Mad Git Radio Episode 33 - Tanka Talk

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Comments 4

  • Firthunands91 -

    First Mad Git episode I listened. Great content, thanks for your work! PS. I'm curious about who those 4 to 5 Great UK players are! :P

  • tommytucker -

    great episode guys, just great. i would love to hear an episode with very 'high level' strategic discussions! I only played tanka once and i beat him 17-3 .. just sayin! Its also great to hear that you are big supporters of dominic cummings!

    • toots -

      DC is a total madlad, love the guy. never apologise to the baying mob!

    • tommytucker -

      wroot the rooter. when are you making your next abortive appearance on an australian podcast? loved the last one mate ....