They Slither and Shake

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  • Lets be fair here: The Games Workshop snake ladies from back in the day were super weird. They had multiple slaanesh boobies, they were modeled by what appeared to be a man 6 beers in.. they just didnt look good. I was happy to see Games workshop remade some new snake ladies, but at 50 bucks a box and some rather boring sculpts, I wasnt into it. I really wanted to run a Medusa heavy Dark Elf list in the future, and about rocketed out of my chair when I saw some pre-sculpts from Raging Heroes. Feminine snake Ladies? In my Corsair loving home? Oh yes... yes please:

    I still cant get over how cute they are. Despite being mono-poseish, they are still extremely dynamic poses that make a lot of sense and really capture some snakey movement. Additionally, they really went traditional on the forge, where there are a lot less pieces to put together and really improves on a lot of issues I had in the past where I had to glue the faces onto the heads. Putting them together was a dream... cleaning the flash and the brushing was a bit of a nightmare when you're trying to get their snakey coils clean and make sure the soap gets into all the nooks and crannies so there is no chance of paint flaking away. Speaking of flaking, there is very little flex to these models, which has been a nightmare when it comes to the Angels. While beautiful models, they are fragile and flexable. These are stout as hell, and its a breather.

    That being said, I really wish that the tops of the snake bodies had more scale to them. Its more like a Wyrm with flexable, more skin like scales, and kinda takes a little bit away from the fun of painting them. Some nice thick scales would have been appreciated in the task of painting some fun scale patterns...but we cant have everything we want, now can we? However im just glad to have a snake lady model that doesn't look like the beer googles have worn off...

    Yew boi....

    Heres the video for some close ups!
    I am going to offend you. You are not going to like it. You will survive.

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