Axel Vicious and the Warriors of the Dark Gods at TEC 2019, Game 5

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  • Hello!

    Let’s finish this tournament write up shall we? So we go onto the last game of the tournament, Game 5, and this time I was drawn against Infernal Dwarves. Infernal Dwarves are an army I’ve had quite a bit of experience playing against lately thanks to @DrDanT using them for the last year. So my opponents list:

    Prophet: General, Wizard Master, Alchemy, Death Cheater, Blunderbuss, Shield, 550
    Overlord on Great Bull of Shamut: Crown of the Wizard King, Onyx Core, Potion of Swiftness, 860
    Vizier: BSB, Banner of the Relentless Company, Flaming Standard, Blunderbuss, Shield, 270
    30 Infernal Warriors: FCG, Blunderbusses, Shields, 695
    2 x 24 Orc Slaves: Musician, Shields, 430
    5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders: 130
    5 Taurukh: Musician, Infernal Weapons, Shields, 205
    3 Taurukh Anointed: Musician, Standard Bearer, Infernal Weapons, Shields, 459
    Armoured Giant: Slavemaster’s Whip, 325
    Kadim Titan: 575

    Some things in the list that I would have expected and some I haven’t seen before. The Kadim Titan is something I am very familiar with and absolutely hate, that thing can lay waste to whole armies on it’s own so that’s my top priority for magic missiles. I’ve also got the Feldraks and Feldrak Elder to throw at him if I need to, their unburnt rule meaning that flaming attacks having to reroll successful wounds can be very useful. I must say though my opponent’s Kadim is phenomenal, such a great conversion and good paint job that goes well with the whole army.

    (terrible picture though, doesn't do it justice)

    The Prophet on Alchemy always synergises nicely with the Infernal Dwarf units so he will give me a lot of problems. The Alchemical Fire attribute for the Alchemy spells can greatly increase the damage output of the General and the Kadim and it’s almost impossible to stop it going off at least once a turn.

    The Overlord on the Great Bull isn’t something I’ve fought against regularly so I’m interested to see what it can do. The Onyx Core doing multiple wounds against flaming can be problematic as I have a lot of multi wound models in my army. Again, I need the Feldraks and their unburnt to fight this guy.

    I’ve seen the old Blunderbuss unit with the Triple March banner before but they don’t worry me too much. The strength on the Blunderbuss shots are high but with AP 0 I can save most of those with most of my army.

    The Orc Slaves and the Armoured Giant are new things for me to fight, never seen them taken in an Infernal Dwarf list before. I’m not going to just disregard the Orcs as cheap throw away units, there’s quite a few bodies in those units and if I let one of them get a flank charge on me that could lose me the game.

    The Taurukh Anointed don’t phase me too much, just a lesser version of Chosen Knights, I think any of my big units beat them in a 1 on 1 fight. The rest is chaff that I’m sure will annoy me at some point but I’m not going to let it stop the Warrior steam roller.

    The deployment for this Game was just Frontline Clash and the Secondary Objective was Hold The Ground.

    Manifestation wise I picked Sorcerer Immortal and Brand of the Dragon, not really interested in the Breath Weapon that Brand gives me but being able to fly when there is no war machines about is nice. Swift Movement combined with Sorcerer Immortal is good combo I think. Spell wise I took Hellfire, The Grave Calls and Marked for Doom. I’m hoping to use Marked for Doom on the Prophet knowing that my opponent will usually want to stop that, then I can focus on the Kadim Titan, but if I can snipe the big hatted fool, all the better.

    My Opponent went for Haze of Magnesia, Silver Spike, Corruption of Tin and Word of Iron. The Wizard Hat on the Overlord turned out to be Evocation so he knew Spectral Blades, a pretty good spell if you ask me. Some good spells but I’m not sure that Haze of Magnesia is all that good to be honest. Having to take an extra D3 S4 AP 0 hits doesn’t really worry me all that much.

    Going into this match my basic plan was to rush forward and try and get into combat as fast as possible. Try and get the Feldraks into the Great Bull or the Kadim if it comes down to it but I want to kill the Kadim with magic hopefully.

    We take turns deploying, I have no desire to go first as my opponents range is so small I have nothing to worry about turn 1 so I was happy to let my opponent go first. In the end he does drop everything and takes first turn. We end up deployed as shown below. The Prophet and Vizier are both in the Infernal Warriors.

    I plan on taking out the Orcs with my Warriors and Feldrak Elder and then running them behind the lines of my enemy. The Feldraks are going to run up and sit on the objective, daring my opponent to come and get them. The Crusher Knights are there to zone the Kadim from trying to get down the left flank, I think in a one on one fight the Kadim wins easily so I need my Exalted Herald to pop a few wounds off before it gets too close to my lines.

    Infernal Dwarves 1
    Display Spoiler

    My opponent moves quite cautiously to begin with, the Orcs just turn to cover each other from my units, the Blunderbuss unit moves forward along with the Taurukh and Taurukh Anointed and the Kadim moves slowly down the left flank.

    Onto Magic and my opponent gets the 5 Card, too early to get such a good card really, it’s 7 v 5 this turn. The Prophet starts off by casting Corruption of Tin on Feldraks but fails to cast the spell on 3 dice even though he only needed a 7 on the dice. Next the Prophet casts Silver Spike on the Forsaken One and gets a good high roll so that I have to let it through (I probably should have dispelled it as my opponent doesn’t have much else worth casting at this point), fortunately for me the Silver Spike fails to wound the Forsaken One. Lastly the Prophet casts Haze of Magnesia but I dispel it.

    Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    Nothing to charge for me so I start with the random mover, I just turn the Forsaken One to face the Feldrak and bounce it off of them (just copying my opponent in my last game), didn’t want it getting ahead of it’s self and facing a load of blunderbuss shots straight away. The Feldrak Elder and the Warriors move as fast as they can towards the Orcs with the Warhounds hanging out in the woods. The Feldraks move up towards the centre but turn to face the Blunderbusses. The Exalted Herald swings round the piece of impassable, closer to the Kadim.

    I draw the 2 card for my magic phase making it an even 5 v 5 on the dice. I start of with Marked for Doom on the Kadim (I have to be within 12” of the Prophet to cast it on him, so he’s out) but my opponent dispels it. I follow it up with Hellfire on the Kadim but I fail to cast it, ending the magic phase and my turn.

    Infernal Dwarves 2
    Display Spoiler

    No charges from my opponent but he does use the Banner of the Relentless Company on the Infernal Warrior to march them 15” and right up to the Feldraks, a bold move I did not see coming but I think it’s an error. The Wolf Riders move up to chaff the Feldraks and stop them from charging the Blunderbusses.

    The Orcs on the right move in front of the Feldrak Elder whilst the other unit walks back a bit. The Giant is just hanging out at the back of those units. The Taurukh Anointed and the Overlord move behind either flank of the Infernal Guard for support whilst the Titan turns to face the Chosen Knights, he is unnecessarily scared of that unit I think.

    Onto Magic and it’s the 1 Card for the Infernal Dwarves giving them 6 Power Dice to my 4 Dispel Dice. The Prop[het starts off by casting Word of Iron on the Infernal Warrior block, I’m not going to be fighting them this turn or next so I let it go through. Next my opponent casts Haze of Magnesia but I dispel it and the Magic Phase ends.

    Some shooting now as the Infernal Warriors aim their Blunderbusses at the Forsaken One, there’s a lot of shots coming his way and he’s going to be lucky to survive this. The unit scores 8 hits (doubles to 16) and then scores 7 wounds, I just have to make a couple of Fortitude saves and I’m still ok. I don’t make any saves and the Forsaken One dies, a sad loss but I’m not fazed by that.

    Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    Time to do some charging and I spy some tricks I can do up at the orcs, the Feldrak Elder is able to see the unit of Orcs to his left and is able to turn past the unit in front of him and will just clip the corner of the left hand Orc unit. I declare that charge and I declare a charge with the Warriors into the right hand Warrior unit. The Feldrak Elder needs an 8 on the dice to make the charge, with swiftstride he should be ok but sadly he falls well short and only moves 2”, luckily for me this means that he hasn’t blocked off the Warriors from completing their charge and they reach the Orcs.

    The Feldraks charge the Wolf Riders who have to accept the charge or risk the Infernal Warriors getting charged.

    With other movements I move the Fallen up to chaff up the Infernal Warriors. I walk the Chosen Knights backwards, away from the Kadim Titan and I fly the Exalted Herald over to the right of the impassable. The Warhounds hangout in the wood, waiting for their glorious suicide run.

    Onto Magic and it is my turn for the 5 card making it an 8 v 5 phase. The Exalted Herald starts off by casting Marked for Doom on the Overlord but my opponent dispels it. I throw 4 dice at The Grave Calls on the Kadim Titan (Have to use a veil token to boost the range) but I fail to cast it and only get one dice back. I try to cast Hellfire on the Taurukh but it’s dispelled. A disappointing phase, especially when it had so much promise.

    Combat next and I start with the Warriors, The Lord is going first and is only able to kill 2 Orcs. The Warriors strike next and also kill 2 Orcs, this is not going the way I thought it would. The Orcs strike back at my Warriors and score a single wound, which I save and kill an Orc in return with the Spiked Shields. I have broken Steadfast on the unit and won combat, the Orcs fail their Discipline check and flee, I restrain and turn to face the other Orc unit. The Orcs that lost combat flee through the impassable, and are unable to fit on the other end of it due to the 1” rule and so they off the board.

    The Feldraks easily kill the Wolf Riders and reform to face the Infernal Warriors. The Feldraks are the only unit with 6” of the centre so they score the point for the objective.

    Infernal Dwarves 3
    Display Spoiler

    No Charges from the Infernal Dwarves just some movement. My Opponent cannot decide what to do with his Overlord on the Great Bull, whether to run it away from the Feldraks or to use him to take the charge from the Feldraks and spare the Infernal Warriors. He decides to go with the latter and moves the Overlord right in front of the Feldraks, a big mistake I think, even if he makes the Feldraks flammable it makes the Overlord cause D3 wounds on them, but he’s only got 4 attacks and that’s not enough. The Feldraks are getting a lot of attacks with hatred against the Overlord, I really don’t fancy his chances.

    The Infernal Warriors slide to the left to contest the objective and take aim at the Fallen. The Kadim Titan has had enough of this game of cat and mouse with the Chosen Knights and moves to support the Infernal Warriors. The Taurukhs (little and large) turn to face the right of the board, anticipating the Warriors charge into the Orcs so they can counter it. The Armoured Giant moves behind the Impassable to try and pincer the Warriors if they fall for the trap.

    The Prophet gets the 6 card giving him 8 Power Dice to my 6. Ideally I want to stop all the Alchemy spells so that my Feldraks don’t become flammable but that’s unlikely to happen. My Opponent starts off with Word of Iron on the Infernal Warriors, he rolls 2 dice and gets a double 6, I have to let it through or else I’ll have to use at least 4 dice to dispel it giving him free reign with his 6 remaining power dice. Luckily he didn’t cast the boosted version so it only increases their Armour Save by 1. With the attribute the Prophet makes the Feldraks flammable.

    The Prophet follows it up with Corruption of Tin on the Feldraks but I dispel it. Finally the Overlord uses his Wizarding Hat to cast Spectral Blades on the Infernal Warriors but I also dispel that.

    The Infernal Warriors whip out their blunderbusses and shoot at the Fallen, they succeed in killing all 5 of them in one go.

    Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    Well, decisions have to be made now as to whether I charge the Feldraks into the Overlord or not. I’m a bit worried by the Onyx Core the Overlord is wielding, as the Feldraks are now flammable it will cause D3 wounds on them, however thanks to their Unburnt rule the Overlord won’t get rerolls to wound against them, otherwise he would get rerolls to hit from Hatred, and rerolls to wound doing D3 wounds and that is just nasty. The weakness of the Overlord though is that he only has 4 attacks so at absolute best he can do 12 wounds and kill 3 Feldraks, but on average he would do 4 wounds I think. He is only Agility 4 and if I do charge him then we would both be striking at the same initiative step, unless he chugs his Potion of Swiftness. I’ll have 18 attacks, with Hatred thanks to the flying Bull, at Strength 6 leaving him with a 5+ Armour Save and a 5+ Aegis Save. After a while mulling it over in my head I decide to charge the Overlord, there’s never going to be a better time, the Feldraks are the best unit for this job really and if they can’t win this then nothing else in my list can kill him in combat. He is such a juicy target (860 points plus the general) so I decide to do the charge and let’s see how it goes.

    I also charge the Warrior block into the Orcs, a much easier decision to make. I march the Feldrak Elder up to the face of the Giant so that it can’t charge the Warriors next turn.

    The Chosen Knights move out from behind the impassable to face the Kadim Titan’s flank, I could have charged his flank but that would have been a silly move. The Warhounds just turn to face the left in case they are needed. The Exalted Herald flies behind the Infernal Warriors and turns so that it can see both the Infernal Warriors and the Kadim Titan.

    Onto the Magic Phase and I get a good one, the 7 Flux card giving me 9 Power Dice and my Opponent 6 Dispel Dice. I start off by casting Spectral Blades on 2 dice from the Chosen Lord, hoping to make my opponent use some dispel dice. My opponent uses a single dice to attempt to dispel it, needing a 4+ and does it. I then cast Hand of Glory with 2 dice on the Warrior block and my opponent lets it through. It is now 5 dice vs 5 so I decide to be ballsy and throw all 5 dice at The Grave Calls onto the Kadim Titan, I sacrifice a wound on the Feldraks to make it Strength 6 and I use a veil token so that I can reroll to wound, I’m going all in with this one. My opponent throws all 5 of his dispel dice at it but fails to dispel it, phew! I roll a 10 for the number of hits but I’m wounding on a 4+ with a reroll and I’m able to score 7 wounds, the Kadim Titan still has a 5+ Aegis Save and passes 2 of them, leaving it alive on 1 wound and making a lot less scary now, but I would have been delighted if I could have killed it.

    Onto combat and I start at the Warriors first so I can build up to the main event. My Lord strikes first and despite having 7 attacks he is only able to kill a single Orc, how disappointing. The Warriors strike next and kill 3 more Orcs. The Orcs retaliate and only score a single wound on the Warriors but I pass my Armour Save and I’m able to kill one more Orc with the Spiked Shield attack. The Orcs have lost combat but they are steadfast, despite that they manage to fail their discipline check, even with the General nearby, they flee and run off the board. I don’t pursue but pivot to face the Taurukh.

    Big battle next and the Overlord uses his Potion of Swiftness so that he can hopefully lower the number of attacks coming back his way. With his 4 attacks and hatred he is only able to score 2 wounds which go to 4 with the 2xD3, this kills a Feldrak. I have 15 attacks back on the Overlord with hatred as I have hatred against fliers, all 15 hit. I’m wounding the Overlord on 4+ thanks to the Great Bull and I’m able to score 10 wounds on it! Even with a 5+ Armour and 5+ Aegis he cannot save enough wounds to stay alive and dies! I overrun into the Infernal Warriors and they aren’t able to shoot at me with the Blunderbusses. I never thought I’d kill the Overlord in one go but I rolled really well and my opponent rolled poorly. It was a risky move charging the Overlord because it has so much damage potential and is hard to kill with 6 Wounds at Resilience 6, I was very lucky to kill it in a single round and I don’t think that would happen again if I did it now.

    No one scores the Objective as it’s a draw, 1 unit each near the centre.

    Infernal Dwarves 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Taurukh Anointed and the Taurukh both charge the Warriors. The Giant doesn’t want to fight the Feldrak Elder and runs around to the side.

    The Kadim Titan charges the flank of the Feldraks but with only 1 wound left I think I can take him.

    It’s a weak Magic Phase for the Infernal Dwarves as they get the 2 Flux Card, making it 6 v 5. The Prophet starts off by throwing 3 dice at Corruption of Tin on the Feldraks, it is a very good roll (15 or so) and I would have to throw all my dice to try and dispel it. I decide to let it through as Word of Iron could be more problematic. The Feldraks now only have a 5+ Armour Save and the attribute is put on the Feldraks again to make them flammable. The Prophet then casts Word of Iron on 3 dice but fails to reach the 8 needed for the boosted version. The magic phase ends I didn’t even use a single dispel dice, oh well.

    Onto combat next and we start with the Infernal Warriors combat and the Kadim Titan gets to strike first and causes 3 wounds on the Feldraks, could have been a lot worse. The Feldraks strike back next and kill the Kadim Titan (1 wound anyway) and kill 5 Infernal Warriors. The Infernal Warriors strike back and inflict 2 wounds on the Feldraks. I am one up on wounds but the Infernal Warriors have 3 ranks and 2 banners so I lose combat by 4. I have to pass a discipline 5 check to stick around or we are gone. I roll 5 on the dice and stick around much to the disappointment of my opponent. (I would have put Guiding Light attribute from my Exalted Herald on them last turn but he was just out of range).

    The Warrior combat is last and my Lord strikes first and he fails to cause any wounds on the Taurukh Anointed. The Warriors attack the Taurukh Anointed and inflict a single wound on them and do no wounds to the smaller Taurukh. The Taurukh Anointed inflict 2 wounds on the Warriors and the Taurukh do no wounds. It’s a drawn combat and we stick around. I’m going to have to do better in the next rounds of combat though if I’m going to win.

    Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Chosen Knights into the flank of the Infernal Warriors and charge the Exalted Herald into the rear of the Infernal Warriors. That should bring sufficient pain to the Infernal Warriors. The Feldrak Elder moves to block the Giant again, I’m well aware that it can just runaway but at least it isn’t going to charge the Warriors. The Warhounds stay in the woods, amazed that they may even see the end of a battle unscathed!

    It’s an OK magic phase as I get the 3 Flux Card making it 7 v 5. I’m somewhat limited on spells I can cast though. I start off with Spectral Blades on 2 dice but my opponent dispels it, next I cast Hand of Glory on the Warriors with 2 dice but that is also dispelled. I have 3 dice left and cast Hellfire on the Infernal Warriors, my opponent can’t stop it so it goes off, I roll a 3 for the number of hits and only kill a single Dwarf, boooo!

    Combat next and I start with the Infernal Dwarves. The Exalted Herald goes first and kills 3 Infernal Warriors in combat, I use his Breath Weapon too and cause another wound. The Chosen Knights attack next and kill one more Dwarf, the Feldraks kill 3 more and one more ides to the Karkadans. The Infernal Warriors strike back and do 2 wounds to the Feldraks. With my stomp attacks from the Feldraks, Chosen Knights and Exalted Herald I squish 4 Infernal Warriors into the ground. Despite all that punishment I dished out the Infernal Warriors are still steadfast (by 2 guys) and they stick around for another round of slaughter.

    Onto the Warrior Combat and my Lord is going first again and he better turn up this time. The Lord manages to get a wound on the Taurukh Anointed and that’s not good enough! The Warriors turn up though do 4 wounds on the Taurukh Anointed and kill one of the smaller Taurukh. There is one remaining Taurukh Anointed who attacks the Warriors and is able to score 2 wounds, I save 1 of them and one Warrior dies. With the wound I saved I inflict a wound back on the Taurukh Anointed with the Spiked Shield. The Taurukh attack the Warriors and only score 1 wound which I save and cause a wound on the Taurukh. It’s been a disastrous combat for the Taurukh who have just been slapped about by Warriors, both units fail their break test and flee. I decide to pursue the Taurukh Anointed and catch it, the Taurukh get away.

    No one scores the objective again as the Chosen Knights are too far away to help.

    Infernal Dwarves 5
    Display Spoiler

    Things are looking bleak for the Infernal Warriors now. The Armoured Giant charges the Feldrak Elder for some fun giant monster combat (the best kind of combat). The Taurukh rally but it won’t help them.

    It’s a huge magic phase as the 9 Flux Card is drawn. It is 10 Power Dice to the Prophet and I get 7 Dispel Dice. The Prophet starts off with 5 dicing Word of Iron, this is the only spell I care about stopping so I throw all 7 dispel dice at stopping it but I fail to dispel it, with 7 dice! Next the Prophet casts Corruption of Tin on 5 dice and miscasts this time rolling 3 2s. With the -1 to miscasts from the 8 card it counts as a triple 1, meaning the spell fails.

    Combat and we go with the monster mash first. The giant inflicts a single wound on the Feldrak Elder and inflict 2 back on the Giant, just making him angrier for next turn. It’s a draw so we both stick around.

    In the big combat the Infernal Warriors now have a 2+ Armour Save thanks to Word of Iron so I’m not optimistic about killing a lot of them but I should be able to break steadfast this turn. The Exalted Herald goes first and kills 2 Infernal Dwarves, The Chosen knights kill 1 more and the Feldraks have a fantastic turn and kill 6 Infernal Dwarves, that was unexpected! The Infernal Dwarves put all their attacks into the Exalted Herald, hoping for some luck to get some big points but they only manage to get a single wound on the Exalted Herald. I kill one more Infernal Warrior with stomp attacks. The Infernal Dwarves have had too much now and break from the combat. I let them flee away from the Chosen Knights so they are heading towards the centre, I give chase with the Feldraks and the Chosen Knights who easily catch the Infernal Warriors, destroying them. I reform with the Exalted Herald to face the Taurukh.

    Warriors 5
    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Warriors into the Taurukh. The Chosen Knights move onto the centre of the board whilst the Feldraks and Warhounds push up towards the Feldrak Elder, just in case.
    In the Magic Phase I draw the 1 Flux Card and only cast Spectral Blades on my Warriors as Hand of Glory is dispelled.

    The Chosen Lord comes to life at last and easily kills the remaining Taurukh on his own.

    The Armoured Giant strikes first due to the Slave Masters whip and scores 4 wounds on the Feldrak Elder, however I manage to make 3 out of the 4 Armour saves so it only does one wound. The Feldrak Elder refuses to take such abuse and does 4 wounds, killing the Giant.

    I score one more point for the secondary objective and the game ends there as there are no more Infernal Dwarves left alive. I ended up only losing the Fallen and the Forsaken One making it 550 v 4999, so a 20 – 0, my first one of the tournament.

    Infernal Dwarves are a good match up for me with the Feldraks and the Feldrak Elder but I was still a little bit wary of them and certainly didn’t think I would get 20 points going into it. I think my opponent would have been better off sitting back and trying to set up some counter charges rather than rush at me with the Infernal Warriors as he did. I think he gave me his Overlord far too easily to. In the Infernal Dwarves Turn 3 my opponent should have just sat the Infernal Warriors in front of the Feldraks and put the Overlord towards the right flank of the Feldraks ready for the counter charge. I was never going to break the Infernal Warrior block in one go. That would have given me a much tougher choice to make as to whether I charged the Infernal Dwarves or not.

    I also think by running so far forward with his Infernal Warriors he blocked off most of his army as they were stuck between the building and a piece of impassable. A slower advance with the Infernal Warriors, Taurukh on one flank and Overlord on the other would have been better I feel.
    He should have pushed the Kadim Titan at the Chosen Knights too, I think that is a fight he wins hands down, I’d do some wounds to him but I’d never kill it. Although I would have preferred it if the Kadim did come for me so I could have got my Exalted Herald behind it and blasted it off with magic.
    Magic wise I think my opponent played it well, Word of Iron and Corruption of Tin always present me with a tough conundrum about what to stop. I would have swapped Haze of Magnesia for Quicksilver Lash though, I have plenty of targets for it and he would have had a bit more of a ranged threat then.

    So it was good to end the weekend on a big win and meant I ended up with 60 tournament points and finished about 23rd out of 86 which I am dead happy with!

    List wise I was pretty happy with everything in the army and how it performed. They all had a job to do and they all did to some level of success. The Chosen Lord was a bit of a disappointment, the Symbol of Slaughter is good for the extra attacks but Strength 5 is not enough, especially when combined with Strength 4 of the Warriors, he needs higher strength. I’m not overly sold on the Dark Prelate gift either, I hardly used it as when I tried to cast his spells when they might be useful they were just dispelled. Shame I played the Spiked Shield wrong all weekend too, I thought I was onto a winner there with the Spiked Shield and a 1+ rerollable Armour Save, sadly not though. Still like him regardless of that, can solo stuff if he wants as he is tough enough and certainly showed that Omen of Savaar a thing or too.

    I think I used the Exalted Herald well too for probably the first time ever! He only died twice, once to a cannon ruining him and once to a Grave Calls ruining him but I did a pretty good job of keeping him mobile and blasting stuff off. I can probably use him in combat a bit more but it really depends on what spells you give him. Downside of giving him all magic missiles is that his magic is useless once he gets in combat.

    The Warriors are pretty good, nice and tanky and the Favour of Envy gives them a nice speed boost too. I really like the Spiked Shields on them as it makes me feel like I can do damage all the time, even when I’m being hit! Not sure the Zealots Banner is that useful on them though as it only gives them 4 more Strength 4 attacks, meh, not worth 50 points. These guys combined with the Fallen and Warhounds make for an excellent Core choice and fill it out nicely.

    Feldraks are absolutely solid and I won’t be ditching them anytime soon, had a couple of stinking rounds but they scare people a lot and for that alone they are worth it. They are 24 wounds at Res 5 with a 4+ Armour Save, they are tough to shift and can sit on objectives for days and their unburnt rule is great as we saw in this game.

    Chosen Knights I’m still a little unsure on, they won me Game 3 and helped get the draw Game 4 but mostly because they are a scoring unit. I often felt like my opponent was more worried of them than I would be in their situation, don’t get me wrong, the Chosen Knights are a good unit but their mounts are just such a let down compared to what they got to ride back in the day. 2 attacks from the mount at offensive 3 is so frustrating because they can just completely miss and do nothing, but I suppose it’s more about the rider than the mount, they’re like reverse Knights of the Sun Griffon (who have poor riders but good mounts). I’m going to keep them as they always perform well for me but i’m going to run more and see how that does me.

    The Feldrak Elder was a surprise hit for me actually, I hated him last year as he always underperformed but now I think I’m getting used to his limitations and am using him a bit better. He was the star of the show in Game 2 and was doing some good zoning in Game 4 until a freak Grave Calls took him out. He attracts Magic Missiles like no one’s business but as long as they are shooting at him and not the Exalted Herald I don’t mind. If the Herald dies, then I have problems.

    The Forsaken One is such a hard monster to decide upon for me. In some match ups it will do horrific things and just make opponent’s panic as they try to deal with it. On the other hand he can run off on his own and I can’t get any support to him. Still think it is a solid choice for 400 points but I say run 2 or run none. His Resilience 6 is what really makes him a great choice, so many units just can’t handle a monster with Resilience that high but then the Feldrak Elder brings that to the table as well. I find the movement of the Feldrak Elder a lot more useful than I find the random movement of the Forsaken One, I like the random movement but it can be a liability at times.

    My next tournament now is going to be the ETC singles event in Novi Sad! That’s right, I’m making the trip to the ETC. I’ve always wanted to go and see the magic so it’s a good opportunity to play against some of the best, I have no doubt I’m going to get smashed though. I’m also going to be coaching Team Scotland to victory for the actual ETC which I cannot wait to do. I can dish out all my pearls of wisdom to the team such as “Charge”, “Fleeing a charge is for cowards”, “Everything should be in combat by turn 3” and “Ignore the objective, just kill everything!” They’re in safe hands with me giving them advice, that’s for sure. I’ll hopefully do a pre ETC write up of my list that I’m going to take with some thought behind it but mostly I’ll just be wittering on about how excited I am to be going.

    Until next time.

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  • Litoperez -

    Thanks for the report, it was very nice

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    Awesome read! And see you in novi sad!

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    Lovely report. Looking forward to seeing the next version of your list

  • Fleshbeast -

    Congrats on the win mate! That was a really good analysis as well.

    Interesting that you are putting value on the FDE. I can’t get him to do anything across multiple games regardless of what I put him into.

    • AxelVicious -

      Yeah, I've struggled with the FDE BEFORE, I'm always worried he's going to fluff his attacks but my opponents are always nervous of him and don't want to fight him, so you can get a stale mate. If he's stopping a more expensive unit from pushing at me then he's doing a good job. I find the res 6 so useful as few armies are able to handle that. I think the unburnt rule has given him a new lease of life too. I'm sure the FDE will let me down again at some point soon though.

  • Vespacian -

    As usual, amazing report. Congrats on the win!