PTG battles in the Black Country (Brawl) - Round #2

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  • We are releasing battles left, right and centre - and rightfully so as we have a HUGE backlog to get through before getting truly up to date. So lets gets straight into round number 2 for both of us shall we...

    I get paired up against my own club-mate and player who i managed to 20 in our last meeting with these exact armies, while Hyper-G is matched up in an all Greenskins tie for a possible early indicator to see who has the best chance in Best of Race. Two completely different, yet exciting battles for their own reasons. Could Tony get redemption against me and could Hyper-G stamp down his authority on another Orc general? Too many questions, such little time... well actually the videos are available to be watched in your own time at your own pace but you get the picture!!! GO!

    Highborn Elves vs Undying Dynasties

    Orcs & Goblins vs Orcs & Goblins

    P.S. we hope you are enjoying our delve into new graphics and (slightly) new set up for battle report viewing. Please comment to let us know if this is a positive change and what we can do in the future to improve your viewing experience. PTG is looking to increase the quality of our videos and we need your help!!!

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