Axel Vicious and the Kingdom of Equitaine at Siege of Strivelyn III - Game 3 v Empire of Sonnstahl

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    Welcome to my Battle Report for Game 3 of Siege of Strivelyn III. So after two wins in my first two games it was onto the last game of the Saturday to try and get the hat trick. The team as a whole were doing ok, we were sat in the middle of the pack but it was all pretty tight so still everything to play for. My list can be found here for those who need to catch up.

    We did the pairings for this round and I was drawn against the Empire of Sonnstahl, a match up I was pretty happy with as I’ve fought them quite a bit recently and the list I’m facing is not too dissimilar to the bog standard Empire lists out there. My opponent is the wonderful Michael Doherty @micdicdoc and this is his list:

    Prelate, General, Great Weapon, Plate Armour, Dragonfire Gem, Imperial Seal, Locket of Sunna 390

    Marshal, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Great Tactician, Death Warrant, Ghostly Guard 330

    Wizard, Divination, Adept, Light Armour, Arcane Engine, Foresight, Basalt Infusion, Talisman of Shielding 480

    Wizard, Pyromancy, Adept, Magical Heirloom 250

    13 State Militia 163

    2x 5 Electoral Cavalry, Musician, Great Weapon 180

    20 Light Infantry, Handgun, Musician, Banner, Marksman's Pennant 325

    20 Light Infantry, Crossbow, Musician 295

    30 Imperial Guard, Great Weapons, Full Command, Banner of Unity 660

    2x Imperial Mortar 190

    2x 15 Flagellants 190

    Steam Tank 490

    So there are several elements in the list that I’ve fought against before but some new additions to spice things up. The Prelate and the BSB with Death Warrant both sitting in the Imperial Guard is very common but that’s because it is such a good unit. They can (and have) take on the Forlorn in a one and one fight so I have to stop that from happening. There’s the obligatory Steam Tank which is a nice target for the Forlorn block. The Crossbows and the Handgunners may prove to be a pain and can certainly make short work of my Knights and even put a heavy dent into my blocks if I let them, this is definitely where I need the Shamanism magic to shine.

    Now, onto the unusual things; 2 Mortars! What?! I heard they were garbage and no one takes them anymore but there’s two of them ready to blow my Peasant block to oblivion. I know they’re only Strength 3 and against most KoE armies you’d laugh in your opponents face if they rolled out two of them but I’m not running a bog standard KoE list, they scare me. Those things combined with all the other shooting could ruin the Peasants in no time. It’s nice to see two units of Flagellants, I’m a big fan of flagellants and I think they are absolutely amazing, they should be in all Empire lists. These small units of 15 could prove a good speed bump for my units and have the potential to hold up my Peasants for a couple of turns, if not the whole game given the way my Peasants hit things. The Forlorn aren’t scared of them though, they’ll eat them up in no time. 2 small units of Electoral Cav have been thrown in, mostly for the quick scoring I imagine but 5 Knights with Great Weapons can’t be ignored. Some Militia thrown in to fill out core, these guys are good and if there’s one thing KoE hateit’s black powder weapons. They always kill Knights when they shoot and then they have a Stand and Shoot as well which always kills another knight, so I’d like to shoot these guys off if I can. 2 Wizard Adepts, one on Pyro and one on Div, I’m fine with those Lores, there’s 2 spells I need to watch out for and make sure I stop, Flaming Swords (bubbled) and Stars Align. Those spells can make the Empire shooting crazy good. The Div Wizard is mounted on an Arcane Engine (I’ve never seen an Empire wizard on a mount) with Foresight which will give those Imperial Guard Lightning Reflexes, making them even more dangerous.

    So like the previous 2 games the scenario for this game was slightly different from the norm. For this game the Scenario was called “Secure the Maiden”. It is essentially Spoils of War, there are three peasants on the table that deploy evenly along the central line, at the start of each Game turn each peasant moves 2D6” in a random direction using a scatter dice. Each Peasant has to be captured to score a scenario point. To capture a peasant they have to be charged by a scoring unit, once they charge the peasant they can reform if they pass a discipline check and can then act normally. One of the Peasants on the board is the Maiden, each Peasant is worth 1 Scenario Point but the Maiden is worth 2! To determine which peasant is the maiden roll a D3 at the end of the game. Make sense to everyone? You’ll see as the game goes on. The deployment type for this game was Refused Flank (diagonal) so the peasants are spread diagonally along the centre.

    We roll off for which table side and diagonal and I win that roll off, I pick the side with a nice hill in the back of my deployment. There’s a water feature in the middle of the board so that’s not ideal for me. My opponent decides to drop everything and go for first turn. He has his Crossbows on a hill with a Mortar either side. Electoral Cav, Flagellants and Stem Tank make up his right flank. Flagellants, State Militia and Electoral Cav make up the left flank. The Imperial Guard are in the middle, in front of the water terrain which is a bit odd, with the Handgunners and Arcane Engine just behind them. The Pyro Wizard is in with the Crossbows and the BSB and Prelate are in with the Imperial Guard.

    Seeing this deployment I decide to first of all put my Crossbows on top of the hill facing the centre of the Empire army because I won’t have to move them at all on there, they have a great view of everything and can just rain Crossbow bolts on everything. My Damsel goes into the Crossbows for this game as I may need the extra charge range from the Questing Oath on the Forlorn this game and the Peasants may struggle in this game. I put a treb on the back of the hill and one to the left of the hill. The Bowmen go in the centre as I think the Water feature will keep them safe from the Imperial Guard, there’s no way he’s charging through that water to get them. I put the Forlorn o the right flank to go after that Steam Tank. I put the Pegasus Knights on the right with the aim of hopefully flying over his lines and getting the mortars, the problem is the Random Movement of the Steam Tank will make that job extra difficult for them so I can’t do it until the Steam Tank has been taken care of. The Knights of the Realm are on the right but I put them quite far back in case his Electoral Cav want to try something. Lastly the Grail Knights are on the left, I’m kind of lost with what to do with them in this game, there’s no good targets for them really, the blocks are too big for them to tackle and even the Flagellants will hurt them, I’m basically going to lob them forward and let my opponent worry about what I’m going to do with them.

    Spell wise I have taken Swarm of Insects, Chilling Howl, Break the Spirit and Totemic Summon. My opponents Pyromancy Wizard has taken Cascading Fire and Flaming Swords and also has taken Altered Sight as his Hereditary Spell (an excellent choice for a strong shooting army). The Divination Wizard on the Arcane Engine takes Fate’s Judgment and The Stars Align. There’s all the prayers on the Prelate plus Ice and Fire on the Arcane Engine.

    Before we kick things off I have the Pegasus Knights to Vanguard, I just move them up in front of the Knights Forlorn, ideally I’m aiming to draw out the Steam Tank to try and make it come for them (it’s quite far, it would probably fail if it tried) so I can counter charge it with my Knights Forlorn. After that it’s onto Turn 1!

    Empire of Sonnstahl 1
    Display Spoiler

    Before anyone can do anything we have to do the random movement of the Peasants first. The Peasant on the left moves towards my lines but runs really far and ends up next to the Peasants but out of their Arc of Sight. The Peasant in the Centre moves towards the Empire lines and ends up right in front of the Imperial Guard. The one on the right moves to the right a bit more but doesn’t go very at all.

    Now my opponent gets to go and he starts off by charging the Flagellants at the Pegasus Knights, it’s not really that far for them so I decide to flee with the Pegasus Knights, they flee over the Knights Forlorn but they pass their Discipline Check.

    The Imperial Guard charge the peasant in the centre and capture that one. The Electoral Cavalry on the right could charge the Peasant in front of them but it would bring them to within an easy charge of my Knights of the Realm so my opponent decides against it and just swings them round a bit. The State Militia move forward so they can shoot at my Grail Knights and the Steam Tank turns around.

    Onto Magic and the Flux starts strong for the Empire with the 8 Flux Card being drawn, making it 10 v 7 on the dice. The Pyro Wizard kicks things off by casting Altered Sight on a Mortar but he fails to make the casting roll. Next the Pyro Wizard goes for a Cascading Fire on the Bowmen but also fails that. He’s using 2 dice on these spells and should really be making them but he is at least rolling 1s and getting the dice back. Next the Pyro Wizard casts his last spell, Flaming Swords, with the boosted version and gets 16 on 4 dice. I throw 5 dice to dispel and get a 17, just stopping it. Lastly the Divination Wizard steps up and casts Stars Align on the Handgunners and uses 5 dice to cast it, a ballsy move! He rolls triple 3 though making it a miscast! As he used 5 dice the Miscast table effects goes up 1 but as it’s an 8 Flux card it goes back down, so it’s just a 3 on the effect meaning that the Wizard takes 2D6 hits at Strength5, this could kill his Wizard in one go! I roll for the hits and damage and luckily for my opponent I roll pretty low for the number of hits and only score a wound on Arcane Engine, The high Toughness and the War Save really helped the Wizard stay alive. It does mean that the Handgunnners are getting rerolls to hit though.

    Shooting next and the State Militia take aim at the Grail Knights and cause 3 wounds, luckily I pass all my Armour Saves and the Grails are still intact. The Hand Gunners shoot at them next and even with all their shots and rerolls to hit they are only able to kill a single Grail Knight. One of the Mortars gets a partial hit on the Knights Forlorn and kills 3 of them, The Crossbows shoot at them too and kill 2 more. The Steam Tank shoots at a Trebuchet but misses.

    KoE 1

    Display Spoiler

    That shooting phase wasn’t as bad as I feared so I think I’m doing pretty well after that first turn. I start off by charging the Grail Knights at the State Militia, I could have charged the Peasant but I want to do damage at this point and if the Grail Knights get the Peasant they are just going to get shot to death. I’m fully expecting the Militia to just do a Stand and Shoot and take the charge but instead they flee and only run a measly 4”. The Grail Knights are able to catch them because of that. The Electoral Cavalry have to take a Panic check because the State Militia have been destroyed and they fail it, they flee away from the Grail and run into woods, where they fail and Dangerous terrain check, killing one of them. I pass my Discipline check on the Grail Knights and pivot so that the Flagellants can’t see them.

    I successfully rally the Pegasus Knights as my BSB is in the Forlorn and right next to them. With the rest of my movement I move the Knights Forlorn up in front of the Flagellants and the Steam Tank and I move the Peasants up towards the Imperial Guard. I’d like them to charge me through the Water and lose a lot of guys to Dangerous terrain but I don’t think he will. I keep the Knights of Realm back, I’m waiting for the Electoral Cav to make the first move.

    In the Magic Phase I get the 5 Flux Card, giving me 8 Power Dice to my opponents 5 Dispel. I start off by casting Break The Spirit on the Imperial Guard block. My opponents choice is either stop this and let Totemic Summon off later or save his dice for Totemic Summon. He decides to let this through and now there is no way those Imperial Guard are charging my peasants. I have a choice to either try casting Totemic Summon with my 4 dice remaining or to try and cast Chilling Howl and Swarm of Insects and get him to split his dispel dice. So I cast Chilling Howl on 2 dice at the Crossbows, just the base version too. My opponent tries to dispel it with 3 dice but fails it. I then 2 dice Swarm of Insects on the Mortar on the left and my opponent yet again fails to dispel it. I do 2 wounds to the Mortar and it is now -1 to hit!

    Look at all those cards! Sometimes this game is ridiculous!

    Shooting next and the Bowmen shoot at the Imperial guard and kill 2 of them. The Crossbows also shoot at the Imperial Guard but don’t kill any. I fire both Trebs at the Imperial guard block , one of them misses and the one on the hill misfires. I roll a one on the misfire chart and that Trebuchet can no longer fire, fantastic!

    EoS 2

    Display Spoiler

    It is the Peasants first and the Peasant on the left moves closer to my board edge. The Peasant on the right move to towards the Empire board edge and it moves behind the Electoral Cavalry.

    No charges from the Empire this turn. The Electoral Cavalry on the left fail to rally and keep on fleeing but just stay on the board and pass all their Dangerous Terrain checks this turn. The Handgunners have to move or else they’re going to get a flank charge from my Grail Knights, so they pivot to face the Grail Knights and walk back. The Imperial Guard move back slightly.

    The Flagellants on the left move towards the Grail Knights and the Flagellants on the right move in front of the Knights Forlorn. The Steam Tank moves forward, past the Knights Forlorn, it is either trying to get away from the Knights Forlorn and cause some havoc in my deployment or he is trying to set up a hammer and anvil with the Flaggelants as the Anvil to the Steam Tank’s Hammer. Bring it on if that’s the case!

    Magic Phase and the Empire get the 5 Flux card making it 9 v 5 for them, with so many Power Dice I’m going to struggle to not let more than one spell off here. The Divination Wizard starts off by casting The Stars Align on the Handgunners and gets a 14 on 3 dice. With such a high roll I have to let it off. Next the Arcane Engine uses its Bound Spell to cast Ice & Fire at the Grail Knights but I dispel it. Lastly the Div Wizard casts Fate’s Judgement on Grail Knights and I fail to dispel it. As it’s AP0 though I’m too worried, it still manages to kill one Grail Knight, damn!

    In Shooting the Handgunners all shoot at the Grail Knights and manage to kill one more. The Mortars both shoot at the Peasants, the one on the right misfires but rolls a 6 on the Misfire chart meaning that it takes a wound. The Mortar on the hill that is -1 to hit needs a 6 to hit and gets it! 9 Peasants die, sad times. The Crossbows then shoot at the Peasants and kill 6 more despite having Chilling Howl cast on them! The Peasants have to take a Panic check at Discipline 9 with a reroll (due to my Lord being in the unit with Humility) and of course they fail it, the Peasant flee back towards my Deployment, at least it’s my turn next so I can rally them without getting charged off the board. What a waste of time my Magic was on all that shooting, I thought that Swarm of Insects and Chilling Howl was going to shut his shooting down but it didn’t stop anything!

    KoE 2

    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Knights Forlorn into the Flagellants and I’m going to make a mess of them! Now comes the important roll, the Peasant Discipline check, I have to pass this or I’m screwed. I do pass it, phew!!!

    The Peasant turn around to face the Empire again. The Knights of the Realm and The Pegasus Knights both rush up the right hand side to get the Electoral Cavalry. My opponent made a big mistake turning them around to catch the Peasant, the Peasant is right in front of the Electoral Cavalry now so he has to hope that the peasant gets out of the way otherwise there is no way for him to escape now. I turn the bows to face the Peasant on the left, as I’m going to need to catch him at some point.

    The Grail Knights move to the flank of the Handgunners to threaten them but they can also see the Arcane Engine so that is going to have to move if it doesn't want to be charged.

    Onto Magic and I get the 4 Flux Card this time, making it 8 v 5 again. I start off by trying to cast a small Totemic Summon on 3 dice but I fail to cast it. Next I cast a boosted Chilling Howl on the Crossbows but my opponent dispels it. Lastly I cast Swarm of Insects on the Mortar on the hill, the one that hit my peasants, I get 21 hits from the 5D6 and manage to do 5 wounds to it, killing the Mortar! REVENGE!

    There are only 2 units that can do any shooting this turn, the Crossbows shoot at the Imperial guard and kill 4 of them, wish they did that last turn. The Trebuchet hits the Imperial guard this turn and kills 6 of them, I was hoping for more dead than that but I’ll take it. They pass their panic check. Almost makes up for what they did to my Peasants.

    The Knights Forlorn absolutely whale on the Flagellants and kill 13 of them! The Flagellants strike back and kill 3 Forlorn, a good exchange as far as I’m concerned. The Flagellants are unbreakable and stay put.

    EoS 3

    Display Spoiler

    Turn 3 starts with the Peasants movement and the Peasant on the left moves up towards my Bowmen and ends up right in front of them which makes my game a lot easier. The other Peasant moves towards my Pegasus Knights and ends up running behind them.

    There are no official charges from the Empire but with the Random Movement from the Steam Tank it charges into the flank of the Knights Forlorn.

    He probably shouldn’t have done that but given that I’m going to kill the Flagellants this turn I would be able to just do a post combat pivot and charge the Steam Tank next turn anyway, unless it was able to go the full 15”. The Steam Tank will at least tie me up for a couple of turns.

    The Electoral Cavalry on the left rally before they can run off the board, they then just turn around.

    With the Peasant out of the way for the Electoral Cavalry now have a chance to get far away from me, unfortunately they fail their March Block test and can only move 7” now. My opponent ends up just putting them in front of the Knights of the Realm as there isn’t much else he can do with them now.

    The Handgunners have to turn again to stop them from getting flank charged so they turn to face the Grail Knights. The Arcane Engine is in danger from the Grail Knights too so it moves behind the Handgunners. The Flagellants on the left move towards the Peasants.

    It’s the 6 Flux Card for the Empire, giving them 10 Power Dice to my 6 Dispel dice. The Pyro Wizard begins by casting Flaming Swords on the Mortar, it’s not the bubbled version so I allow it and hope it just misses entirely. The Blaze Attribute goes into the Peasants, killing one of them. Next the Pyromancer casts Cascading Fire into the Knights Forlorn, I didn’t see that coming at all because I thought it was a Magic Missile, I let it go anyway as he got a good casting roll and I’m more worried about the Grail Knights at this point. Cascading Fire kills 1 Knight Forlorn but the Blaze kills 2 more Peasants. Lastly the Div Wizard casts Fate’s Judgement on the Grail Knights but I dispel it.

    The Mortar kicks off the Shooting Phase by misfiring (my gambit to let Flaming Swords off worked) and gets a 4 on the table, so it can’t shoot this turn or next and I’m hoping it will be dead by turn 5. The Handgunners go next and manage to kill another Grail Knight, given their hitting me on 6s, they’re doing pretty well! I only have 1 Grail Knight left now. The Crossbows shoot at the Peasants and kill 3 more of them, I am rapidly running out of Peasants.

    In combat the Steam tank does 3D3 hits (Grind Attacks) on the Knights Forlorn and kilsl 3 Knights Forlorn. The Steam Tank uses its Breath Weapon attack too but rolls a double 1 for number of hits and does no wounds. Now that is an underwhelming Steam Tank if ever I saw one! The Knights Forlorn wipe out the remnants of the Flagellants and despite only having 3 models attacking the Steam tank I inflict 2 wounds on it! The Flagellants do nothing and I actually win combat! I reform the Knights Forlorn so they are all facing the Steam Tank.

    KoE 3

    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Knights of the Realm and the Pegasus Knights into the Electoral Cavalry. Really I just wanted to send in just the Realm Knights and move the Pegasus Knights to threaten the Crossbows but I just can’t risk the Knights of the Realm fluffing this combat so in the Pegs go.

    (Is this overkill?)

    The Peasant Bowmen charge the Peasant and pass their Discipline check to pivot. I really struggled with what to do with the Grail Knight, I felt like if I just ran away with him he was just going to get shot down by the Handgunners so I decide the best way to avoid getting shot at is to get in combat, so I charge the Handgunners. I'm too close for a stand and shoot so in I go.

    (What is this the opposite of overkill? Underkill?)

    The Peasant Levy shuffle forward a couple of inches, I don’t want to get too close and I don’t want to give the Flagellants a flank charge.

    I get the 7 Flux Card for this Magic Phase and that makes it 9 v 6. I start off by casting Swarm of Insects on 3 dice at the Crossbows but I fail to cast it (needed a 7 on the dice). I then cast Totemic Summon on 4 dice but I roll a triple 1 and it fails, I at least get the 3 dice back. Next I cast Break the Spirit on the Imperial guard but that is easily stopped. I’ve got one dice left so I cast Chilling Howl on the Crossbows but that is also dispelled. What a disappointing Magic Phase, didn’t get a single spell off!

    The trebuchet fires at the Imperial guard again but misses, the crossbows then shoot at them and kill 4 more. The Bows do nothing with their shots. So quick round of shooting there, onto combat.

    The Knights of The Realm, Pegasus Knights, Pegasus and the Horses kill 3 Electoral Cavalry before they get a chance to swing back. The 2 remaining guys fail to cause any wounds. The Electoral Cavalry lose combat and flee, I test to restrain with the Knights of the Realm and pass it, I pursue with the Pegasus Knights. The Pegasus Knights and catch the Electoral Cavalry and go off the board. The Knights of the Realm turn to face the Peasant.

    The Knights Forlorn do 3 wounds to the Steam Tank and lost 2 guys in return, not a bad deal. I’m glad I didn’t kill it this turn because I don’t want to take a round of shooting, I’d rather kill it in my opponents turn and then be free to charge in my 4.

    The Grail Knight goes first in his combat and all I need to do is kill 1 guy to draw combat, kill 2 and I win combat (he’s going to be steadfast forever but it doesn’t matter). The Grail Knight does 0 wounds and the horse does nothing either. I don’t take any wounds in return at least but the Grail Knight, the best the Kingdom has to offer, couldn’t kill light infantry and loses combat. Luckily I do at least pass my break test.

    EoS 4

    Display Spoiler

    It’s becoming clear already that we are not going to be able to finish this game in time, there’s 30 minutes left and we still have lots on the board so we agree to make this the last turn. I’m not sure where all the time has gone, we’ve been talking a bit and drinking doesn’t help with speed, I’ve also been taking pictures and making notes but I think we’ve just had a lot to do each turn, we had combats going from turn 1 and we are taking part in every phase so it’s just all added up.

    We only have one more peasant to move this turn and it’s the one near my Knights of the Realm, it moves towards the right of the board and moves just far enough to stay in my Arc of Sight, one more inch and he would have been out.

    There’s one charge from the Empire, The Imperial Guard charge into the Peasants. I was really hoping that I would have whittled them down a bit more before it came to this but let’s see what happens.

    The Flagellants don’t charge and instead move alongside the Imperial guard so that they could flank charge the Peasant levy next turn (if we were getting a next turn). The Arcane Engine moves up behind the Imperial guard to give them Lightning Reflexes but luckily for me the Arcane Engine is 1” to short for the 6” needed. The Electoral cavalry on the left move up to get back in fray.

    My Opponent gets the 3 Flux Card this round, making it 8 v 5. The Pyro Wizard starts off with Cascading Fire on the Knights Forlorn but fails to cast it on 2 dice (rolls 2 1s). Next the Div Wizard casts Stars Align with 3 dice on the Imperial Guard and rolls triple 5! I let the spell go as the Imperial Guard are getting rerolls to hit from Hatred anyway so this only affects the second round of combat, I’d be surprised if I’m even in contention after this first round of combat. The miscast from the triple 5 goes down to a 4 on the miscast table, meaning that the Wizard has forgotten that spell. Now the Prelate casts the 5++ Aegis Save with 3 dice but I dispel it. The Arcane Engine casts Ice and Fire on the Bowmen but I dispel that too.

    With shooting the Crossbows shoot at the Knights of the Realm but don’t do any wounds.

    We start off with the smaller combats first before getting to the main event. The Knights Forlorn kill the Steam tank but not before it kills 2 more of the unit. I do a post combat pivot to face the Crossbows.

    The Grail Knight kills a Handgunner at last and takes no wounds from the Handgunners. However the Handgunners have 2 ranks, because they still have 5 guys alive on the back rank, meaning that I lose combat by 1. If the Grail Knight did one wound in the last round I none of this would have happened. I fail my Break Test and flee and end up in front of the Electoral Cavalry. The Handgunnners don’t pursue but turn around to face the Knights Forlorn.

    Now time for the big combat, with the Arcane Engine out of range I’m getting to do all of my attacks before the Imperial Guard can strike. The Imperial Guard Champion issues a challenge to try and tie up my Lord but I just accept it with my unit champion. We do the challenge first and my Peasant Champion kills the Imperial Guard Champion! YES! I don’t think he’s ever killed anyone in a challenge and it feels all the better that a lowly peasant killed the best infantry that the Empire can bring. My Lord does his attacks and kills 3 of the Imperial Guard. The rest of the unit and the Castellans (who always hide in the second rank) attack and kill 1 more. The Imperial Guard, Prelate and BSB all attack next and kill 9 Peasants in total. I lose combat but I am still steadfast, for now, and I pass my Break test. The Imperial Guard reform to give themselves a rank.

    KoE 4

    Display Spoiler

    So going into the last turn I still played it as if things would be carrying on for Turns 5 and 6 just so I could theory hammer what would happen next. So any stupid mistakes I make are because of that and not because I was pretty drunk by this point and rushing to make sure we finished this turn.

    I charge the Knights of the Realm into the last remaining Peasant, catch it and reform to face the Empire. I march the Knights Forlorn up to the Crossbows (I should have at least charged the Crossbows, if they flee I get half their points, if they stand and shoot they’re not going to kill enough for half points and I might actually get in). The Pegasus Knights come back on the table and face the Mortar. The Grail Knight fails to rally and flees some more, stays on the board but he’s getting full points for them.

    I get the 1 Flux Card in the Magic Phase making it 6 v 4. I cast Chilling Howl on the Crossbows apparently (Why? I have no idea why I did that!), unsurprisingly my opponent lets it through. Next I cast Break the Spirit on the Imperial Guard and my opponent stops it. Now, what I should have done that Magic Phase was cast Break the Spirit on the Imperial Guard first and then cast Swarm of Insects on the Arcane Engine to try and kill that off, or at least the Mortar. If there was going to be Turn 5 I would have cast Break the Spirit on the Flagellants and Swarm of Insects on them too because they would do bad things to me next turn.

    Anyway, onto shooting and I shoot the Bows and the Crossbows at the Arcane Engine and do 2 wounds to it, it has 2 left now. I shoot the Trebuchet at the Arcane Engine and hit it, wound it but he passes his Aegis save. I was at least going for points with that shooting phase, if we had Turn 5 coming I would have trebbed those Flagellants to try and whittle down the damage they can do to the Peasants.

    Onto the last round of combat in the Peasant fight. My General gets to strike first, I wanted to start killing Characters but none were in base contact with him and if I issued a challenge the Prelate would have accepted and I he has the Locket of Sunna, it means you swap Attacks, Strength, Resilience and Agility in a challenge. I can’t let the Prelate have 4 attacks with his Great Weapon with his Divine Attacks, he’d easily squish my Duke. So I put all my attacks into killing more Imperial Guard and kill 2 more. The Empire BSB strikes at me and fails to get any hits so his Death Warrant doesn’t kick in and the unit isn’t getting Battle Focus this round! The Peasants and the Castellans strike next and kill 4 more Imperial Guard! I was not expecting this at all. The remnants of the Imperial Guard unit (just 3 members left) kill 3 more Peasants and the Prelate does nothing. I actually win combat but the unit is Stubborn because of the bodyguard rule so we stick.

    (So close!)

    That is the end of the game there, so we add up our points. All I have lost is the Grail Knights, the Peasant Levy took a beating but they’re still over 25% so I get to keep those points. I managed to get points for one unit of Flagellants, Steam Tank, one unit of Electoral Cavalry, State Militia, one Mortar and half points for the Imperial Guard. That is 1543 v 402 points to me, making it a 13 – 7 to me on points. But wait! There’s still the matter of the secondary objective. I have 2 peasants and my opponent has 1 so I’m up one point on the Peasants, now one of them is the Maiden and is worth 2 points. We roll to determine which one is the Maiden, 1 – 4 it’s one of mine, 5 or 6 it’s his. Of course I roll a 6 meaning that he has the Damsel and the objective is a draw, DAMN! So it stays at a 13 – 7 win to me.

    Now before I do the post battle round up I just want to theory hammer the next turn. The Flagellants charge the flank of Peasants and the Arcane Engine moves closer so they all have Lightning Reflexes now. Crossbows and Handguns shoot at the Knights Forlorn and kill some but not enough, in Magic I’d have to let off a missile and stop buffs. In the combat my Duke is going first and I would pretty much resign myself to losing the Peasant block now and but all of his attacks into the Imperial Guard to hopefully finish off the unit before they can swing and net those points. I think the Flagellants would kill a lot of Peasants and I’d end up breaking from combat and probably get caught, goes into the Bowmen, kills them next turn too.

    In my 5 I’d charge my Pegs into the Mortar and Knights Forlorn into the Crossbows as I’m so close they’ll probably flee .I’d give chase with the Forlorn if I didn’t catch them then the Pegasus Knights would hopefully kill the Mortar and overrun into the fleeing Crossbows and net me those points. The Knights of the Realm would come down to the Crossbows to try and get the Flagellants in turn 6. I’d hope the Crossbows and Magic could get rid of the Arcane Engine. I would put my Trebuchet into the lone Characters now and try and kill them.

    His 6 he’d charge the Flaggies into the Crossbows and I’d flee if I could stay on the board and hope I rally in turn 6. That would probably be it. Not sure the score would end up much different except they’d only be one peasant captured for sure (Knights of the Realm), possibly the Handgunnners could capture the Imperial Guards one once it escaped after their destruction but depends where it moves to in turn 6. So I’m probably looking at a 15 -5 I reckon, the loss of my Peasants would have hurt me as my General is in there but I think I get a close amount of points back and I score the objective. All theory though, the Forlorn would probably panic from shooting and never rally again so who knows.

    All in all a good game, I am sad that it didn’t go to the full 6 rounds as it was a really good game and my opponent was lovely. If you listen to the latest Mad Gits Radio Podcast you’ll hear him on there. The deployment meant that we had combat going on from Turn 1 so our turns were taking longer. Normally I don’t see combat until turn 3 so getting them in that early just makes those early turns last that little bit longer. The scenario and the random movement of the Peasants slowed the game down a bit too but not enough to make much of a difference. Also it turns out that we played the Peasants wrong a bit too. They shouldn’t be able to run through units but we played it that they could, it’s amazing we actually caught all three of them. In my head I can already hear @LostCause shouting at us to read the rules pack!

    I was happy with how I played this game really, I don’t think I made too many mistakes. I used the Knights Forlorn well and they absolutely smashed everything thrown before them so cannot complain about them at all (Don't worry the moaning will begin in Games 4 and 5).

    The Pegasus Knights did a good job drawing out the Flagellants but i think i would have been better off just staying back because fleeing that charge meant that they basically missed a turn of movement. I’m not sure if charging them into the Electoral Cavalry was a mistake on my part or not. They might have been better used just going straight for the Mortars or Crossbows really. If the Knights of the Realm failed in their combat against the Electoral Cavalry, it would have been all over for the objective then.

    Trebuchets were a bit disappointing, ended up only killing 6 Imperial Guard! They cost 560 points and only killed about 130 points. The Crossbows did better as they at least killed more Imperial Guard and did some wounds to the Arcane Engine. I’m rapidly running out of patients with the Trebuchets.

    The Peasant Levy did surprisingly well against the Imperial Guard but I think that was mostly thanks to the Duke killing lots of Imperial Guard on his own. I think them failing that Panic check from the shooting in Turn 2 was actually a blessing in disguise as it meant that the Imperial Guard couldn’t charge me early on. If they got in early on before I had a chance to whittle them down with shooting I wouldn’t have fared so well.

    Grail Knights did ok, catching the Militia was lucky and they did at least keep the Handgunners busy all game by making them turn to face them all game but I’m disappointed that one Grail Knight couldn’t do enough against them to consistently draw combat. I don’t think I was hoping for much to do 2 wounds on the charge with him but that’s dice for you.

    In the other games for my team our Warriors player got smashed for a 19 by some Ogres. Apparently 12 Wrath Knights with Great Weapons charged a Rock Auroch and bounced! It all went downhill from there. Our Saurian player beat some Warriors for a 16 – 4 meaning that the team got a win overall!

    So I end Saturday with 3 wins and a pretty smug feeling. I’m annoyed that I didn’t get more points from each game but a win is a win. (At the time I was raging about not getting the Damsel and netting those 3 extra points but I’ve calmed down about it now J).

    See you soon for Game 4 which is going to be a very interesting tale indeed, stay tuned.

    598 times read

Comments 12

  • micdicdoc -

    Lovely read which brings back a lot of fond memories ;) cheers again for the game, mate! Hopefully we will get a full one in next time!

  • Baldin -

    Am I correct that the Stank cannot use impact and grinding in the same turn?

    • AxelVicious -

      No, it can because the impact hits and the grind attacks are on different parts of the model. As far as I'm aware it is the only unit that is able to do so.

    • LostCause -

      Not sure that’s right...

    • AxelVicious -

      Really? The rules for impact hits and multipart units it says that only parts with harness or inanimate can use impact hits. It's the steel ram that has inanimate and impact hits and the chassis has grind attacks. I'd say you get both. Do you not?

    • LostCause -

      Because it’s the same model, you can only use one or the other, not both. The multipart element of the rule is to stop a mount profile making a riders impact hits (for example).

    • Baldin -

      Rules as written: 21.H.a.2 Grind Attacks (X)
      A model part with Grind Attacks resolves these attacks at its Agility. It must choose an enemy unit in base contact
      with it. The chosen enemy unit suffers a number of hits equal to the value stated in brackets (X). These hits are
      resolved with the model part’s Strength and Armour Penetration.

      If a model has both Grind Attacks and Impact Hits, it may only use one of these rules in the same Round of Combat
      (the owner may choose which). If several model parts in a unit have Grind Attacks and if X is a random number (e.g.
      Grind Attacks (2D3)), roll for the number of hits separately for each model part.

      Last part says "If the MODEL has both...", so I would guess you can only pick 1.

      5d3 auto-hit attacks and a 2d6 breath weapon seem a bit strong for a single model in one round aswell :p

  • LostCause -

    I’m gonna get ‘read the rules pack’ tattooed on me to save my voice. Super write up Kev, loving them.