Army Pics before Rolling Regents tournament (The Hague, Netherlands)

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  • The XIII Legion marches to battle! As you get 0 (compared to 2 when tabletop and 3 when painted with care) points if you brought any unpainted model, I still had to paint quite some models. Also harpies and my third Reaper needed to be based, while the Altar and Krakens had to be prepared after last battle. I managed to paint the WIP Prince, Harpies, third Reaper, and start repainting the Spartan command models.

    This is the list:

    Dread Elves
    470 - Prince (General), Nabh, Great Weapon (Death's Kiss), Heavy Armour (Seal of the Republic), Ring of Shadows
    530 - 30 Spartans, Nabh, Spears, Full Command, Acadamy Banner
    460 - 25 Spartans, Nabh, Spears, Full Command, Academy Banner
    180 - 10 Corsairs, Nabh, Paired Weapons
    380 - Divine Altar, Paired Weapons
    135 - 5 Harpies
    135 - 5 Harpies
    180 - Dread Reaper
    180 - Dread Reaper
    180 - Dread Reaper
    390 - Kraken
    390 - Kraken
    390 - Kraken

    Total: 4000

    Army Shots

    The XIII Legion

    Lord Drakon himself

    2 x 5 WIP Harpies

    The Spartans + Altar

    The artillery carried to position by raptors

    Army from behind

    Corsair + Spartan Cloaks
    Follow the adventures of Lord Drakon with his deadly Spartans at: XIII Legion Spartans

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  • Endymion -

    Looking good! Love the idea of the mobile artillery, really tells a story