March to War IV: Round 1

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  • So one side benefit of quarantine is that I have more time for battle reporting! So buckle up, it’s time for Round 1 of March to War!

    As a quick reminder, my list is here:

    And his list is here:
    Display Spoiler

    King on Warthrone: 2+/5++ GW
    Thane BSB: 2+/5++ 1 Lightning
    30 Greybeards FC GW
    30 Warriors FC GW
    22 Deep Watch FC- Aether Icon
    4 Hold Guardians FC
    Grudge Buster
    2x Vengeance Seekers
    2x5 Seekers
    Catapult- Rune Crafted

    Deployment and Scenario: Encircle and Spoils

    MoCT: Awaken, Healing, Ravenswing
    Cosmo: Touch, Hered, Altered, InF
    Anvil: Hard Target Distracting, -1 to wound, Revocation

    I chose big middle and the side with the hill so I could use this for my shooting base. My opponent chose to deploy for first turn and set up as you see below:

    DH Deployment (top to bottom):
    Vengeance Seeker, Deep watch w King and BSB, Cannon, Seekers, GW Warriors, Grudge Buster, Anvil, Longbeards, Catapult, Vengeance Seeker (in front of catapult), Hold Guardians (cool bear cav models!), Seekers
    My goal with deployment was to use the Lancers to threaten his forces if he tried to shift towards my fire base. Ideal scenario was to at least draw the objective by holding him off the center and grabbing the objective on my left with the lions.

    Sea Dragon Host (top to bottom):
    Lionguard, Ancient Dragon (hiding from artillery), GE, Spears on hill with both characters, QG behind on hill, bolt throwers spaced out on back line (last one is out of sight in bottom right of my side), Lancers

    DH Turn 1:

    My opponent moved forward pretty aggressively with his Hold Guardians and Longbeards, clearly unafraid of my Lancer block. He moved forward much more cautiously in the center with his Deep Watch and Warriors block.

    Shooting/Magic: Did very little

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    I back the Lancers up and shuffle my troops on the hill to ensure I have range for spells and shots on the cannon. Lions move up to claim the token next turn.

    Magic/Shooting: I manage to down the cannon and the SGRs start whittling away at the longbeards killing a handful

    DH Turn 2:

    Movement: My opponent moved up across the board, keeping his left flank (my right) roughly in line around the tower and fully marching forward with his deep watch and warriors

    Magic/Shooting: Fairly ineffective, I think he managed to plink off a QG

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:

    Lions pick up their token and back up
    I debated this move heavily as my opponent had given me a lot of options all revolving on what I did with the Lancers. The unit was boxed in, so it made sense to use them on either the Hold Guardians or Longbeards. I could chaff any countercharges so either charge had some merits/risks:
    ·Hold Guardians: I was leaning towards this charge, if the lancers could eventually beat the HG then they could easily threaten the catapult/pick up the spoils token. Unfortunately, I was out of Awaken the Beast range, meaning my opponent could easily ensure they stayed at st 5/3. Wish I’d taken Perception…
    ·Longbeards: I had good spell range on this combat so I could easily get up 1-2 spells. If I could hold two rounds against the long beards then I could get the AD in to support
    Ultimately, I decided to charge the lancers into the longbeards and they made it. I’ll talk a little about the decision here in the wrap up.
    With the cannon down I decided to bring the AD out of hiding and positioned him for a charge into the long beards next turn.
    I chaffed the GW Warriors with an eagle so that they couldn’t countercharge the lancers.

    My opponent elects to stop Healing Waters on the Lancers so I get Awaken the Beast St and Hereditary off.

    I get a little lucky and manage to bring down the grudge buster with the QG/SGR.

    The Lancers do pretty well, taking off about 10 Long beards and lose 4 for their trouble. The Long beards stick on steadfast.

    DH Turn 3:

    The Hold Guardians charge the SGR in the corner and make it. The GW warriors charge the Geagle who holds. The vengeance seeker failed a charge into the lions needing an 11 and stumbles forward a few inches.
    The Deep Watch push up a bit and wheel to cover both my shooting base and the long beard combat with their arc. Vengeance seeker and seeker unit on the right turn to face the center of the field.

    Magic: I bound revocation, because I needed the Lancers to hold and was able to dispel all the magic.

    Shooting: He hits my spears and peels off about 8-10

    The lancers continued a strong showing killing another handful thanks to Awaken and not taking too many casualties in return. The long beards held on steadfast.
    The Hold Guardians kill the SGR and reform. The GW warriors kill the GE.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    The AD charges the long beards.
    The lions, spears and QG back up and the geagle comes out to chaff the deep watch unit.

    Magic: Knowing the AD will take some charges next turn I focus on defensive buffs for him and get up healing waters only in a bad phase. I’ll take it though.

    I start whittling down the GW warriors killing 5-10 w QG and one SGR
    The SGR that can’t see the warriors due to the AD plinks a wound off the vengeance seeker threatening my lions.

    The AD wreaks havoc on the Longbeards killing a dozen. The Lancers take a beating (5 remain) and don’t do much back but we break the Longbeards and run them down. I wish I had a picture of this because I think I should have done things differently here. I’ll talk about it in the wrap up.

    DH Turn 4:

    The Vengeance seeker on the left charges my lions and makes it needing a 10. The vengeance seeker and seeker unit on the right charge my AD, they are auto. The Deep Watch charge my geagle.
    The Hold Guardians, needing a long charge decide to just march forward to seal my next SGR’s fate next turn. The seeker unit in the center moves up to threaten charges on the AD next turn.

    I really want to keep healing waters up, so I focus on stopping revocation and with some bad dispel rolling he manages -1 to wound on the vengeance seeker in with the AD and hard target on the seeker unit.

    Shooting: He kills another handful of spears with a partial catapult shot.

    I really regretted having used my breath weapon on the longbeards here. I fail to kill the vengeance seeker or the seeker unit. I even triggered the nova flare
    The vengeance seeker on my left came into the lions and did a couple wounds and I only did 1 wound. I failed my steadfast 8 check and the vengeance seeker ran me down.
    Deepwatch squished geagle.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 4:
    What a disastrous turn of combat. I should have had an AD with his pick of targets to charge, instead he was stuck in place.

    My spears attempted a charge into the flank of the Deep Watch, but failed the rerollable 8. This could have had a big impact as I think I win that combat and hold the Deep Watch in place for a crucial turn.
    My lancers were trapped between the AD and the tower and so chose to reform and go around the tower the long way to threaten the catapult and spoils there.
    The QG moved up to get the BSB in range of the AD combat.

    I got Throne and Healing Waters up again on the AD

    I start really smashing up the GW Warriors. They’re down to about half strength at this point.

    The AD kills off the vengeance seeker and seeker unit. At this point, between heals and defensive buffs he’s taken 2 wounds.

    DH Turn 5:

    The Deep Watch and characters charge the AD. The Hold Guardians charge the next SGR.

    I stop revocation and -1 to wound and he gets hard target up on the Deep Watch.

    He starts hitting the QG here and does a handful of wounds with a partial hit.

    My opponent decided not to challenge the AD. If he challenges I’m down to an 8 rerollable which I likely stick so he wanted to take a shot at doing more damage knowing he’d hold.
    The AD/Prince combined to kill off the BSB, but a miserable stomp only killed 1 Deep Watch. The real disappointment came with the return damage, I took 3 wounds. This was with 6+/4++ against the king and 4+/4++ against the Deep Watch. I think average is 1. I need a 6 rerollable and fail but get away.
    The HG pick up the second SGR but fail to overrun into the last.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 5:

    Unfortunately, the Deep Watch’s long overrun had blocked the path of the Lancers to the Spoil and the catapult so there were no charges.
    In the most important roll of the game, my AD failed a Dis 10 minimized rally check and ran off the board…
    My spears reformed and moved towards the objective and my QG stayed still to lay down a fiery barrage on the GW warriors.

    My opponent was very worried about my damage output on the warriors so he focused on stopping Ice and Fire and Altered Sight. This let me get ravenswing off on the Spears who swept the vengeance seeker (failing to kill him) and landed on the left spoil.

    I pull off another whack of GW warriors, they’re down to only a handful now, hoping I can pick them up in the last turn.

    DH/Sea Dragon Host Turn 6:

    These turns went fast so I’ll summarize:
    ·The Deep Watch just reformed to prevent my lancers from any charges
    ·The Hold Guardians picked up the last SGR
    ·The Spears pick up the spoil
    ·The QG leave one GW Warrior alive…

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
    Really fun game, my buddy hasn’t played much 9th with his dwarves so he took a simpler list without all the bells and whistles you usually see (like kitted out characters, flier spam, etc).
    My opponent made a couple of mistakes, there was no reason for him to give me easy shooting/magic range on his cannon turn 1 and he should have prevented my Turn 5 Ravenswing, but otherwise he played a pretty tight game.

    Trying to critique my performance I think there’s a couple of points where things could have played out differently:
    ·I think I should have taken the Lancers into the Hold Guardians. They lose that fight in the long run, but with the lake right there I could have threatened Healing Waters every turn. Additionally, a small spike in my charge damage (doing 6 instead of 4.5-5 average) means I may win that grind. Really all I need to do is hold him for 2 rounds of combat.
    ·The reason I think the above is this would have allowed me to bring the AD around the left of the hill forcing the issue with the Deep Watch and protecting the left spoil. This would have let me focus 4 turns of uncontested shooting on the Long beards and GW Warriors. I take off 13-20 dwarves a turn (depending on spells) and could have easily removed both blocks by the end of the game. With the Spears and AD involved the Deep Watch would either have to back away or face a double charge. Worst case scenario I think this approach saves me 2 SGR, the AD and the lions in exchange for the Lancers, which is about a 4-5 pt swing.

    Overall I think I played ok, with some opportunities mentioned above. The final result was a 10-10 on points and a drawn objective.
    Onto the next one!

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Comments 3

  • falanor -

    Thanks for the report, cool game. As you said I think there was a crucial mistake in deployment on the DH side. That cannon should never be within 30" of that hill... and it should have a nice line of dwarfs in front to cover SGR line of sight. With a cannon on the table you play with 1k less points for a few turns.

    I am not a fan of the HG/lancers combat unless he did not go for +1S/+1AP... but even with that It is very dicy given his magic can be annoying.

    looking forward to the next game!

    • Vespacian -

      I totally don’t like that combat, but I just need to hold them long enough to slow them from swinging to the center.

  • Esadous -

    I’m completely impartial, but I think your opponent was a tactical genius...and very handsome.