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  • Wanna know what this thing is? Its your new best friend

    When it comes to stripping models or cleaning Resin models of releasing agent, we all know the way. You soak it for hours in some kind of solution that causes extra eye balls to develop on your sphincter and may or may not be the creation of a demented alchemist, then brush it over with a brush of some kind, just to repeat the entire process till clean. Times can vary, thats very true, but it usually takes hours to get it clean and let that chemical eat through the sealant and paints on that miniature.

    Hows 7 minutes for just this?

    Its 38 bucks. Do yerself a favor.
    I am going to offend you. You are not going to like it. You will survive.

    Chaotic Neutral

    Model Reviews with Twice the Brain Injuries!

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