 5 dice. The Shaman starts by Casting Flaming Swords on the Gut Star with 2 dice and gets a double 6, I let that go, I’m not going near them yet anyway. Next they Shaman casts Cjildren of Umi on the Bombardiers but I dispel it, I really want to kill those Ogres. Finally the Shaman casts Cascading Fire on my Chosen Lord and I fail to Dispel. I forgot the spell is a hex and not a Damage spell so it can be cast in combat. It does 8 hits on my Lord but now wounds go through.

    Combat next and the Yetis go first, due to their Touch of Frost ability they are striking first but they are only able to cause a single wound to the Champion (who now has 2 wounds thanks to the latest update). The Champion strikes back and causes a wound on the Yetis. He’s doing well so far and all he has to do is survive this stomp and he might be the star player he’s always dreamed of. Only one of the stomps scores a wound and I have a 5+ Armour Save to make but I fail it! I’m not surprised he’s dead but it would have been such a great touch to the battle if he survived and won me the objective.

    The Bombardier combat is next and the Chosen Lord goes first and this time he goes to town, doing 5 wounds to the Bombardiers. The War Dais does 2 more wounds to the Bombardiers meaning they still have a rank. The last 3 Bombardiers strike back and score 4 wounds, I make 3 4+ Armour saves but I fail one of my rerollable Armour Saves again and take another wound! The Spiked Shield hits back cause 2 more wounds, killing one more Ogre and losing them Steadfast. After taking 9 wounds in total and only causing one back they are auto breaking and flee away from the Chosen Lord, I decide to pursue rather than turn to face the Gut Star, Now my Lord is on a single wound I would never risk putting him into the Gut Star, he has to survive. The Lord catches the Bombardiers and is still on the board.

    Warriors 5
    Display Spoiler

    As the Gut Start can’t see the Feldraks I charge the Feldraks at the Sabretooth Tiger, where I will hopefully kill it and reform to face the Giant. I declare a charge with the Chosen Knights into the Yetis but they flee and only go 4”, however it is still a bit too far for the Chosen Knights who fail the charge and stumble forwards, on their way they have to go over a wall and take a couple of Dangerous Terrain checks, I fail 1 of them and a Chosen Knight takes a wound.

    The Forsaken One comes on the table and I move it towards the Gut Star but it is well short of engaging it. The Chosen Lord runs around the rear of the Gut Star ready to charge it next turn, or so my opponent thinks, but I have no intention of doing that.

    I get nothing from the Magic Phase this time as my opponent dispels both spells.

    The Feldraks easily kill the Sabretooth Tiger before it can strike, they then do a post combat pivot to face the Objective in case the Gut Star come running for it (even though they are too far away from it now to make it). The giant is in the front arc of the Feldraks too.

    Ogre Khans 5
    Display Spoiler

    No charges from my opponent. The fleeing Yetis rally, the Giant moves in front of the Feldraks to act as a giant piece of chaff. The Gut Star moves towards the objective but are a few inches short, they are at least a bit further away from the Forsaken One making it hard for me to get to grips with them. The Yetis move to the rear of the Gut Star but don’t have enough movement to block the Forsaken One.

    The big Flux Card is revealed this phase, the * card making it 9 v 7. The Shaman casts Children of Umi on the Gut Star and gets 17 on 3 dice so I let it go. Next the Shaman casts Cascading Fire on my Lord and I immediately stop that spell! I’m not taking any chances. Next Pyroclastic Flow is cast on the Feldraks and I let it go off as my opponent has to reroll his successful wound rolls. It does 9 hits but doesn’t score any wounds. Finally the Shaman attempts Flaming Swords on the Gut Star but I dispel that with my last dice.

    Warriors 6
    Display Spoiler

    Lots more charges for my last turn. I charge the Chosen Knights at the Yetis again and again they flee but this time they go 12” whilst the Chosen Knights only eek forward 5”. The Feldraks charge the giant and I’m a little worried about this fight because if it is left on 1 wound after I attack I am in for a beating. The Forsaken One rolls high for it’s random movement and goes into the rear of the Gut Star. I’m not expecting to break them I just want to hold them up to stop them charging the Feldraks next turn. The Chosen Lord hides in the corner.

    Magic achieves nothing so we go to combat where I start with the Forsaken One. Despite Children of Umi on the Bruisers I’m still wounding on 3s but I roll poorly for my number of attacks and only cause 2 wounds. The Bruisers attack me back and cause 2 on the Forsaken One. The Forsaken one loses combat but is unbreakable so it’s going nowhere. The Bruisers reform and turn around to face the Forsaken One.

    I do the Feldrak combat last as I ‘m scared that the Giant is going to win this combat. The Feldraks are striking first as they charged. With 18 attacks, hitting on 3s, wounding on 3s I should kill it on average, but if I don’t then it could have 11 attacks back on me. It turns out I had nothing to worry about as the Feldraks do an impressive 13 wounds to the Giant, almost killing it twice over! They pivot to face the Gut Star but it really doesn’t matter as there’s just my opponents turn left.

    Ogre Khans 6
    Display Spoiler

    Nice quick last turn now as the Yetis that aren’t fleeing charge the flank of the Forsaken One whilst the Yetis that are fleeing fail to rally and roll high again for their flee distance, taking them off the table.

    In the Magic Phase the 5 Card is drawn and its 9 v 5. The Shaman casts Children of Umi on his own unit and I let it go as I have no intention of attacking the Bruisers with the Forsaken One next turn. The Shaman fails to cast Flaming Sword and the Magic ends there.

    In combat the Khan, Bruisers and the Yetis easily kill the Forsaken One but the Forsaken One gets to strike any way so I put all my attacks into the Yetis, I roll a 6 for the number of hits making 9 and the Forsaken One manages to wipe out the Yetis in one go.

    That’s the end I the score is 2673 VPs for me and 2640 VPs for my opponent. So a 10 – 10 on Victory Points but I won the objective thanks to the Chosen Knights so I win 13 – 7.

    All in all that was a good battle and I think the dice were fair and we both played well. I felt I didn’t make too many mistakes, maybe rushing the Exalted Herald into short range for the Thunder Cannon was a mistake but I’m not one to keep a big useful character hiding behind a hill for fear of a lucky canon shot. I basically had to pick between facing the Cannon or facing the Bombardiers and the Cannon scares me far less. If only I hadn’t miscast in that Magic Phase he would have survived to the end.

    I was particularly happy with how I was able to zone my opponent, especially the Tusker Cavalry , if I had a better roll for The Grave Calls on them I might have even been able to take them down with just the Feldrak Elder. That was probably the best movement I’ve done in a while, I must have been just the right amount of drunk!

    I still think my opponent should have pushed his big Ogre block at my Feldraks because that’s a fight he would have won, either straight away or through grinding them out. That unit has more wounds than me and will just bully them off the table. I suppose he wasn’t sure what sort of state the unit would have been left in after that and I possibly could have killed his BSB but after the Chosen Lord was left on one wound that unit was free to do what it wanted, I had no answer to it after that and my opponent easily had enough chaff left to keep the Feldraks busy whilst the Gut Star takes the objective. Maybve the Bruisers had just been getting battered for his last two games and that put him off from over committing them, which is kind of how I felt about the Feldraks after their massacre in my last game.

    I was surprised at how quickly the Warriors went down but they did take a lot fire from the Bombardiers and Pyromnacy so I guess there is only so much abuse they can take.

    My MVP for this game was definitely my Lord once he was running solo, that 1+ rerollable Armour Save combined with the Spiked Shield at Strength 5 is amazing and just means he keeps churning out wounds even as he’s taking them. I will definitely be trying to run him solo more often, just a shame it makes his Dark Prelate ability a bit useless with Hand of Glory being ineffective on him.
    So after that I ended Day1 on 30 points in total, slap bang in the middle of the leader board, a position I was happy with to be honest, if I can finish in the top all then that’s all I can ask for after that smashing in Game 2.

    For Game 4 I was drawn against Warriors in what was essentially a mirror match.

    See you next time.

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  • Manux -

    Great battle !!!!

  • WastelandWarrior -

    You cant use the spiked shield when mounted. I didnt know this till after the tourney...... Also the FDE would have been steadfast against the tuskers when they only had 2 models left. Good read though

  • Mahlzeit -

    Well done on the victory, and very good Report. Love the paintjob on both the armies!

    Just glanced over the lists, I think you can’t enchant an iron fist with BRB items. Not that it made any difference :P

  • daliskhan -

    great read as always. Unlucky with herald =)

  • Fleshbeast -

    Geez points were close! I expected a bit of a stomping after the canon took your EH so early. Congrats on the win!

    One thing I have noticed is that you are getting more thoughtful/analytic in how you present the decisions within your batreps (or it feels like you are). Do you reckon your play is getting better?

    • AxelVicious -

      I like to think my play is getting better and I'm definitely trying to improve my playing. I started the bat reps as a way of analysing my game play and trying to learn from my mistakes.
      I feel I finally comfortable with the army and know what most my units can and cannot handle. When I started doing the bat reps, which was when I started using warriors, I'd mostly just get into all the combats I could to see what would happen. Now I try to plan my battles a bit more, only a little bit mind, it's still all about the charge.