Talk with Vlad, ETC head organizer about past & future ETCs and how it is to work with ETC chairmen

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  • I had a chat with Vlad the head organizer of ETC Novi Sad, for the third time, about what it takes to organize an ETC. How he think ETC 2019 and earlier ETCs went and want to expect for future ETCs.

    ETC 2006 #2 (LM), ETC 2007 #4 (Brets), ETC 2008 #12 (LM), ETC 2009 #3 (DoC), ETC 2010 #1 (VC), ETC 2011 #2 (WoC & AR member), ETC 2012 #4 (Ogre & AR member), ETC 2013 #3 (Ogre, AR member & FAQ member), ETC 2014 #5 (Skaven & AR member), ETC 2015 #7 (DoC), ETC 2016 #4 (Coach), ETC 2017 #4 (Coach), ETC 2018 #5 (Media).

    "Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Founding Member"

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  • Kalerith -

    As far as Luxembourg goes, I know the orga team pretty well, and I am confident they will do an amazing job. (Referring aprox 5.20 in the video). The main organizer Charles (kiri) is a seasoned veteran in the ETC and european tournament circut as a participant, and have hosted 3 events with close to 100 players. I am positive that the next ETC in Luxo will go down in history as one of the better ones :)