Axel Vicious and the Warriors of the Dark Gods at the ESC 2019, Game 2

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  • Hello again!

    Let’s get started with Game 2 of the ESC shall we? So after a nice win in Game 1 I was climbing up the tables and for this round I was Drawn against the Captain of Montenegro (Aleksander Vilotic, no idea what’s his handle on here is though) and his Beast Herds. Alek’s list:

    705 - Minotaur Warlord, General, Great Weapon, Blessed Inscriptions, Trickster’s Cunning, Crown of

    Horns, Talisman of Shielding

    475 - Minotaur Chieftain, Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Aaghor’s Affliction, Greater Totem Bearer

    440 - Soothsayer, Druidism, Seed of the Dark Forest, Wizard Master

    165 - Soothsayer, The Shamanism, Potion of Strength, Wizard Apprentice

    150 - 2x 15x Wildhorn Herd

    220 - 2x 15x Wildhorn Herd, Throwing Weapons, Musician, Ambush

    170 - 17x Wildhorn Herd

    783 - 8x Minotaurs, Shield, Standard bearer, Musician, Champion, Totem Bearer, Black Wing Totem, Flaming Standard

    748 - 8x Minotaurs, Shield, Standard bearer, Musician, Champion, Totem Bearer, Black Wing Totem

    135 – 2x 5x Gargoyles

    The first thing that jumped out at me when I saw the list was the 2 great big units of Minotaurs, ouch! I’ve fought against Minotaurs before but never 2 units that size along with 2 tooled up Minotaur characters. I’m not sure I have an answer to both of them, one of them I could kill with magic and combat, but two is going to be difficult. I’ve never fought them with Shields before either, it limits their damage output which is good with me but giving them parry makes them much more annoying for my army, especially my Chosen Lord who is perfect for killing Minotaurs. I would be hoping to get some flank charges on the Minos but then the second thing about the list jumped out at me, 5 units of Wildhorns! Although they are garbage, that is a lot of garbage to get through. Combined with the 2 units of Gargoyles, this list is packing a lot of chaff which should help keep the Minotaurs safe from any unwanted charges.

    Character wise both Mino characters are not to be sniffed at, the BSB is the weaker of the two but they’re both wielding Great Weapons so they are incredibly high strength with a lot of attacks. The General is giving every one in 12” re rolls to hit every turn thanks to the Crown of Horns so that just makes the Minos even more deadly.

    With a Wizard Master, a Wizard Adept, a Greater Totem and two Black Wing Totems there is a ridiculous number of spells that this army has access to, I’m going to find it difficult to know what spells to prioritise dispelling.

    The Deployment type was Dawn Assault and the secondary Objective was Spoils of War, not a great objective for me in this battle as my opponent has 7 scoring units and I have 3 so it’s going to be diffciult to stop all those units from getting two of the objectives.

    I win the roll for sides and I make my opponent take the side with the building in the deployment zone and make him take the ¾ with the building in so that his army is bunched up together. I wanted them contained so that I knew where they were.

    For my Manifestations on my Exalted Herald I picked Sorcerer Immortal and Brand of the Dragon so that I had Veil Walker for those increased ranges and the other benefits and the Exalted Herald could now fly. As the Beast Herds have no shooting and will be limited on Magic Missiles my Exalted Herald will basically have free range to do what he wants here. For his spells I picked The Grave Calls, Marked for Doom and Hellfire for some truly offensive magic, I don’t plan on getting him near combat with those Minotaurs so I’m happy for him to just fly around blasting magic at beasts.

    The Sorcerer on Alchemy picked Word of Iron and Glory of Gold as the damage spells from alchemy are useless against Beast Herds.

    My opponents Druidism Shaman picked Oaken Throne, Healing Waters, Entwining Roots, Summer Growth and Stone Skin. The Shamanism Shaman took Awaken the Beast and Swarm of Insects. Some excellent defensive buffs and a good offensive buff with Awaken the Beast, add all the totems in and it’s a dangerous magic phase the Beasts have.

    The Beast Herds put their Dark Forest slap bang in the middle of the table.

    Onto deployment and we took it in turns dropping our units but with my opponent deciding not to ambush his Wildhorn on, and instead deploying them as normal, it meant he had 7 chaff drops before the Minos went down. So after a couple of initial drops I decided to drop everything and go for the first turn.

    The Chosen Knights were on the left with the aim of getting one of the objectives. The Feldrak Elder was next to them. Warriors and Feldraks in the centre alongside the Warhounds and Fallen whop are there to do their chaffing duties and the Herald was on the right flank.

    My opponent dropped it all in the centre, the Minos each hiding behind a unit of Wildhorn whilst the other units of Wildhorn were on the left to cover that side. The Minotaur Warlord was in the 1st Mino unit (Flaming Standard) nearest the centre to make optimum use of his Discipline and Crown of Horns. The Minotaur Chieftain was in the 2nd Mino unit. The Shamans both went into 5th Wildhorn unit that was hidden behind the impassable terrain.

    (Forgot to take pics of my deployment i'm afraid)

    My basic battle plan is to focus all my attention on one unit of Minos and chaff up the second. Go chaff hunting with the Feldrak Elder and hopefully get him behind enemy lines if I’m lucky. Only the Minotaurs can stop the Feldrak Elder so as long as he can avoid them he gets a free ride. I am going to use the Feldraks and the Warriors to contest the middle and hopefully combo charge one unit of Minos and use the chaff for the second unit along with the Exalted Herald to blast them with magic to weaken them up for the remains of my army to finish off.

    Before the game began Aleksander brought out a bottle of rakia and made drink some of that. I’m a beer drinker, not a spirit drinker and that stuff was strong! So any mistakes that happen from now on I blame solely on the rakia and certainly not on my inability to play the game!

    Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    As with most of my first turns I run at my opponent! The Feldrak Elder moves his maximum march distance down the left flank. The Chosen Knights have to just move 7” off of the wall so I avoid taking any Dangerous Terrain tests. The Warriors move to the end of the hill. The Fallen move forward towards the forest. I’m a bit more cautious with the Warhounds and the Feldraks who only move forward a little bit, I want to hold back whilst the left flank pushes. That is except for the Exalted Herald who runs down the right flank so that he is 18” away from the 2nd Minotaur unit.

    For my first Magic Phase I get the 3 Card making it 7 v 5. I start things off by casting The Grave Calls on the 2nd Minotaur unit and I roll a 20 on 4 dice. I use a veil token to boost the range of the spell to 18” and sacrifice 3 dogs to make it Strength 6 as well. With such a high roll on the dice my opponent decides to let it go, has to really as it is a good roll. I get hits on the 2D6 hits and cause 9 wounds, killing 3 Minotaurs, a good start! Next I try to cast Hellfire on the Minotaurs but my opponent dispels it.

    No shooting or combat sop it’s onto the Beast Herds turn.

    Beast Herds 1
    Display Spoiler

    The Wildhorn untis in front of the Minotaurs both march forward, the one in front of the 2nd unit moves a bit slower. The Gargoyles jump just behind the 1st unit of Wildhorn and the Minotaurs move behind them. The Shaman bunker unit moves round to the right, behind the Minotaurs and the other Gargoyles move behind the impassable. The 2 remaining units of Wildhorn just walk back a bit.

    Beast Herds Magic phase and they get the 1 Flux Card, rather they got this later on than first turn. It’s 5 v 4 and my opponent starts off by casting Oaken Throne on 2 dice and gets a 4, just casting it. I try to dispel it with 2 dice and fail to dispel it as I rolled a 3! I get one dice back though so it’s 3 v 3 now. Next the Druidism Shaman casts Stone Skin on the Wildhorn 1 unit, I again attempt to dispel it and fail, it’s going to be one of those games. The Wildhorn are now Resilience 7, ugh. Also raises up one dead Minotaur thanks to the Druidism Attribute spell.

    Warriors 2

    Display Spoiler

    True to form I decide to throw my battle plan out the window and charge the Feldraks at the Wildhorn with Stone Skin on, bear with me, I had a cunning plan. By charging those guys I knew that I was not going to kill very many, if any, but I would also not take very many wounds in return, meaning we’d be stuck in combat for at least 2 turns which would mean the Minotaurs behind them would be stuck in a traffic jam for a while. So in the Feldraks went.

    I also charged the Feldrak Elder at the Wildhorn 3 unit, who fled the charge and run 8”” which meant they were just on the board. I then redirect the Feldrak Elder into the Wildhorn 4 unit who fail their Terror check and run off the board, first points to me! This does mean that the Feldrak Elder has to make a failed charge and stumbles forward 4”.

    The Chosen Knights move onto the Objective on the left. The Warriors move towards the centre whilst the Warhounds walk back 4”. The Fallen just run up towards the Impassable, I didn’t really know what else to do with them and just shoved them forward. In hindsight this was a careless mistake. I fly the Exalted Herald onto the right flank so I’m safe from charges and can still magic.

    I get the 2 Flux Card this turn making it 6 Power Dice against 5 Dispel Dice. I start off by casting a boosted Word of Iron on 4 dice onto the Feldraks, I roll high and my opponent has to let it through. Next I try to cast Hellfire onto the Mino 2 unit but it is dispelled.

    In the combat with the Feldraks I manage to inflict 2 wounds on to the Wildhorn despite their high resilience and I take 1 wound back in return. The Wildhorn pass their discipline check though and stick (the plan is working!)

    Beast Herds 2
    Display Spoiler

    Beast Herds turn to start charging and there’s somethings that I completely missed when I did my turn. So the Wildhorn 2 unit declares a charge on the Warhounds, it’s a 12 on the dice but it’s doable. The Minotaurs 2 then declare a charge on the Exalted Herald because with the Wildhorn in front of them out of the way then they can clearly see the Exalted Herald and can charge him. I completely missed that when I moved my Herald last turn, I really should have forseen that. However, it still requires the Wildhorn to roll a double 6. They don’t a go forward 4” meaning the Minotaurs also have a failed charge and shuffle forward to. Dodged a bullet there.

    Two other charges that I didn’t see at all, both Gargoyle units charge the Fallen in the wood. Looking back at the pictures now I’m not sure that the Gargoyles behind the Impassable could actually see the Fallen so I’m not sure they could have declared the charge, but I didn’t spot it at the time so it goes ahead. The second unit of Gargoyles charge the flank of the Fallen as well. It’s a tight squeeze for the first unit in the front but they do just squeeze in. That was just laziness on my part before because I should have gone flush against the impassable.

    The Wildhorn, who fled last turn, rally and turn to face the Feldrak Elder. The Mino 1 unit moves up to the gap left by the Gargoyles and the Wildhorn 5 unit moves behind them.

    On to Magic and it’s the 6 card this turn, making it 8 Power Dice to 6 Dispel. The Shamanism Shaman steps up and casts Awaken the Beast on the Wildhorn fighting the Feldraks to increase their Strength, I’m absolutely fine with that so I let it off. Next the Druidism Shaman casts Stone Skin on the Wildhorn again but this time I dispel it (?!, I don’t know why I did that, should have let it off). Next the Druidism Shaman casts Healing Waters on the Wildhorn to give them a regen save and I fail to dispel it, so they have a 4++ Fortitude save now.

    Onto combat and the Gargoyles manage to kill all the Fallen, I didn’t expect that at all, I thought they’d kill a couple and probably break me. The Fallen strike at the same agility as the Gargoyles and kill 3 of the unit in their front. That unit then overruns and ends in front of the Warriors. The second unit just reforms.

    The Feldraks do 6 wounds on the Wildhorn but they manage to save 5 of them with the Fortitude saves so I only kill 1. I take no wounds in return and kill 2 more with stomps. I win combat again by more than I expected but luckily the Wildhorn stick.

    Warriors 3

    Display Spoiler

    I start off by charging the Warriors at the Gargoyles in front of them who then flee, there flee move takes them over the Feldraks to safety and they pass all their Dangerous Terrain checks. I then attempt to redirect into the other unit of Gargoyles but ifail my Discpline 9 check and cannot redirect. That’s frustrating, I’m sure the other unit would have fled as well but it would have at least cleared them out of my way.

    I march the Feldrak Elder up the left flank and he’s now in the enemy deployment zone and facing the Wildhorn 3 unit. I fly the Exalted Herald over the Minotaurs and turn him to face the rear of the Minos and he can now see the Shaman bunker unit., that bunker unit is now sandwiched between the Exalted Herald and the Feldrak Elder and it doesn’t look like the Shamans can get away.

    The Chosen Knights, are now carrying the objective marker so can only move their 7” movement. I move the Warhounds back slightly.

    I pull out the big 8 Flux Card this round making it 10 v 7. I start off by casting a boosted Hellfire on the Mino 2 units to try and whittle them down some more. My opponent lets it go and it only inflicts 2 wounds on the Minotaurs. Next I cast The Grave Calls on the Minotaurs as well and my opponent lets that through too. This time it only inflicts 4 wounds on the Minotaurs, so I’ve done 6 wounds in total, killing 2 more and leaving 4 in the unit (1 on one wound). I then try and cast a boosted Word of Iron on the Feldraks but my opponent dispels it. Word of Iron is really the only spell I have that he cares about as it affects his combat output, so he was just saving all his dispel dice for that. I’m sure the small amount of damage I’m doing to the Minotaurs is worrying him a little but he’s not overly bothered about it.

    In combat the Feldraks decide that now is the time to go absolutely crazy and they kill 7 of the Wildhorn, even with their 4+ Fortitude save! The WIldhorn that are left strike back and do a wound on the Feldraks. I stomp 2 more Wildhorn to death and rather unsurprisingly the unit breaks from combat. I have to pursue at this point and go into the Minotaurs as it’s better to charge Minotaurs than be charged by Minotaurs. It’s typical of the Feldraks though, when you want them to do well they roll terribly and the one time I want them to suck they do really well.

    Beast Herds 3

    Display Spoiler

    Going into this turn I was still pretty happy with how things were looking, the Feldraks and t6he Exalted Herald are a serious threat to the Shaman bunker. The Feldraks being in combat isn’t ideal but I think they should be ok against those Minotaurs or should at least hold them up for a turn. The Warriors and the Chosen Knights are in good positions too.

    The Beast Herds declare no charges. The Gargoyle unit that fled before rallies, the Wildhorn 2 unit reforms deep, turns to face the flank of the Feldraks and moves closer to them. Now the Shamans are just within 8” of that unit and so they leave the Wildhorn 5 unit and jump into 2 (It was seriously close as to whether they could make it or not). The Gargoyles in the woods fly between the Feldrak Elder and the Wildhorn 3 unit, who reform to face the Feldrak Elder. The Minotaur 2 unit turn to face the Exalted Herald.

    Bit annoyed that the Shamen were able to escape my trap but more annoyed about the Gargoyles now chaffing up the Feldrak Elder. I should have been blasting them with magic instead of the Minotaurs because now my Feldrak Elder is going to spend another turn charging things that will just flee.

    Magic next and the Beast Herds get the 7 Flux card giving them 9 Power Dice to my 6 dispel. I should add that Oaken Throne is still up because I keep forgetting to dispel it, I allow to stay on this turn as well. The Druidism Shaman casts Stone Skin on the Minotaurs fighting the Feldraks and I dispel that one straight away, can’t allow that to go off. Next the Shamanism Shaman casts Awaken the Beast on the Minotaurs and I have to let it through, the unit is now +1 Strength. Next the Druidism Shaman casts Healing Waters on the Minotaurs and I have to let it through as it’s a good dice roll and I only have 2 dispel dice left (1 wound back on the BSB Minotaur unit). Lastly the Minotaurs activate their Black Wing Totem, meaning they would get +3 agility, but I dispel it with my last 2 dice.

    Only the one combat this turn and it is a big one. The Feldraks get to strike first against the Minotaurs and thanks to their shields giving them parry the Feldraks are hitting on 4s and wounding on 3s, they also have a 4+ Fortitude save thanks to Healing Waters. Despite all that I still inflict 5 wounds. The Minotaurs get to strike back next with 21 attacks, hitting on 4s with a Primal Instinct reroll and Battle Focus and wounding on 3s. They do 18 wounds in total! The Minotaur Lord then gets to strike last and kills the last remaining Feldrak, meaning that they have done 22 wounds to the Feldraks in one go! Nothing has ever done that many wounds to the Feldraks in one go before, that is absolutely crazy! I was genuinely stunned by this massacre as you can imagine, maybe I underestimated the Minotaurs a touch, I never thought they’d do that but I think I forgot about the Primal Instinct combined with the Battle Focus, it basically means that they are auto hitting. The Minotaurs just reform to face the Warriors.

    Warriors 4

    Display Spoiler

    After that absolutely shocking round of combat most normal players would probably back off away from the Minotaurs but the red mist descended upon me so I decided to try and avenge the Feldraks by charging everything! I unleashed the Hounds, set the Warhounds loose and charged them at the little unit of 2 Gargoyles, who actually held for once! The Feldrak Elder charged the Gargoyles in front of him who fled the charge (standard). I then wanted to redirect into the Wildhorn 3 unit and promptly failed my redirect test! Lastly I declared a charge with the Warriors into the Minotaur, I figured that my Chosen Lord with the Burning Portent could take down the Minotaur Lord and serverly weaken that unit if I could get in. I needed an 8 on 3 dice and failed the charge, leaving them to walk forward 4”. A fantastic charge phase there, I’m sure you’ll agree!

    A small part of me was tempted to charge the Exalted Herald into the Minotaurs and start smashing them up but after that display against the Feldraks I think better of it and I fly the Exalted Herald back over the Mino 2 unit again, ready to blast them off if I can. I walk the Chosen Knights forward 7”.

    This Magic Phase I draw the 7 Flux Card and it’s 9 v 6 on the dice. I start off by dispelling Oaken Throne at last! Next I cast The Grave Calls on the Minotaurs with the BSB, my opponent lets it through. For my 2D6 I roll a double 1 and then to wound with both those hits I roll a double 1 again! So no wounds on the Minotaurs this round. Next I throw 5 dice at a boosted Word of Iron on the Warriors, it’s really my only hope at this point but my opponent is able to dispel it with his 6 dispel dice.

    I decide now that I’m never getting the Exalted Herald anywhere near combat with those Minotaurs so I use my Breath Weapon as shooting attack on the Minotaurs. I roll slightly better than I did with The Grave Calls and get 3 hits! They all fail to wound though. These are either incredibly lucky Minotaurs or very tough Minotaurs.

    In combat the Warhounds kill the Gargoyles before they can swing back. The Warhounds overrun into the flank of the Wildhorn.

    Beast Herds 4

    Display Spoiler

    Just one charge from the Beast Herds and it’s an obvious one, the Minotuar Warlord and his Minotaurs charge the Warriors. I’m a little unsure what I think about this fight, if I can kill the Minotaur Warlord with my Lord then I’ll be very happy but if I can’t kill him I think he’s going to tear my Lord apart and the unit will smash off my Warriors. The magic phase is going to be key as to who wins this.

    The Gargoyles rally and turn around. Other movements are just the Wildhorn 5 unit moves around the impassable. The Mino 2 unit turns around to face the Exalted Herald who is doing an excellent job of keeping them distracted it think.

    In this key Magic Phase the Beast Herds get the 4 Flux Card making it 7 v 5 and the Druidism Shaman starts off by throwing 2 dice at Oaken Throne and rolls an 11. I have to let it go as it’s far too high a roll. As he cast Oaken Throne I was expecting Stone Skin or Healing Waters next but instead the Shamanism Shaman cast Awaken the Beast on the Minotaurs on 3 dice to increase their Strength. I figure I’d rather not let that through and have to throw 4 dice at to reliably dispel it and I succeed. That leaves me with one dice left to his 2 power dice. I’m hoping he’s going to try and cast something with a high value like Stone Skin and fail but instead the BSB casts the Blooded Horn Totem on 2 dice for a value of 4. I throw my one dice at the dispel attempt, it’s 50/50, and I fail it! I’m so screwed now but at this point I didn’t even realise how screwed I was. I just thought about the extra attack and shrugged it off but it’s much worse than that.

    Onto combat and we do a warm up fight first, the Warhounds vs the Wildhorn. We both strike at the same time but the Warhounds do no wounds and the WIldhorns kill 3 dogs. The Warhounds break from combat and the Wildhorn pursue and catch them.

    Now we move on to the big combat, I forget if I issued a challenge or if my opponent did but either way we end up in a challenge between the Chosen Lord and the Minotaur Warlord because that’s how it should be done! My Chosen Lord swings first and scores 4 hits and 3 wounds! That’s pretty good going and I’m happy with that. The Minotaur Warlord has the Talisman of Shielding though so he gets a 5++ Aegis save, rolls the three dice and makes 2 of them, damn! For my D3 wounds I only do a single as well. The War Dais gets to attack as well and does absolutely nothing. The Minotaur Warlord gets to swing back. He has 5 attacks with rerolls to hits (Primal Instinct), rerolls to wound (Blessed Inscriptions) and AP7 (!?) on the attacks thanks to the Blooded Horn Totem. Unsurprisingly my Chosen Lord is absolutely pummelled into the ground. I foolish to think that this fight was going to go any other way! I mean that Mino Warlord is an absolute combat beast!

    After that my note taking for the game took a serious nose dive (a combination of drink and misery) but I think I can piece it together from the pictures.

    I do the rest of my Warrior unit into the Minotaurs and I manage to inflict 2 wounds on them. Then the Minotaurs get all of their attacks into the Warriors, 25 in total. I was really counting on the Warriors Armour prevailing against the onslaught of the Minotaurs but I forgot that the Blooded Horn Totem gives them an extra AP2 so I’m getting no save. The Minotaurs kill a lot of Warriors, at least 15 or so, and I lose steadfast. The Warriors flee and are ran down by the pursuing Minotaurs.

    Well that fight didn’t go very well, again I completely underestimated this unit and the Minotaur Warlord. I should have taken note when they wiped out the Feldraks but I thought my Chosen Lord could pull me through.

    Warriors 5

    Display Spoiler

    It’s pretty much all doom and gloom for me from here on in. I just have to try and stay alive. One charge from me though this turn, I Charge the Feldrak Elder into the Wildhorn 3 unit who flee, I then have to do a redirect test and I finally pass one! I redirect into the Gargoyles who take the charge to spare the Wildhorns.

    I fly the Exalted Herald over the Mino 2 unit to face their rear and blast them off with magic. I move the Chosen Knights forward. I have no other option with them now, I didn’t take a musician in the unit so I can’t reform and get further away from the Minos so I may have to give these guys up too.

    It’s a poor Magic Phase for me as I get the one Flux Card making it 5 v 4. I want to just 5 dice The Grave Calls at those Minotaurs but I can’t risk miscasting and losing my Exalted Herald as well so I decide to split my dice. I throw 3 dice at Marked for Doom on the BSB, my opponent lets it through and it does 2 wounds to the BSB. Next I use my last 2 dice to cast the small Hellfire but it is dispelled. I think my opponent would have always dispelled Hellfire so didn’t want to throw that out first, I wanted him to make a choice but it’s an easy choice as he can easily take Marked for Doom on his BSB without much risk.

    In combat the Feldrak Elder smashes apart the Gargoyles and kills them to a beast before they can even strike back (a rare occurrence given his exploits in the last game). I need an 8 on the overrun to get into the Wildhorn 3 unit that fled from him before but I roll a 7.

    Beast Herds 5

    Display Spoiler

    No charges this turn. Finally a Beast Herds unit fails to rally, the Wildhorn 3 unit carrying on running and ended up running through the Exalted Herald and through the building causing them to lose 5 Wildhorns to Dangerous Terrain checks.

    The Minotaur 2 unit move onto the objective on the right and will pick that up next turn. The Wildhorn 5 unit move onto the central objective and will pick that up next turn. The Mino 1 unit moves around to the back of the Chosen Knights and they’re dead next turn.

    The Wildhorn 2 unit move towards the centre.

    It’s a strong magic phase for the Beast Herds as they get the 8 Flux card. The Druidism Shaman starts off by casting Summer Growth on the Mino 2 unit. There’s no way I’m letting those guys come back so I dispel it. Next the BSB activates the Black Wing Totem to give them and agility boost but I dispel it and then the BSB casts the Blooded Horn Totem and I’m out of dice so it goes off. In hindsight I should have allowed the Black Wing Totem to go off and stopped the Blooded Horn Totem as even the +3 agility still wouldn’t get the Minotaurs swinging before the Exalted Herald.

    Warriors 6

    Display Spoiler

    I turn the Chosen Knights around to face the inevitable charge from the Minotaurs as there’s no point running now.

    I move the Exalted Herald behind the Minotaur 2 unit and run the Feldrak Elder up to centre, not that it matters now.

    In the Magic Phase I get the 4 Flux card so it’s 8 v 5. I start off by casting The Grave Calls on 4 dice and use a veil token to reroll to wounds on it. My opponent throws all 5 dice at trying to dispel it and doesn’t. I have a chance to get some points back now. Sadly I only get 5 hits but they all wound. With my last 4 dice I casts a boosted Hellfire at the Minotaurs and cause 4 wounds with that one. There’s now a single Minotaur left in the unit and the BSB. I’m at least getting half points.

    Beast Herds 6

    Display Spoiler

    The Minotaurs and the Minotaur Warlord charge the Chosen Knights. The Wildhorn 3 unit fails to rally and runs off the board. The Minotaur BSB leaves he’s lonely buddy and heads to the centre. The surviving Minotaur moves back towards his deployment. The Shamen both leave the Wildhorn 2 unit and move towards the Minotaurs in case they need the magical help (they don’t at all)

    The last magic phase is a 5 to the Beast Herds making it a 9 v 5. I’m never going to be able to stop all the buffs that are coming my way. I dispel Stone Skin first and then have to let off Healing Waters on the Minotaurs. The Shamanism shaman casts Awaken the Beast on the Minotaurs and it’s a good roll so I have to let that off. Lastly the BSB uses the Blooded Horn Totem on the Minotaurs but I dispel it.

    So, just combat left, the Minotaurs have their impact hits first and only cause a couple of wounds. I then have all of my Chosen Knights attacking back, if I roll well I could possibly stand a chance here. With the best Warriors that the Warriors of the Dark Gods have available I’m only able to inflict a single wound on the Minotaurs! The Minotaurs and the Minotaur Warlord then proceed to do what they’ve done all game and smash the absolute sh!t out of the Chosen Knights, killing them all.

    The game ends there and we total up the Scores and it’s a lowly 944 points for me and a mighty 3186 for the Beast Herds. The Beast herds got the Secondary Objective so it’s an 18 – 2 victory to them.

    Well that was a devastating example of the power of Minotaurs, I never thought that just one unit could destroy all three of my big flighty blocks one at a time! They did it though and they barely took a scratch, I guess part of that is the power of Druidism, especially when there’s only a single fight going on at a time and the wizard is close, you can just buff that one unit like crazy. I thought I could have played my magic defence game a bit better, particularly when the Minotaurs were fighting my Warriors, letting them get the Blooded Horn Totem off absolutely ruined me for that turn and I should have seen that coming.

    Spell wise I think I took a bad set up. I took to many damage spells that the Minotaurs just didn’t care about. I perhaps should have taken Smite the Unbeliever to have a good hex, especially against the Minotaurs strength, would have been useful. Having just the one combat buff meant that my opponent only had to dispel that one spell, if I had more than one he would have had choices to make.

    I would just like to say though that I hit the Minotuar 2 unit with 4 Grave Calls (1 S6 and 3 S5) 2 Hellfires and a Breath Weapon and I still didn’t kill the unit! I mean, come on! How on earth are they not dead after taking 14 D6 hits of various strength? That is enough to kill pretty much any unit in the game I would have thought. I probably should have used some of those damage spells on the Gargoyles though as they were a pain and should have been killed early on. It just seems like a waste to hit chaff with The Grave Calls, that’s a premium spell and should only be used for juicy targets!

    Going to be honest, I’m extremely annoyed with myself for losing this battle. I think I had the tools to deal with this army and I very easily could have gotten a win if I just did a few things differently.

    First thing I noticed when writing up the battle report was that I need to be thinking about enemy units flees if they do flee. So for my Feldrak Elder in Turn 3 I moved him so I was facing directly down the board length which was a mistake as it meant that when they fled they were just running straight down the back. I should have positioned the Feldrak Elder closer to the centre so that if the Wildhorn or Gargoyles fled they’ll be going off the table.

    I really do need to start thinking the next turn ahead about what my opponent will do, I’m really bad at that.

    I’m also terrible with chaff as the loss of my Fallen shows, I really wasted them in a game where chaff was key to victory.

    I shouldn’t have wasted my Lord fighting the Minotaur Warlord, that was a big mistake. I should have put all his attacks into the Minos to try and kill as many as possible and at least then if the Warlord kills my lord I might have had some Warriors left alive to stand in place.

    Even better idea would have been to have my Chosen Lord running about on his own, if I could have gotten him in a position to threaten the BSBs unit I would have been able in a much better position. I was just lazy with my deployment though and left him in the unit thinking I’d run him out later but as the Beasts had no offensive magic he would have been much better running out on his own.

    Alternative plan for him would have been after the Feldraks died instead of charging the Warriors out I could have ran the Chosen Lord out on his own to stand in front of the Minos to hold them up a turn at least. It might have given my opponent something to think about at least because if my Lord kills his Lord in the challenge then those Minos are just going to get murdered afterwards so he may not have done it.

    One last thing I could have done was in Turn 2 when I charged the Feldraks into the Stone Skinned Wildhorns (Still a good move I think) I could have ran the Feldraks to the right to threaten both units.

    If he chaffs them up then he’s only slowing his own advance too. The second Minotuar unit was quite weakened by that point so I should have pressured them a bit more.

    Anyway, enough about if and buts, it was a really fun game against a good opponent and we had a blast. As long as I’m seeing combat, I’m happy, even if I am getting massacred. Plus, I’m starting a Beast Herds army next so it was good to see the damage output of the Minotaurs, they are just as good as I hoped they would be.

    That’s it for now, Game 3 will be coming up in a couple of weeks probably so keep your eyes on the blog.

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Comments 7

  • tommytucker -

    great write up thanks.

  • Uthegen -

    thanks for that well written report - and special Kudos for writing about a defeat

    • AxelVicious -

      You're welcome. You should read all my previous ones, there's a lot of defeats there too

  • Fleshbeast -

    That was a great move creating the traffic jam with the Feldraks.

    Re the use of missiles, if you chose to ignore chaff again would you instead go to weaken the other Mino unit while they are stuck instead? I’m thinking of thereby weakening their combat prowess a little as the BSB unit never really seemed to be in a position to impact the game outside of some threatened flank charges.

    When you were unsure of moving your Fallen, could you have moved them around behind your Feldraks to both bounce the Draks if they fled combat but also stop them being chased down? This would also put you in a position to move further right to chaff the second Mino unit if they got free for those flank charges.

    Great report as always mate! :)

    • AxelVicious -

      Cheers dude.
      I really should have focused my fire onto the Lords mini unit but I think I got consumed by just attacking that bsb mono unit. Especially after I killed 3 in the first turn. I just thought if I could repeat that a couple more times they're dead, the dice had other ideas. I was also going to charge the bsb block with my Herald in Turn 4 as there was only 3 and a half plus the BSB left. I had my breath weapon still and I could have killed 3 of them before they struck back, but after what the other unit did to the Feldraks I bottled it.
      That is an excellent point about the Fallen and never even occurred to me. That would have worked too. I really need to up my chaff game and try this fleeing from charges sometimes, I hear its good

  • falanor -

    Hey! Impressive minos I must say!
    One thing: you do not test DTs for walls with CK ....

    • AxelVicious -

      Balls, I should have really checked that. Could have run straight onto the objective then. There's an even bigger terrain mistake coming up in game 4 so stay tuned!