Waldorf and Statler - Battle Report

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Comments 1

  • SmithF -

    Thanks for the report, very entertaining! I follow most of your battle reports, they keep me company when painting.

    Something interesting I noticed in this one was the contrast of going for a concave vs convex battle line.
    Your units could support one another because they were angled "inwards", wheareas your opponent's big blocks could not get support because of the wider angles they had to adopt.

    I feel like he could have ventured a couple more charges (ex. Mongrel Herd vs Knights on the hill on turn 3 (?)) And could have reformed the GW Minos to support the center of the board. Your "white" knights were quite far for a rear charge, and even then he can expect to hold thanks to S7 AP4 if he goes 4-wide (--> Mino lord would be fighting over the gap after a casualty or two).

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to do these, looking forward to the next one!