Axel Vicious and the Kingdom of Equitaine at Siege of Strivelyn III - Game 5 v Daemon Legions

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    I’m back at last to write up the final Battle for the Siege of Strivelyn III I’d like to say I have saved the best till last but for me this was a painful game. There were only 6 teams at the event which was nice because it meant that we all got to play each other so for this round we were drawn against the last team we hadn’t played, “The B@stards of Winterfell”. After my loss in the last game my hangover had trebled in strength and I was really struggling by this point but I picked myself up and we prepared to do the pairings. I was paired against the Shane Baxter and his Daemon Legionos, not an army I am overly familiar with at all and I hadn’t actually played against them since TEC 2019 back in April and that game was against this opponent too.This was his list

    Sentinel of Nukuja, General, Greater Dominion, Wizard Master, Thaumaturgy, Stryixiam Spirit, 710

    Courtesan of Cibaresh, Wizard Apprentice, Witchcraft, Centipede Legs, Dexterous Tentacles, Livingshield, 625

    16 Imps, Champion, Mark of the Eternal Champion, 334

    21 Myrmidons, Champion, Whipcrack Tail, 562

    10 Succubi, Chilling Yawn, 245

    2x Blazing Glory, Cloven Hooves, 310

    2x 6 Hoarders, Mirrored Scales, 700


    My list is here.

    I must state that this list was from the last update and not the latest update so some of the rules and points might have changed for some of the units, so if I get anything wrong, that’s probably why.

    This list contains a lot of stuff I’ve never seen before so I was frantically looking at the Daemon book on my phone trying to figure out what everything does but I wasn’t having much luck, (the hangover didn’t help). So I made some quick assumptions based off previous experience playing them and from what I could gather from the book. (N.B. These were rash on the spot judgements and my opinions have changed drastically, don't @ me!)

    • So the Hoarders seem like nasty, bloated gits, I absolutely have to make sure they don’t get into my peasants because the Hoarders are much better at the Grind than the Peasants and will end up chewing through them. I figure the Knights Forlorn have the best chance of killing them as they cause fear so that will help me hit them.
    • Blazing Glories seemed ok, probably want to shoot them off and finish them off in combat.
    • Myrmidons, meh, I’ve fought them before, I think the Peasants will do a number on those punks.
    • Succubi are even more meh than the Myrmidons, they could cause problems if they get into the Peasants though, with all their attacks they’ll chew through them.
    • Imps are the most meh of all, not worried about them in the slightest.
    • The Sentinel I imagine is going to hide at the back and try and avoid Trebuchets, if he can’t I’m going to make sure he’s top target priority for the Trebs because his siphon 2 veil tokens instead of 3 is so good. I want to send the Pegasus Knights after him too as they could do a number on him.
    • I’ve fought against the Courtesan last time I played Shane and I remember the Feldrak Elder took it off so I went in assuming that if the Feldrak Elder can kill it then it must be terrible because that guy struggles to beat up chaff! I’ll probably send the Grail Knights at it.
    • I’m going to be up against a strong magic phase in this game and that’s going to be hard to stop. Just have to stop comet and hope the rest of the magic is ineffective.
    Fighting against Daemons is confusing enough for anyone but to make matters worse there were several more rules in play during this final game. As with all the previous games there were specific scenarios for each round and this won was the culmination of all our efforts and things were going to get wild.

    The secondary objective for this one consisted of multiple mini objectives:

    • First Blood: 1PT for the first player to destroy an enemy unit.
    • Trophy Hunter: 2PTs if the enemy General is killed during the battle.
    • Total War: 1PT for each enemyScoring unit destroyed.
    • Scorched Earth: 1PT for each scoring unit within the enemy’s deployment zone (capped at 3PTs)
    Whoever scores the most points at the end wins, simple enough I thought but there was something even more crazy coming up. So, at the start of each turn you had to roll a D6 and apply the effect related to the table below:

    • Primordial Beast–The Beast (statline below) has awoken! The Beast remains in play after this card has been discarded. Deploy the beast as close to the centre of the table but out with 1” of any units or impassable terrain. The Beast completes its move phase before either player. The direction of its movement is randomly determined (we suggest using a scatter dice). If the Beast comes within 1” of a unit, it charges that unit as a random mover. The Beast may be charged by either player, but it does not contribute to First Blood or Total War.
    • Magical Reverb–Miscasts are treated as rolling 1 higher on the miscast table.
    • Cataclysm–Roll a dice for each unit on the table. On a 4+ the unit suffers D6 S4 AP0 hits with Magical Attacks.
    • Calamity–Models ending their movement phase in a Field, Forest, Hill or Water feature must take a Dangerous Terrain Test withDT2.
    • Divine Intervention–Each player may re-roll a single die roll during the game turn in which this card is drawn.
    • The Maiden’s Blessing–Both players get an additional 3 Veil Tokens during their Siphon the Veil.
    The Primordial Beast is basically the Totemic Beast but it moves 3D6 in a random direction using a Scatter Dice. If that takes it into a unit then it gets fighting, it has no sides either so it can fight anyone.

    Deployment is Encircle and we roll off for sides and Shane wins, he picks the side with a building and picks the big middle to get to grips with me faster. Can’t remember if I let him drop first or I went first but either way Shane decides he’s going to drop everything for first turn so off he goes. So he has a strong centre of Myrmidons and Blazing Glories with Imps for some shooting fun. Hoarders and Succubi are on my right flank. The Sentinel is hiding behind the building which was to be expected. The Courtesan and the Hoarders are on the left flank.

    I then deploy with my Knight Forlorn on the right opposite his Hoarders and Succubi, I think they can beat both of those units so I’m hoping to smash that flank. I put the Peasants I the Centre to face the Myrmidons. The Cross bows and bows are either side of them to rain fire on the Blazing Glories. The Grail Knights and Pegasus Knights are on the left flank to try and go character hunting. The Knights of the Realm are in the centre next to the Peasants, not sure what I’ll do with them. Trebs at the back.

    For spells I pick Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit, my Damsel is in with the Peasant Levy for this game. The Daemons have gone for Hand of Heaven, Cleansing Fire, Wrath of God and Trial of Faith on the Sentinel. The Courtesan picks Raven’s Wing and the Imp Champion knows the Hereditary spell, Spear of Infinity.

    Before the game begins I have a Vanguard to do and I move the Pegasus Knights up 12” so that the Courtesan cannot see then to charge them and off we go.

    Daemon Legions 1
    Display Spoiler

    Before anything we roll on the Cataclysm Table for the game and of course we roll a one meaning the Primordial Beast is on the table in the middle. The beast moves first and it wanders over to the right about 12”. It’s going to be interesting to see what the little fella gets up to, I’m hoping he stays away from me and just plays havoc with the Daemon movement phase.

    Now the Daemons move The Myrmidons and the Blazing Glories move straight down the centre of the board and I’m completely caught off guard at how fast the Blazing Glories are, in my head I thought they were chariots. The Succubi and the Hoarders form a line and move forward together.

    The other Hoarders move around the house whilst the Courtesan runs over the hill and stands in front of the Grail Knights.

    The Sentinel moves to the left of the house to hide a bit better and to be able to see my Pegasus Knights. The Imps just hang back.

    Daemon Magic Phase next and it’s the 1 flux card, which would normally be a god thing but with the Sentinels Omniscience ability the Daemons can get 7 power dice to my 4 dispel dice. The Sentinel starts off by casting Hand of Heaven on the Pegasus Knights, I risk it and let it go hoping it will be terrible (I’m waiting to dispel Wrath of God) the spell gets 6 S2 hits on the unit and is able to inflict 2 Wounds, killing a Pegasus Knight, luckily I pass my panic. Next the Sentinel Casts Cleansing Fire on the Courtesan and I let this go too. Now the Courtesan casts Raven’s Wing and it is now clear that my opponent has no intention of casting Wrath of God at all, so I let those two spells through for nothing! I dispel Raven’s Wing because I don’t want the Courtesan to get out of the way of the Grail Knights. Lastly the Imp Champion casts the Spear of Infinity on1 dice at the Knights Forlorn and get’s it, it kills 1 Knight Forlorn.

    Little bit of shooting now, the Imps shoot at the Knights Forlorn, killing one more. The Courtesan uses the Cleansing Fire Breath Weapon which is at S4 and is able to kill 2 Grail Knights, damn! I really needed those guys alive!

    Kingdome of Equitaine 1

    Display Spoiler

    I was going to charge the Grail Knights into the Courtesan if they were at full strength but I can’t risk it now because I think it is just going wreck them. Instead I decide to use them as chaff for the Courtesan and keep them where they are. At least now I can shoot it with the Trebs to try and plink off some wounds.

    I bring the Pegasus Knights back to face the Courtesan and the Knights of the Realm come over too to face the other side of the Courtesan.

    I push the Peasants forward to give the trebs longer to do some damage. I push the Knights Forlorn up hard on the right flank as I’m not afraid of those Hoarders, I’m gonna smash them up!

    In the Magic Phase I get the 2 card and thanks to the extra veil tokens from the Daemonic Legions it is a 7 v 5 phase. I start off by casting Break the Spirit on the Hoarders on the right and my opponent lets it through. I then try to cast Swarm of Insects on one of the Blazing Glories but my opponent dispels it.

    Shooting phase and the Crossbows shoot at their nearest Blazing Glory and score 2 wounds on it. The Peasant Bowmen refuse to be outdone by that new-fangled technology and open fire at the other Blazing Glory and do 3 wounds to it! Go Bowmen! The big guns fire next and the first Trebuchet fires at the Courtesan and misses, the second Trebuchet (on the right) fires at the Courtesan too and misfires, it can’t shoot for the next turn. What a disappointment.

    Primordial Beast 2

    Display Spoiler

    It goes for a bit of a wonder into the woods to the south, dangerously close to my Bowmen.

    We roll for the this turns effects on the Cataclysm Table and get the Calamity result, so all units that end their movement on a terrain piece must take DT2.

    Daemon Legions 2

    Display Spoiler

    It’s only turn 2 but everything is charging! The Courtesan charges into the Grail Knights.

    The Blazing Glory on the right charges into my Bowmen who stand and shoot but fail to hit.

    The other Blazing Glory and the Myrmidons both charge the Peasants.

    The Hoarders and the Succubi charge into the Knights Forlorn, again I go “The Hoarders have to take Dangerous Terrain checks from Break the Spirit” and for the second game in a row my opponents informs me that the unit has Strider! WTF, why do big amorphous blobs have Strider? I’m going to start asking my opponents if a unit has Strider every time I cast Break the Spirit from now on because it seems that every unit does these days. I guess this just reminds me that I should really read the rules for units more thoroughly before hand but the Strider rule is one I often overlook.

    (Combats everywhere, you love to see it!)

    The Sentinel pokes his head out from behind the House so that it can see the Pegasus Knights, The Hoarders move atop to hill and face the Knights of the Realm. The Imps turn to face the Knights of Realm too.

    The Succubi take some Dangerous Terrain checks from being on a hill due to the Calamity result and 2 of them die. The Hoarders on the left are on the hill but as we have already found out they have Strider so don’t care about Dangerous Terrain!

    Magic next and the Daemon Legions draw the 2 Flux card making it 7 v 5, just like last turn. The Sentinel casts Hand of Heaven on the Pegasus knights again and again I let it through, gotta stop those Comets. The Hand only does 2 hits at Strength 3 this time and does no wounds, phew! Next the Imps cast Spear of Infinity at the Knights of the Realm, I let it through but it does no wounds, I either passed my Aegis save or it failed to wound. The Sentinel casts the inevitable Wrath of God and I successfully dispel it. Lastly the Sentinel tries to one dice trial of Faith but fails to cast it.

    It is truly amazing that with just 7 power dice the Daemons were able to cast 3 spells and still have a dice left. I think he only used 1 dice for Hand of Heaven and Spear of Infinity so he was due to fail a spell at some point.

    It’s onto combat next as the Imps can’t shoot because they are too far away. We start with the Courtesan who is only able to kill 1 Grail Knight, that’s good for me as I was expecting a lot worse. My Grail Knights can’t hit the Courtesan though because it has distracting, so I need 5s to hit. I lose combat by 2 and the Grail Knights break from combat and don’t flee very far. The Courtesan pursues and catches them but it is still in Line of Sight of both the Pegasus knights and the Knights of the Realm.

    The Blazing Glory fighting the Peasant Bowmen kills 5 of the Bowmen, who fail to cause any wounds back on the Blazing Glory. I’m steadfast though and pass my break test.

    The Peasant combat is next and it is at this point that I discover that Blazing Glories can issue challenges, I did not know that. I went into this game thinking those things were chariots so shows what I know. I’m ok this round as I can feed it my Champion but tough decisions have to be made next round. The Blazing Glory easily kills my puny unit Champion. I attack the Myrmidons with my Lord, Damsel, 2 Castellans and 10 Peasants and manage to kill 4 Myrmidons and I think it was the Peasants that did that! The Myrmidons do not take kindly to that, when they strike back they kill 7 Peasants. It’s a drawn combat in the end so I’m safe for this turn at least.

    Now for the one I was looking forward to, the Knights Forlorn. I decide to use my Bastard Swords as Great Weapons instead of spears as I would be striking the Succubi at the same agility step so I wouldn’t gain any benefit from the spears really. If I was striking before the Succubi I would have used spears to whittle them down before they strike. The Succubi attack first and I forgot about their Talon Scythes which gives them +1 to hit against infantry, they are able to kill 4 Knights Forlorn, ouch! The Horders go next and they kill 5 Forlorns! That was not supposed to happen at all, I thought the Hoarders would be pretty terrible in the first few rounds of combat but my opponent is rolling hot and I cannot make an armour or Aegis save to save my life. When I finally do get to strike back I put as many attacks into the Succubi as I can because I need some combat res at this point. I have 10 Knights Forlorn attacking them and I only manage to kill 2 Succubi. The BSB and 3 Knights attack the Hoarders, I assumed I’d be hitting them on 2s, because they cause fear and I get +1 to hit and aren’t Hoarders supposed to be big fat greedy monster blob things? So you’d think they would have a pretty poor defensive skill, but it turns out they have Defensive skill 5?! Why does a big blob thing have Defensive Skill 5?! So I’m hitting them on 3s and wounding them on 3s and I do no wounds. Again, his Aegis saves are pretty good but my dice are bad. I lose combat but I’m steadfast and pass my Break test. I stick around but I’m in trouble, I have grossly underestimated these two units and overestimated my Forlorn I think. Things are already looking pretty bleak and it’s only turn 2!

    Kingdom of Equitaine 2

    Display Spoiler

    I start off by charging the Knights of the Realm and the Pegasus Knights into the rear of the Courtesan and I’m fairly confident that this should at least get some wounds on the git but I’d love to just kill it through combat res.

    I have no other movement, I just leave the Crossbows where they because I forgot about the calamity effects for this turn. They should have taken some DTs for being in a field but we forgot.

    Onto magic and it’s the 8 Flux Card giving me 10 power dice and my opponent 7 dispel dice. I start off by casting Awaken the Beast on the Peasants to increase their toughness and try and help them survive a bit longer but my opponent dispels it. I then cast Break the Spirit on the Mymidons but my opponent dispels that too. Lastly I cast Totemic Summon and my opponent has no dice left so on comes the Totemic Beast. I bring it on on the right of the board to help the Forlorn out against the Succubi. It wasn’t the spell I wanted to get off and my opponent knew that and stopped the ones he had to.

    The Crossbows shoot at the Imps and do nothing. Only one treb can shoot this turn and it can just see the Sentine,l who has poked his head out too far from behind the house. So I shoot at the Sentinel but can’t hit it.

    Onto the many combats now. I start with the Peasants whilst I still have my General on the field. The Peasants manage to put a wound on the Blazing Glory and the Glory only does 1 wound to the Bowmen. They have actually won combat now but the Blazing Glory passes it’s break test, it has one wound left now though so I’m really rooting for the Bowmen to do the job!

    I do the Courtesan combat next and first of all I have to take a fear test for both my units, both of them then fail their fear test, brilliant! I’m now hitting the Courtesan on 6s and I fail to even hit the beast. The Courtesan strikes back at the Knights of the Realm and kills 4 of them! That’s too much for the Knights of the Realm who break from combat and flee. The Pegasus Knights are feeling a bit braver and they stick around but that is probably a death sentence for them.

    The Peasant combat is next and the Blazing Glory issues it’s challenge. I could refuse and get my General sent to the back but I can’t take the risk of them losing out on his Discipline and his Rally around the flag ability from the Virtue of Humility. So a Castellan takes one for the team and steps up, the combat res he’s bringing to the game isn’t really helping at this point as the Daemons are massacring me. We do the Challenge first and the Blazing Glory does exactly 3 wounds to the Castellan, killing him. As for the rest of the combat my Lord kills one Myrmidon (I really have higher expectations for him), the Peasants kill 2 more. The Myrmidons strike back and kill 10 Peasants! I am still steadfast and pass my Break test but things aren’t looking good in this combat.

    The last combat is the Knights Forlorn, I have to use Great Weapons now so it’s all over to the Daemons who manage to kill 6 Forlorn between the Succubi and the Hoarders. I strike back and put all the attacks I can onto the Succubi again, I only kill 3 of them. I have my BSB and 3 guys onto the Hoarders and I finally manage to do one wound to them, shame they have 4 each. I am so screwed! I think it’s a drawn combat in the end, either way we both stick around.

    Primordial Beast 3

    Display Spoiler

    The Beast stumbles out of the woods and heads towards the Knights Forlorn.

    On the table we roll the Cataclysm effect. So we have to roll a D6 for each unit. On a 4+ they take D6 S4 hits. After all is done it has killed 1 Succubi, 2 Imps and done a wound to the Blazing Glory fighting the Peasants and a wound to the Courtesan. All it does to me is 2 wounds to the left hand Trebuchet. A pretty awesome effect for me but I don’t think it’s enough to change the tide.

    Daemon Legions 3

    Display Spoiler

    I was expecting the Hoarders to go after the Crossbows but instead they swing round to face the flank of my Peasants. The Imps move forward as they have nothing to shoot at. The Sentinel moves to the other side of the house this turn.

    Magic next and the Daemons get the 3 Flux Card so it’s 9 v 5 this turn. The Sentinel starts off by casting Cleansing Fire on the Blazing Glory fighting the Peasants. With only 3 dice my opponent gets 16 on the dice. I really wanted to stop this spell as I am going to send my Lord in the Challenge this turn as the Blazing Glory only has 2 wounds left and he should really be able to finish it off. Sadly as the roll is so high I have to let it off. The Sentinel then casts Wrath of God with 3 dice and gets 15 on the dice this time! It’s too high a roll for me to reliably stop it with my 5 dice and I’m worried about what else he could do with those 3 dice remaining so I let it through. He places the comet just next to my Bowmen. Lastly the Imps cast Spear of Infinity on the Knights of the Realm with 3 dice so I use all my Dispel dice to dispel it. In hindsight I should have just dispelled Cleansing Fire but never mind.

    In the Courtesan combat it’s a pillow fight and neither of us do any wounds to each other so we stick around. Why couldn’t the Courtesan do 0 wounds last turn!?

    Onto the Forlorn and the Hoarders kill 5 Knights Forlorn and the remaining Succubi kill 1 more Forlorn. I strike back and after rolling to hit and to wound against the Succubi I get 4 wounds, but they make 3 Aegis Saves so I only kill 1 (there were only 2 left damn)!. My BSB finally wakes up and does 2 wounds to the Hoarders. I lose combat by 1 and I’m no longer steadfast but I Pass my Break test. It isn’t going to matter though because there’s no way I’m going to be able to take care of that many Hoarders.

    In the Peasant combat I decide to put my General forward for the challenge this time as the Blazing Glory is only OS and DS 4 now, I stand a chance and I should be able to survive against it, I think the Cleansing Fire was only Strength 3 or something so I wasn’t overly concerned by it. My General gets to strike first as per usual he fails to cause any wounds on the Blazing Glory (It was 3’s, 4’s with 4 Attacks, not unreasonable to expect to get one wound through). The Blazing Glory now gets to strike back and it’s hitting on 4s, wounding on 3’s then I get my armour save and Aegis save, I should be ok. So it gets 3 wounds through I then assume I have a 4+ Armour Save because it’s Strength 5 so you think it should be AP2 but NO!. This is when I find out that it is AP5 (WTF, WHY?!). So I have no Armour save and it’s straight to ward. I make 2 of them thankfully but I may have made a bad move here. Sending my General into the Challenge was probably a terrible idea but I don’t think it would be unreasonable to think I might be able to kill the Blazing Glory with him, even if I only did a wound it would take it down to OS2 so he’d be hitting me on 5s then. We do the rest of the combat The Peasants kill 1 Myrmidon and 7 Peasants die in return. We are still steadfast and stick around.

    The other Blazing Glory manages to kill 2 Bowmen and I do no wounds back to it.

    Kingdom of Equitaine 3

    Display Spoiler

    No proper charges from me but I do move the Totemic Beast towards the Succubi and it gets in. The Knights of the Realm rally. I move the Crossbows up and out of the Line of Sight of the Hoarders.

    I get the 1 Flux Card for the magic phase, making it 7 v 4 on the dice. I cast Break the Spirit on the Myrmidons and my opponent fails to dispel it. I then cast Awaken the Beast on the Peasants to increase their toughness and my opponent has no dice left to dispel it so off it goes. The Wrath of God doesn’t come down yet.

    Shooting next and the Crossbows can’t shoot because they marched. The Trebuchet on the right can see the Sentinel but it either fails to hit or fail to wound. The other Trebuchet can’t see the Sentinel so I shoot it at the Hoarders who are unengaged and score a direct hit, I do 4 wounds, killing 1 of them.

    Combat next and the Succubi does nothing before it dies to the Totemic Summon. The Hoarders kill 5 Knights Forlorn. The 2 remaining guys strike back at the Hoarders and both roll 1s to hit, thanks to mirrored scales they hit themselves and kill themselves, good job boys, and that’s the rest of the unit. I only have the BSB left and he manages to kill one of the Hoarders. I lose combat but by some miracle the BSB sticks and the Totemic Summon overruns into the flank of the Hoarders.

    (You've got this dude!)

    2 Bowmen die to the Blazing Glory but I get 1 wound back against it and it passes it’s Aegis save, damn!

    The Pegasus Knights manage to do 1 wound to the Courtesan (about time!) but the Courtesan does 2 wounds in return. The Pegasus Knights break from combat and flee, the Courtesan gives chase and runs down the Pegasus Knights and runs into the Knights of the Realm.

    The Peasant combat is last and we go to the challenge, yet again my Duke is utterly useless and does no wounds to the Blazing Glory, his luck well and truly runs out as the Blazing Glory finishes him off, even with his Toughness of 5 now. I would moan about him dying to the Blazing Glory but he had 2 rounds to try and kill that thing and didn’t even get a wound through, he deserves to die! With the rest of combat I do really well with the Peasants and get something like 7 wounds through but the Aegis saves come to the rescue and only 2 Myrmidons die. The Myrmidons are only able to kill 2 Peasants as well! I think I win combat but the Daemons all pass their break test. That would have been a great combat if my Lord wasn’t so terrible!

    Primordial Beast 4

    Display Spoiler

    The Primordial Beast must scent blood in the air as it decides to charge straight into the flank of the Peasants which just feels like overkill at this point. The roll for the table is the 6 – Maiden’s Blessing, so now we both get an extra 3 veil tokens this turn but I don’t think the Daemons need it really.

    Daemon Legions 4

    Display Spoiler

    The Hoarders charge into the Flank of the Peasants and there’s no other movement now as it is almost all over anyhow.

    Magic is the 4 Flux Card and it’s 9 v 5. The Sentinel casts Cleansing Fire on the Blazing Glory again but I dispel it this time. The Imps cast Spear of Infinity onto the Trebuchet on the left and it does 2 wounds. There’s no other spells that can be cast really so we roll for the Wrath of God and down it comes! It kills a handful of Peasants from the Levy and it kills a couple of the Peasant Bowmen only. It kills the Blazing fighting the Bowmen (we actually forgot about comet and did this combat first before we remembered and the Bowmen killed the Blazing Glory in combat! Good work lads, you’re better than a Duke) The Primordial Beast is also killed by the Wrath of God, that;’s what you get for starting a fight with me!

    The Courtesan combat is first and it kills 1 Knight of the Realm who do 0 wounds in return as per usual. The Knights break from combat and the Courtesan runs them down. That thing has killed every single one of my Cavalry units, I’m beginning to think she was a terrible target for my Cavalry.

    The (now dead) Knight Forlorn combat is next and the Totemic Beast does 1 wound to the Hoarders. The Hoarders put all there attacks into the BSB and easily kill him before he can swing. It’s a drawn combat but who cares now.

    Onto the big one. I refuse the challenge of the Blazing Glory, hoping that Peasants can do the job where the Duke failed. The Damsel is sent to the back. The Blazing Glory kills 3 Peasants, the Myrmidons kill 6 more this turn. I do no wounds to the Myrmidons and then the Hoarders attack and wipe out the remnants of the Peasants, leaving just my Castellan and Damsel. They both obviously run for their lives but are run down by everything else pursuing them.

    At this point I concede, I can’t take it anymore. I have been resoundingly thrashed and there’s just no point carrying on with a unit of Crossbows and 2 Trebuchets. I give my opponent maximum points so it’s a 20 – 0 loss for me.

    I haven’t been 20’d in a long time but that was a proper beating that time. I just couldn’t do anything to the Daemons and they were happily murdering my units for fun. I only got points for one Blazing Glory and the Succubi, that was it.

    I’d like to apologise to Shane for this game because I think I spent the whole game going “Why does it do that?”, “That does what?!”, “Of course it has that insane stat, why wouldn’t it?!” and just moaning in general. I came out of this game very despondent about the whole army to be honest, at the time I didn’t think there was anything I could have done to beat that army and I was always going to get steam rolled. However, now that I’ve written up the battle report I realise that I was the architect of my own doom here, not the Daemons (though they don’t help the situation). I have played against Daemons since and had a very different result so I definitely learnt something from this defeat at least.

    I deployed all wrong for this game and then it all went downhill from there. I should have deployed the Knights Forlorn on the left flank to face the Courtesan and that other unit of Hoarders and all my Mounted Knights on the right to fight the Hoarders and Succubi as they are AP0 so my Knights would have been able to do some damage on that flank.

    I also shouldn’t have been so aggressive in my first turn, I should have sat my units back more and enticed my opponent at me, especially as he had no chaff and I could have charged what I wanted. I had just convinced myself that the Forlorn were going to have an easy time and quickly smash the right flank and then they could swing into the centre and mop up whatever was fighting the Peasants, wrong!

    If this game proved anything it is that knowledge is power and my lack of knowledge of the Daemons is what ultimately did me over. The Daemons are the worst for it though because with most armies you can look at the models and go “They’re cavalry, they’ll have high armour”, “They’re spears so they’ll have AP2 on the charge”, “They’re on a 40mm base so probably have 3 wounds at res 4”, etc. With Daemons you genuinely wouldn’t have a clue what a unit does by looking at them which puts you at a disadvantage when you don’t play them very often. I didn’t know the AP values of a lot of the units and that cost me dear. I completely underestimated the Hoarders, I assumed because I’ve never seen them before they must be terrible, I was wrong. I genuinely don’t think there’s any units in the KoE book that could take on the Hoarders and win, if the Forlorn couldn’t do it, what could? Except the killy Duke with Divine Judgement of course, he would do a number on them, but not if they pass those Aegis saves. Even the core units were a real headache for me to shift as well which I didn’t expect. I genuinely thought the Blazing Glories were Chariots until about the turn they got into combat. Did they used to be chariots or am I imaging it? The Blazing Glory that fought the Peasant block was an absolute nightmare and killed my Lord without breaking a sweat, I definitely didn’t see that happening.

    In that round the team took a real beating with all of losing it think. Our Warriors lost to the VCs and the Lizards went down against Dread Elves. Thanks to our heroic efforts in letting them smash us, the B@stards of Winterfell went on to win the tournament so there’s no shame in losing to the winners. We finished 4th, middle of the pack. However we did win Best Sports which was awesome as I’ve never won a best sports prize before. I think it’s was @Mattyp drinking antics that won us that vote though. I won best painted which I was happy with and got some free models for the prize.

    List Analysis

    So I’ll just do a quick rundown of how I thought each unit did and whether they’ve made the cut or not for my next iteration of the list.

    Duke – After his performance in the last game I can’t in all good conscience keep him, I know he’s never going to be a killing machine but I do expect him to be useful to the peasants at least other than as just a Discipline bubble. So he’s out, I’m thinking of mounting him on a Pegasus or Hippogriff to make him more of a threat on his own and to be able to get him to where his Discipline is needed.

    Paladin BSB – He’s really only there to give the Forlorn the extra Aegis save with the Virtue of Piety, other than that he’s been next to useless. The 4++ Aegis from the Faith of Percival has been utterly pointless and hasn’t saved me once. I would probably just give him the Essence of Mithril and leave him with the 5++ Aegis.

    Damsel – She’s ok and does exactly what I expect her too. I’m slowly falling out of love with Shamanism, it’s a good lore but it’s just about Summon and Break the Spirit and it’s easy to shut them down. I’d probably have a different opinion if I stopped casting Break the Spirit on units with Strider though. I still prefer Shamanism to Druidism or Divination though so for now it’s still a no brainer.

    Peasant Levy and Castellans – These guys I’m really not sure about, these are definitely prime for chopping. I’ll probably stick with them for a bit and see how they perform without the Duke in the unit. If they can continue to hold units up for a long time then they’ll stay put. I’m going to drop Spears for Hand Weapon and Shield as I think Parry is a must with these guys due to their terrible DS of 2.

    Peasant Bowmen – Between the Crossbows and the Bows I prefer the Crossbows, especially as I have been playing the Volley Fire rules wrong the whole time. I thought that everyone in the unit could shoot if one person could draw line of sight, but it doesn’t let extra people shoot, just ones who could already shoot. So I was running them 7x3 but they’d need to be 8 wide for all to shoot, that’s a bit crap in my book. I just think the Crossbows performed better overall and I like the Strength 4 of them. So I’m going to try 2 units of Crossbows instead of the Bowmen.

    Knights of the Realm – Very disappointed with these guys, I never asked much of them but they failed to even live up to that. They were at their best when zoning but even then they would bottle it if too far away from the BSB or Lord. I feel like I need a unit of mounted Knights in the army though for some quick scoring so might change these for some Aspirants instead.

    Grail Knights – Nope, too expensive for what they are. 400 Points and they the only advantage they have over an Aspirant when it comes to being shot at is Toughness 4 and always getting a 5++ Aegis. Game 1 they died to a lot of Breath attacks, as would any unit to be fair. Game 2 they did ok against the Sylvan Elves but I think that was their position more than the fact they are Grail Knights. Game 3 they got had by a bunch of Hand Guns. Game 4 they did well and almost redeemed themselves, they took on a small unit of Dread Elf Spears and won out in the end but I still think that was a pretty low bar for them to jump over. This game they just got massacred by the Courtesan. I will hold my hands up though and say I wasted them in this game. With their Divine Attacks they should have been the perfect tool to cut open the Daemons and if I deployed them better I think they would have performed better. One day I will revisit the Grail Knights but only because I want to have proper decent unit of them painted up.

    Pegasus Knights – Loved these guys, they give opponents a real headache with how to deal with them, you can’t ignore them but then you can’t focus too much energy on killing them because there’s everything else to deal with. Definitely keeping the Pegasus Knights.

    Knights Forlorn – I was relatively happy with these. They shone in Games 2 and 3 but dice screwed them over in Games 4 and 5. Again though I still think they should be smashing up Divine Altars and Hoarders but it just wasn’t their Sunday sadly.

    Trebuchets – I really want to love Trebuchets because they should be fantastic and they can be, they can destroy infantry blocks and give even the biggest monsters pause for thought. In reality though they are overly expensive and disappointing. They’ll hit targets when you’re not bothered about hitting things (like hitting Hoarders in turn 3) but when you need them to turn up and get destroying infantry blocks from turn 1 they just don’t. At 260 points each they have to perform really well to get their points back. I’m keeping them for now but there’s a sword above their heads.

    So there we go. I attended a tournament in Bristol last week so I shall begin write ups for those reports soon with my new list and we’ll see how I get on.

    Until next time guys.

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Comments 9

  • Vespacian -

    Awesome bat reps as always!

  • skrak -

    I just discovered your blog and I love it. Good read, nice pictures, detailed unit movement and list analysis on the top of that. Good work, thanks for sharing it!

    • AxelVicious -

      Thanks, glad you like it. If someone can learn from my mistakes then it has all been worth it.

  • Strahd -

    Its literally painful to read some of your BR's!!! I thought I rolled bad Lol! Its tough to stay engaged in the game when every roll is a statistical anomaly. I always make my opponent go over everything in the list before I play so I don't get blindsided by special rules of units. Love the BR's so keep em coming!

    • AxelVicious -

      If you think reading them is bad then you should try playing them. Having to relive the battles by doing the write ups is the most painful part though! The dice conspired against me on Day 2 of this tournie but i still should have played a bit better to mitigate that (except Game 4, i was on for a solid win there).
      My opponent did go through the stats and rules of his units but there's just so many that i just go deaf to all the stats. I think even reading stat lines doesn't work for me, i can't seem to appreciate what a unit does by numbers on a page, I only learn by playing.

  • ravenheart777 -

    To be fair your dice rolls for those forlorn were shocking.
    I dont really mind letting break the spirit off on the hoarders as it's the grinds that do the damage which auto hit.
    It wasnt an easy matchup for you and i dont think that you not feeling well helped.
    Shall we say best of 5 Kev?

    • AxelVicious -

      Damn right, I'll get my revenge one day. You've definitely given me a healthy respect for th burning glory now, won't let them guys have it so good again.

    • ravenheart777 -

      Maybe you will get a chance at the scottish champs.....

  • Razon -

    Learning from mistakes during the game is probably the best way to learn. Big mistakes are easily remembered years after they are done! So good job with the game aftermath. :)