Axel Vicious and the Warriors of the Dark Gods at the ESC 2019, Game 4

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  • Hello and welcome back to my battle reports from the ESC. We’re now onto Day 2 and Game 4. Despite a heavy day of drinking on Day 1 I had somehow managed to avoid the dreaded hangover so I was feeling pretty fresh and raring to go! For this game I was drawn against one of the Ukrainian ETC Team, Mark, and he’s using the Warriors of the Dark Gods. His List:

    655 -Chosen Lord Army General, Favour of Kuulima, Goddess of Envy, Idol of Spite, Trophy Rack, War Dais, Burning Portent, Potion of Swiftness, Dusk Forged

    545 - Sorcerer, Alchemy, Veil Walker, Wizard Master, Ledger of Souls

    275 - Sorcerer, Evocation, Wizard Adept, Binding Scroll

    430 - 29x Barbarians, Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician, Spear and Shield, Banner of Speed

    162 - 16x Barbarian, Musician

    204 - 8x Fallen

    120 - 8x Warhound

    825 - 10x Chosen, Favour of Kuulima, Goddess of Envy, Favoured Champion, Halberd, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Speed

    279 - 2 x 3x Forsworn, Damnation, Musician, Spiked Shield

    379 - 6x Warrior Knight, Favour of Sugulag, God of Greed, Favoured Champion, Musician

    345 - Hellmaw, 1 Ominous Gateway

    Total: 4498

    So a very different list to what I am using (My list can be found here in my earlier post). We both have the almost obligatory Chosen Lord on a War Dais with the Burning Portent and a 1+ rerollable Armour Save but his is kitted out slightly better than mine with the Idol of Spite and the Potion of Swiftness, which would make all the difference if it came to a head to head fight.

    Apart from the Chosen Lord our lists are very different, he’s got 6 scoring units compared to my 3 and he’s got the Hellmaw, which I’ve never taken myself and have only fought against once before, so no matter what objective it is I am going to struggle to win it. The Hellmaw just makes all those scoring units so mobile, they can just jump about the table and be wherever they want. The objective for this game is Hold The Ground so that should make for an interesting scenario for the Hellmaw. I have three big scoring units that I’m hoping I can just sit in the middle for most of the game but in the end the points for holding the centre go to the person with the most scoring units within 6” of the centre. My opponent can just flood the centre with all his scoring units if he needs to.

    The main unit in my opponents army that frightens me is the big block of 10 Chosen, that unit of just 10 guys will churn out a ridiculous number of attacks and with a 4+ Armour Save and 2 wounds each they can be a pain to shift and the Mark of Envy with the Banner of Speed is just going to make them super fast. The Warrior Knights could be a problem but it means that at least I have a target for my Alchemy Sorcerer.

    If I can take care of the Chosen and the Warrior knights I think I’m doing ok. I’m hoping to throw my Feldrak Elder or the Feldraks at the Chosen Lord, with their unburnt rule he will struggle to kill them fast and hopefully they can grind him down.

    For my Manifestations on my Exalted Herald I pick Sorcerer Immortal and Brand of the Dragon (I’ve taken this for almost every game so far but that’s because it is a winning combination). So spellwise the Herald has The Grave Calls (Obviously, it’s amazing), Marked for Doom (good for killing Chosen and the Chosen Lord if I’m able to) and Breath of Corruption (always useful when there’s so much armour about). For my Alchemy sorcerer I pick Quicksilver Lash and Word of Iron.

    My opponent’s Alchemy Sorcerer takes Quicksilver Lash, Word of Iron, Molten Copper and Hellfire (not sure I would have taken Hellfire but I’m sure there’s method in his madness). The Evocation Adept takes Spectral Blades and Whispers of the Veil (really hate this spell when it’s used against me)

    Deployment type is just Frontline Clash, my opponent wins the roll for sides and I get stuck with a giant piece of impassable in the middle and some ruins in my deployment zone. I think we drop a couple each and then my opponent drops everything and takes first turn. Most of his army is castled up in the right hand corner with the Hellmaw tucked right up in the right hand corner so that is going to be a tough target to get with my short ranged magic missiles. The Knights are in front of the Hellmaw and even though there’s only 6 of them they still worry me a bit. Both Sorcerers are in the small Barbarian unit with the Fallen in front of them. The Chosen Lord is in the big unit of Barbarians and he can stay there as far as I’m concerned. The Warhounds are next to them followed by the Chosen and then the 2 units of Forsworn.

    I deploy with the Exalted Herald on the left flank, hoping to swing him round the back of the lines to get that Hellmaw, it’s a long way to go though. He’s joined by the Chosen Knights and the Feldraks on the other side of the impassable, ready to dominate that flank. The Fallen and the Warhounds are in front of my Warrior block, for chaff duties. The Feldrak Elder is on the right flank on his own, I’m hoping to get him into the Warrior Knights and smash them off.

    The Hellmaw’s Ominous Gateway is place in front of my Chosen Knights (the silver coin and little black bullseye on the map)

    Enemy Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    The Opposing Warriors begin a slow advance. The Knights and both Barbarian units move forwards, the Hellmaw moves behind them. The Chosen and Forsworn position themselves to cover the advance of my Chosen Knights.

    Can i just say that this is one lovely looking army too, great paint job and great use of miniatures. It was a real pleasure to play against.

    Magic is a 6 Flux card making it 7 v 6 on the dice. The Alchemy adept starts off by casting Quicksilver Lash on the Feldrak Elder, I dispel it with 4 dice. Next the Alchemy Sorcerer uses a Veil Token to increase the range of Hellfire and casts that at the Feldrak Elder, it’s too good a roll for me to stop so it goes off. Despite being Strength 6 (so wounding on 4+) and leaving me with a 3+ Armour Save it still inflicts 3 wounds! Guess that’s what I get for doubting the choice of Hellfire!

    The Hellmaw then opens a gateway in front of the Chosen, so it is pretty safe to assume where they are going next turn.

    Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    No charges from me and right now I make the biggest mistake of the game! I wanted to release the hounds on my Warhounds and run them forward to chaff up the Warrior Knights. I could have easily just ran them over the ruins and parked them in front of the Knights but I didn’t realise that they were ruins, I thought it was a building (you can tell I thought that from the way I deployed) so I thought I had to move forward, then turn and then move forward and doing that I couldn’t chaff up the Warrior Knights. This was all my own doing and my opponent even told me that they were ruins but it just didn’t register in my head at all. I don’t think I actually realised they were ruins until about turn 4. I blame the 2D terrain, the ruin building one isn’t that dissimilar to the building one, but ultimately it is my own fault. So instead of chaffing up the Warrior Knights I just move them forward a bit.

    As I’m unable to chaff the Knights I move the Feldrak Elder back to my board edge to try and get away from the missiles of the Alchemy Sorcerer. The Fallen move forward and the Warriors move up to hold the wall. I shuffle the Feldraks forward a bit (I’m definitely too close to that impassable as well, oops) but I don’t want them to get too close to the Chosen in case they decide to charge instead of going through the Portal. I move the Chosen Knights forward to give the Forsworn a possible charge into them if they want it and I move the Exalted Herald up alongside them.

    Magic phase for me and I draw the 8 Flux Card, this is completely the wrong time for this card, my Exalted Herald is to far away from most of the enemy units to do anything useful. I get 9 Power Dice and my Opponent gets 7 Dispel Dice. I start off by casting Marked for Doom on the Forsworn in the centre, I’m hoping my opponent wastes some dice to stop it but he lets it through and I only inflict 1 wound on the Forsworn. Next I cast Quicksilver Lash on the Warrior Knights using 2 dice but I fail to reach the 5 I needed! Next I cast Word of Iron on the Feldrak Elder (I’m not having another Hellfire kill him off!) but my opponent dispels it. Lastly I cast Breath of Corruption on the Chosen Knights and my opponent fails to dispel it. I only cast it because I had no other spells to cast but if it makes my opponent think twice about charging them all the better.

    Enemy Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Fallen run in front of my Warhounds ruining any chance I had of chaffing the Knights. The other units move forwards as before, the Hellmaw moves onto the hill. The Forsworn move away from the middle and move towards the right flank don’t often see a Warrior army castle up as hard a this.

    (Ignore that second silver coin, that's not a Gateway, it's just a coin)

    The Chosen step into the Gateway and come out the other side facing the centre and can see the flank of the Feldraks.

    This magic phase my opponent draws the 4 card, making it 7 v 5 on the dice. The Alchemy Sorcerer starts off with Quicksilver Lash on the Feldrak Elder again, I dispel it because despite Hellfire doing damage last turn that really is the more dangerous spell, even with it having to reroll to wound. Next the Sorcerer follows it up with Hellfire again on the Feldrak Elder and I have to let it go through. This time though it fails to cause any wounds, balance has been restored.

    The Hellmaw puts its next gateway in the water feature in the centre of the table, ready for scoring the objective.

    Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    I start off by releasing the hounds and charging the Warhounds into the Fallen, basically because I lack any other option for them at this point.

    Next I have to deal with the Chosen that have popped up I front of my deployment zone. I move the Fallen in front of them so that they are the only thing that the Chosen can charge. I turn the Feldraks to face the flank of the Chosen and position them so that if the Chosen charge the Fallen their overrun won’t take them into the Feldraks. I move the Exalted Herald to the other side of the Chosen, ready to blast them with spells and set up a counter charge if needs be. I wouldn’t normally charge the Herald into a unit of Chosen but I would into their flank.

    The Chosen Knights move into the enemies deployment zone, I made a mistake here as I what I should have done was move them to within 6” of the centre (that lump of rock in the picture) to get at least 1 point for the centre objective whilst it was uncontested, it didn’t even occur to me at the time though. Maybe the Chosen could have charged past my Fallen into them, i'm not sure.

    The Warriors stay put and the Feldrak Elder moves behind the Warriors now but is still facing the right flank to cover anything that comes down there.

    In my Magic Phase I get the 3 card and as I have 3 veil tokens stored from last turn I get 8 Power dice to my opponents 5 dispel dice. I start off by casting the Grave Calls on the Chosen and I roll a 17. My opponent has a tough choice to make now, the odds of rolling 17 on 5 dice is roughly 60% but if he fails it he has completely lost this magic phase. He goes for it and tries to dispel The Grave Calls and…… rolls exactly 17! I still have 4 dice left though and my opponent has nothing left so I use 2 dice to cast Quicksilver Lash on the Warrior Knights, killing 3 of them, very happy about that! Next I cast Breath of Corruption on the Exalted Herald (which I read on the forum is a game winning spell! What?! No one told me that!)

    In the shooting phase I use the Breath of Corruption on the Chosen and do 3 wounds, killing one Chosen. I should have used my one veil token to give me rerolls to wound on the spell as well, would have been devastating then.

    In combat the Warhounds manage to kill 2 Fallen but when the Fallen strike back they kill 5 Warhounds. I lose combat and the Warhounds break and flee off the table. The Fallen don’t pursue.

    Enemy Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    No charges from the Opposing Warriors again this turn, instead the hounds are released on the Warhounds who run in front of the Feldraks to stop them getting into the centre next turn. The Fallen run back towards their line. The Forsworn closest to the Chosen Knights reform into a conga line (sigh) and move in front of the Chosen Knights. The other unit of Forsworn move into the centre ready to score the objective. The Barbarians with the Lord in reform to wide and turn to face the direction of the Chosen Knights, as do the other Barbarian unit. The Knights turn around and run away from the action and the Hellmaw moves towards the centre of the deployment zone. The Chosen think better of their situation and jump back through the portal and come back at the one they first went into and are positioned to face the Chosen Knights.

    It is a big Magic Phase for the Opposing Warriors as they get the 8 card making it 10 Power Dice vs 7 Dispel Dice. The Sorcerer starts off by casting Quicksilver Lash on the Chosen Knights, it’s a good roll so I decide to let this go and stop Molten Copper instead because that could be much more devastating. Quicksilver Lash does 4 wounds to the Chosen Knights, killing one. Next the Sorcerer casts molten Copper on 3 dice at the Chosen Knights and gets a 17 on 3 dice! The dice seems to be going away from me at this point in the game so I decide to play it safe and throw all 7 dice at the spell to stop it, which thankfully I do. Lastly the Sorcerer casts Word of Iron on the Forsworn in front of the Chosen Knights and I have no dice left to dispel it.

    The final Gateway is opened up this turn and is put next to the Barbarian block with the Lord. My opponent will now have to shut down a gateway if he wants to open up any more.

    Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Feldraks into the Warhounds and I charge the Chosen Knights into the Forsworn in front of them, I know it’s a trap but I can’t take any more Quicksilver lashes like that so I need to be stuck in combat. I move the Warriors up a bit now, safe that the Chosen Lord isn’t facing my Warriors. I move the Feldrak Elder up alongside them as well. I turn the Fallen around and move the Exalted Herald up to near the centre and face the Chosen.

    I get the 4 Flux Card for my Magic phase, 8 v 5 on the dice and I have no veil tokens left over, I figured that more dice is more important than tokens at this point. I start off by casting Marked for Doom on the Chosen, my opponent lets it through but I fail to wound and do no wounds, good job! Next io try to cast Breath of Corruption on the Chosen Knights but I fail to cast it on 3 dice. Next I go for Quicksilver Lash on the Knights I think but my opponent dispels it. Lastly I cast Word of Iron on one dice on the Feldraks and it goes off. Not a great magic phase, it certainly could have gone better for me. I was really hoping for Breath of Corruption on the Chosen Knights.

    In combat the Feldraks wipe out the Warhounds before they can strike back, I was tempted to overrun and try and draw the objective but it would leave me in a bad position for the next turn so I hold back. The Chosen Knights manage to do 3 wounds onto the Forsworn, killing one of them. The Forsworn fail to do any wounds back and the Karkadans miss completely. The Forsworn fail their break test and now they become Wretched Ones.

    My opponent scores one for the objective at the end of this turn.

    Enemy Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    Some charges from the Warriors at last, the Chosen charge into the Chosen Knights, which I’m ok with. The way the Chosen Knights are positioned the Chosen can only engage with one so just 6 Chosen are getting in combat rather than the whole unit and I’m going to have some easy combat res from killing those Wretched Ones in combat. The Forsworn charge into my Fallen as well.

    The Fallen decide to run back in front of my Warriors and chaff them up. The Barbarians reform again back to how they were initially positioned, so they are now facing my Warriors. The Warrior Knights come back again to face the battle.

    In magic my opponent draws the 7 card making it 8 v 6 on the dice. The Evocation Sorcerer steps up first (almost forgot he was there) and casts Whispers of the Veil on the Chosen Knights, I have to dispel that because I need every advantage I can get in that combat. Next the Alchemy Sorcerer casts Hellfire on the Feldrak Elder and I have to let it through, again it causes no wounds, that first time was just a fluke I guess. Lastly the Alchemy Sorcerer casts Quicksilver Lash on the Feldrak Elder, I try to dispel it but fail and the Lash kills the Feldrak Elder.

    The Hellmaw doesn’t close any Gateways and just leaves them all as they are so we move onto combat. We start at the Forsworn combat and the Forsworn strike first and kills 2 of the Fallen (there’s only 2 left in the unit now, I’m not sure how I lost a guy, I must have sacrificed him for an occultism spell last turn?). The 2 remaining Fallen strike back and do a wound to the Forsworn and the Fallen pass their break test and stick around. The Forsworn reform to give the flank to the Fallen and face the Feldraks.

    In the Chosen on Chosen Knight combat the Chosen (opponent’s ones) get to attack first as they charged.

    (What a good looking combat)

    The Chosen do 3 wounds on the Chosen Knights, killing one of them, he wasn’t engaged in combat anyway as the Forsworn/Wretched Ones are 40mm wide so his loss doesn’t affect my attacks back. My Chosen Knights put all their attacks into the Wretched Ones and manage to wipe out the unit with 7 attacks. The Karkadans attack the Chosen and do one wound, killing one Chosen. Despite the best efforts of the Chosen they have still lost combat by 3, but they are steadfast and they easily stick. Shame, would have been a great turn of events if I broke them this turn. They do however manage to fail their discipline check to reform and are stuck with 2 guys still not in combat.

    Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Feldraks into the Forsworn and that is my only charge. With the Exalted Herald i could have charged into the Chosen's front (Suicide i think) or charged into the rear of the Forsworn (probably a smarter move) or just avoided combat. I decide he is too useful to risk combat with yet so he flies over the Chosen combat and faces the flank of the Barbarians and the Hellmaw. Looking back this was a risky move, if the Chosen go crazy and wipe out the Chosen Knights, i'm in big trouble next turn. The only other movement is the Warriors who I shuffle sideways so that the enemy Fallen is screening me from the Enemy Chosen Lord, brave, I know!

    In magic I draw the 2 card meaning I get 6 Power Dice and my opponent gets 5 Dispel Dice. I start off by casting Quicksilver Lash on the Warrior Knights but my opponent dispels it. Next I cast Marked for Doom onto the Chosen Lord by sacrificing a wound on the Exalted Herald so I can target him. My opponent fails to dispel it and I succeed in wounding him and do 2 wounds. I was never going to kill him but it’s a start. In hindsight I think doing that spell first so that my opponent dispels it would have been a better move as I need to kill those Knights!

    In combat the Feldraks go barrelling into the Forsworn and do 5 wounds to them, killing 2 of them. The Forsworn kill one of the Fallen and that’s it. The Fallen fail to get a wound against the Forsworn. The Forsworn have lost combat and the last remaining guy fails his break test and so he turns into a Wretched One. I should have reformed my Feldraks at this point to face his Barbarians but I didn’t. Am I right though that I could have reformed to give the Forsworn my flank because I wouldn’t be taking anyone out of combat?

    The Chosen combat next and we both strike at the same time this time. The Chosen inflict 4 wounds on to the Chosen Knights but the Chosen Knights also inflict 4 wounds back onto the Chosen, I have lost my standard now so I lose by one but I stick. The Chosen reform to be 3 wide so they can all attack and I only have my Chosen Knight Champion left on one wound!

    I score the objective this turn though, yay!

    Enemy Warriors 5

    Display Spoiler

    Just the one charge from my opponent this turn, the Chosen Lord charges into the flank of my Feldraks. I saw this as a potential charge but I didn’t think he was going to do it, as he has flaming attacks he has to reroll his successful wounds and it is too easy to fluff those attacks. He’s also down to 2 wounds so he could easily die to the Strength 6 attacks of the Feldraks. I really should have reformed last turn, I should have at least shifted the unit further away from the Chosen Lord to try and limit the chances of him making the charge.

    The Hellmaw moves out of Line of Sight of the Exalted Herald and the Barbarians move sideways a bit. The Warrior Knights move onto the Gateway closest to them and then come out at the one in the centre of the table and are just able to squeeze next to the Feldraks.

    My Opponent draws the 5 card next (he still hasn’t drawn the 1 or 2 card yet!) and gets 8 Power Dice to my 5 Dispel. The Evocation Wizard steps up and casts Whispers of the Veil on the Feldraks, I really want to stop this spell because at Res 4 the Chosen Lord is going to eat throuogh them even with their Unburnt rule. However he has rolled incredibly high on 4 dice (20) so I have to let it through or risk messing up the entire phase. Next the Alchemy Sorcerer casts a boosted Word of Iron on the Chosen but I am able to dispel it. That’s the end of the Magic phase so we move onto combat.

    The Chosen Lord gets the honour of fighting first in this combat and he uses the idol of spite so he is hitting on 2s, rerolling 1s and wounding on 2s but has to reroll successful wounds. After all that he does 3 wounds and after the D3 wounds it becomes 8, ouch! The Feldraks strike back at the Chosen Lord and do 1 wound to him, leaving him with 1. I have two Feldraks and the Fallen into the Wretched One but I only cause a wound but take none in return. I lose combat but the Feldraks are steadfast and pass their break test. The Fallen does not and it runs away.

    In the Chosen Combat the Chosen strike at my Chosen Knight Champion with 18 attacks and don’t cause a single wound! The Chosen Knight Champion strikes back and does 2 wounds on the Chosen. I win combat by 1 and as the Chosen reformed to be 3 wide they are no longer steadfast, the Chosen fail their discipline test twice and run! I give chase but fail to catch the Chosen, damn! The Chosen run through the Exalted Herald and have to take 5 Dangerous Terrains and fail one of them. The Chosen end up the other side of the Hellmaw and right on the board edge.

    Warriors 5

    Display Spoiler

    Why isn’t my Exalted Herald facing the Chosen?! If only I had pivoted him just a little bit more to the left I could have charged the Chosen off the board now! I charge the Warriors into the Fallen to clear up the way for some turn 6 charges if I want to.

    The Fallen doesn’t rally and keeps on running. The Chosen Knight runs back to the centre of the board to contest the objective. The Exalted Herald flies over the Hellmaw and turns to face the Chosen, I aim on doing enough wounds on the Chosen to take them below 25% so they won’t rally and go off the board.

    In magic I get the 6 card making it 9 v 6 on the dice. I start off by trying to cast The Grave Calls on the Chosen but I fail to roll 11 on 4 dice. Next I cast Breath of Corruption on the Exalted Herald which my opponent lets through. I cast Word of Iron on the Warriors because I have no one else to cast it on, it’s pointless casting it on the Feldraks when the Chosen Lord is wielding the Burning Portent. Lastly I try to cast Marked for Doom on the Chosen but it is dispelled.

    I use the Breath of Corruption on the Chosen and only inflict 1 wound on them.

    In combat the Chosen Lord is wounding me on 3s now and is only able to get 2 wounds through which after the D3 turn into 3 wounds. I fail to hit the Chosen Lord but I do kill the Wretched One at last. I lose combat by two but I’m steadfast and I really need to make this test so that I can claim the objective and prevent my opponent from ever getting it. I roll a 9 on the dice and the Feldraks are running! NOOOOoooooooooo. Such a key dice roll and it has completely shafted me, I can’t moan too much (even though I want) after the Chosen Knight champion winning that combat. The Feldraks flee through the Impassable and lose one wound to the Dangerous Terrain test for running through that. The Chosen Lord doesn’t give chase and instead turns to face my Warrior block.

    No one scores the objective this time as we both have two scoring units on it. I initially thought that you lost scoring for the whole turn when you move through a Gateway (so Knights wouldn’t have scoring) but it is just the player turn so they get scoring back in my turn.

    Enemy Warriors 6
    Display Spoiler

    The Chosen Lord charges into my Warriors and that’s the only charge.

    The Chosen rally on the board edge and the Hellmaw moves in front of them to stop my Exalted Herald from being able to charge them. The Sorcerers both jump from the small unit into the bigger one and the big unit of Barbarians turns to face my lonely wounded Chosen Knight Champion. The Warrior Knights move out of the way of the Chosen Knight Champion just in case he can survive the magic but the Warriors are still within 6” of the objective so they can score this turn.

    My opponent still has the 1, 2 and 3 Flux Cards left in his hand and he pulls out the 3 card, really needed that one card at least. It is 8 v 5 and the Alchemy Sorcerer is taking over this phase, he starts off by casting Quicksilver Lash onto the Chosen Knight but I dispel it. Next he casts Molten Copper onto the Chosen Knight and I can’t stop it. It causes 3 wounds onto the Chosen Knight and I have 3 6+ Armour Saves to make. I roll 2 6s but the third fails so it just sneaks through that last wound, killing the unit and netting my opponent the objective!

    In combat I have the option of having a showdown between our lords but his will be striking first (charged this turn but still has his potion of swiftness), his Lord is on one wound so I would probably kill him but I’m not sure if he’ll kill me first, it’s 5 attacks, hitting on 3s, wounding on 4s. I think he is more than likely going to get 2 woudns through which would be enough. I decide to issue a challenge with my unit Champion because I cannot let my Lord die. The enemy Chosen Lord accepts and easily kills my Champion for max combat res. I;m steadfast and stick though.

    Warriors 6
    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Exalted Herald into the Hellmaw to try and kill that thing and net me some extra points, I position the Herald in such a way that I can still see the Chosen so I can throw spells at them in the magic phase. The Feldraks do at least rally so my opponent isn’t getting any points for them. The Fallen fails to rally and runs off the board.

    I get the 5 flux card this round making it 8 v 5 on the dice. I start off with The Grave Calls on the Chosen, I get 22 with 4 dice and I use a veil token to give me rerolls to wound. My opponent cannot risk letting it through and it netting me the whole unit so he tries to dispel it and fails. Despite the reroll to wound I still only roll 3 on the 2D6 for hits but all 3 wound. I take the unit down to 25% so I’m getting half points but I had a chance to wipe the unit out with that spell! Next I cast Marked for doom on the Chosen but yet again I fail to wound, twice I’ve rolled a 1 to wound with that spell!

    In combat the Exalted Herald does 2 wounds to the Hellmaw and that includes the breath weapon (I had another low number of hits on the 2D6). The Hellmaw does no wounds back and loses combat, after it’s break test it takes two more wounds due to supernal and is left alive on one wound.

    In the Chosen Lord combat I have to feed him my Sorcerer who duly steps up and dies. I pass my steadfast check though and the game ends there.

    So after the dust settles we tote up our scores, I scored 1796 as I got half points for the Chosen, the Chosen Lord and the Hellmaw and my opponent scored 1679 from me, so on points alone it’s a draw, 10 – 10. However, my opponent scored the objective in the very last turn of the game to get those 3 VPs making it 13 – 7 to him.

    That was a hard fought game and to come out with a loss is annoying, I don’t think I deserved to lose that game, a draw would have been a fairer result but the Feldraks fleeing in turn 5 cost me the objective. I still should have played for the objective more earlier on by moving the Chosen Knights to score the objective on turn 2 would have helped. I should have used them to zone the centre whilst holding the objective rather than just running them into my opponents back lines.

    The mistake with the Warhounds and that ruin/building in turn 1 proved to be a costly mistake too. To be honest though, I’m not sure if my Feldrak Elder could have taken on the Warrior Knights (he can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag without taking a wound) so the not sure how big of a mistake that was. It probably would have ended up with both units killing each other but that may have been a fair exchange. After the Feldrak Elder took those 3 wounds early on I didn’t use him well at all, I was torn between just running him away and conserving his points and actually trying to do some damage with him. I should have just run him away in retrospect.

    I loved that the Chosen Knight Champion on one wound managed to not only not die to the Chosen but beat them in combat and break them! If I could have run them down it would have been the icing on the cake and would have netted me the whole 825 points for them! Instead I had to blast them with magic for 2 more turns to just get half points from them, ridiculous. That Chosen Knight Champion shall forever be remembered as the Slayer of Chosen, those punks need to get themselves a big horse if they wanna step up their game. I’ll hear no more bashing of Chosen Knights, I love them. If that Quicksilver Lash hadn’t done the full 4 wounds in turn 2 that Chosen Knight Champ would still be with us.

    Those Feldraks in combat with the Chosen Lord was a particular frustrating moment for me, I should have reformed, why didn’t I reform before he charged? If I did I would have been able to not only move the Feldraks further away but turn them to face the Chosen Lord. I would then get my attacks (for those that are left) into the Chosen Lord and I think that threat would have stopped him charging into the Feldraks. That turn 5 magic phase was when I really wished I bought a binding scroll, if I could have used it on that Whispers of the Veil that final score would have looked very different I think.

    One last thing I want to moan about, Conga Lines. I hate conga lines, it’s a bent mechanic of the game that is just an abuse of the rules for certain units in certain situation. In any sort of real life scenario it would just lead to the unit getting wiped out even quicker than if they formed a proper formation. I’d ban it outright if I had the choice or at least make it so that no unit can have more ranks than flanks unless they have a full rank or are light troops or something. I’d apply that rule to all Stubborn and Unbreakable units too.

    All in all it was a good, tactical game that really did come down to the wire in the end. A couple of dice swing in either way and that was a very different game I feel. Despite making more than a few errors and not covering my own flanks I think I played ok, onwards to Game 5 where I’m up against Empire!

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    Did I read this right - Forsworn with Damnation doing a conga line? From the Damnation rule: The unit [...] may never have more ranks than files.

    Also thanks for the nice report!

    • AxelVicious -

      You are completely right, i should have spotted that, especially as it's an army i was playing with. You can see in the picture of my turn 3 that he had put the Forsworn in a conga. Can't believe i didn't even pick up on that when i was writing this up, duh!

  • BondageGoatZombie -

    Brilliantly written as always!

  • Strahd -

    Awesome game! I don't leave home without binding scroll especially in WoDG combat heavy lists. You really have to be able to shut down important augments from the enemy that will inevitably swing combats for your opponent. Also don't forget you don't get rerolls for breath of corruption with veil walker. It specifies you only get rerolls from your spells in the magic phase so it doesn't benefit from the wounds it causes in the shooting phase. At any rate love the BR's, keep em coming!!!