The Best Damn Female Knights

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  • Just as I thought after the first box of their models, Raging Heroes is ruling the roost when it comes to female combat models. Even more so when it comes to their cavalry models. As I mention in the video above, these are for gaming and in thus I made it easier on myself when it comes to colors, because more than likely I am going to break these atleast once while on the gaming table. But as you can see below:
    They can be even more complicated when it comes to colors and layers. The biggest thing about these models is that they do not rank up as well as other cavalry models due to how they are supposed to be posed, and the range of their poses. So it is IMPERATIVE that you plan ahead by a few feet in order to make sure the unit looks cohesive and doesn't look too cluttered, I even have mine numbered on the bottom. For my vampire knights I even went as far as to have raven unit fillers so they have room to breath, something I wish I had the forethought on when doing my earlier grail knights. But, thats why I am here.

    To make mistakes, so you don't have to.…ts/mounted-knights-tr-s-f
    I am going to offend you. You are not going to like it. You will survive.

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