Axel Vicious and the Warriors of the Dark Gods at the ESC 2019, Game 3

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  • Hello!

    So after that crushing defeat in Game 2 it saw me slip down the tables. For Game 3 I was drawn against another British player, Luke Tranter, who this year was a Mercenary for Team Slovenia. Luke has been playing tournaments longer than me I believe, I started back in 2012 and I remember Luke being around then in the days of 8th edition. Despite Luke and me playing at several of the same tournaments over the years we have never played against each in 7 years, so at least this is a new opponent for me. Luke is the king of the Beast Herds and I never known him to play any other army so he is going to know exactly what he’s doing with this army and will make for a tough match up, I’m hoping I’ve learnt from the mistakes I made in Game 2 but I’m gonna be honest, I was pretty drunk by Game 3 and I only really have vague recollections of this game, luckily I was making notes and taking pictures so I’ve been able to piece it all back together.

    Anyway, Luke’s list:

    575 - Beast Lord, General, Razortusk Chariot, Heavy Armour, Shield, Beast Axe, Fatal Folly, Death Cheater, Crown of Horns, Eye of Dominance

    475 - Minotaur Chieftain, Battle Standard, Greater Totem Bearer, Great Weapon, Aaghor’s Affliction

    520 - Soothsayer, Wizard Master, Druidism, Dark Rain, Seed of the Dark Forest

    104 - 8x Feral Hounds

    115 - 10x Mongrel Raiders, Scout & Ambush

    330 - 3x Raiding Chariot

    378 - 36x Mongrel Herd, Standard, Musician, Champion, Spears, Banner of the Wild Herd

    150 - 5x Gargoyles, Scout

    165 - 10x Longhorn Herd, Ambush, Halberds

    560 - 6x Minotaurs, Champion, Musician, Totem Bearer, Black Wing Totem, Shields

    465 - 10x Centaurs, Champion, Musician, Totem Bearer, Black Wing Totem, Lances, Throwing Weapons

    330 - Beast Giant, Giant Club

    330 - Beast Giant, Giant Club

    You can see my list in my pre ESC write up here

    So after a quick glance at his list there’s 2 things that scare me. The first is the unit of 10 Centaurs and the second is the Minotaurs. The Centaurs are crazy fast and will be difficult to pin down, they have 2 attacks each with Strength 7 on the charge (If drunk, which they were all game), that unit can pack a serious punch and if I let them get around me then they can smash off any of my units. They are definitely going to be the number one target for the spells of my Exalted Herald.

    The Minotaurs are Minotaurs and after Game 2 they need no further explanation. All of my units are sh!tting themselves at the idea of having to fight those guys again!

    Giants don’t particularly scare me that me that much. With my high defensive skill on all my units they are only hitting me on 4s so it definitely limits there damage output. The only really pose a threat to the Warriors and that’s if they can get a flank or rear charge on them.

    I like the Core set up that Luke is using. The Chariot block is a good choice and 3D6 impact hits at Strength 5 is enough to make any unit think twice. Once they are in though if they haven’t broken me they are going to die!

    I know everyone is loving the big Mongrel blocks over the Wildhorn, and I totally get the reasons why, but for me that big unit of Mongrels is just easy combat res. Any of my units is going to chew them up if it comes to a 1 on 1 fight.

    Character wise, the Shaman is nothing unusual, Druidism is a good lore for Beasts that have big blocks, so will be key to keeping the Minos, Centaurs and Mongrels in the fight. There’s the obligatory Seed of the Dark Forest which is to be expected and Dark Rain too, which is wasted against me. Shaman is tagged onto the end of the Mongrel block.

    The Minotaur BSB is a good build. Res 6, 4+ Fortitude and a Great Weapon, can take a beating and dish it out too. He is sat in the Mongrel block to give them some damage output. He’s a scary beast but I’m hoping my Chosen Lord can get at him and kill him quickly with the Burning Portent.

    The Beast Lord on the Chariot is a good choice if you ask me. “+ Armour Save and a 4+ Fortitude save makes him very survivable and he’s got a decent damage output too, nothing compared to the Minotaur Warlord from the last game but it’s still a good build. The Beast Lord goes in with the other Chariots to make a big unit of 4 (nothing compared to UD)

    The rest of the army is chaff really. The ambushing Longhorn don’t worry me too much as I’ve had 10 of them flank charge my Warriors before and just bounce off so I think I’m good.

    For this game the deployment is Frontline Clash (the perfect deployment when you’re drunk!) and the scenario is Capture the Flags which is an excellent scenario for me. I’m never going to get those Longhorns so I have to kill the Centaurs, Minotaurs and Mongrels and try and keep all my units alive.

    For my manifestations I take the Sorcerer Immortal and Brand of the Dragon because I absolutely need to be darting behind his units and blasting them off with magic, especially those Centaurs. For his spells I take The Grave Calls, Marked for Doom and Hellfire. Marked for doom isn’t a great choice but I think it’s better than Breath of Corruption (upon reflection it absolutely isn’t better than Breath of Corruption, I should have taken that). My Alchemy Adept takes Word of Iron and Glory of Gold.

    The Shaman on Druidism took Healing Waters, Master of Earth, Stone Skin and Summer Growth, no surprising picks there, 2 defensive buffs, one damage spell and some regrowth.

    We take it in turns doing our deployment and then I decide to drop everything after a couple of drops and go for first turn. I have the Feldraks on the right facing the Centaurs, I cannot let them get past me. Then it is Warhounds with the Herald behind them. The Warriors are in the centre with the Feldrak Elder next to them, then Chosen Knights and the Fallen on the end. I leave the left hand side of the board free as I don’t want my forces separated by the house.

    My opponents is as shown, centre of the Mongrels and the Chariots just behind his Dark Forest. The Centaurs are on the left with Gargoyles hiding behind a piece of impassable. The Minos are protecting the flank of the Chariots. Then there are the two Giants, one behind the hill and one in the forest on the left, they both start the game Sober (someone should) and so they can vanguard. The Mongrel Raiders scout on the left of my deployment zone, meh, I’m not bothered about S3 bows.

    The Beast Giant on the right moves atop the hill and the one on the right swings down the right flank and turns to face my army.

    I get first turn so off we go!

    Warriors 1

    Display Spoiler

    As with all my first turns I move everything up, not a full speed though. The Exalted Herald flies out so that he’s 18” in front of the Centaurs, ready for The Grave Calls. The Feldraks move up a bit to support him and I don’t want to move too far forward incase the Centaurs get past me. The Warhounds walk forwards, ready to do their chffing duties later on. The Warriors move the full 8” forwards towards the centre. The Fallen just reform 2 wide incase they need to chaff the giant next turn and I turn the Chosen Knights to face the Giant. The Feldrak Elder runs up alongside the Warriors.

    It’s a big magic phase as I get the 8 Flux Card, a little earlier than I would have liked, it’s 9 v 7 on the dice. I start off by casting Marked for doom on the Chariots, my opponent lets it through and I cause the maximum 3 wounds. Next I cast Hellfire on the Centaurs but it is dispelled. Lastly I throw 4 dice at The Grave Calls on the Centaurs and my opponent fails to dispel it. I get 9 hits on the dice and kill 5 of the Centaurs, they pass their panic check though sadly. I can’t complain about that, that’s a big chunk of that unit killed off.

    ("Yeah, take that you b@stards", i thought! You may notice the horrible position i have left my Exalted Herald in at this point)

    Beast Herds 1

    Display Spoiler

    By being so aggressive with my Exalted Herald I have left him open to a counter charge from the Centaurs, which I knew was coming, what I didn’t see coming at all was the Giant charging into the flank of the Exalted Herald! Not sure how I missed that and I’m annoyed that I turned the Herald in such a way that gave him the flank charge. The centaurs need a 10 on dice and the giant needs like an 11 on the dice and as it is only infantry it doesn’t have swiftstride, he is on a hill though so he’s getting rerolls on his charge range. At this point I think I can take the charge from either the Centaur or the Giant but if they both get in it is going to be risky. They both make their charges and come barrelling in! Oh dear, I got a bit too greedy getting so close in my turn 1 with the Herald, I should have seen these counter charges coming his way, or I at least should have turned the Exalted Herald so both were in my front.


    Other movements, the Minotaurs move forward slightly so that they are behind the hill from the Warriors. The Chariots walk backwards and the Mongrels move into the Dark Forest.

    The Feral Hounds run forwards to chaff my Chosen Knights from charging the Giant who moves behind the Feral Hounds ready to charge the Chosen Knights next turn.

    Onto Magic and it’s the 3 Flux Card for my opponent making it 7 v 5. The Shaman starts off with Oaken Throne and I dispel it. Next the Shaman casts Stone Skin (from the hill) on the Centaurs, it’s a good roll so I have to let it through, uses the attribute to get a wound back on a chariot. Lastly the Shaman casts Master of Earth on the Fallen with one dice, I fail to dispel it with 3 dice! The spell only kills one Fallen thankfully.

    Shooting does nothing, in fact shooting does nothing all game so I won’t mention it again.

    Onto the main event, the Exalted Herald combat. Thanks to the high agility of the Exalted Herald I’m going first and despite the Centaurs having Stone Skin up I decide to attack them first for two reasons; 1 – so that they will be getting less attacks back against me if I can kill more than one. 2 – I can’t kill the giant doing wounds to him will only make him angrier and give him more attacks back against me. I manage to kill 2 Centaurs, not too shabby given I was wounding on 5s. The 3 remaining Centaurs pass their Primal Instinct check and even hitting on 5s they still are able to get 2 wounds on me and I fail both of my 4+ Aegis saves. The Giant then swings and fails to even hit the Exalted Herald, phew. We are equal on wounds but I lose combat by three thanks to a flank, a charge and a big flank. I’m on discipline 6 now so I need to roll low. I roll an 11 for my Break Test and the Exalted Herald pops! The Centaurs overrun and go into the Warhounds. The Beast Giant overruns and gets into the flank of the Feldraks and now a bad situation has gone from bad to terrible!

    Well that was a catastrophe for me there, losing my best caster so early on is going to make the rest of this game an uphill struggle and I’m dreading what that giant is going to do next turn.

    Warriors 2

    Display Spoiler

    After a brief spell of hopelessness I pick myself and get back to the business at hand, smashing off the Beast Herds. I decide to just charge the Fallen at the dogs in front of them. I reform the Chosen Knights to face forwards so that the Giant is coming into their front. I perhaps should have charged the Feral Hounds in the flank with the Chosen Knights but I was a bit worried in case they fluffed and stayed in place, then the Giant would have got the flank charge on them.

    I move the Warriors forwards 8” and I run the Feldrak Elder in front of the Mongrel Herd to stop them charging at the Warriors, also if he does well and doesn’t run off then I can charge the Warriors into the Mongrel flank.

    Magic phase is a 4, so it is 8 v 5 on the dice. I cast Word of Iron on 3 dice at the Feldrak Elder but I roll an impressive 3 1s. I then try Glory of gold on him but it is easily dispelled.

    Combat! The Fallen kill 3 of the Feral Hounds but lose one of their numbers in return. I win combat and the Feral Hounds break and run. I pursue but fail to catch them.

    The Giant vs the Feldraks is next, the Giant swing first but fails to cause any wounds, he rolled bad for his hit rolls I think. The Feldraks swing back and do 3 wounds to the Giant! I win combat by 1 and the Giant fails his break test and runs away. The Feldraks give chase and run the Gaint down but stop just next to the Warhounds. That was a massive win for me and I absolutely needed that, if that Giant just did a wound I was probably losing combat and given the cowardly nature of my Feldraks they would have been off.

    The Centaur combat is next and they kill 5 Warhounds! But the Warhounds are able to do a wound back, leaving just 2 Centaurs now. I pass my Break test somehow, I must have been in range of the Lord, and we stick. Another big bit of luck to me because if those dogs ran then his Centaurs are going to be out of the Feldrak’s arc of sight next turn and they can just run about and do whatever they want.

    Beast Herds 2

    Display Spoiler

    There are three charges from the Beast Herds this turn! The first one is the Mongrel Herd charging into the Feldrak Elder which they easily make.

    (You've got this big lad!)

    The second charge is the Minotaurs into the flank of the Feldraks, they need at least a 10 or so on the dice to get in and fail it.

    (A lucky escape for me there)

    The third charge is the giant charging into the Chosen Knights which it completes the charge as it wasn’t really that far.

    The Feral Hounds fail to rally an keep running towards the board edge. Other movements next and the Chariots just pivot so that they can see past the Mongrel Herd if they need to. The Gargoyles fly out and hide behind the Minotaurs, ready to do some chaffing soon.

    The Longhorn now come out from ambushing and are deployed in the bottom left corner of the table.

    I’m basically going to have to leave them alone at this point. I need to focus all my attention onto the Minotaurs and the Mongrel Herd, I can’t be running my units off to chase them down.

    Beast Herds Magic Phase and it is the big phase as the 8 Flux Card is drawn giving the Beast Herds 9 Power Dice and 7 Dispel dice to me. The Shaman starts off by casting Oaken Throne on 2 dice. I dispel that straight away (never sure if it’s a good idea to dispel it or let it off, I generally choose to dispel when it’s cast otherwise I will forget to dispel it in the following magic phases). Next the Shaman casts Healing Waters on the Giant to give him a 5+ Fortitude, I let it through. Lastly the Shaman throws 4 dice at Stone Skin on to the Mongrels and I’m not letting that off so I throw all my remaining dispel dice at it and stop it.

    We start with the Giant combat and the Chosen Knights swing first and inflict 2 wounds onto the Giant, which just makes it angrier. The Giant swings back at me and inflicts 3 wounds on the Chosen Knights, killing one. The Karkadans do nothing to the Giant and I lose combat by 2, thankfully I pass my Break Test and stick.

    The Centaurs finish off the Warhounds and do a post combat pivot to face the inevitable charge from the Feldraks.

    Lastly we do the Mongrel combat and the Mongrels get to strike first with their spears, the unit is near the General so it automatically passes it’s Primal Instinct, getting rerolls to hit. The Mongrels end up actually inflicting a wound on the Feldrak! The Feldrak strikes back and I decide to just attack the unit, I need combat res to try and win this combat so that the Feldrak sticks and that will give the Warriors a great flank charge into the Mongrels next turn and that should wipe them out. The Feldrak does his 6 attacks and only kills 2 Mongrels (WTF?!). The Minotuar Chieftain strikes last on the Feldrak Elder and does 4 wounds to the Feldrak and I make none of my 6+ Armour saves. I at least get my thunder stomps on the unit and kill 3 of the Mongrels. So we are drawn on wounds but the Mongrels have no rank bonus as they are in horde formation, I have a charge for +1 but the Mongrels have a Standard and the BSB for +2. So I lose combat by 1 meaning I need an 8 on the break test….. and I fail it. However, the Mongrel Herd cannot pursue the Feldrak Elder as it would then get flanked charged by the Warriors so they have to restrain and reform to face the Warriors. The Feldrak Elder gets away but he’s only on one wound now.

    I feel I was pretty unlucky to lose that combat to be honest. I should be killing 6 or 7 Mongrels on average and I should only really take about 2 wounds from the BSB and 1 from the unit if they’re lucky. If I stuck in that combat it would have gone very badly for the Mongrels next turn but as it is I’m going to have to do it the old fashioned way!

    Warriors 3

    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Warriors at the Mongrels and I’m hoping I can break them this turn, I’ve got the attacks to do it at least. I also charge the flank of the Mongrels with the Fallen.

    On the right flank I charge the 2 remaining Centaurs with the Feldraks, the Feldraks are so close that the Centaurs have to hold because they’re not getting away from the Feldraks, at least by holding they might do a wound or 2 on me.

    The only other movement from me is the Feldrak Elder who fails to rally and keeps on running.

    Straight to Magic and I draw the 5 Flux card, shame I only have the Alchemy adept left. I use 4 dice to cast Glory of Gold on the Fallen to give them Flaming attacks, my opponent lets it through because Word of Iron is worse. With attribute I make the Mongrels flaming, now everyone gets rerolls to wound on them because I have the Flaming Standard on the Warriors. I try casting Word of Iron on the Warriors with 4 dice but my opponent easily stops it.

    It is combat next and we start with the Feldraks who easily kill the Centaurs before they can even strike. I turn the Feldraks to face the Minotaurs and get ready to face the inevitable charge of destruction from the Minotaurs, surely lightning can’t strike twice can it?

    I do the Chosen Knight combat next, I always like to build up to the big combats, and the Chosen Knights are striking first and inflict 5 wounds on the Giant! This means the Beast Giant has 10 attacks now! The Giant swings back with his mighty 10 attacks and only inflicts 2 wounds, phew! The Karkadans do nothing so I win combat by 2. The Beast Giant fails its break test and I give chase with the Chosen Knights. The Giant runs 10” but the Chosen Knights are able to catcjh it with an 11” pursue! Glad that the Giant is dead now, I have a lot less to worry about with the Beast Herds army now.

    Onto the Main Event and my Chosen Lord is going first, I issue a challenge, hoping the BSB is going to step up but as per usual I get fed a champ, I smash the champ for the full 4 combat res and get an extra pip of combat res now for the Trophy Rack. Everyone else bar the Minotaur Warlord is now striking at the same time. The Warriors and the Sorcerer attack and they are able to kill 8 Mongrels, not bad from 10 attacks. The Fallen then attack and kill 4 more of the Mongrels. The Mongrels then do their attacks and they use their Banner of the Wild Herd, they kill 2 of the Fallen and 8 of the Warriors, which is much more than I was expecting. I do make some of my 6+ Armour Saves though and so I hit back with my Spiked Shields and kill 3 more Mongrels. The Minotaur BSB strikes back next and he puts all his attacks into my Sorcerer and easily kills him. That is combat all over and my memory is pretty foggy about this part, somehow the Mongrels stick! I’m toting up the combat res now and I don’t see how they aren’t auto breaking?

    The Beast Herds did:

    • 8 wounds to the Warriors
    • 3 wounds on the Sorcerer
    • 2 wounds on the Fallen
    • +1 for BSB
    • +1 for Standard
      • Total of 15

    I did:

    • 4 Wounds to the Mongrels from the Fallen
    • 8 Wounds to Mongrels from the Warriors
    • 3 Wounds to the Mongrels from the Spiked Shields
    • 1 Dead Mongrel Champion, plus maximum overkill for +4
    • +1 for Trophy Rack
    • +1 for Standard
    • +1 for Charge
    • +1 for Flank
    • +2 for Ranks
      • Total of 23

    I win combat by 8 which is them auto breaking as they don’t have steadfast because we are equal on number of ranks. It’s all a moot point though as the Mongrels stick (I must have forgotten about the overkill and the Trophy Rack or something). So we are going again for another round of combat.

    Beast Herds 3

    Display Spoiler

    The Raiding Chariots with the Beast Lord come charging into the flank of the Warriors, it’s very short so there’s no failing that charge.

    The Minotaurs declare a charge into the Feldraks and make it this time. Let’s see if I can get revenge for the last game!

    The Feral Hounds rally on their Discipline of 5 and they are going to cause me headaches now! The Gargoyles run out from behind the hill and are now ready for some chaffing next turn if they’re able to. They’ve been too far away from the action to do any chaffing so far. The Mongrel Raiders get closer to the Feldrak Elder and shoot him but do nothing. The Longhorn Herd move into the flee path of the Feldrak Elder to make him take more dangerous terrains to finish him off if he doesn’t rally.

    Magic Phase next and the Beast Herds get the 7 Flux Card making it 9 Power dice against my 7 Dispel Dice. The Shaman starts off by casting Oaken Throne and casts it on an 11 with just 2 dice, I have to let it through as I’d have to spend to many dice trying to stop it. Next the Shaman casts Healing Waters onto the Mongrel Herd, as I have Flaming attacks on everyone except the lone Fallen I let it through. Lastly the Shaman tries to cast Stone Skin on the Minotaurs and I’m ready for this one so I dispel it. I can’t give the Minotaurs any advantage!

    Combat next and we start with the Minotaurs. The Minotaurs do their Impact Hits first and only do 1 wound to the Feldraks. The Minotaurs then fail their Primal Instinct check so they are getting no rerolls this time! The Minotaurs strike first and despite having 18 attacks with Battle Focus they are only able to cause 2 wounds! The Feldraks attack back and they must have unleashed all of my frustration from the last game because the Feldraks do 10 wounds to the Minotaurs! Take that you big bast@rds! The Feldraks easily win combat by 6 and the Minotaurs fail their break test, I absolutely give chase with the Feldraks but I fail to catch the Minotaurs as I run 7” to their 10”. It feels nice to finally beat up some Minotaurs and goes to show I wasn’t mad in the last game for thinking I stood a chance in that fight. Really though it just goes to show how important it is to make those Primal Instinct checks!

    Onto the big combat and the Chariots come crashing into the Warriors and do 5 Impact Hits, I manage to save 3 of them so only 2 Warriors die. I issue another challenge with my Chosen Lord and the Champion accepts again (sigh, can we just stop champions accepting and issuing challenges yet? It’s not thematic and is mostly just abused to prevent lone characters form smashing units apart). I don’t mind killing the Champion though because at least I don’t have to fight the Beast Lord on the turn he charged and it just means I’m getting more static combat res for the Trophy Rack (but seriously, just stop champs getting involved in challenges). My Chosen Lord squishes the Mongrel Champion again for the max overkill. The Charioteers strike next and kill 2 more Warriors. The Warriors then strike next and kill 6 more Mongrels, inflict 2 wounds on the Chariots (The previous wounds I’d done to the Chariots have been healed now) and do a wound on the Beast Lord! The Fallen kills 3 more Mongrels which is good given he’s just one guy! The Mongrels strike back and do no wounds to the Warriors who make some Spiked Shields saves and kill one more Mongrel with the Shields. The BSB, Beast Lord, Chariot beasts and the Longhorn crew of the Chariot all still have to strike and between them all they easily finish off the least of the Warriors.

    In total the Beast herds have done 12 wounds to me (the remnants of the Warrior unit), plus a Flank Charge, big flank, BSB and Standard for 17 in total. I have done 11 wounds to the Mongrels, 1 to the Beast Lord and 2 to the Chariot plus the Flank, the Overkill and the +2 for the Trophy Rack for a total combat res of 20 for me. So despite losing the Whole Warrior block I have still won combat. Both the Chariots and the Mongrels stick again as they are both steadfast but there are only 5 Mongrels plus the BSB and the Wizard left in the Mongrel unit now so they’re not long for this world and my Chosen Lord is free to do some damage at last!

    Warriors 4

    Display Spoiler

    I start my turn by charging the Minotaurs with the Feldraks, the Minotaurs carry on fleeing and only run 4”, the Feldraks easily catch them, destroying them and then reform to face the big combat at the top of the board. The Chosen Knights charge the flank of the Mongrels, or what’s left of them.

    There’s only one other movement and it’s my Feldrak Elder who fails to rally again and this time he runs through the building and fails a Dangerous Terrain check which takes off his last wound and kills him.

    There’s no magic for me now so we go straight to combat and there’s just the one big combat going on now. I issue a challenge with my Chosen Lord as there’s only the Minotaur BSB or the Beast Lord that can accept. The Minotaur BSB accepts this time and his only defence against me is his high Resilience as my Flaming attacks negate his Fortitude save. My Chosen Lord strikes first and hits with all 5 attacks, I’m wounding on 5s but as long as I can get 2 through I should be ok, I then roll 5 1s! The War Dais does no wounds to the Minotaur either. The Minotaur strikes back and inflicts 3 wounds on the Chosen Lord but I’m lucky now and make all my 5+ Rerollable armour saves.

    The Chosen Knights do their attacks and kill 4 of the Mongrels, the one remaining Mongrel attacks the Fallen and manages to kill him before promptly getting flattened by the Karkadans. As the Beast Lord is in a challenge the Beast Lord and the Chariots can’t attack and that is it for the combat.

    After combat res is totalled up I should have won by 7 (Flank, charge, standard, 5 wounds and +2 for the Trophy Rack vs BSB, flank, wound). Both units are a double one to stick but it depends whether the Lord goes first and doesn’t break else the BSB is running automatically. I can’t remember what order things were done in but the BSB and the Shaman both fail their break test and flee but the Beast Lord and the Chariots stick! The Chosen Knights chase down the BSB and the Shaman which now makes finishing off the army a lot easier.

    Beast Herds 4

    Display Spoiler

    The Feral Hounds charge the flank of the Chosen Lord to add some much needed combat res to the fight. The Gargoyles dart in front of the Feldraks to chaff them up for a turn. The Longhorn stay where they are and the Mongrel Raiders move up the flank to offer some bow shots, which do nothing.

    There’s no magic for either of us now so it’s straight back to combat. I’m happy not to issue a challenge at this point and just get to burning some chariots down but the Beast Lord has other ideas and barks a challenge at my Chosen Lord who has to accept. The Beast Lord should be easy pickings as he’s getting no armour save or Fortitude save and is Resilience 5. My Chosen Lord strikes first and gets 4 hits this time and wounds the Beast Lord twice but sadly it only causes 3 wounds, leaving him with one wound remaining, damn! The War Dais can’t finish him off and the Beast Lord strikes back but does no wounds to the Chosen Lord. The Beast Herds have lost this combat by 3 as the Hounds flank charge cancels out my Trophy Rack, so I just win by wounds. The Feral Hounds stick on a discipline 6 break test but the Chariots and the Beast Lord break from combat! They are only 7” from the board edge so they could just gone but they only go 6” and so they just stay on the board! I just reform the Chosen Lord to face the Hounds.

    Warriors 5

    Display Spoiler

    The Feldraks charge the Gargoyles who flee the charge, I was shocked that he did this because all I have to do now is redirect into the Chariots and they’re off the board. In typical fashion the Feldraks fail this pivotal redirect check and so they just chase after the Gargoyles who just flee through the Chariots and go off the board. I’m not sure if my opponent planned for that or just got lucky, it’s a ballsy move if was counting on me failing a Discipline 9 check.

    The only other move for me is that I turn the Chosen Knights to face the Chariots in case they rally next turn.

    Just one combat this turn and the Chosen Lord kills 3 dogs and the War Dais kills one more leaving one Hound alive. The Feral Hound does no wounds to me and is auto breaking from this combat. I test to restrain as I don’t really need to chase down one Feral Hound and will be much more useful finishing off those Chariots. I fail that restrain check and I forget that the Trophy rack allows me to reroll all discipline checks. So my Chosen Lord now goes and chases down the Feral Hounds but fails to catch them.

    Beast Herds 5

    Display Spoiler

    Easy turn for the Beast Herds as there is only rally checks to do. The Chariots pass their rally test and turn to face the Feldraks.

    The Feral Hound fails to rally and keeps running. The Longhorn stay hidden and the Raiders move up a bit.

    Warriors 6

    Display Spoiler

    The Feldraks and the Chosen Knights charge the Chariots! The Feldraks go into the front of the Chariots and the Chosen Knights go into the flank where the Beast Lord is.

    The Chosen Lord has nothing else to do this turn so I decide to just move him to face the Chariots.

    Straight to combat and the Chosen Knights go first and I decide to put all of their attacks into the Beast Lord, he’s only on one wound left so if I only have to get one wound through. Sadly I can’t manage it and I don’t think I even wound the Beast Lord, so he gets to live for now. The Feldraks put all of their attacks into the Chariots and do 8 wounds leaving one chariot alive on one wound, that chariot is able to inflict a wound on the Feldraks, killing one of them. I then put the Karkadans attacks into the last rank and file Chariot and kill it. The Beast Lord inflicts 5 on the Chosen Knights with the help of the Charioteer and the Razortusk, my armour saves must have been dreadful for that to happen. Despite taking a ridiculous number of wounds on my Chosen Knights I still win combat by 6 (3 up on wounds plus flank, charge). The Beast Lord is on a discipline 4 break check and passes it!

    Beast Herds 6

    Display Spoiler

    The Feral Hound fails to rally and keeps running. The Longhorns keep hiding and the Raiders stay safe.

    Straight to combat and I have 15 Feldrak attacks and my Chosen Knight Champion all attacking the Beast Lord on one wound, Surely these guys can get the job done?! Nope, despite all those attacks being hurled at the Beast Lord he somehow doesn’t take a single wound, the Feldraks were hitting on 5s and I think they completely messed it up. The Beast Lord finishes off the Chosen Knight champion and I lose combat but I am at least steadfast with the Feldraks on a 9 and they do at least pass this discipline check!

    That’s the end of the game and I’ve really done a number on the Beast Herds, scoring 4129 victory points but the Beast Herds certainly pulled it back a bit at the end there taking out the Chosen Knights and have 3164 victory points from me, so a 965 difference making it a 13 – 7 but I got the objective for a 16 – 4. Making that final break check on the Feldraks was vital, if they broke I wouldn’t have scored the objective and I would have lost all those points so it probably would have only been an 11 – 9. We toted up the points wrong on the day though and worked it out as a 17-3 to me but that was completely my fault, I missed off the Warriors when adding up the points, sorry Luke.

    Time to moan about how f@ck!ng lucky that Beast Lord was to still be alive! He must have dodged death about 10 times!

    • Firstly he didn’t break when he passed a double 1 discipline check to not break in turn 4.
    • My Lord got 2 wounds through on the Beast Lord when he was on 4 wounds left and couldn’t finish him off with those 2x D3!
    • The Feral Hounds rallied in turn 3 on their Discipline of 5 which then meant they could charge the flank of my Chosen Lord, they stuck which meant I couldn’t chase the chariots down when they fled.
    • The Chariots only fled 6” on swiftstride to stay on the board (the odds of that happening are roughly 1:10!).
    • The Feldraks failed their redirect check which would have seen them chase the chariots off the table.
    • The Chosen Lord failed his restrain test, if he passed that he would have gone into the Chariots and finished off the Beast Lord.
    • The Beast Lord passes lots of Armour Saves and Fortitude saves to stay on his last remaining wound.
    • He punks out 5 wounds onto the Chosen Knights, ok he had rerolls to hit but my Armour should have stopped some of it.
    • The Beast Lord passes a Discipline 4 break check.

    Ok, he dodged death 9 times, but who’s counting? If I killed the Beast Lord before he killed the Chosen Knights it would have been an 18 – 2 so it’s not a massive point swing but I would have felt justified.

    I could never have got a 20 from that game once I lost the Exalted Herald really, he’s too many points to lose, especially so early on. I think I did well to come back from the loss of my big spell caster so soon. His sacrifice did help me get the Centaurs at least and they could have been a big problem for me if they were left free to run around. There was two key roles early on that preserved my right flank a lucky break test pass from my Warhounds and passing the Steadfast check on the Feldraks when the Giant went into their flank, if they broke from that I think the game was all over. The loss of the Exalted Herald was just carelessness on my part, I completely didn’t see the Giant charging him in the flank and I didn’t even need to pivot the Herald in such a way to give him the flank charge, I could have kept facing forward and they both would have been in the front. I should have moved the Herald more to the right to just avoid the Giant all together as I think the Herald can take on the 5 Centaurs on his own.

    The Minotaurs failing their Primal Instinct check was huge and really does show how important it is for Beast Herds to pass their Primal Instinct and why they absolutely must take the Crown of Horns. If you compared what those Minotaurs did the Feldraks in this game to what the Minotaurs did in the last game it’s a huge difference, my Feldraks did roll well as well though.

    I was disappointed in the Feldrak Elder too, i was never expecting him to smash off the Mongrels and kill them all but i at least thought he'd be winning combat and wouuldn't get hurt so badly in just one round of combat, i probably underestimated the damage output of the Mino BSB i guess.
    I’m very disappointed in my Chosen Lord for that game. He had two opportunities to use his big burning blade and both times he let me down. I thought he was a shoe in to kill the Minotaur BSB but that Res 6 proved too tough for him, although I did roll 5 1s to wound so Resilience 1 would have been too tough for him! The Idol of Spite might have helped if the dice rolls were a bit more sensible.

    It was a really enjoyable game all in all and I had an absolute blast from what I remember of it. Some of the dice rolls for this game were absolutely crazy and I never felt like I was going to win until about turn 4, once the Mongrels were all dead. There was a lot of carless play on both our parts in that game though, particularly around adding up combat res, but I’m putting it down to booze and it being so late on Day 1.

    I finished Day 1 on 34 points, so I’m above average on points and I’ve already got 2 wins so I’m delighted with that. See you for Game 4 shortly guys.

    426 times read

Comments 8

  • teclis2000 -

    Chariots, having the Light Troops rule, can never be steadfast btw.

    • AxelVicious -

      Good point, I'm fairly sure we played it correctly on the day and the chariots stuck. I just didn't think about it when writing it up.

  • BondageGoatZombie -

    Lovely report.

    What about the breath weapon of the herald? Would have been nice for stand&shoot as the centaurs were on normal toughness still

    • AxelVicious -

      Damn! I completely forgot about my breath weapon, even when writing it up I forgot about it. I probably would have saved it for the combat with the Centaurs to give me a bit more combat res and lessen their attacks. I would have been worried about panicking off the centaurs and letting the giant get on on his own. I didn't want was just the giant coming in on his own because I'd do some wounds to him and just make him angrier.

  • Fleshbeast -

    Great battle mate! Really enjoyable read.

    So many people underestimate (or miss entirely) the downhill charge. Great to come back from that T1 slump and even better to get revenge on those Minotaurs! :D

  • SmithF -

    That's a very swingy game, it made for an enjoyable read! I really thought you were done for, after that turn 1 movement blunder! Good save, although I think that the Feldraks holding and reforming to face the giant was in any case the most probable outcome of that fight anyway.

    Looking forward to your next battle reports!


    • AxelVicious -

      Cheers mate. I thought the Feldraks would be safe but without a reroll to their discipline tests it can all go so wrong so fast for them.