The Fight for Avras - Lucky Sixes "All-In" Project #9 Objective Markers

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  • Hello Chaps!

    Long time no speak on here but work and life has been killing me! No excuse though and below you will find a complete tutorial for the objective markers I have made for the Avras campaign. As always with my stuff, this is all coming from a proper noob perspective and from someone that has never done these before so they will not be winning any awards any time soon. But, hopefully, they will show you that anyone can do it if you give it a go (and probably a lot better than me!) and as an added extra I have tried to come in with the aim to keep the costs at an absolute minimum! Well, that's my excuse anyway hahaha...

    Also, you may have seen some of these in previous blog entries but putting the process in full here so that anyone coming in fresh can see it from the beginning! Anyway, take it all with a pinch of salt, enjoy and if you feel up to it, post some comments on what you think and how i can improve please. Cheers all! :thumbsup:

    Objective Markers.

    Initial Ideas: So one of the Avras challenges was to make objective markers for each of the initial 3 armies involved in the campaign. My vision for this was a sword in the stone idea with each sword being one that was fairly iconic or recognisable for each of the armies. Thus, the below was what i was trying to achieve.

    Step 1 - Draw Swords design onto cardboard base

    Step 2 - Cut out, flip and trace onto cardboard (to create mirror images)

    Step 3 - Glue parts together with PVA glue

    Step 4 - Paint base colours on swords and add wash to 'darken' where appropriate

    Step 5 - Add details and base coat bases brown

    Step 6 - Cut out plastic tray in chocolate box (in this case "Guylian") for rock feature and pierce at top, allowing cardboard swords to slot it. Glue to pre-painted base

    Step 7 - Add texture to base to finish

    And there you have it folks, 3 perfectly good objective markers for you and your buddies! Overall, it cost me £0 as I already had the cardboard, chocolate tray and bases/texture at my disposal - as i imagine a lot of you would. If not, cimply buy some cereal for breakfast, chocolate for your missus and some extras for your models! It's a win/win!

    Comments and thoughts welcome guys! Hope you enjoyed the ride...
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