Axel Vicious and the Warriors of the Dark Gods at the ESC 2019, Game 1

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  • Hello!

    Welcome to my first Bat Rep from the European Singles Championship 2019. I’ve never competed at any ETC or ESC before so I went into this feeling very apprehensive and pessimistic. These guys are some of the best in the world and I’m just some chump who likes charging and rolling dice, so I was prepared for a beating. My aim going into this tournament was to get at least 1 win, don’t get 20’d and to win best painted (no small feat, I know).

    Going into this tournament there were no lists available beforehand, except the ETC lists which most people there were using anyway, and there was no draw for opponents until the day of the event. I described my list in a previous post here, but here it is again:

    585 - Chosen Lord, General, War Dais, Trophy Rack, Shield, Dusk forged, Hell Forged Armour, Burning Portent (Hand Weapon), Envy
    850 - Exalted Herald
    320 - Sorcerer, Alchemy, Plate Armour, Book of Arcane Mastery, Alchemist’s Alloy, Lucky Charm, Wizard Adept
    635 - 20x Warriors, Envy, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, Flaming Standard
    150 - 5x Fallen
    120 - 8x Warhounds
    747 - 6x Feldraks, Halberds, Musician
    629 - 4x Chosen Knights, Envy, Standard Bearer, Champion
    460 - Feldrak Elder, Paired Weapons

    So I rock up on the Wednesday after a big Tuesday of Go Karting, I came 5th out of 9 of Team Scotland, I was robbed in the last race thanks to a Mad Git ramming me off the road. I was a little bit hungover and nervous but excited to get playing. So I looked at the draw and I was drawn against a fellow Englishman but someone I’d never played before, the one and only @Henrypmiller I was glad I was drawn against such a gent for the first game so I was hoping for a nice friendly game with neither of us taking it too seriously. I’d listened to a couple of eps of the Ammertime podcast before and knew a little bit about his list but the Highborn Elves aren’t an army I’ve had a lot of experience against, they’re certainly a rare choice here in the UK. Henry’s list:

    405 - Commander, Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Light Armour, Master of Canreig Tower, Book of Arcane Mastery

    485 - High Prince, General, Light Armour, Longbow, Spear, Queen's Companion, Moonlight Arrows, Destiny's Call, Sliver of the Blazing Dawn

    910 - Mage, Cosmology, Wizard Master, Dragon, Obsidian Rock, Talisman of the Void

    280- 20x Citizen Spears, Musician, Champion

    180 - 5x Elein Reavers

    627 - 27x Sea Guard, Standard, Musician, War Banner of Ryma

    100 - Giant Eagle

    380 - 5x Knights of Ryma, Champion, Musician

    423 - 16x Sword Masters, Champion, Musician

    485 - 12x Queen's Guard, Spear, Champion, Standard, Musician, Banner of Becalming

    180 - Sea Guard Reaper

    First impressions of the list was that I have no answer to that Dragon at all except by trying to get it in combat, but that would never be allowed to happen, or with some good Magic casting but the Magic Res on the Dragon certainly makes that a bit trickier. The High Prince scared me a bit too, AP5 and every hit equals another hit! He could single handedly tear down my whole army. Normally I would welcome a Lord on Lord challenge but not with this guy as I’m fairly sure he would spear my Chosen Lord to death before he can strike.

    Other than that there’s a lot of shooting, but it’s quite low strength and the Queens Guard can’t shoot at the Feldraks with their Flaming shots so they are limited. Only one Bolt Thrower is nice too, if there’s 3 it is a different story but I can take 1.

    The deployment type for this tournament was written on each table and the secondary was rolled separately for each game so for this game it was Counterthrust and the secondary was Capture the Flags (the best one for me!).

    For Magic spells I had some decisions to make for the Exalted Herald but as I was playing a shooty elf army there was one obvious choice, Wrath of God! With my Manifestations I picked Sorcerer Immortal and Abiding Spirit. I chose Sorcerer Immortal so I could pick the Grave Calls (2D6 S5/6 damage would ruin those tiny elf blocks) and Marked For Doom (1 S10 D3 wounds hit to try and pick out those characters or even the Dragon), it also gave me Veil Walker which is always useful. Abiding Spirit is good for the Hard target and gives the Exalted Herald a little bit more protection.

    On the Alchemy Sorcerer I picked Quicksilver Lash, good against the Dragon and could keep the characters honest, and Word of Iron because who doesn’t want +2 to their Armour Save.

    My Opponent picked Ice & Fire, Touch the Heart, Perception of Strength and the High Elf Hereditary spell – Favour of Meladis, for his Cosmology Master. The BSB picked Ravenwing, Quicksilver Lash, Awaken the Beast, Oaken Throne and Fountain of Youth. A lot of magic and no end of shenanigans I’m sure.

    I picked sides and let Henry drop first. We did a couple of the chaff drops, with Henry dropping the Reavers right in the middle and as far forward as possible, pushing me back for my drops, I dropped the dogs, we drop a couple more each then Henry dropped everything at the first opportunity and goes for first turn. I decide to send my Feldraks down the right flank to take on the Citizen Spears as I don’t want the Chosen Knights in that fight. The Chosen Knights and the Warriors are on the left and centre along with the Exalted Herald. The Warhounds are out of my General’s Discipline but I let that happen because I didn’t want the dogs dictating where the Warrior block goes. The Feldrak Elder and the Exalted Herald hide behind a hill, I’m not taking any chances.

    The High Prince is in with the Queens Guard and the BSB is in with the Sea Guard. The only Vanguard move is the Reavers getting back into a sensible formation and moving back into their lines.

    Highborn Elves 1

    Display Spoiler

    No big movements from the Elves this turn, the Spears and the Eagle move back a bit, The Sea Guard reform and turn to face the Warhounds but the rest stays as it is.

    The Magical Flux is strong straight from the get go with an 8 card to the Highborn Elves, making it 9 v 7 on the dice. The Mage starts things off with the Favour of Meladis, I’d heard Henry talking this spell up on one of his podcasts so I thought better of it and dispelled it. Next the BSB cast Ravenwing on the Sea Guard unit, this was to give them Light Troops so they didn’t count as moving for shooting purposes, I let it go as I’m not overly worried about the S3 bow shots. Lastly the BSB casts Quicksilver Lash on the Chosen Knights but I dispel it.

    Shooting next and I’m ready for the storm of arrows coming my way, the Queens Guard, High Prince and Sea Guard Reaper all open fire at the Chosen Knights and only do 2 wounds! I am very happy with that. The Sea Guard shoot the Warhounds and cause 5 wounds on them, leaving 3 remaining, luckily I pass their Dis 5 panic check!

    Warriors 1

    Display Spoiler

    That was a pretty ineffectual first turn for the Elves and I’m lucky to be relatively unscathed. A very quick movement phase for me, with everything running forward! The Feldraks and the Fallen move up towards the Citizen Spears. The Warriors go forward their mighty 8”, followed by the Feldrak Elder and the Exalted Herald, who hides from the Dragon behind the impassable. I’m a bit more cautious with the Chosen Knights as I don’t want the Knights of Ryma running past them, so I angle them to prevent that. I run the dogs forward as fast as they can go without releasing the hounds, as there are only 3 they can get through the gap towards the Bolt Thrower, now the Elves either have to waste a turn shooting them to save the Sea Guard Reaper or chaff them up.

    Onto magic and the Flux is not so kind to me as I only get the 2 card, with the Queen’s Guard banner stealing one of my veil tokens it is 6 v 5. I start off by casting Wrath of God on 4 dice but the Elves use all their dice to dispel that one. I have 2 left and try to casts Quicksilver lash on the Dragon, needing 7 on the dice but I fail.

    Highborn Elves 2
    Display Spoiler

    Time to get the chaff out there! The Elein Reavers do the conga and run in front of the Chosen Knights and the Feldrak Elder, blocking both off. The Great Eagle darts in front of the Feldraks and the Citizen Spears run forward to try and dart down the flank of the Feldraks. The Knights of Ryma move down the left flank to counter charge the Chosen Knights if they charge the Reavers. There are a couple of pivots on the other units but nothing important.

    Onto Magic and it’s another strong phase for the Elves with the 5 Flux card coming out, giving the Elves 9 Power Dice to my measly 5 dispel dice. The Mage starts it off with Ice & Fire on the Feldrak Elder, I can’t risk it going off as it could be devastating, Henry rolled low as well so I dispel it with 3 dice. Next the Mage casts the Hex version of Touch the Heart on the Feldrak Elder, he rolls 12 on 2 dice so I have to let that through, so that causes 1 wound on the Feldrak Elder. Next the Mage casts Favour of Meladis on 4 dice and gets a 14 on the dice. I can’t risk trying to dispel that so I have to let it off. Lastly the BSB casts Quicksilver Lash on the Chosen Knights with one dice but I dispel it with my remaining 2. I’m annoyed about the Hereditary being cast as that could causes me problems when I’m trying to clear chaff. And I should have just taken Ice and Fire on the Feldrak Elder as it’s only Strength 4, it still needed 6s to wound.

    Another round of shooting is upon me and this time everything opens fire at the Chosen Knights, that’s the Prince, Queen’s Guard, Sea Guard and the Sea Guard Reaper, all that shooting and they only do 5 wounds! Very happy with that again and the Warhounds have been left alone (I’m sure the Higborn Elf players out there know what’s coming).

    Warriors 2

    Display Spoiler

    Let’s kill some chaff! I charge the Feldrak Elder at the Elein Reavers, hoping they’ll fail their Terror check but they pass it and hold, so in goes the Feldrak Elder who should make short work of them. The Feldraks charge the Eagle and I decided to throw the Fallen at the Citizen Spears as they should be able to hold them for a turn, allowing the Feldraks to come and finish them off. I use release the hounds and charge the Warhounds at the Sea Guard Reaper, I thought Henry had forgot about them but he had a cunning plan up his sleeve (cunning to me anyway). The Warhounds are more than 8” away from the Sea Guard Reaper and the Sea Guard are within 12” of it so they can use their Cover Fire ability to stand and shoot at the Warhounds. I’ve never come across this before but that’s my fault for not knowing the HBE book and just never playing against them. The stand and shoot wipes out the Warhounds. If I’d known about I would have released the hounds last turn to sit right in front of the Sea Guard Reaper making my opponent have to shoot them.

    Other movement is the Warriors march forward 8”, the Exalted Herald moves behind the Impassable and I walk the Chosen knights back 4”, the Knights of Ryma now need a 9 on the dice if they want to charge the Chosen Knights.

    Magic Phase next and it is a good one for me as I get the 5 Card this turn, making 8 Power Dice to me and 5 to dispel to the Elves, I only get to carry one token over too (I really hate that Becalming Banner!) I decide there’s no point trying to beat around the bush and eek dispel dice from Henry, he knows what I’m going to cast and he’s going to save all his dice for it, so I decide to just throw 4 dice at Wrath of God and see what happens. I roll 16 on 4 dice, a pretty strong roll on 4 dice, Henry has to throw all 5 dice at trying to dispel it or risk letting it go, he throws all 5 dice at it and only rolls 15, so the spell is off! I place the comet just behind the Sea Guard, so that it is between all 4 of the units at the back, I hope it comes down soon though before they all run away.

    Now I have 4 dice and the Elves are defenceless and are at my mercy. I put all 4 dice into The Grave Calls onto the Sword Masters, I have to use a Veil Token to increase the range of the spell to 18” to reach the unit (I don’t need to sacrifice anyone as the base Strength of the spell is 5 with AP2 so increasing it will give me no benefit). I successfully cast the spell and roll 10 hits on the 2D6, they’re all wounding on 2s and I score 9 wounds, luckily for Henry he cast the Favour of Meladis so he can discard 2 Veil tokens to ignore 4 wounds on the unit, meaning that only 5 die. The unit passes their panic test, which is ok, at least now I’m only dealing with 11 instead of 16.

    Onto combat and I start with the Fallen, they charged so they’re agility 5 but that’s nothing compared to the Citizen Spears who all strike before me with all 20 models. The Citizen Spears easily wipe out the Fallen before I even get a chance to strike. I completely underestimated that fight, I didn’t think for one second that they’d kill all 5 Fallen, I was expecting 3 to 4. So big mistake in that fight but that’s why I decided to do that fight first to see how it went and now I have the opportunity to position the Feldraks after their fight.

    The Feldraks go next and they have to do 5 wounds on the Eagle to kill it, any less then the Veil Tokens can take 2 of the wounds and keep the Eagle alive. Fortunately the Feldraks do 6 wounds and easily kill the Eagle. I turn to the Feldraks to face the Citizen Spears. I was lucky there, if I didn’t kill that Eagle then the Spears were coming in my flank and the Feldraks would have been destroyed.

    The last combat is the Feldrak Elder who, despite charging, doesn’t attack first. The Elein Reavers strike first, followed by the horses and none of them causes any wounds. The Feldrak Elder strikes back with his 6 attacks, hitting on 3s, wounding on 2s and he only does 2 wounds! The Elein Reavers have still lost combat by 5 (Flank, Super Flank, Charge, 2 wounds) but they pass their break test and even have the cheek to reform! Typical of the Feldrak Elder to not blast through them in a round but I’m secretly happy, at least now he can’t be shot at and when I kill the Reavers next turn I can turn to face whatever direction I want and charge in my turn.

    Highborn Elves 3

    Display Spoiler

    Only one charge from Elves this turn as the Knights of Ryma declare a charge against the Chosen Knights, I have to hold this charge and hope he fails. The Knights of Ryma need a 9 on the dice to make the charge but they fail it by 1 and move forward 5”, phew!

    The Citizen Spears pass their march block test and are able to march out of the arc of sight of the Feldraks. Annoyed about that, I thought I positioned them so that they couldn’t but they easily could. The Sword Masters walk back to get a little bit of space between them and Wrath of God. The BSB jumps from the Sea Guard to the Queen’s Guard and the High Prince goes the other way. The Queen’s Guard back up to the board edge and the Citizen Spears actually walk closer to the Wrath of God, I think because if they move forward then they would be in trouble from the Warriors and the Feldrak Elder. The Mage comes out of hiding and moves behind my lines.

    In the Magic Phase the Elves have finally lost some of their Magic luck and only get the 2 card, which makes it 7 v 5. The BSB begins this round by casting Ravenwing on the Queen’s Guard to get them out of trouble, there’s no way I’m letting them escape so I dispel it. Next the Mage casts Ice & Fire on the Chosen Knights and does it so that I have to reroll my Armour Saves. I have to let this through as I can’t risk my opponent casting the hereditary spell again. The spell only does 6 hits and from them causes just 3 wounds. Despite having to reroll successful Armour Saves I still pass them all and take no wounds. Next the BSB attempts to cast Oaken Throne but I use the last of my dispel dice to stop it as I don’t want any models coming back on now, also my opponent only has 2 dice left and that’s too iffy to attempt the hereditary on so I’m safe from that. With his last 2 power dice the Mage casts Touch the Heart on the Chosen Knights and causes a wound.

    I roll to see if the Wrath of God comes down but it doesn’t, it just gets bigger! Not a bad magic phase for me really, only taken 1 wound from all those spells, I’ll take it.

    Shooting phase next and the Queen’s Guard, Sea Guard and Sea Guard Reaper all shoot the Chosen Knight and do 2 more wounds, leaving me with just the unit Champion left alive.

    Just the one combat still ongoing with the Feldrak Elder. The Reavers strike first and manage to sneak a wound on him, then to make matters worse, the horses get another wound through! The Feldrak Elder must be livid after taking 2 wounds from the worst Elves on the table. I roll my 6 attacks and only score 2 hits, which of course only causes 1 wound. I have actually lost combat, a Feldrak Elder lost combat to chaff! Fortunately I pass my Discipline 8 break test but it never should have even come to that.

    Warriors 3

    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Chosen Knight Champion at the Knight of Ryma because it’s charge or be charged and it’s always better to charge the Knights of Ryma than be charged by them. No other charges, I move the Warriors up a bit more cautiously this time and turn them to face the Sea Guard, that piece of water is really ruining my plans for the Warriors, I can’t just go charging though it just yet so I’m having to sit back a bit. I’ve also got a Dragon up my rear so I have to watch out for being charged in the front and rear. I move the Exalted Herald around the Impassable and he’s now facing down the flank of the enemy lines. The Feldraks are in a bad position right now, I can’t turn to face the Citizen Spears because the impassable is in their way so I decide to do a swift reform and move to face the back lines, ignoring the Citizen Spears. After their ferocious display against the Fallen, they scare me a bit.

    Big Magic Phase for me this time as I get the 8 Flux Card, giving me 9 power dice against the 7 dispel of the Elves. I start of by casting a boosted Word of Iron on the Warriors but my Opponent dispels it. Next, I use 4 dice to Cast the Grave Calls on the Queen’s Guard, my opponent has to let it through as I roll quite high. I roll average for the number of hits, 7, and I kill 6 of the Queen’s Guard. Lastly I try to cast Marked for Doom on the BSB but my opponent dispels that one.

    At the end of the phase I roll for the Wrath of God and this turn it’s coming down! I roll big for the range (10) meaning that it hits the Sea Guard Reaper, the Sea Guard, the Queen’s Guard and the Sword Masters; the perfect shot! The Wrath of God kills the Sea Guard Reaper (if that was all it did I’d be happy), 8 sea Guard are blown asunder by the Wrath, The Queen’s Guard are wiped out to a lady, leaving one very shaken BSB standing on his own, and the 9 Sword Masters are blown to smithereens, leaving 2 left alive who pass their panic test.

    A pretty spectacular Wrath of God if you ask me. The Elven back line has been completely shattered by that one spell and now things are very much looking in my favour.

    I start combat with the Chosen Knight who went charging into the Knights of Ryma. I get to attack at the same time as the Elves, a rarity against Elves, and the Chosen Knight is able to kill 1 of the Knights of Ryma. The Knights attack back and do 2 wounds to the Chosen Knight champion, leaving me alive with one wound left. The Karkadan does no wounds and combat is a draw but it isn’t looking good for the Chosen Knights.

    The Feldrak Elder combat is last and this time the Reavers and horses do no wounds, as they should have always done. The Feldrak Elder strikes back and kills the last 2 Reavers meaning he is free at last! That took him much longer than it had any right to do. If he had more wounds left I would have fancied charging him into the dragon as I have hatred against fliers so I think I can win that fight. As it’s my opponents turn next though there is absolutely no point facing the Dragon as it can just fly away. So I pivot the Feldrak Elder to face the Knights of Ryma and help out the Chosen Knight Champion.

    Highborn Elves 4

    Display Spoiler

    With the Sword Masters are left in tatters and the Sea Guard a little too far away to reliably make the charge into the Warriors my opponent decides not to make any charges into the Warriors, which was probably the right move at this point. The Dragon flies alongside the Warriors to still threaten them. The Sword Masters run in front of the Warriors to chaff them for a turn, they pass their Dangerous Terrain checks for the water. Not often you see Sword Masters being used as chaff but desperate times are upon the elves now.

    The BSB leaves his smoking crater to join in with the Sea Guard who turn to face the Warriors and reform deep.

    The Citizen Spears turn to their right and head towards the centre of the battlefield, big mistake. If they just ran off 10” I probably would have ignored them but now I can turn the Feldraks around to face the Spears and there is no way for them to get out of my arc.

    Onto the Magic Phase and it’s the 3 card for the Elves, making it 8 v 5. The Mage begins by casting Perception of Strength on the Knights of Ryma, I dispel it as I don’t particularly want them to be Strength 5 if I can avoid it. Next the mage casts Touch the Heart on the Feldrak Elder, it’s a low roll on the dice so I use the last of dice to dispel that as well. Now my opponent has 3 dice left to do with what he likes.

    The BSB casts Quicksilver lash on one dice at the Feldrak Elder and I have to let it through, it causes one wound on the big guy leaving him with 2 left. Lastly the BSB casts Awaken the Beast on the Knights of Ryma and makes the roll needed. Nevermind, at least they’re not Strength 6.

    Shooting from the Sea Guard on the Feldrak Elder does nothing. We go to the one remaining combat and even with their increased Strength the Knights of Ryma are unable to inflict that last wound on the Chosen Knight. The Chosen Knight kills another Knight of Ryma and wins combat but the Knights stick around. I reform to make way for the Feldrak Elder by moving to the left of the unit but the Knights just slide along too. The Feldrak can still make it in and all I’ve just gone and done is made the charge even longer.

    Warriors 4

    Display Spoiler

    The Warriors charge the 2 Sword Masters and the Feldrak Elder charges into the Knights of Ryma and makes the charge (needed an 8). The Exalted Herald runs behind the water feature, threatening some flank charges if the Sea Guard try any counter charges next turn.

    The Feldraks reform to face the Citizen Spears and are able to cover every angle so that the spears can’t get out of Arc of Sight now.

    Magic Phase next and I draw the 1 Flux card, making it 6 v 4, but at least no veil tokens are being stolen this time! I start off by casting Marked for Doom on the BSB, as he has no ward save he’s the best target for it. My opponent lets it through. I wound the BSB but I only do 2 wounds, damn! With his spells he’ll get them back in no time. I then try to cast Word of Iron on the Warriors but my opponent saw that coming a mile off and dispels it.

    In combat the Knights of Ryma get to strike first and are able to kill the Chosen Knight champion at last. The horses strike the Feldrak Elder but cause no wounds. The Feldrak Elder gets to attack a decent target at last and rolls very well, inflicting 5 wounds, 3 of them are saved but I at least kill 2 of the Knights. I win combat by 2 and the Knights of Ryma break from combat! I restrain, as we are right near the board edge and the Knights run off the board. I pivot to face the flank of the Sea Guard and they are now surrounded on three sides.

    The Chosen Lord gets to strike first against the Sword Masters and easily kills them before they can strike back. I reform to face the Sea Guard, ready in case they want some action.

    I’ve now managed to kill 3 scoring units so there’s no way Henry can get the objective now, he could draw it fi he kills the Warriors and the Feldraks but that seems unlikely, so I’m looking very good at the moment.

    Highborn Elves 5

    Display Spoiler

    It’s grim times for the Elves right now, rather than charge the Warriors (which is what I thought Henry should have done at this point, that High Prince of his would have made a mess of my Chosen Lord) the characters both leave the Sea Guard and run off to the left of the board and are safely out of line of sight of the Feldrak Elder. The Sea Guard move away from the Warriors and show me their rear.

    The Citizen Spears march away from the Feldraks as well. It takes me a good few minutes to figure out what’s going on because I never flee charges, but that’s his plan, a risky plan but it could pay off. I think turning to fight me was the better option here though as he had a fighting chance at least, even with the Citizen Spears against the Feldraks, I’ve had some epic failures with the Feldraks so they could easily lose combat.

    The Mage moves around the hill, we go to his Magic Phase and it’s the 6 card, making it 9 v 6. The BSB starts off with Quicksilver Lash on the Feldrak Elder, I try to dispel it but I fail, I did roll 2 1s though so I get those dice back. Luckily for me Quicksilver Lash causes no wounds, but the BSB does get a wound back from Fountain of Youth attribute. Next the Mage casts Touch the Heart on the Feldrak Elder and I have to let it go, it causes 1 wound. Lastly the BSB attempts Ravenwing on the Sea Guard to get them further away from the Warriors but I dispel the spell. The Sea Guard shoot at the Feldrak Elder and fail to cause any wounds.

    Warriors 5

    Display Spoiler

    The Warriors charge the Sea Guard who flee but they roll a double 1 and flee 2”. I had all fancy extra charges planned for the Citizen Spears to get them closer to the Exalted Herald and the Feldrak Elder but they don’t need to charge at all now, the Warriors will catch them easily. The Feldraks charge the Citizen Spears who also flee, they roll slightly better than the Sea Guard but it’s still terrible, a double 2, going 4”. The Warriors swiftly catch the Sea Guard and turn to face the Characters who are now standing solo. The Feldraks only need a 5 on the dice which they make and catch the Citizen Spears. Two scoring units wrapped up with minimum effort.

    I move the Feldrak Elder over to the other side of the board, next to the Herald, mostly to try and keep him alive rather than to use him as a threat, he has one wound left now, he’s done for. I only nudge the Exalted Herald along the board a little more.

    I move to Magic Next and I draw the 7 Flux card making it 8 v 6 on the dice. I start off by casting Quicksilver Lash on the High Prince, I would have targeted the injured BSB but he only has Light Armour on. My opponent lets the spell through and I get 3 hits, 2 of them wound and the Aegis saves one of them so I inflict one wound on the High Prince. Next I cast The Grave Calls on the High Prince but my opponent dispels it. I have 2 dice left and I attempt to cast Marked for Doom on the BSB but I fail to cast it.

    That’s my turn over as there’s no combat and no shooting.

    Highborn Elves 6

    Display Spoiler

    The last turn for the elves and the only aim now is to keep the characters alive. I thought I had them cornered with nowhere left to run but I was wrong, they had plenty of places they could run and hide in. I should have left the Exalted Herald a bit further back to cover the bottom end of the table. The Prince and Commander run between the Feldrak Elder and the Warriors and turn to face the Feldrak Elder. The Dragon moves out of sight of the Feldraks and is safe from combat now.

    Magic is the 4 Flux Card giving 8 Power Dice to the Elves and 5 dispel to me. The Mage begins by casting Ice & Fire on the Feldrak Elder, I attempt to dispel it but I fail and I gain no dice back. Luckily for me the spell does no wounds but I’ve ruined myself for this magic phase by failing to dispel that spell. Next the BSB casts Quicksilver Lash on the Feldrak Elder and I have to let it go. It finally takes off that last wound and kills him, it had to happen eventually but I was really hoping he’d survive to the end. The Fountain of Youth attribute gets the wound back on the High Prince. Lastly the BSB tries to cast Oaken throne on himself but I’m able to dispel that one.

    Warriors 6

    Display Spoiler

    There’s no serious movement from me this turn as it doesn’t matter now. I go straight to magic and get the 6 Flux card, 9 v 6. I cast Grave Calls on the General but it is dispelled. I cast Quicksilver Lash on the Prince but I fail to even wound him and I fail to cast Marked for Doom again.

    The game ends there and I have 2700 victory points and Henry has 1359; a difference of 1341 making it a 13 – 6 to me on points and I get the objective for a 16 – 4 win in total!

    Well, that was a good fun game to kick the tournie off for me. I made a couple of mistakes early on, mostly due to my unfamiliarity with playing against Highborn Elves. I wasn’t aware of the Sea Guard Cover Volley rule that they were able to use on my Warhounds. If I’d known about it I would have either marched as close to the Sea Guard Reaper as I could in turn 2 or I would have just walked up to it in turn 3 and make my opponent waste a unit shooting at them.

    The other mistake I made was charging the Fallen into the Citizen Spears, that was a dumb move on my part, I should have just chaffed them up instead with the Fallen and reformed the Feldraks in such a way that they could charge the Spears if they fought the Fallen.

    The best choice I made in the game was picking Wrath of God with my Exalted Herald. For once the Exalted Herald made up for his exorbitant cost by always being able to Wrath of God, there’s many a match up where it is useless but for this game it was the perfect choice and it worked out very well for me. That Wrath of God won me the game, if I didn’t get that spell off then I couldn’t have been anywhere near as aggressive as I was. Another note on magic is that I should have picked Hellfire instead of Quicksilver Lash, Lash was ok but the Knights didn’t care about it because it’s flaming and the characters armour was so low it didn’t matter. Hellfire would have made some more dents on those Elf blocks too.

    I was lucky with the Henry’s terrible flee rolls too, that helped mop up some points that would have been hard to pick up in a fight, well maybe not the Citizens Spears but the Sea Guard.

    Henry’s shooting was abysmal too, the Chosen Knights should have died in 2 turns of shooting but all his shots were just missing or not wounding and I was making Armour Saves all over the show. This Highborn Elf list is built upon shooting weakening the opponent before mopping up what’s left but the shooting did very little to weaken my army and I still had 2 big blocks ready to go after turn 3.

    The Highborn Elf magic was a bit lacklustre too, I’m not sure about Cosmology myself, there was very little threat there really. Touch of Heart is a nice snipe but I can take one wound going through if that’s the only spell that’s cast. I love that Highborn Elf hereditary though, that alone bought the Elves an extra turn by keeping the Sword Masters alive. If that spell is up during a key combat it could be so annoying for the opponent, glad I didn’t have to face that situation.

    I think Henry made a huge mistake running his characters out of the unit and deciding to just run away with the Sea Guard. I was foolish to leave my Warriors so far out without support as well so I’m lucky that Henry didn’t punish me for it. I think in turn 5 he should have charged the Warriors with both the Sea Guard in the front and the Dragon in the flank. I didn’t have Word of Iron up at that point and he had a whole magic phase to get some buffs off. I think the Sea Guard fight is probably a draw and one of our Lords dies but it’s dicey as to which one. The Dragon would have totally swung it in his favour though (5 attacks and a D6 stomp, ouch) and my Warriors would have broken from that combat. That would have at least evened up the final score a bit. I can understand why he was hesitant though. If my Lord doesn’t die and kills his General and the unit doesn’t break, I can get support in from the Feldrak Elder and the Exalted Herald and that would have been one hell of a scrap at that point.

    All in all a fantastic game against a great opponent and I couldn’t have asked for a better Game 1. A win though sees me crawl up the tables where I’m sure I will be swiftly knocked back down.

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Comments 9

  • LostCause -

    I really am sorry about bashing you off the course at the karting...honest

  • falanor -

    Hey! Nice write-up as usual! Not knowing the match-up can cost big time :D

    A few remarks:

    - Hellfire is soo much better than Quicksilver lash...
    - CK can go into spearmen without any problems... 20A, AP2 ==> 2wounds and then you should be able to kill them with attacks, stomps, etc...
    - "Next the BSB cast Ravenwing on the Sea Guard unit, this was to give them Light Troops so they didn’t count as moving for shooting purposes, I let it go as I’m not overly worried about the S3 bow shots. " --> I do not understand what you mean here
    - in last turns, why did you not spend more dices on marked of doom instead of "wasting" them on the lash?

    Looking forward to reading the rest!

    • AxelVicious -

      Definitely regret not taking Hellfire but when I saw the list I just saw Knights and went with Lash, forgetting about their flaming save. Just didn't think how good Hellfire would have been against the rest of the Elven army.

      Definitely should have switched the Feldraks and CK around in deployment. Eldraks were wasted.

      Henry thought that by casting Ravens wing on the Sea Guard it gave them Light Troops (it does), which he thought meant that they wouldn't suffer a penalty for moving and shooting, which is incorrect. Light Troops gives them March and Fire but they would need quick to fire to ignore the moving penalty. We just played it wrong but the Sea Guard bow fire did nothing anyway. Does that make sense? Basically we played it wrong but it didn't matter.

      I got greedy in turn 6 and wanted to cast all three of my damage spells, which was a mistake as Lash was a bit useless. I didn't want to target the General with Marked for Doom because of his aegis save so I was going to target the BSB, he was back on full wounds, so only a 1/3 chance of killing him anyway, it felt too risky to me but it would have been a better play.

    • falanor -

      I understand better now the Raven's wing situation... it is a difficult match-up for the HE list, you have fast and tough units, blasts and the comet...

  • Fleshbeast -

    Great win mate! Epic Wrath of God roll. How much of a pain was that FDE v Reaver combat? I can’t bring myself to include the FDE any more as that happens far to often to me.

    Looking forward to the next batrep! :)

    • AxelVicious -

      Thanks dude. I was so frustrated with the FDE in that fight. How does it not win that fight straight away? Taking 2 wounds from the Reavers was unlucky too and so annoying, at least he didn't break, that would have been embarrassing. Its annoying when you think I could take another unit 4 feldraks with paired weapons for only 20 more points than the FDE, and they would be worth every point. The only plus side to the FDE is that he attracts a crazy amount of ranged attacks and as long as they're shooting him they're not shooting the Herald so I'm OK with that.

    • Fleshbeast -

      Ha! Breaking would have been a “walk away” moment. :P

      I didn’t the price was so close for 4xFeldraks vs FDE. That’s a no-brainer for me. I run 2x4Feldraks FC in my standard list and they romp it in every time.

    • Loremaster -

      The advantages of an FDE over normal feldraks are negligible compared to the sheer amount of high strength/res attacks and wounds they bring to the table. Spam them!!!!! The only downside is no reroll for leadership which is a huge issue imo.