Axel Vicious and the Warriors of the Dark Gods at TEC 2019, Game 4

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  • Hello!

    Welcome to my write up of Game 4 of the TEC, sorry for the gap between this one and Game 3, I’d like to say that life got in the way but it was just a crippling Total War addiction. So after day 1 I was on 30 points and right in the middle of the pack, which turned out to be a crowded field. I was drawn against another Warrior player, a guy who has been on the scene as long as me I believe but has been pushing the Warriors round longer @WastelandWarrior It is a lovely looking army too with great colours running through the army, i always enjoy games against good painted armies, the pics look better.

    My list can be found in Game 1, here.
    My opponents list for this tournament was:
    Exalted Herald, 850
    Sorcerer, Adept, Alchemy, Plate Armour, Binding Scroll, 290
    20 Warriors, Greed, Champion, Musician, Standard, Zealots Banner, 715
    7 Fallen, 188
    6 Feldraks, Great Weapon, Champion, Musician, Standard, 793
    4 Fekldraks, Halberds, Champion, 513
    5 Warhounds, 90
    5 Warhounds, 90
    5 Flayers, Shield, Light Lance, Bows, 170
    Forsaken One, 400
    Forsaken One, 400

    So we have a lot of similar things in our lists but a few key differences. Both have a big block of Feldraks but mine are armed with Halberds and his Great Weapons. Both have a big block of Warriors but it essentially comes down to Greed v Envy. Greed is probably better in a one on one match but I have a Chosen Lord in my unit which should make my Warriors a much bigger threat than my opponents. I have a Forsaken One and a Feldrak Elder where as my opponent has 2 Forsaken Ones which makes them quite similar buti think the Feldrak Elder is more useful as he doesn’t have to worry about random Movement so hopefully his speed will be useful. Ultimately it is probably going to come down to the chaff, my opponent is packing a significant amount more than me and that could prove problematic.

    As we both have Exalted Heralds we decide to secretly write down what manifestations we are going to take and then reveal them to each other lest our decisions be swayed by what the other is taking. I pick Unholy Avatar and Abiding Spirit. Unholy Avatar because it is unlikely that I’m not going to see any combat in this game so the extra Strength might just help, I also take the spell The Rot Within (-1 OS and DS, permanently) so that I can lower the Offensive and Defensive skill of my opponents units which could help massively to swing a fight in mirror match in my favour. I picked Abiding Spirit, not for Hard Target, which is utterly useless in this match, but for the ability to recover a wound when I win a round of combat which could prove extremely useful. I take Smite the Unbeliever (-1S or -1 Res) which comes with Abiding Spirit because it will come in handy in this match up I’m sure. For my third spell I choose Hellfire (2D3/6 S6 hits) as it is always useful.

    My Opponent goes with Unholy Avatar, for the same reasons as me, and Sorcerer Immortal for some filthy magic missile shenanigans no doubt. For the spells the Exalted Herald has The Rot Within, The Grave Calls (2D6 S5 hits) and Hellfire, a much more damage orientated Exalted Herald than mine. The Alchemy Sorcerer takes Quicksilver Lash (D3+1 hits, wounding on 7-AS) and Word of Iron (+1/2 AS), now there is a spell that could prove annoying for me.

    The deployment type is Dawn Assault and the scenario is Breakthrough, we both only have 3 scoring units but they’re all hard as nails so should be interesting.

    We take turns deploying for a while but eventually one of us drops everything (I forget who) and it ends up as below with my opponent getting the first turn.

    Enemy Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    There’s no charges as it’s turn 1 so movement begins with the Forsaken Ones who just turn to their sides and bump off of the units next to them (the cowards random movement if you ask me!), so they don’t move very far.

    With a big hill slap bang in the middle of the board my opponent can safely move the Exalted Herald right up to the edge of it knowing it can’t be charged but can cast The Grave Calls as it doesn’t require line of sight. The Feldraks both move on top of their hill and face the centre of the board. The Warriors turn to face to the left of the hill and the chaff moves forward slightly, except for the warhounds who hang back.

    Onto the Magic Phase and it’s a weak Flux Card, just the 2 card making it 6 power dice vs 5 dispel. The Exalted Herald starts off by casting The Grave Calls and sacrifices a Veil Token to increase the range of the spell to 18” with Veil Walker. The target is my Exalted Herald and there is no way I’m letting that go through so I dispel it. With his last two dice my opponent casts The Rot Within on my Warriors but fails to reach the minimum casting value.

    My Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    No charges for me this turn as there is nothing in range and the Exalted Herald is behind the hill so I can’t see it. I start off with the random movement of the Forsaken One and decide to just run it straight forward at the Exalted Herald. It’s 16” away so I would need a good roll to make contact with it but I roll a 15, so close!

    At this point my basic battle plan is to chaff up and ignore the right flank whilst I focus on the left flank and the centre. I move the Chosen Knights up the left flank to threaten the chaff. The Warhounds on the left run to right, past the Feldraks. The Fallen and the Feldrak Elder move back slightly to face the right flank. I march the Warriors up close to the hill but facing the right, it’s a big charge if the Feldraks fancy it (They’d need a 12). The Exalted Herald moves up next to the Feldraks to throw some magic out!

    For the Magic Phase I draw the 2 Flux Card making it 6 Power Dice against 5 Dispel Dice. I start things off by casting a boosted Hellfire on the Forsaken One on the left, I get a good high roll on the 4 dice so my opponent has to let it through or risk failing to dispel it. I get a good roll for the number of hits, 9 and after rolling to wound and Fortitude Saves I score 3 wounds, not too bad. Next I try to cast The Rot Within on the Warriors but my opponent dispels it.

    Enemy Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    No charges from the Warriors this turn (What kind of Warriors aren’t charging turn 2?!) so it’s straight to the Forsaken Ones and the one on the right just stumbles into the Feldraks again so doesn’t move any closer to me. The wounded Forsaken One heads towards my Forsaken One but only goes about 9”, falling well short.

    The Feldraks on the right just turn to face down my right flank but remain on the hill so they can reroll charges if they want to.

    The Exalted Herald runs back towards the field to get away from the Forsaken One, The Fallen fall back too, waiting for their prime opportunity to chaff me up. The Flayers are able to sneak past the Chosen Knights and out of their Line of Sight, maybe a rookie mistake but I need to push on that left flank and can’t afford to zone that side. The Warhounds on the left run in fornt of the Exalted Herald and Feldraks, and they are able to chaff both units up. The Warriors just turn slightly so that the Forsaken One cannot get into combat with the Exalted Herald.

    Onto the Magic Phase and my opponent gets the weakest flux card, number 1, making it 5 v 4 on the dice. My Opponent doesn’t go all in and only throws 4 dice at casting The Grave Calls on my Exalted Herald, he also sacrifices 2 dogs to boost the strength of the spell to 6 and has to use a veil token to increase the range to 18”. My opponent reaches the casting value so I useall 4 dice attempting to dispel it but I fail to after 2 of my dice are 1s, so at least I get them back. So my Exalted Herald has 2D6 Strength 6 hits coming his way, hopefully it will be an average of 7 hits…. My opponent rolls 12 for the number of hits! They are wounding on 3+ and score 10 wounds, ouch! I still have my 4+ Aegis Save but I’m going to have to roll like a fiend to be able to survive this storm. Fortunately the Dark Gods are with me this time as I roll 7 saves, taking 3 wounds, (Good rolls all round) it could have been a lot worse so I can’t complain, at least the Exalted Herald is alive.

    Next my Opponent tries to cast The Rot Within on my Warriors with one dice and rolls a 6 but I’m able to dispel it thankfully.

    Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    Either my Feldraks or my Exalted Herald has to charge the Warhounds in front of them, I decide to charge the Exalted Herald into the Warhounds with the aim of winning combat and getting a wound back on him thanks to the Abiding Spirit manifestation. The Warhounds take the charge and that is my only charge, disappointing, I know. The Forsaken One has two targets which it can charge, either the Forsaken One that is wounded or the Warrior block. I decide to charge into the Warriors, hoping I can pin them for a few turns until some support can get in and finish the job. Also with the angle that my Forsaken One will hit them means that it will be on the edge of the unit, as the enemy Forsaken One is stopping it from moving down the unit, this means there is less Warrior attacks coming back my way.

    I move the Chosen Knights around the forest to face the flank of the Warriors and the Exalted Herald. The Feldraks reform and move to the side of the Warhounds. The Warriors move onto the hill to face the enemy, this has left their flank open so I run the Warhounds up to the right to block of any potential charge into the flank of the Warriors. The Fallen hang back whilst the Feldrak Elder is able to get to the right flank of the board where it is out of Line of Sight of the big unit of Feldraks but he can see them, my opponent cannot afford to ignore the Feldrak Elder with that unit or he risks losing them so that should buy me a bit more time.

    Onto Magic Phase and I get the good card, the 5 card, which is a shame as I didn’t really need it this turn to be honest. This makes it an 8 v 5 phase and I kick things off with The Rot Within on three dice the Warriors, my Opponent dispels that one. Next I cast Smite the Unbeliever on the Warriors to reduce their Strength and I think my opponent fails to dispel it. The Warriors are now Strength 3 which should help keep the Forsaken One alive for a little longer at least. Next I cast Spectral Blades on the Chosen Lord and his unit just because I have no other spells to cast and it acts a s a deterrent. My opponent has no dice left so it goes off.

    Combat next and I start with my Exalted Herald who easily kills the three Warhounds meaning he regains a wound. I then have a choice to make, The Exalted Herald is only 8” away from the Forsaken One so I can overrun and hope I get into the Forsaken One or not overrun and hope it doesn’t come barrelling towards my Exalted Herald. I decide it is always better to charge than be charged and at least if I’m in combat then I can’t get blasted with Magic again. So I go for the Overrun and only go 3”, the worst possible outcome for me.

    We go to the Forsaken One combat next and the Warriors of Greed decide to whip out the Great Weapons as they need that Strength 5 if they’re going to get any wounds through on the Forsaken One. The Forsaken One gets to go first, which doesn’t happen very often, and is able to kill 4 Warriors. The Warriors strike back and despite Smite the Unbeliever they are still able to inflict 2 wounds on the Forsaken One. We both stick around for the next round of combat but the Warriors reform to get as many people in combat as possible.

    Enemy Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    The smaller unit of Feldraks charge the Warhounds and that’s the only proper charge this round. The Forsaken One on the left turns to face the Exalted Herald and moves towards it only needing a 5, it goes 7” and makes contact with the Exalted Herald, annoyingly if I hadn’t overrun it would have fallen short. The Other Forsaken One turns to face the Warriors and moves in that direction but doesn’t go very far at all, about 6”.

    The Warhounds dart in front of the Warriors to sacrifice themselves, preventing the Warriors from going where they are needed. The Flayers do some shenanigans and move through the forest with the aim of going into single file meaning they would be able to block both the Feldraks and the Chosen Knights (I really hate conga lines). Luckily for me one of them fails a Dangerous Terrain check for going through the woods so they are now only able to chaff one of the units so they stand in front of the Feldraks. Due to this the Fallen have to march in front of the Chosen Knights to chaff them up for a turn now. At least after next turn my opponent will be out of chaff. The Exalted Herald runs around to the flank of the Feldraks. The big unit of Feldraks turns to face the Feldrak Elder which I’m happy with as I’ve held them up for another turn at least.

    Magic next and my opponent draws the 4 Flux Card giving him 8 power dice to my 5 dispel. The Exalted starts with The Grave Calls on the Feldraks and sacrifices 2 Warhounds to boost the strength of the spell. It is cast with 4 dice and it’s a good casting roll so I have to let it through and hope to stop the next spells. It does 8 hits and causes 6 wounds to the Feldraks but it could have been worse so I’ll take it. Next the Exalted Herald casts a boosted Hellfire on the Feldraks on 4 dice, I try to dispel it with my 5 dice but fail, I didn’t even need to roll that high either but I couldn’t manage it. Hellfire causes 4 more wounds on the Feldraks leaving me with 4 Feldraks left alive in the unit. I pass my Panic check though.

    The Flayers have been shooting their bows this whole game and have failed to score any wounds and this turn is no different as they shoot at the Feldraks but do nothing.

    The Feldraks fighting the Warhounds is the first combat we go to and they easily squish the 8 Warhounds and take no wounds in return. The Feldraks overrun 9” getting them dangerously close to the Warriors. The Forsaken One vs my Exalted Herald is next and my Exalted Herald strikes first and scores 4 wounds but my opponent saves 2 of them keeping it alive on 1 wound, damn! The Forsaken One strikes back and inflicts 2 wounds on the Exalted Herald leaving me alive on 1 wound as well. I pass my break test though so we will have to finish this in the next round but it isn’t looking good for the Exalted Herald.

    The final combat is my Forsaken against the Warriors, The Warriors opt for Great Weapons again so the Forsaken One goes first and kills 5 more Warriors this round. The Warriors strike back and are only able to inflict a single wound on the Forsaken One. He’s doing a pretty good job so far having wiped out half the unit.

    Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    Lots of charges this turn, the Feldraks charge those pesky Flayers in front of them, the Chosen Knights charge the Fallen and the Warriors charge the Warhounds.

    The only other movements are the Feldrak Elder who moves out of Line of Sight of the big Feldrak unit and faces the smaller unit. The Fallen swing round the side of the small Feldrak block and are about 10” away from the Forsaken One if that fancies going that way.

    Straight to Magic and I get the 3 Flux Card making it 7 v 5. I have a cunning plan this round, I need to try and kill the Forsaken One with Hellfire before we even get to combat so I can keep my Exalted Herald alive a little longer so I try and eek out some dispel dice from my opponent first by casting The Rot Within on the Warriors but my opponent lets it through. (In hindsight casting Spectral Blades on my Warriors might have been a better move as it would make them much more dangerous for the next turn). With 5 dice I decide to cast a boosted Hellfire on the Forsaken One but I can’t even get 10 on 5 dice and the spell fails! I do get some dice back though and use them to cast Spectral Blades but my opponent dispels them. Such a waste of a magic phase!

    In Combat I start with the Feldraks who, in a spectacular display of ineptitude, only manage to kill 2 Flayers (it’s that damn conga line taking one of my guys out of combat). To make things worse they even manage to score a wound on the Feldraks! The Flayers still lose combat and break, I decide not to pursue but turn to face the enemy Warrior block. The Flayers flee through the Chosen Knights and have to take some Dangerous Terrain checks, I just need one to fail to take them below 25% and limit their chances of rallying, but sadly they both pass their Dangerous Terrain tests and end up the other side of the Chosen Knights. I turn the Feldraks to face the Exalted Herald, if only to prevent it from charging them next turn, if the Exalted Herald charges the Flank of them I think the Feldraks stand a good chance of breaking so I can’t risk it.

    The Chosen Knight combat is next and they wipe out the Fallen before they can swing back at them. Good to see it’s not just my Fallen that die before attacking. I turn the Chosen Knights to face the right hand side of the board.

    I do my Forsaken One first to see if he can weather the onslaught coming his way. Now that Smite the Unbeliever is not on them the Warriors are back to Strength 4. My opponent opts for Halberds this time to ensure he is getting maximum number of attacks back (his unit is looking rather meager at this point). This time the Warriors are able to 3 wounds and kill the beast. The Forsaken One never goes down without a fight and attacks back, killing 5 more Warriors with his last efforts. The Forsaken One did a pretty good job against those warriors, killing 14 of them and getting his points back at least. The Warriors turn to face the Chosen Knights and Feldraks but have a flank on my Warriors.

    I go to my Exalted Herald next where I have now accepted he is going to die. The Exalted Herald strikes first and is able to ping that last wound off of the Forsaken One (actually does 3 wounds, where was that last turn?!). The Forsaken One strikes back with his death throes and is able to get off the last wound on my Exalted Herald, killing him!

    The Warriors go last and they easily wipe out the Warhounds I then have a choice to make about what facing to put my warriors in. I decide to hope that the Forsaken One falls short on his Random Movement so I give him my rear and turn to face the Warriors but also the Feldraks are now unable to see the Warriors.

    Enemy Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    No charges just the Random Movement from the Forsaken One which successfully reaches the rear of my Warriors, damn. The Flayers rally and turn to face the Chosen Knights. The small unit of Feldraks decides not to charge (doesn’t want to face a counter charge from the Feldrak Elder I guess), instead they dart around the flank of the Warriors to threaten them and my Feldraks. The Sorcerer leaves the Warriors and move towards the Chosen Knights (Just when I thought I’d killed all the chaff, there’s more!) The Warriors just move down the left some more. The Big unit of Feldraks turn to face the Fallen. The Exalted Herald moves towards my Feldrak Elder, ready for some more magical chicanery.

    Magic next and it’s the 6 card making it 8 v 6. The Exalted Herald starts off with The Grave Calls on the Feldrak Elder, it has to use a veil token to extend the range and sacrifices a wound on a Feldrak to increase the Strength to 6. It’s another good roll (20+) so I have to let it go as there’s very little chance of dispelling it anyway, besides it’s unlikely he can roll double 6 again… So he rolls a double 6 for the number of hits, from those 12 hits it scores 7 wounds and I only save one of them, killing the Feldrak Elder in one go! That bloody spell is ruining me this game, especially with those ridiculous rolls for the hits. I don’t think I’ve ever rolled 12 with 2D6 when determining how many hits I get for a spell, but I’ve rolled double 1 plenty of times, twice in this tournament I believe!

    I’m able to dispel the rest of my opponents spells but it hardly seems worth it at this point.

    Onto combat and there is only one this round. My Warriors strike first but can’t wound the beast, that Strength 4 is really a killer against this beast. The Forsaken One has to try and out do my Forsaken One in the game of killing Warriors, but it fails spectacularly and doesn’t kill a single Warrior and to make things worse for it I score a wound back on it with a Spiked Shield! I win combat and turn the unit around so my Lord can have a pop at it.

    Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    No charges for me as the Feldraks were facing the wrong way and the Chosen Knights were a little too far away from the Warriors so instead I move the Chosen Knights into my opponents deployment zone and face the flank of the Warriors. I turn the Feldraks around to face the Warriors.

    The only other movement from me is the Fallen which I move up to chaff the Feldraks. I did have a choice as to how I positioned them at this point too, I could have made the Feldraks charge across the board towards my Warriors meaning they wouldn’t then be able to get the objective but they could have charged the Warriors and probably have easily killed them. In that instance my opponent probably just puts his other smaller unit of Feldraks in my deployment zone. Instead I opted to let them face my deployment zone and let them score keeping my Warriors safe. I’m still hoping I can get two scoring units into my opponents deployment and win the objective but it may difficult.

    Even though I only have the Chosen Lord left who can do spells I decide to risk the Magic Phase and get the 1 Flux Card, the perfect one for now. I am able to get off Hand of Glory on my Warriors giving them a 5+ Aegis Save but my opponent dispels Spectral Blades.

    Just the one combat this round and it’s my Warriors to attack the Forsaken One first and my Lord is able to inflict 2 wounds but the Warriors fail to do any wounds. The Forsaken One only kills one Warriors and is not being anywhere near as successful at killing Warriors as my one was, which is surprising.

    Enemy Warriors 5
    Display Spoiler

    Two charges this turn, the smaller Feldrak unit charges the flank of the Warriors and the larger Feldrak unit charges the Fallen.

    The Sorcerer runs in front of the Chosen Knights whilst the Flayers do the same to my Feldraks (really regretting not being able to kill those Flayers). The Exalted Herald turns to face the Feldraks flank and the Warriors turn to face the other flank of my Warriors.

    In the Magic Phase the 3 Flux Card is drawn making it 7 v 5 on the dice. My opponent kicks things off with The Grave Calls on the Feldraks with 4 dice. I use all my Dispel dice and manage to stop it. Next the Exalted Herald casts Hellfire but fails to reach the casting value required. The Sorcerer should have tried to blast the Chosen Knights instead of casting Hellfire but it’s too late now. Good to see my opponent finally having a bad magic phase.

    Onto combat and we start at the big Feldrak unit which strike last with their Great Weapons so the Fallen go first. Sadly they aren’t able to inflict a single wound, thought they might at least get one wound through. In true Feldrak style the Feldraks do incredibly badly and are only able to kill 3 Fallen, it’s enough to break the Fallen, who do their attacks back for being on the Path of the Exiled, these also don’t cause any wounds. The Feldraks Overrun towards the forest.

    In the big combat in the middle my Lord goes first and only does a single wound to the Forsaken One. The Warriors do nothing to the Forsaken One or the Feldraks. The combined attacks of the Feldraks and the Forsaken One kill 5 Warriors as the Hand of Glory helped save a couple. One of my Spiked Shield saves manages to inflict another wound on the Forsaken One. I am Steadfast luckily and stick around for another brutal round of combat.

    Warriors 5
    Display Spoiler

    I only have 2 free units which can go this turn so they both charge! The Feldraks charge the Flayers in front of them and the Chosen Knights charge the Sorcerer.

    I get the 6 Flux card in the magic phase but I’m unable to get any spells off as my opponent has too many dispel dice so we go straight to combat. The Chosen Knights kill the Sorcerer before he can even attack back. I reform to face the Warriors but the Chosen Knights are just going to stay where they are now as they are at least scoring.

    The Feldraks finally kill the Flayers at the second attempt. Despite what the map looks like I couldn’t overrun into the Warriors so I decide to pivot to face the Exalted Herald in case he comes charging in. In hindsight this may have not been the best choice.

    Onto the main event and my Lord gets to swing first and is finally able to slay the Forsaken One! The Warriors do nothing to the Feldraks though. The Feldraks and the Forsaken attack back and kill 7 Warriors this turn as I have no Aegis save to protect them. With the Forsaken One dead I still have a single rank and the Feldraks don’t (my opponent forgot to reform them wide last time, if he did I would have been breaking right now). I pass my Steadfast check and my reform test so I turn the unit to face the Feldraks. I know the Warriors are going to be charging me in the rear but I’m hoping my Lord can kill enough of them before they attack for it to matter. The Feldraks reform wide now but it is probably too late for it to matter, i'm not going to have a rank left next round.

    Enemy Warriors 6
    Display Spoiler

    The Warriors charge into the rear of my now dwindled Warrior block and the Exalted Herald charges the Feldraks (which I consider a ballsy move because it could so easily go wrong for Herald). The Big unit of Feldraks move into my deployment zone meaning we are both drawing the objective now.

    The Final Magic phase draws in for my opponent and he gets the 7 Card, giving him 8 power dice to my 6 dispel. There’s only 2 spells available to my opponent this turn, Hellfire and Rot Within, so the Exalted Herald starts off with Hellfire on 4 dice. I used all of my dispel dice to stop this one as I’m not too bothered about The Rot Within at this point. So my opponent then casts Rot Within on the Warriors.

    Onto combat and we start with the Warrior samsh off. My Chosen Lord gets to strike first and I put all his attacks into the Warriors behind him and only succeeds on killing 2 of them. My warriors then attack and kill one Warrior in the rear and inflict one wound on the Feldraks. The 3 remaining Warriors in the rear and the Feldraks kill 6 of my Warriors and things are looking bad for me at this point. I’m down two on wounds, but I have an extra banner but combined with the rear charge i lose by 4 (was really hoping to wipe those Warriors out to negate that rear bonus). I need a 5 on the dice to pass and I make it, rolling a double 1! That was desperately needed and has saved the game for me. I only have the Unit champion and the Chosen Lord left alive there now so i'll be lucky to keep the Warriors alive but the Lord should be safe if he can dish out enough punishment.

    The Exalted Herald combat is next and the Herald goes first, inflicting 4 wounds on the Feldraks, killing one of them and leaving me with 3, enough for a rank luckily. The Feldraks strike back but their hitting on 5+ so I’m only able to inflict a single wound. The Feldraks are steadfast and pass their break test.

    Warriors 6
    Display Spoiler

    No movement from me and Magic is another waste of time as my opponent dispels everything, so straight to the last combats. We start at the main event to see how it goes. My Chosen Lord goes first and strikes backwards at the Warriors, killing them all, including the Champion who has 2 wounds. My Warrior Champion does nothing to the Feldraks so the Feldraks get to strike back. My Opponent makes a crucial mistake at this point as he will freely admit I’m sure. He all of his attacks into the Lord, I like it when people try to attack the Lord because I get to hit back most of the time. My lord takes 4 wounds before Armour Saves. I pass all my Armour Saves and dish out 4 Strength 5 hits onto the Feldraks, which all wound, killing a Feldrak. There is still a chance to kill the unit Champion with stomps but he only takes one wound and is left alive on one wound, which my opponent forgot about. I finally win a round of combat and the Feldraks break from combat after that. I pursue the Feldraks but they get away, at least I’m getting half points for that unit.

    The last fight is with the Exalted Herald who swing s first and does 4 more wounds to the Feldraks. The Feldraks strike back but fail to cause any wounds to the Exalted Herald. I lose combat by 4 but I pass another break test, keeping points for that unit at least.
    I don’t get points for the Exalted Herald and the big Feldrak unit, I get half points for the smaller Feldraks and the rest of the army. My opponent gets no points for my Chosen Lord or the Chosen Knights and gets half points for my Warriors and my Feldraks who have 5 wounds left. The final score is 2615 v 2688. The objective is drawn so it is a 10 – 10. A very lucky 10 points for me I feel.

    That was a tough game but I think a draw is a fair result. The sheer amount of chaff my opponent brought to the game was a real headache for me and just slowed my units right down. If I was able to kill those Flayers, or even just one more of them after the first combat so they didn’t rally, then I think I could have won the objective with the Feldraks. Also if in turn 4 i didn't turn my Feldraks around and instead just ran for the deployment zone, that might have been a safer move.

    I definitely find it a struggle to kill chaff with the Warriors, the magical damage spells are just too good to be wasting on chaff, you want to use Hellfire on something worthwhile like the Forsaken Ones, not Warhounds.

    I definitely gave away my Exalted Herald by letting the Forsaken One get into combat with him, I should have engaged the Forsaken One with my Forsaken One most likely, just to hold it up but then the game would have panned out very differently if that big Warrior block was left untouched. My opponent definitely had the better of the magic phase, taking Sorcerer Immortal on the Exalted Herald was definitely the right choice in this match up. The Grave Calls is such a powerful spell and I think we really saw how devastating it can be, it killed a Feldrak Elder in one go, not many things can do that.

    Killing the Feldrak Elder was pretty crucial as well, he was definitely part of plan to hold up the bigger Feldrak block for an extra turn and stop them from scoring, if he just had one wound left I could have chaffed up the Feldraks and then had another turn of chaffing with the Fallen.

    Another mistake i keep making is keeping my units to close together and allowing my opponent to chaff up two units for the price of one. I have to spread my units out more.

    I was incredibly fortunate to make my break test on the Warriors when I did, if that had gone badly it would have been disastrous for me and would have made it a 13/7 most likely (I had just under 1000 points left in that unit at the end, so them staying on the battlefield was huge). My opponent made a two big errors in that combat, not reforming the Feldraks wide at the first opportunity to negate my Steadfast and attacking the Chosen Lord, which always a mistake when he has a spiked shield. So that fight on the hill was pivotal to the game. I’m sure he’s kicking himself about those but they’re mistakes that I would have made too, especially reforming the unit, I always forget basic stuff like that.

    So there was no clear winner in this Warrior off and we both end up on 40 points. I’m sure we’ll have another battle at some point so we will have to see how it goes down next time.

    Just one more Bat Rep to write up now against those pesky Infernal Dwarves, always a good scrap against the big hats. Until next time folks.

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  • Strahd -

    Love your bat reps! You roll almost as bad as me Lol! Keep grinding!

  • jimmygrill -

    Yes! Warriors vs. Warriors, finally a manly match

  • WastelandWarrior -

    Nice writeup man. Im mostly kicking myself as wardais lord cant even use a spiked shield, but hey neither of us knew! My amazing luck with grave calls probably more than made up for it. Good game and i look forward to a rematch at some point!

    • AxelVicious -

      Oh bugger, you're right. I never even noticed that it's models on foot only. Has that always been the case? Not sure how I didn't pick up on that.

      We'll definitely have to have a rematch now as I cheated you out of a point!

    • WastelandWarrior -

      dont sweat it mate, I'm sure I miss stuff all the time. Flayers have strider too, I've since learned so my cheesy congaline would have blocked both units as they dont take DT's. Would be super happy to have a rematch though any time, was a nice chill game and your models look ace so it would be my pleasure!